Avis du vol Air Canada Express Toronto Quebec en classe Economique

Compagnie Air Canada Express
Vol AC8920
Classe Economique
Siege XXA
Temps de vol 01:37
Décollage 07 Jui 16, 18:10
Arrivée à 07 Jui 16, 19:47
AC 55 avis
Par GOLD 428
Publié le 7 décembre 2021


Hello everyone and welcome to this series of report in 2016 that took me to La Belle Province for the first time.

Back then the main criterai for me to choose were both the price and the time of flying, to maximise my travelling days without taking many days off. For instance I chose a return flight that was landing at 6.30am, just in time for me to have a quick shower at home and be in the office at 9am.

I checked and at the time I paid £625 for the whole journey, out and return which is really not bad at all.

So here is the routing.

photo map-canada

photo itineraire

Miles & More earned with this flight: 136

And the map of the Dash8-400 of Air Canada of 74 seats.

photo q400-jazz


I had some free time at the airport to do a few phone calls and spot..

photo terminal

Here is my gate..

photo img_20160607_172709

And the plane of the day!

onboard the dash8-400

photo dsc00143

One nice thing about North America is that they connect a jetway to pretty much any sort of plane, even the small Dash 8!

Aircraft: Bombardier Dash8-
Registration: C-XXXX
Engines: 2x PW PW102
Age: XX Years
Layout: Y74

And after take off…

photo toronto

the cabin… always very narrow on these Dash aircrafts.

photo cabine

and the service.. I asked for a tea (yes i know!!)

photo fodd

A view on the St Laurent

photo stlaurent

Time for the en route magazine review

with some helpful airport maps like YYZ

photo 20211206_152702

at quebec - jean lesage airport

photo arrivee

Arrival under a sunny afternoon.
That guy forgot something onboard so here is my perfect opportunity to take a picture to have someone to look at me in a weird way! 

photo quebec

I must say it felt both weird and nice to hear french spoken in the airport… in North America where English is the dominating language!

photo tapis

And finally outside, on the lands of Belle Province… The former french bit of North America!

photo dehors1

A quick bonus of my stay in Quebec City.
First the place Royale, with the oldest church in North America so it seems. 

photo 13443280_487585254775255_1770410034083143907_o

Doesn't feel like it is somewhere in Normandy?

photo 3ad0bdd5-0eb1-486e-8b6b-f7af0408bf85

With the next picture you definitely know we are not in France… Since the revolution it is extremly rare to find a statue of a king anywhere (to my knowledge just Versailles, Nantes and Lyon?).
So here is the statue of the most famous of all kings… Do I really need to say his name? 

photo 13418371_487585338108580_2479604551127279154_o

The fleur de Lys…

photo 13418463_487584881441959_335840036505505459_ophoto 13403335_487584714775309_5194356334847123509_o

There is also a lot of English style houses on the foreground, and on top the famous Chateau Frontenac, which together is a really interesting architecture… You definitely feel like you are somewhere in Europe.

photo 13442455_487585248108589_7259426010220618576_ophoto 13443232_487584921441955_5231028801975577953_o
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Air Canada Express


Toronto - YYZ


Quebec - YQB



YYZ: A big airport, a lot of lenghty corridors but clean and with a good amount of services.

Air Canada Express: Very little difference with the regional branch of AC.
The crew was nice and were from Quebec, so they perfectly spoke both languages.
The cabin of the Dash is always a bit narrow, one of the narrowers I have been to but the seats were somewhat confortable.

YQB: I was expecting a larger airport, as in my mind Quebec was as big as Montreal (blame my french delusional of the Belle Province ahah) but the airport is super fluid, clean and well organised.

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est WestJet avec 7,3/10.

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