Review of Pegasus Airlines flight İzmir Kayseri in Economy

Airline Pegasus Airlines
Flight PC 2418
Class Economy
Seat 24A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:15
Take-off 19 Aug 14, 07:15
Arrival at 19 Aug 14, 08:30
PC 31 reviews
By 3794
Published on 5th September 2014
Day trip to Pammukale, first stopping by Red water hot spring, a hot spring frequented by locals.

Ruins of Hierapolis

Swimming in the ruins



Pammukkale, aka Cotton Castle!! A natural wonder!




Another day-trip out of Izmir, to Ephasus, one of the Ancient Wonders.

However, first stopping by St John's Basilica.


And Mary's House.

And the really grand ruins of Ephesus!


And some of the food we had in Izmir.


After 4 days of stay in Izmir, we packed up and readied to proceed to our next stop, Cappadocia. Having seen all the amazing pictures of Cappadocia's landscape, we were naturally excited to finally go there!

On the eve of departure and after checking out of our nice hotel in Izmir, we proceeded to Izmir's airport hotel for the night as our flight the next day was at an early 0715am! Also, as there were very limited non-stop flights between Izmir and Kayseri, there were no other flight timings available, unless we want to go through the hassle of transiting at Istanbul. For this sector, I booked us on Pegasus Airlines, one of the only 2 airlines flying between Izmir and Kayseri (the other being SunExpress) and with less than daily flights for each airline. Pegasus Airlines is currently Turkey's largest budget airline, and though of a smaller fleet and traffic than TK, is also expanding rather fast and has big ambitions as well for the future. Ticket was only a low 41euros Advantage fare inclusive of 20kg luggage, sandwich with drink and seat selection, all for just 6 euros over the standard package inclusive of just 15kg luggage. Well worth it I think since our luggage would have busted the 15kg allowance each.

ADB's Orty Airport Hotel, offering small but comfortable rooms at very reasonable prices for a night's sleep. They also offer free shuttle to the airport terminal in the morning, saving us 10min walk with luggage.

photo 14918945019_7963b88144_b

Checking in early the next morning 1hr prior to the flight at 615am at the new Domestic Terminal. Common check-in queue for Pegasus flights was pretty long but moved rather fast due to the many counters opened. We only waited less than 10min even though we were in a winding queue.

photo 15136024181_c85cd94f74_b

Beautiful architecture within the new Domestic Terminal.

photo 14952449617_aee42db858_b

Departures board and queue for security screening. Queue was long but moved fast.

photo 15115988086_9a092e457c_b

My Pegasus boarding pass, which was printed on a proper boarding card.

photo 14952448607_e1f2cc6c7d_b

The sparkling new departure lounge after security.

photo 14952448658_7057ff318e_b

FIDS. Look at the number of flights to Istanbul Ataturk and Sabiha airports! I counted 15 flights between 0625am and 10am!

photo 14952448288_0dc9538df5_b

Our boarding gate today. Aircraft had not arrived yet.

photo 14952299919_76f7c208a4_b

Turkish, SunExpress and Pegasus B738s together in one shot.

photo 15115970726_1639c1461e_b

Our aircraft arriving and taxiing in.

photo 15115970646_17eeb56a7c_b

photo 15115970396_dae4feda44_b

After a short turnaround, boarding started and we proceeded down the gangway.

photo 15115985896_d0bed8d297_b

19 August 2014
Pegasus Airlines
PC 2418
Izmir (ADB) - Kayseri (ASR)
Economy Class

Our aircraft was going to be TC-IZG, which was delivered just a year ago to Pegasus Airlines, and based in Izmir to be operated by IzAir but in Pegasus colours and code. Initially I was expecting a brand new BSI cabin in this aircraft.

Entering the aircraft.

photo 15138985425_789445edf3_b

However, upon stepping into the aircraft, it was evident that this aircraft was a hand-me-down Ex-Ryanair aircraft with its signature unreclinable seats and, yellow seatbacks and pasted seatback safety instructions stickers. Kinda disappointed of not getting a normal Pegasus aircraft but no worries, it was gonna be only a short flight.

photo 14952446887_075a5f9f17_b

photo 14952446427_30d7e95d41_b

Seat pitch was the usual LCC standards and safety instructios were staring in your face. No inflight magazines, trash bags or BOB menu cards since there were no seat pockets at all!

photo 15115985076_f12a4814ff_b

At the gate. Boarding was completed slightly after STD but as our flight time was well padded, the slight delay in departure still allowed us to arrive early. Flight time was a short 1hr15m. Luckily, we again had an empty seat between us even though the aircraft was rather full.

photo 14952446198_d89b3bb278_b

Pushback with safety demo shown manually. On normal Pegasus aircraft, drop-down video screens would be showing children-presented Pegasus safety video, but nope on our flight.

Taxiing to runway.

photo 15136019911_3caa31fd70_b

A look at Izmir Airport. Quite a number of international flights at this time parked at the International Terminal, alike during my arrival when it was almost totally empty.

photo 15138601262_fea7f8d8e8_b

Taxied to Rwy34R.

photo 15138601032_eb96bcb3ff_b

photo 14952445698_daafca3b7f_b

And takeoff, bound for Kayseri.

See our shadow!

photo 15136019541_e2f7f57960_b

Climbing out of ADB towards Izmir city.

photo 15115983356_84fc6ab83d_b

photo 15136018801_a50116ed97_b

Overflying the city centre and coastal area.

photo 15115982596_49b3c90cc1_b

Making a right turn inland, heading towards Kayseri.

photo 15138613282_01e3c42cf8_b

photo 14952295029_1e59c4c1ce_b

View of the climb and cabin.

Our fare bundle included a sandwich and a drink. Our pre-ordered sandwiches were delivered to us shortly after the seatbelt signs were turned off.

I had ordered a cheese and vegetables wrap. It, again, had an acquired taste. Probably more suited to the Turkish taste buds. However, it was filling.

photo 15138612992_45687c1923_b

photo 14952293609_c8cef44a8f_b

My partner had the chicken sandwich. The sandwich was huge, but a tad dry.

photo 14952442197_326f1ee2af_b

photo 14952442658_3deccb0162_b

Drink orders were also taken. We were offered either a hot or cold drink each. I had an orange juice while my partner chose the coffee. Both were promptly delivered from the galley. A few passengers had also pre-ordered main meals but unfortunately, my fare package only allowed sandwiches with no options for choosing main meals. However, one is able to pre-order main meals if booking only the basic fare. Service by the crew was the standard LCC style. Deliver the pre-ordered food, sales of food/drinks, and disappearing for the rest of the flight till pre-landing preparations.

photo 15115980376_442bd981f9_b

photo 14952440927_c1f98894bd_b

Cruising over Turkey.

photo 14952326360_8637a5cd23_b

View of the Ryanair-styled cabin.

photo 15115979356_5b1edfe0c3_b

Soon we were standing our descent into Kayseri.

photo 14952440378_40e45ff24c_b

Flying pass a lake.

photo 15138978185_db6bcc8780_b

Making turns during the descent.

On finals.

photo 15136014521_61b08c1a2f_b

Buildings suddenly appeared while descending over what I though was barren land.

photo 14952291539_e88639ab8c_b

Starting to see more greenery nearing touchdown.

photo 15115977476_828e961d93_b

photo 15115977196_05dd67bd83_b

And touchdown on Rwy25, more than 10min ahead of schedule.

photo 14952290169_23c97d5854_b

Video of our landing into Kayseri.

Just a short taxi to our parking stand before we were parked.

photo 15136012181_c300fbec75_b

photo 15136012281_95daec2730_b

Disembarking from the front and the rear.

photo 15138976215_9d41449ced_b

Hmm, tailfin looked in need of some tender loving care.

photo 15136011011_61ce4fc881_b

We disembarked from the rear. Time for photo snapping again.

photo 15138975435_814ccd1f7d_b

photo 14952436137_4d40f5047f_b

Walking along the tarmac and under the wing! Again nobody cared about passengers on the tarmac posing with the aircraft and taking pictures.

photo 14952436788_8349d2b4c5_b

photo 15138605612_f0449766b4_b

So our plane is named Karya Damla. Paint is peeling off from the nose too.

photo 14952319810_4f1372fe72_b

photo 14952285989_3fa4bd9449_b

We had a long walk along the tarmac to the domestic arrival hall. Another Pegasus flight, which was delayed, had just arrived from Istanbul (and this resulted in a crazy crowd at baggage claim later).

photo 14952285889_c7bbf72f99_b

Anadolujet, the low-cost arm of Turkish Airlines. Also operating B738s.

photo 15138972335_9fa2090d50_b

And finally a TK A320. It was a busy morning at Kayseri!

photo 15115972356_bef5edabd8_b

Arrival monitor. Not sure why our flight's originating port was not displayed when on the FIDS.

photo 14952433128_ea1c4f176a_b

Waiting for our luggage, which turned into a crazy mess later on when the Istanbul pax arrived. 2 flights' baggage were coming out from this one belt, with the other belt not operational. We also ad a rather long wait for bags as apparently the Istanbul bags came out first.

photo 14952432457_fe9c367a4a_b

After collecting our bags, we took the pre-arranged shuttle to our cave hotel in Goreme, which was almost a 1.5hr drive away. We stayed at a family-run Aydinli Cave Hotel, which offered a very unique and homely experience of cave-living. Not the most luxurious room and amenities, but it is definitely a stay to remember for the great service and wonderful views.


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Pegasus Airlines

Cabin crew7.0
Buy-on-board menu6.0

İzmir - ADB


Kayseri - ASR



Impression of Pegasus Airlines, a standard budget airline offering value-for-money products for fares paid. However, the low-cost-ness of the airline was amplified on this flight with the use of this ex-Ryanair plane, which might not be an accurate reflection of Pegasus Airlines in general.



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