Review of Arkia Israel Airlines flight Tel Aviv Amsterdam in Economy

Flight IZ2513
Class Economy
Seat 5F
Aircraft Boeing 757-300
Flight time 05:00
Take-off 04 Aug 14, 13:10
Arrival at 04 Aug 14, 17:10
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Yonatan Paz
By 5885
Published on 15th October 2014
Hi for everyone and I hope that you had great summer vacation!!!
I'm welocome you to my trip to Holland.

Here is my flights:
IZ TLV-AMS in Y. You Are Here
LY AMS-TLV in Y. (Business Class seat)

2nd time in Holland
1st time of Arkia
1st time on Boeing 757

Before the trip:

I was working as a Travel Agent at the summer vacation. 3 days before the flight, my best friend asked me if I want to go with him to a trip in Holland and I agreed of course.

We had rent a great house in the small city Broek in Waterland (15 min from the central station of Amsterdam by Bus) and we used with the great public transport of Holland.
We were searching for cheap flights, charter flights from Tel Aviv, Israel to Amsterdam. Finally, we chose to fly Arkia with 7 days of stay.

Arkia is flown the Boeing 757-300 to Amsterdam. Arkia have 2 757-300 (4X-BAU, 4X-BAW). They flies to destinations like Eilat, Barcelona, Munich, Zanzibar, Seychelles, Greek Islands etc.

The day of the flight:

After 5 weeks of stretching cause of the Protective Edge and the war between Israel and Gaza, the day of the flight finally arrived!!!!

The flight schedule to depart at 1:10PM, But at 9 AM i got a nofitication that the flight was delayed to 2:00PM, Because the plane were stucking in Rhodes, Greece.

I arrived to Terminal 3 at Ben Gurion Intl Airport at 12:10PM, 1:50 hours before departure.

The way to the terminal, great and comfortable route:
photo IMG_3759

We want to the LCD to see what happen with the flights, and where is the check-in counter:
photo IMG_3761

Our flight, the boarding is late than the depart LOL….
photo IMG_3763 (2)

We got row 5, seats D E F for us.
El Al Boeing 737-900ER (Reg: 4X-EHE) before flight to european destination:
photo IMG_3765
Duty Free Zone, One of the biggest duty free zones relative to the size of the airport (TLV is a medium-size airport, over 15M people in year).
photo IMG_3766

We had been entering to Dan Lounge, Not the best food, only ugly snacks and drinks as you can see:
photo IMG_3772
I know that here must to be some ice cubes, but where are them???
photo IMG_3778

Aeroflot Boeing 777-300ER heading to Moscow, Russia (SVO):

photo IMG_3774

Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737-800 arrived from short journey from Kiev, Ukraine:
photo IMG_3776 (1)

Easy-Jet Airbus A320 had just landed from Geneva, Switzerland:
photo IMG_3771
Time to go to the gate, gate C9 for our flight, this gate is used for big planes, like AC 788, UA 772, US A332, DL 744, LX A343 etc. You can see our plane for today, Boeing 757-300, reg 4X-BAU, 14 years old plane:
photo IMG_3782

1 moment before enter to new airline and plane model (1st on Arkia and 1st time on 757 plane), Not tasty hot dog, but sexy plane at all:
photo IMG_3786

It was very nice to go to the left side, like first class passengers :)
Legroom is very very tight (I were 1.73M, now 1.76, still growing…..:)
photo IMG_3788
Nice cabin like some 737 planes, you can see the old CRT screens (No entertainment and flight maps for all the flight):
photo IMG_3789
We were starting pushback at 2:20PM for Europe!!!!
photo IMG_3792

The capitan welcomed us for Arkia flight to Schiphol Airport on Boeing 757-300, and flight time will be 4 hours and 30 minutes, the weather is good, 17 degrees… (The temperature in TLV were 32 degrees!!!) and he wished nice flight and safe flight.

Safety video from 2000:
photo IMG_3794

Broken ceiling:
photo IMG_3793 (1)

Taxi for Runway 08 (All the flights were departs to the east because Protactive Edge and Hamas intimidation rockets to Israel):
photo IMG_3796

I took a video of the departure, will be post later.
After take-off, not the best quality, sorry about it:
photo IMG_3808photo IMG_3813

Cursing over the Mediterranean Sea, 34,000ft, also you can see the beautiful winglet and the engine:
photo IMG_3819
Over Rhodes and Marmaris:
photo IMG_3825
After 1:50 hours the cpaitan said the we're avioded Turkey.
Arkia doesn't give meals, like low-cost carriers. I was very hungry, so I had decided to buy a Sandwich for 25NIS (7 USD), and I got Diet-Coke by myself.
photo IMG_3832
I asked for water:
photo IMG_3845
Cabin at the mid of the flight, boring cabin and flight at all as you can see (Why Arkia doesn't show the flight map???) Iike a school bus:
photo IMG_3833
Photo from my seat, 5F:
photo IMG_3844
I played 2 games of NBA 2K 2014 in my phone (Nexus 5), so 40 minutes of the flight were passed.
Finally we had flown over europe, now over Serbia:
photo IMG_3848

Descend to Amsterdam, 5 minutes before landing.
photo IMG_3851
We landed at 5:55PM, After 4:35 hours.

New Turkish A321 with sharklets to Istanbul (Why the passengers used bus?)
photo IMG_3855

KLM 747-400:
photo IMG_3856

Sad to see it :(
photo IMG_3857

The plane were parked at gate G6, (All the Israeli airlines parkes in G area, and more airlines like Emirates, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines, Garuda Indonesia, Malaysia Airlines, Suriname Airways etc)
Something cools in AMS airport, the arrive and departure passengers are together, so I saw the passengers for TLV).
We took a train to Amsterdam Centraal Station, and a taxi to our house in Broke in Waterland (5 EUR for train ticket, 40EUR for taxi).

Finally we arrived to the house, at 19:20PM, we saw our plane flies back to TLV from the village.
photo IMG_3869
Dam square:
photo IMG_3887
Great cheeses!!!!
photo IMG_3895
OK, I arrive to the real Amsterdam!!!
photo IMG_3903
Bikes everywhere!!!
photo IMG_3907
Anne Frank house:
photo IMG_3949
As a european jewish teenager, I can't forget the Holocaust that people of my family where murdered and Anne Frank,I am proud to be a jewish!
photo IMG_3953

Thank you and be continued, Yonatan Paz
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Arkia Israel Airlines

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Tel Aviv - TLV


Amsterdam - AMS



Arkia is a nice low-cost airline. the 757-300 is nice plane but the flight was boring because the plane hadn't entertainment. If you find a cheap flight with a charter or low cost airline - Do not expect too many.
Be continued, Yonatan Paz.



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