Avis du vol Emirates Dubai Frankfurt en classe Affaires

Compagnie Emirates
Vol EK045
Classe Affaires
Siege 10D
Temps de vol 05:55
Décollage 01 Aoû 19, 08:50
Arrivée à 01 Aoû 19, 12:45
EK   #4 sur 81 Compagnies Un minimum de 10 flights-reports sur les deux dernières années est nécessaire pour apparaitre dans le classement. 592 avis
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Publié le 19 septembre 2021

Hello and welcome to a new Flight Report, the third of the series. Here is the routing :


Our layover was short and we didn't have time to head to the lounge. But on our way to the gate, I spotted a Kenya Airways 787.
I actually really like the livery. I hope to be lucky enough to fly Kenya Airways someday !

photo img_1313

We had bus boarding, which is a shame in such a modern airport. At least there was a dedicated business class bus, which even had more 'luxurious' seats…

photo img_1318

The good thing about bus boarding is the nice views of the plane you get. 

Sadly, I am sitting in the aisle today.  We got the old cabin, but with the new IFE system, unlike on our last flight, which was on an outdated cabin. This cabin

photo img_1326

There were headphones, a blanket and a pillow on our seats.

photo img_1327photo img_1328photo img_1329

Now a quick tour of the seat. The reading light :

photo img_1330

Mini table for drinks :

photo img_1336

Cupholder :

photo img_1337

Tray table :

photo img_1338photo img_1339

The seat controls

photo img_1341

Controls for the partition between the seats.

photo img_1343

Power and USB ports :

photo img_1344

The headrest. I think it was adjustable, but I'm not sure.

photo img_1345

And (finally), all the IFE accessories : the tablet, remote, headphones and the IFE system itself.

The in-flight litterature :

We received a bottle of water upon boarding…

photo img_1356

And some socks and eysahdes.

photo img_1357photo img_1359photo img_1360

Menu :

The languages available in the IFE system :

photo img_1367

The geovision is pretty good on the new system. BTW, ICE is probably the best entertainment system in the world.

photo img_1368

Ah, onboard cameras. Good.

photo img_1369

After takeoff, we were served breakfast (I got light).

photo img_1374

And I decided to watch some movies. Soon before starting our descent, we were served some lunch. It was pretty good. I got the  smoked salmon :

photo img_1376

And the beef tenderloin.

photo img_1377

And for dessert, I got a dark chocolate and coffee mousse. It was really good.

photo img_1378

And then we got some nice chocolates.

photo img_1379

Time to land :

Thanks for reading ! 

photo img_1399photo img_1400
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Dubai - DXB


Frankfurt - FRA



The cabin was outdated, but the catering was good, like the ICE system. The crew was also pretty good.

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