Review of SilkAir flight Singapore Kota Kinabalu in Business

Airline SilkAir
Flight MI 392
Class Business
Seat 3F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:20
Take-off 30 May 15, 08:50
Arrival at 30 May 15, 11:10
MI 59 reviews
By 4235
Published on 6th June 2015
Over the recent Vesak long weekend, I made a short 3-days getaway to Kota Kinabalu, with flights booked on SilkAir Business Class up, and return in Economy Class. This would also be my first experience flying the premium cabin of SQ's smaller sister's.

Checked in at Changi Terminal 2 early in the morning for the 0850am flight. Business Class queues were short but Economy queues were very long, evident of the many long weekenders travelling out. Interestingly, my boarding pass was printed on a SQ Business Class stock and not on a MI stock. Immigration was busy as well but with automated clearance, we were across in no time.

SilkAir Business Class passengers were invited to SQ's Silver Kris Lounges. This would also be my first ever entry into SQ's home lounge.

To the Silver Kris Lounge in Terminal 2 for a quick bite before the flight.

photo 18269332000_18707ab267_b

Into the Business Class section of the lounge.

photo 17834401544_dffd6123c7_b

Immediately proceeded to the dining area. The dining area is not very big. I can imagine it can get rather crowded on working days with the loads of business travellers. However for today, it was not too busy.

photo 18430633006_dc3de577f6_b

photo 18430630716_8e2ff69541_b

At this time of the morning, only breakfast selection is available. Having tried a bit of most of the items on offer, I would only find the fried carrot cake to be tasty. The rest of the dishes are pretty standard hawker fare or breakfast food and forgettable.

photo 17836366363_30b8809789_b

photo 18269338340_1d488cf0bb_b

photo 18430628716_312a882f71_b

Lounging area.

photo 17834404104_4ea97df75e_b

photo 18457048305_b338a6be28_b

photo 18269225068_ff972c1bc3_b

Impression of the SilverKris T2 Lounge: Pretty mediocre for a home-based lounge. Serves its basic functions but nothing more. Lounge toilets were also not too clean (for Changi's standards). Maybe after experiencing TK's awesome lounge in IST, SQ's SilverKris Lounge seemed a bit of a let-down (in fact it felt like KLIA's Plaza Premium Lounge, albeit bigger and less crowded). There are definitely many more better home-carrier lounges out there. Not a Business Class lounge that I feel is in the must-visit category.

30 May 2015
MI 392
Singapore (SIN) - Kota Kinabalu (BKI)
Business Class

Left the lounge and proceeded to the departure gate at F34. We were one of the last passengers to board at 15min prior to departure.

photo 17836358713_ffd0843ddf_b

SilkAir's oldest A320 aircraft will be operating this flight to Kota Kinabalu.

photo 18269329960_e1251fe8b6_b

Boarding the aircraft.

photo 18269330100_11972432f7_b

Welcomed at the door and directed to my seat at 3F. As expected, SilkAir's Business Class is just fitted with the basic arm-chair style recliner. Nothing fanciful but perfectly comfortable on a short-haul flight. For short-hauls, I personally felt that MI's armchair recliner seats more comfortable than SQ's angled-flat Regional Business Class seats. On each seat was already place a blanket and pillow. Business and Economy Classes ended up totally full this morning! (Photo of seat taken during the flight)

photo 18269211678_09849e7c11_b

42 pitch is sufficient for this short flight.

photo 18270855559_0c554b2b1c_b

Pillow and manual seat controls. Seat positions are mechanically-operated.

photo 18270849089_f75ba96602_b

Inflight magazines.

photo 18270848309_928b49549d_b

At the gate.

photo 18269217728_2d334c4a19_b

A senior stewardess and a stewardess were serving in Business Class today. Immediately after we were seated, the crew came and offered newspapers and a selection of magazines. Magazine selection is definitely much less than what SQ offers (think SQ economy selection). Hot towels and a range of welcome drinks of juices or water were offered as well. I had an apple juice. All this while, the MI crew addressed us by our names, just as what SQ crew would do. Service wise, MI crew definitely is up to and maybe even above SQ standards.

photo 18458818851_c79d8fa25d_b

While still at the gate, a crew member came around and took our orders for the inflight meal.

photo 18269327100_84a352f39e_b

On MI, no personal menus were given. Instead, the crew member will hand out a menu card in a leather folder for us to make our choices. Two choices of mains available for breakfast.

photo 18269326570_9b542765af_b

Very soon, doors were closed and safety video was played. A new safety video with the new crew uniform was shown. Flight time was estimated to be 2hrs.

photo 18430619876_e820eb0c08_b

Starting our taxi.

photo 18458816891_0a6e2aa97b_b

Spotted a Air New Zealand B772 rolling down the runway!

photo 18269323830_27a553d849_b

Short taxi to Rwy20C and we were soon next in line for departure,

photo 18452762392_78af41fa5b_b

Takeoff from Rwy20C, bound for Kota Kinabalu.

Climbing to our cruising altitude.

photo 18458813571_615134d5b6_b

photo 18269322740_24c6c7a3e7_b

photo 18269212198_f3db0b03c5_b

photo 18270843639_593312f90f_b

After seatbelt signs were switched off, I visited the lavatory. A single lavatory for us 12 Business Class passengers at the front. Amenities in the lavatory are very basic, just a SilkAir branded moisturizer (I believe is the same as the ones provided in SQ Economy lavatories), soap and Business Class tissues etc. Nowhere near SQ Business Class amenities, nor even SQ Economy Class standards…

photo 17834386894_73f905c217_b

photo 18270844959_665bc1bf15_b

Shortly after returning to my seat, breakfast was served. Linen was laid on the tray table by the crew and our meal trays were delivered. I chose the Bee Hoon Goreng option, which came with cut fruits, freshly squeezed orange juice, water and a tea.

photo 18458808131_26461a4f60_b

Fruits were sweet.

photo 18457028465_890da51e08_b

The main course looked better than it tasted. The bee hoon was rather spicy and with mushy texture, but the otah and fried chicken accompaniments were not bad.

photo 18270841669_14410711cd_b

A selection of breakfast rolls were also offered. I chose a croissant and a green bean bun.

photo 18430608866_f8c82c5962_b

The other main option was just the standard airplane omelette fare. It tasted rather plain and definitely not as nice as the one I had on MH Economy just a month back.

photo 18452754312_05f88fd9a5_b

Even though the meal was nothing memorable, the service by the crew was attentive and nothing short of excellent! I observed that a couple of pax denied the breakfast and the crew proactively offered some chips and pretzels to accompany their drinks instead. They also checked repeatedly if we require any top up of drinks and never let our drink glasses go empty. MI crew definitely deserves the same service excellence recognition as their SQ peers.

After meal trays were collected, I requested for a cup of green tea, which was delivered promptly.

photo 17834381294_537b2d4c36_b

This aircraft was not fitted with SilkAir's wireless IFE system (believe this aircraft might be retired soon). Silent shows were also not shown on the drop-down screens. Hence the only entertainment was to see the world go by.

photo 18270840269_6337494e55_b

Views of the Business Class seat.

photo 18430607236_38c3618ba7_b

photo 18458797511_75b4f80b9c_b

Meal trays were still being cleared in Economy.

photo 18430602536_e65b3f8e0e_b


photo 18269198228_abe16277c6_b

photo 18457019855_35ac52ec22_b

Soon, we started our descend.

photo 18457019955_9fd69c9e84_b

photo 18430600406_02db3991f0_b

photo 18430598946_41030dd2fe_b

Video of descend.

On finals.

photo 18269303890_b40e9ff236_b

photo 18430596856_6a00235297_b

Landing on Rwy02, slightly ahead of schedule.

photo 18269302270_b0c85d68f0_b

photo 18269193378_3cc9c32962_b

Video of the landing into Kota Kinabalu.

Taxied pass MASwings ATR72s.

photo 18452738932_02c108ebe5_b

And docked at Terminal 1, beside a MH B738 bound for HKG.

photo 18269298810_5765cfd47e_b

Last look at my messy but comfortable seat during disembarkation. Curtains between J and Y were closed to allow Business Class passengers priority disembarkation.

photo 17836326593_b72f4c64d9_b

Immigration was swift as there were no other international arrivals during this time plus we were one of the first to disembark. There was a bit of wait for bags though as even though my bag was priority-tagged, apparently many other Economy bags were also priority-tagged (guess PPS passengers?), resulting in some wait for bags even though travelling in the front cabin.

photo 18458788951_8e67b5703b_b

Kota Kinabalu city is a 15min taxi ride away from the airport. Stayed at the newly opened Hotel Grandis, which is attached to the Suria Sabah Mall. Was given a huge room with sea-view towards Gaya Island.

photo 17834362344_a782f527b9_b

photo 18457000735_a6e7588dc0_b

Hotel also has a roof-top pool.

photo 18270811309_7a0573b2ec_b

Main purpose of the short visit is the local food in Kota Kinabalu! KK is often overlooked as a culinary destination in the region. Some of the food I had.

Foamy Teh Madras

photo 18430591926_0515097800_b

Sliced pork noodles.

photo 18452735102_1f846f0e7e_b

Another version of pork and wanton noodles with sausages.

photo 18452726182_9342745216_b

One of the many bak-kut-teh stalls along Gaya Street area.

photo 17834350274_7379488028_b

Simple but tasty kaya with butter bread.

photo 18456994115_d555da4879_b

A very popular eatery, with the most famous dish being oyster-sauce chicken wings. Really tasty dishes offered and value-for-money.

photo 18458775661_5cf5c62805_b

photo 18269283080_b55b2593ab_b

photo 18458773341_b2b7ac8483_b

And what is Kota Kinabalu without seafood!

photo 18270820599_6df3761e8e_b

photo 18458783391_6b8f3d1575_b

photo 18452730482_c470ff75f2_b

photo 18452729522_df3fbd59ab_b

photo 18269290010_e1cb4106c1_b

photo 18452727602_a208e37752_b

How about some after-dinner fruits? Tried the Sabah durian.

photo 17836316503_7878cb67af_b
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Cabin crew9.5

Singapore Airlines Silverkris Lounge - Business


Singapore - SIN


Kota Kinabalu - BKI



Overall , the SilkAir Business Class experience has been great, mainly contributed by the excellent service by the crew members serving on this flight. Seats are comfortable enough for short-haul flights but amenities and catering offered do lacked when compared to parent SQ. Hence, I could understand why some passengers felt short-changed if scheduled to fly on SilkAir on SQ/MI joint-operated destinations (some regional and India destinations) while paying the same fares as SQ. This is unlike Cathay/Dragonair where both carriers offers almost similar meals, seats and amenities to minimise the difference between the 2 carriers' operations. But truthfully, SilkAir is a perfectly acceptable choice to fly on short-haul flights.

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    Thank you for sharing this report with us! It seems really rare to showcase this airline, especially in Business class..

    The lounge looks disappointing at this time of the day...

    The meal doesn't look good for this flight, it is pretty stingy too....

    It seems that SQ is pretty better than MI in terms of meals, but it seems that the seat and service is up to SQ standards..

    Nice tourist report! The food looks pretty good there. ;-)

    Thanks again, and see you for your next report! :-)
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    Thanks for the report TerryYong. I have always been curious about the Silkair product. It seems quite nice fore such a short hop.

    I really enjoyed the pictures of Kota Kinabalu. The food looks outstanding! I have to figure out a way to pay a visit.

    Thanks again.

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