Review of SilkAir flight Singapore Yogyakarta-Java Island in Economy

Airline SilkAir
Flight MI 152
Class Economy
Seat 6F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:05
Take-off 14 Sep 14, 08:10
Arrival at 14 Sep 14, 09:15
MI 60 reviews
By 4465
Published on 28th September 2014
It has been a rather hectic month for me at work recently, and within the busy schedule, I was required to go to Yogyakarta, or more commonly known as Jogja, in Indonesia for some work-related matters with some colleagues for 5 days. This work trip also allowed me to experience some sights of Jogja, which will be shared here as well.

As usual, online check-in was done earlier and we dropped our bags at Terminal 2 slightly more than an hour prior to departure on a Sunday morning. During booking of flights just a week prior to travel, our travel agent had informed that the flight was almost full and only had 6 full-fare economy tickets left (thus our tickets costing an exorbitant amount) but later on during the flight, the cabin was barely more than half full! Not sure why the huge difference.

Boarding pass issued.

photo 15379058775_a69f57c1f9_b

Through immigration with no hassles. Many MI planes were awaiting their morning departures, including the MI's 1st B738 in MI's 25th anniversary livery.

photo 15192390660_48b64d4169_b

Departing from E24 today, which was also shared with Tiger's flight to Male departing at a slightly later time. This gate is one of the few gates in T2 where 2 narrow-body aircraft can be parked together using separate arms of the aerobridge.

photo 15192390620_1f3f6e0efe_b

Our A320, 9V-SLG, parked at the gate, with TR's A320 parked at the other arm.

photo 15378763472_621f5a9381_b

Boarding started soon after.

photo 15192569557_a4712a3851_b

14 September 2014
MI 152
Singapore (SIN) - Yogyakarta (JOG)
Economy Class

Welcomed at the door and passed the 12-seater Business Class cabin which seemed comfortable enough for short flights. However, how MI justify premium fares on these seats on flights more than 4hrs is beyond me.

photo 15192569197_3a9622174f_b

Reached my seat at the 2nd row of economy, with decent legroom. Pillows and blankets were available in the overhead bins and I helped myself to them.

photo 15192482248_3ee0a2a981_b

An AI Dreamliner was parked beside, and another beside it!

photo 15356064466_bd5943cae5_b

Inflight magazine, duty-free and safety card.

photo 15192388800_5d17436d90_b

This aircraft is equipped with SilkAir Studio, SilkAir's wireless streaming entertainment system. The guide to using the system can be found in the seat pocket as well.

photo 15379058035_483708d1db_b

photo 15379057875_0c2621a512_b

Crew first came down offering newspapers, followed by an additional frill, hot towels nope, but packaged wet towelettes. Well, it is the thought that counts…

photo 15375893651_c07217a3c2_b

With the light load, doors were closed early and we pushed back on time. Safety demo was shown manually as the safety video decided to go on strike and hanged whenever it was started. Tough luck for the crew. Guess some refresher safety demo training for them haha. Flight time estimated to be 1h50m.

photo 15192327879_97c4919c97_b

We taxied to Rwy20C for takeoff this morning.

photo 15375886241_32325a172b_b

Can you spot the 3 Dreamliners?

photo 15192560067_55ec17ea9f_b

After a bit of a wait due to heavy traffic, we took off.

Flying over Batam.

photo 15192485648_d87a602cc5_b

After takeoff announcements.

Our cruising altitude was announced to be 36000ft.

photo 15192564677_2085439a01_b

The selection for SilkAir Studio was printed in the inflight magazine. Not too many choices but enough to keep one entertained on a short flight, provided you have a smartphone, tablet of laptop to stream the entertainment, and of course enough battery juice as there are no power ports in economy.

photo 15379056285_8893a927e3_b

photo 15192387970_b6baf8f376_b

photo 15378760672_13838793d9_b

Shortly after takeoff, breakfast was served. Being seated at the front, we were one of the first to be served by the crew. We were offered a choice of Pancakes with vanilla sauce and peach compote or Spicy chicken with noodles. Along with the meal was just a warm roll with butter and a cup of water. I requested for a coffee and an orange juice.

photo 15192326299_8aa763ffe8_b

Chose the pancakes, which was nothing memorable. A few small pieces of pancakes with canned-fruit mix and vanilla sauce below. It felt kind of cheap…

photo 15192484188_acf9710de7_b

My colleague had the other choice, where the noodles turned out to be beehoon aka thin rice noodles. According to him, not too great either as the bee hoon was almost tasteless.

photo 15375891141_97d45c5bda_b

After the meal trays were collected, I decided to try out SilkAir Studio and downloaded the app on my Samsung S3 handphone.

photo 15378754342_32b622b5c8_b

Some of the movie selections

photo 15375884871_395a627203_b

photo 15192477298_51569493db_b

Short features

photo 15375884321_9f792a9b6e_b

photo 15192378860_e2979918b0_b

I settled for the popular Singaporean comedy series The Noose. Streaming of the contents were rather smooth.

photo 15356054386_f66b80c962_b

Who don't love the oh-so-famous Lulu!!

photo 15192475228_9df69f0517_b

Music CD selections are also available.

photo 15356052086_a65f47b972_b

For passengers with no streaming devices, silent short features were also shown on drop-down screens.

photo 15379051905_f95fc19c8f_b

View of the cabin, which was about 60% full.

photo 15356059306_d12a28e212_b

Some views during the flight.

photo 15378757442_291ff64f3d_b

photo 15378754902_929eb143d7_b

Soon, we started our descent, flying along the coast.

photo 15192322629_4e6230755c_b

Approaching Jogja, flying over the densely populated city.

photo 15375887941_099141c54f_b

Flying over the main shopping strip Malioboro, with the palace Kraton just ahead.

photo 15375887221_eb46cafeb6_b

Our hotel, Jambuluwuk Malioboro, which is the white building sticking out among the low-rises, can be seen.

photo 15192561827_f66f5155b5_b

Nearly there… The airport is located smack in the middle of the city.

photo 15379050335_f004f6cbc0_b

And touchdown on Rwy09 almost 20min early.

photo 15379050065_85a24245d1_b

See the video of the entire approach and landing into Yogyakarta here.

Just a short taxi to the small terminal building with 8 parking bays. The airport may be small, but the air traffic is definitely heavy!

photo 15192560957_f4e39d1dc3_b

Parked at our stand. No aerobridges at JOG and all flights have to be disembarked via stairs.

photo 15192478558_8270b40f6b_b


photo 15192564637_d821043929_b

photo 15192482418_5fc37c60fd_b

And a stroll to the terminal building.

photo 15192564097_c888663189_b

Citilink, Garuda's LCC arm, beside us.

photo 15379053125_f422f1cb28_b

Sriwijaya Air pulling into stand.

photo 15192383290_22c314f806_b

Lunch after arrival.


Thanks to SilkAir's 3x weekly schedule, we arrived on a Sunday and thus was able to spend the day exploring some sights. How can any trip to Jogja be without going to the Borobudor Temple, one of the World Heritage sites and the biggest Buddhist temple in South-east Asia!!




We stayed at Jambuluwuk Malioboro Hotel, where I had a really spacious room!


And what can a trip to Indonesia be without at least a meal of A&W!

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Singapore - SIN


Yogyakarta-Java Island - JOG



It was a comfortable short-haul flight on SilkAir, with decent seat pitch, sufficient amenities and slightly better than before entertainment options. Service was good as usual but catering was a bit of letdown, considering that MI fares are similar to or even higher than SQ on regional routes. Still, it was a comfortable enough way to fly for short-hauls.

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