Avis du vol Emirates Brisbane Dubai en classe Affaires

Compagnie Emirates
Vol EK431
Classe Affaires
Siege 8A
Temps de vol 13:40
Décollage 30 Jul 19, 22:50
Arrivée à 31 Jul 19, 06:30
EK   #2 sur 74 Compagnies Un minimum de 10 flights-reports sur les deux dernières années est nécessaire pour apparaitre dans le classement. 590 avis
Par BRONZE 1822
Publié le 10 septembre 2021

Hello and welcome to this new Flight Report. This is the second of the series which will bring me from Australia to France and back. Here is the routing : 


  • QF1554 - Business - Canberra → Brisbane - Boeing 717-200 Passé
  • BNE-DXB in Business with Emirates - B777 Vous etes ici
  • DXB-FRA in Business with Emirates - B777 A venir
  • FRA-TLS in Economy with Lufthansa - A320 Non reporté
  • TLS-FRA in Economy with Lufthansa - A320 A venir
  • FRA-DXB in Business with Emirates - A380 A venir
  • DXB-MEL in Business with Emirates - A380 A venir
  • MEL-CBR in Business with Qantas - B737 A venir

I unfortunately didn't have enough time to head to the lounge, as our flight was around half an hour late. A quick look at our 'Discover Tasmania' 717 :

photo img_1149photo img_1150

Our flight started boarding as soon as we reached the international terminal… 

photo img_1153

So we boarded as soon as we arrived at the gate.

photo img_1155

Here is my seat. I was disappointed that I didn't get to fly on the new cabin, but this is probably because all Emirates 777-300 were retired in 2019. This flight was in the airplane's last months, as EK retired their last 777-300 in late September, less than two months after my flight. This is a really outdated cabin; it's in a 2-3-2 configuration, and there is no direct aisle access for window seats and middle seats in the center row of the cabin.

photo img_1156

As this is a bulkhead seat, the legroom is enormous and I've got three windows…

photo img_1157photo img_1158

The tablet, which acts as a second, bigger remote for the ICE In Flight Entertainment System.

photo img_1159

The reading light.

photo img_1160

The remote :

photo img_1161

I got orange juice as a pre-departure drink.

photo img_1166

Storage space :

photo img_1167

The USB port and power outlet and the headphone jack :

photo img_1169photo img_1165

This is the button for the privacy divider; the seat is actually not bad in terms of privacy.

photo img_1170

And the seating positions : takeoff & landing, relax and bed.

photo img_1171

The headphones were good quality.

photo img_1172photo img_1173

The geovision on the tablet :

photo img_1175

The IFE system : 

photo img_1190

We were given oshiboris (hot towels) soon after boarding.

photo img_1189

And the sleeping kit :

photo img_1191photo img_1193photo img_1194

Our ginormous engines (they are the size of a 737 fuselage) :

photo img_1200

Takeoff (sorry for the quality of the photos)

We were given an amenity kit after takeoff :

photo img_1217photo img_1216

And then dinner came. I ate a lot on the QF flight so I didn't eat anything, but I didn't say no to some nuts and a (another) glass of orange juice.

photo img_1220

It was a late-night flight, so the window blinds were closed soon after takeoff.

photo img_1221

After the orange juice, I decided to go to the loo, and when I came back I saw the crew had made my bed ! It was comfortable, but it was still angled flat, so not the most comfortable of beds, especially on a (almost) 14 hour flight.

photo img_1219

The lavatories were clean, and pretty spacious too !

I slept for 3-ish hours until we arrived here, over the Java Sea. I then watched movies and then slept again.

photo img_1228photo img_1229

Before landing, we were served breakfast. Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures of the breakfast. I remember it being good, though. Anyway, here are some pictures I took after breakfast. Here is still my oshibori, which I kept.

I also checked out the in-flight magazines. Oh, and btw the ICE system was fantastic ! 

Now some nice photos of the approach into Dubai. We got some beautiful views of the desert and mountains of Oman and the UAE…

And we also sow some friends on the way !

photo img_1284photo img_1288

We landed and (as always in DXB) I spotted lots of 777s, A380s, 737s, and, well, that's it.

Oh ! A 777 !

photo img_1304

Oh ! A 737 !

photo img_1305

Oh ! Another 777 !

photo img_1307

Goodbye ! You will (not) be missed… 

photo img_1308

Fuselage shot :

photo img_1309

Thanks for reading ! Stay safe 😷

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Brisbane - BNE


Dubai - DXB



This was a good flight, despite the outdated seat. The crew was definitely good. They made my bed without me even asking, a good reflex on late night flights like these,

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