Review of Jetstar Asia Airways flight Singapore Taipei in Economy

Flight 3K 721
Class Economy
Seat 20A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 04:45
Take-off 08 Jan 15, 07:10
Arrival at 08 Jan 15, 11:55
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Published on 19th January 2015
A new year has started and due to some work commitments, I had postponed my earlier planned New Year in Taiwan to mid-Jan. This would be a 6-days trip to both Taichung and Taipei, with the outbound on Jetstar and return via SQ J-Class. Taiwan is a very popular destination for us Singaporeans, with nice weather and scenery, friendly locals, great food and favourable currency exchange (aka value-for-money!).

08 January 2015
Jetstar Asia
3k 721
Singapore (SIN) - Taipei Taoyuan (TPE)
Budget Class

On the day of departure, we reached arrived at Changi T1 at an ungodly 6am for our 710am departure. Having checked-in online prior, we just needed to drop our bags, but Jetstar's online check-in counters were not manned and the normal counters had snaking queues. However, I realised that Jetstar has started trial on a self-check-in (Step 1) and baggage-drop (Step 2) system and thus used them. Being real unfamiliar with the system, we actually took a while, with the assistance of a Jetstar staff, to self-print our boarding passes and baggage tags, tagged our bags and sent them on their way. In fact we were one of the only few pax using the self-bag-drop as everyone else were unfamiliar with it and apparently half the bag-drop machines were down and waiting for maintenance that morning…. Well, still beats queuing up at the counters and our bags made it to TPE.

Self check-in system printed boarding pass on a slip of paper instead of the traditional type.

photo 15688108453_ee5a0da7b6_b

Immigration was no hassles, we grabbed a coffee, and proceeded to the gate where boarding has already commenced. Today, our gate was at D46. The flight was actually bound for Osaka via Taipei, but almost all passengers were bound for TPE on this sector. I counted only 4-5 passengers continuing to Osaka from Taipei. Guess most KIX pax originated from TPE, as it must be very painful to fly almost 8hrs on this cramped A320 all the way from SIN.

photo 16122130867_240488c853_b

Sun rising over the horizon as our A320, 9V-JSI, awaits for the day's trip up to Osaka and back via Taipei.

photo 16120602760_af3c5c2d1a_b

photo 15688103153_6ee078e22b_b

Topped up our water bottles at the gate's drinking fountains (drinking water is chargeable onboard) and proceeded to board. Was warmly welcomed at the door and proceeded to our seats at 20A/C, with 20B remaining empty, luckily. the flight was about 70% full. Initially, I was afraid that this aircraft was fitted with the horrible non-reclinable seats, but apparently Jetstar as scrapped it and refitted the aircraft with normal well-padded reclinable leather seats, albeit with very little recline and horrible legroom. Unfortunately, this aircraft was not fitted with the latest seats which, though less well-padded, offers more generous legroom and recline and is almost similar to what Silkair uses on their new B738s.

View our the window.

photo 16122130477_e823b22f59_b

Really tight seat pitch. It is even worse from Rows 24 and above. Really salute those pax who survived 8hrs to Osaka in these seats!

photo 16120607430_3355125574_b

Seat Pocket contents.

photo 15685566354_60beb51668_b

4 cabin crew on this flight, including a Japanese crew member. All passengers boarded promptly and we were ready to go. However there was some issues with the flight attendant's control monitor which needed some rectification from the engineers, which resulted in a 30min delay. However, the pilot repeatedly assured us that it was a minor problem and the plane is perfectly safe to fly. Also, we would make up considerable time as the flight would be a short 4h10m.

Finally, we pushed back after the problem was fixed, only to be slightly delayed again while holding for a TR plane to be pushed back.

Pushed back.

photo 16120606720_2e00419752_b

Taxiing out. Didn't know Jetstar still has an A330 based in SIN since they have scrapped all but MEL for its A330 routes out of SIN.

photo 16120433488_6e16fef265_b

In order to save some time, we took off from 3/4 down the runway 02C instead of taxiing right to the end. Guess the A320 would not need the entire 4km long runway to get airbourne. Took off at 0752am, 42min behind schedule.

Climbing out over Malaysia.

photo 16122129667_64f993f25d_b

Post-takeoff announcements and cabin view.

Leaving the coastline.

photo 16120433498_71b9ffa961_b

Immigration forms for Taiwan were distributed, followed by distribution of pre-booked meals and BOB service. Crew were all Jetstarry casual and friendly, no complaints here.

photo 15688106983_72450591eb_b

Having a pre-booked meal as well as a SGD10 inflight voucher via our flight bookings, we perused what we could order for meals on this flight. 4 choices of hot meals were available and having a pre-booked meal, we were offered choice ahead of other.

photo 16282053866_1451b1e49a_b

The normal pre-booked inflight meal came with a kit-kat bar, a hot coffee/tea and a bottle of drinking water. As for the inflight voucher, I used it to order another hot meal combo (hot meal+cold drink for SGD14) and a cupcake combo (cupcake+hot drink for SGD6) for an additional SGD10 top-up.

Meal with red velvet cupcake and green tea.

photo 16120433018_51c90e53fc_b

Roti Paratha w/Chicken
Tender chicken curry and roti paratha, served with omelet triangle garnished with masala
The chicken curry was not bad, but paratha a bit tough. Well, can't complain for an inflight meal standard.

photo 16120432928_3b5fca7320_b

Chicken Rice
Steamed fragrant rice with fried onions, roasted chicken and oriental vegetable, served with chilli sauce
This was also of acceptable standards but would not win awards definitely.

photo 16307123292_6271b1697a_b

photo 16307123082_23430f1314_b

Red-velvet cupcake, kit-kat and hot coffee. Heavenly….

photo 16282052296_e14cc8e5d7_b

It was rather turbulent for first half of the flight due to, according to the pilot, shifting winds which could not be avoided. We were encouraged to be strapped up even though the seat belt signs were never switched on. Also, we were in the clouds most of the time.

photo 16306198321_2624bfecc6_b

Visit to the lavatory, with nothing more than the necessary. Well, at least it was kept clean.

photo 15685564034_9c60a7f40b_b

Cabin view. Most passengers were napping away, including me after the meal.

photo 16120431978_569f3a5299_b

Weather gradually got better and skies got clearer.

photo 15688105563_59d3dee8fa_b

photo 16307122162_6e669d82f8_b

Cabin view from seat. Shortly before descend, another round of BOB service was conducted, but with few takers.

photo 16307978745_a7fe3afc09_b

Skies clearing up as we were about to start descend.

photo 15688105223_e5e0e104b5_b

Starting descend into Taipei.

photo 15685562954_b4049911cc_b

Slowing down. We had a straight in approach to Rwy 05L.

photo 16307121852_3303b011d6_b

On finals.

photo 16307978375_9433707db9_b

photo 16122126897_6d6d18c9a8_b

photo 16122126677_a9a3bb06c6_b

And touchdown on Rwy05L at 1156am, just a minute behind schedule! The flight time was a very short 4h04m from takeoff to landing.

photo 16282050206_66bc8d6ff9_b

See the approach and very smooth landing here.

Taxi to the gate at Terminal One of Taoyuan airport.

photo 16306195561_7058b2e27a_b

Parked at the end-most gate.

photo 16307120752_352b1c603d_b

Disembarking. The flight and cabin crew would be continuing to Osaka, and turnaround would only be a short 20min! Pax bound for Osaka were also required to disembark and obtain transit cards from the ground staff, though I counted only 5 or less.

photo 16121826279_37d8b0281d_b

Immigration was smooth as it was still the quiet part of the day and bags were out soon enough.

photo 16307977085_63069a5fa8_b

First thing to do when arriving in Taiwan is of course, eat! The first taste of Taiwan cuisine was this delicious bowl of Hsinchu meatballs and beehoon at TPE Terminal One's food court located at the basement of the departure hall.

We than took a direct 2.5hrs bus ride to Taichung where we would be spending 2 nights. Stayed at Holiday Inn Express Taichung Park, which is located inside a shopping mall.


Room was big and comfortable enough and view was across to Taichung Park.

photo 16122578437_cbc6cd2952_b

The hotel was of walking distance to Yizhong St and night market, where we explored on the first night and had our fill of street food.




Second, day, it was exploring the town area. But seriously, there was nothing much to see and do in town except shopping for sun-biscuits and eating.

Row of shops all selling Taichung's famous sun-biscuits.


A famous ice-creamy place offering tons of ice-cream flavours. They have 18 different flavours for chocolate ice-cream alone!!


The pastry outlet beside also has very fascinating interior designs.


We then ventured to the outskirts of town to try the famous Urn Chicken.



Then to Taichung's most popular night market, Fengchia Night Market for more street food!



And some comfort food for supper.

A stroll through Taichung Park on the 3rd day.


Yizhong Street on a Saturday noon. Real crowded!

We discovered this really nice Japanese restaurant at the top floor of Chungyou Mall, serving great and value for money Jap food, with awesome service and view too!

Late afternoon, we travelled northward bound for Taipei. The bus journey was only 2.5hrs on a very comfortable Kuokuang coach, which includes AVOD InBus-entertainment! Kuokuang has buses departing between Taipei to Taichung city centers every 15min and thus is much more convenient than taking the train or high-speed rail.

Our hotel in Taipei is In-house hotel in Ximending area. It is a boutique hotel, but offers excellent rooms! Loved the room furnishing and huge bathroom, plus they offer L'occitane products! Only complaint is that the bed is a bit too hard for our liking.

photo 16308426725_aef956fe6e_b

photo 16122578777_388b2186f1_b

Being to Taipei countless times, we did not visit the tourist attractions and just spent our time walking around the city and eating.

Taipei 101 at night.

Simple Taiwanese-style dinner.


Hearty local breakfast.

Ximending in the day.

Visit to Jianguo Weekend Flower Market.


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Jetstar Asia Airways

Cabin crew7.5
Buy-on-board menu7.5

Singapore - SIN


Taipei - TPE



It was again a smooth reliable Jetstar flight, with the payable addition of some frills. No complaints, but would not be too eager to fly in one of these cramped seats soon on another mid-haul sector.

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