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Airline Turkish Airlines
Flight TK 90
Class Economy
Seat 22K
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 11:55
Take-off 15 Sep 14, 23:50
Arrival at 16 Sep 14, 05:45
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Published on 31st October 2014
Hello dear readers,
this is a third part of a report covering me and my brother´s trip to Seoul in September.

ICN - IST - you are here

Firstly just some shots from the city itself where we stayed 4 great days during which we visited and discovered most of the Seoul´s must sees. Weather was perfect although on the first day it was rather misty or smoggy maybe. Even though Seoul is some kind of a really big city it´s easy to get everywhere due to great underground system which is one of the best things of the whole city. Seoul is full of contrasts with for example original palaces placed just in the middle of Downtown being surrounded with skyscrapers. I slightly doubted prior to our trip, whether Seoul is interesting enough for a few days stay, but it was absolutely perfect in the end. There are probably lots of more interesting destinations in Asia, but this was still great to get first tastes of east Asia in my life.

We were set for a midnight departure from Seoul with our A330 departing at 23:50. We were pretty tired already on the last day so we decided to leave for the airport in the afternoon to avoid walking around Seoul with our baggages in the heats typical for those days. We took an Express train from Seoul Station that goes to Incheon airport with few stops on its way. It´s a really pleasant and comfortable way to get to the airport with the price somewhere between 5-10EUR one way, if I remember well.

Arriving at the airport more than 7 hours to departure sounds crazy, but it wasn´t that bad at all. We went for something to eat, explored some shops in the terminal building and most of the time we were at the viewing point watching the apron action.

It was quite some challenge to spot something different to Korean and Asiana planes.

Viewing point at Incheon airport is placed in one of the topper floors. After having seen enough blue planes we went back down to have a dinner at airport´s Burger King and later I went to buy myself some souvenirs meanwhile brother was trying to find a place where a wifi worked fine with his smartphone. When we came back to the top floor it was dark already.

photo DSC_0337

FIDS showed check-in for our TK 90 flight was about to start 3 hours to departure so 20 minutes prior to this time we decided to go to check-in. To my surprise there was already a pretty long queue ahead of us. At the check-in we were informed security was pretty busy that evening so we were advised to head to our gate straight after check-in. Reality was a bit different as the security only took us few moments. We had a look around some duty free shops and later headed for a train to take us to the Concourse.

photo DSC_0340

Over 2 hours to departure we arrived in the Concourse. Immediately something strange happened when in one moment all people were guided to quickly leave all the shops nearby. Everyone was in a huge rush in that moment and a minute later all shops were closed and dark. First it felt like an evecuation, but in the end it seemed like an ordinary closing procedure for shops at this evening time. But it still surprised me even though I work at a big shopping mall.

photo DSC_0342

We took a seat at our gate where our bird for Istanbul was already waiting. 2,5 years old TC-JNO with an individual name Bo'aziçi

photo DSC_0344

I was a bit thirsty but it was some kind of challenge to find somewhere anything to drink with all the shops being closed. I decided to take a walk around the Concourse

photo DSC_0349photo DSC_0350

KLM jumbo

photo DSC_0351

Looking great in the night

photo DSC_0352

Air China 737

photo DSC_0356

Jeju Air 737. I have honestly never heard about this korean airline

photo DSC_0357

Singapore Airlines A330 was our neighbor

photo DSC_0359photo DSC_0361

Boarding was started on time and it was once again mostly Koreans heading to Istanbul that night

photo DSC_0362photo DSC_0365

I was truly amazed by our aircraft´s beauty

photo DSC_0371

The aircraft interior felt almost the same as on our inbound flight. Very nice inside with the whole interior feeling pretty new.

photo DSC_0375

PTVs were superb once again. Seat itself was fine except of the poor legroom again

photo DSC_0376

But this was absolutely the best - I loved the view of the massive wing. I realized I don´t want to sit at the window to have nice outside views but to see a wing!

photo DSC_0377photo DSC_0380

Legroom a bit tight for more than 11 hours flight

photo DSC_0383


photo DSC_0385photo DSC_0388photo DSC_0389

Cabin lights were dimmed prior to take off

photo DSC_0391

We performed o noisy take off. My first time taking off onboard widebody aircraft at night. It felt strange like we were not climbing even for a bit. Looking out from the window lights around seemed to be always as close to us as they were 5 minutes before. I really find our ICN departure an exciting one

photo DSC_0394photo DSC_0395

Long way through Asia ahead of us

photo DSC_0396

First drink and meal service started soon. Female stewards were disappointing again. TK´s reputation was only saved by one male FA who was luckily serving our seats. He was really professional although being kind a helpful.

photo DSC_0400

Tonight´s flight offerings

photo DSC_0401photo DSC_0402photo DSC_0403

I went for grilled chicken

photo DSC_0404

.. and it was damn good again, well done Turkish

photo DSC_0405

As we ordered ourseleves a bland meal (by a mistake during booking tickets), previously mentioned steward kindly allowed me to go for standard meal. My brother decided to try a bland meal and it was pretty… bland!

photo DSC_0406

Within 30 minutes I asked for a wine, tea and OJ and I got them all

photo DSC_0407photo DSC_0411

Months ago, somebody in his report here at FR mentioned great idea to use a blanket to cover myself at the window to have undisturbed view outside. I have to admit it works great and enjoyed really beautiful sights. Moon was reflecting on our nicely flexing wing as we were slowly moving over the cloudy China. I enjoyed that few moments being covered and having those views. Only don´t wanna know what others onboard thought of me :)

I luckily managed to fall asleep for few hours which really made the whole flight feeling shorter

photo DSC_0412

We were served this bad breakfast again.

photo DSC_0413

Brother was determined to avoid scrambled eggs…

photo DSC_0414

… but he was terribly wrong :)

photo DSC_0416photo DSC_0417photo DSC_0418

in the end we were approaching Ataturk from south as we flew around the Istanbul

photo DSC_0419photo DSC_0421photo DSC_0424

Here we come. You have to love these cameras

photo DSC_0427

After parking at the gate we were in no rush to leave the aircraft as we had some 3h45min for transit which was more than enough at IST

photo DSC_0429

Stairs and bus again, when leaving A330 at Istanbul

photo DSC_0430photo DSC_0434photo DSC_0436

After leaving the bus we found ourselves in the terminal with a goal to find a connecting flight to Prague, but that´s for another FR.
So thank you for reading up to here everyone and I look forward to seeing any of your comments.


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Great time flying TK again. Their A330 interior is really nice and except of the legroom well comfortable. TK also offers really good IFE including a nose gear camera. Again, we were served great dinner followed by average or weaker breakfast. Female FAs felt as bad as on previous flights but one male steward was good enough to save the ratings. An on time departure and arrival is always a nice bonus.

I have only the highest marks for Incheon as the airport really impressed me. Many nice shops and mainly it´s so airy and full of light. Only the spotting possibilites aren´t at their highest.
I also like possibility to reach the airport with so comfortable train. Incheon is a great place to enter and leave South Korea.

Bus was used to deplane A330 again at Ataturk. Unpleasant suriprise appeared at the security, but that´s for another story.

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  • Comment 122050 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6594 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this new FR in the series. Nice pics of Seoul. The overall product seems good. The catering looks visually appetizing, too bad the breakfast wasn't good. The cabin does look really nice and bright.
  • Comment 122204 by
    jetsetpanda 2283 Comments
    Thank you for sharing this FR with a beautiful bonus of Seoul.

    Solid catering by TK as expected. Too bad that the FA's were not up to standards - they seem to always be the wild card. Pity that your plane didn't park at the terminal and you had to take the stairs instead.

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