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Airline Delta Air Lines
Flight DL 170
Class Premium Eco
Seat 18A
Flight time 09:55
Take-off 21 Nov 11, 16:50
Arrival at 22 Nov 11, 10:45
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By 8595
Published on 15th December 2011
This is the following FR after my SNA-SLC.

I have some time before my flight to Paris so I walk about this airport through which I transfer for the first time. It is big, loads of windows which is very useful for spotting, a good choice of restaurants and shops.

The 767-300ER that I will take for my flight just arrived from CDG and it is N196DN that will be assigned to the mission.
photo P1060078

I like the logo at all the Delta gates, it looks great. Salt Lake City is a Delta hub and you know and feel it !
photo P1060079

Boarding is on time, there are customs officers checking passengers just before boarding. They were looking for people taking more than 10.000 USD in cash with them. I would have been happy to have that much cash on me !

The load on the flight is very light, boarding is done in no time. I arrive at my seat in Comfort Economy, the Delta Airlines Premium Economy cabin.
Only difference between the main cabin and the Comfort Cabin is the legroom and the free booze. No curtains to separate it from the main cabin, yet it would be useful for the crew and passengers . Only 5 passengers out of 30 seats.
photo P1060081

photo P1060082

photo P1060083

photo P1060086

The legroom.
photo P1060085

On the ground, on the screen, the airshow.
photo P1060084

Our Boeing 767 is equipped with winglets.
photo P1060087

photo P1060088

We leave 5 minutes early and we are shown the safety demonstration which is preceded by a message from the Delta CEO.
photo P1060089

It is then the turn of one of Delta's captains to wish us a warm welcome.
photo P1060090

And then the famous Deltalina, a real Delta flight attendant now famous for featuring in the Delta's safety video.
photo P1060093

photo P1060091

photo P1060092

photo P1060094

photo P1060095

photo P1060098

photo P1060099

photo P1060101

photo P1060105

photo P1060106

photo P1060107

We continue to taxi towards the runway…
photo P1060108

photo P1060112

Just enough time to steal a picture of this Us Airways A320 in America West colors.
photo P1060113

Delta departures.
photo P1060114

photo P1060116

The sun is setting while our airplane is climbing above the salt lake of Salt Lake City, capital city of the mormons, by the way, on board our plane at least 12 mormon missionaries going to France to preach for their church and also a catholic priest in his robes. It is clear that we shouldn't die on this flight with so many religious people.
photo P1060118

photo P1060119

photo P1060120

The view on the salt lake is stunning.
photo P1060121

photo P1060122

photo P1060123

The cabin is empty and the waltz of self-upgrading passengers will start.
photo P1060126

photo P1060127

The drink service starts, it is fast, the american way, less elegant than on Air France of other european airlines?
A Coke Zero and then cabin attendant will give me a pack of peanuts and a pack of pretzels.
photo P1060128

Shortly after, the meal will follow. The cabin attendant will give us the choice orally, pasta with a vodka sauce or BBQ chicken.
I went for the pasta.
photo P1060129

People always complain about Air France but at least at AF you have a real starter other than a simple green salad with a slice of tomato and cucumber and desserts are real ones, not a dry and heavy brownie.
The pasta dish is very good though.

Shortly after the trays are picked up and we are offered a hot drink.
photo P1060131

I will try to sleep but it will be difficult as no less than 10 people will try to sneak into the Economy Comfort cabin and each time the crew will come and tell them they can't sit or sleep here as you have to pay extra to be seated in this part of the cabin and they'll ask the people to go back to their initial seats. A woman will even try to come in the cabin twice !

I manage to sleep an hour just after my movie and I will wake up while we're over Canada and we are getting closer to the Atlantic Ocean.
photo P1060132

photo P1060133

photo P1060134

Mid-flight the crew will offer glasses of water and a basket with bags containing a ham and cheese sandwiches and Milano cookies. The sandwiches are simply frozen ! Impossible to eat them, I try to warm it up with my hands and even put them under my legs, but it won't work. It was liking eating bread with ham and cheese ice cream in it.
photo P1060135

During the flight 3 movies will be shown on the main screen. I will see 2.

Before we arrive, a breakfast is served. A banana, an orange juice, a mini vegetable calzone. The crew will also offer a hot drink or a cold one.
I will request an apple juice and a tea, my stomach can't process orange juice in the plane !
photo P1060137

Outside it is beautiful and we are nearly over France.
photo P1060139

photo P1060140

The Airshow is indicating the information of our flight before the arrival.
photo P1060141

photo P1060142

photo P1060143

photo P1060144

A picture of the cabin before we arrive.
photo P1060145

We have started our descent to Paris.
photo P1060146

photo P1060147

photo P1060148

photo P1060149

CDG2E with a few Delta flights.
photo P1060150

We arrived way too early and our parking spot is still occupied and we'll park behind this Air France B777 who will also be delayed because of us as you could see it was ready to leave but couldn't be pushed back as we were waiting just behind it. We'll have to move, do a turn and come back so that this poor AF 777 could go.
photo P1060151

Another legroom shot while we wait.
photo P1060152

We're still waiting , this time behind a China Eastern plane.
photo P1060153

And here is our parking spot still occupied by a Delta 767.
photo P1060154

We continue our tour of the taxiways in front of 2E and we meet a Gulf Air Airbus.
photo P1060155

We are getting closed to our parking, this time it is a 747-400 which is parked.
photo P1060157

And we are followed by another Delta 767 which will be able to park straight away !
photo P1060158

photo P1060159

photo P1060160

We will finally be able to park our 767 and leave the aircraft !

We disembark through the Business Elite.
photo P1060161
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Delta Air Lines

Cabin crew8.5

Salt Lake City - SLC


Paris - CDG



Departure 5 minutes early, we arrived 1 hour ahead of schedule... We will have to wait because we're too early. We'll be disembarking with 30 minutes ahead of time.

Comfort wise, nothing exceptional, the seats are comfortable, I used 5 seats, 3 in the center to try to sleep and 2 on the side for take off and landing. Big problem is the passengers upgrading themselves to Comfort Economy and will told nicely by the crew to go back to their seats. Delta should either put a curtain or change the colour of the seats of the headrests to differentiate the different cabin.

The crew was really nice, very easy going, real americans !

The meal is basic, nothing extra but a bad point for the frozen sandwich even if that mid-flight snack was a great idea.

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