Review of Thai Airways flight Singapore Bangkok in Economy

Airline Thai Airways
Flight TG404
Class Economy
Seat 61K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 01:55
Take-off 25 Jun 15, 12:40
Arrival at 25 Jun 15, 13:35
TG   #48 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 398 reviews
By 4647
Published on 25th June 2015
Hi guises!! :) So I'm back with another Flight Report and that means that I get to travel again YAYYYY!! So my dad and I were deciding where we wanted to go and we were thinking of places like Seoul, Taipei and Bangkok. But we had been to Taipei twice (me thrice), and Seoul has MERS - My parents afraid larhs… So in the end we decided on Bangkok… But I was rather reluctant to go to Bangkok because my impression of Thailand overall was not that good… But eventually I gave in because hey, I get to travel and experience a new culture so why not? So we decided on Bangkok.
Next was booking of the plane tickets… I went online to search for so many online websites and eventually we decided on TG… SQ and CX had no offer tickets on Sunday (the day that I was returning) and we did not want to take budget. HOWEVER, CX had an offer the very next day we booked -.- It was also cheaper than TG?! Was so annoyed with myself sigh. Then we booked the hotel two days later. (I was typing the draft out on my phone in my hotel room) and guess what? The very next day, Thailand confirms her first case of MERS! REALLY? SUCH A COINCIDENCE? The last time I went to Hong Kong, HK was having the umbrella revolution - I do have some pics of the umbrella revolution so if anyone would like to see I don't mind updating my previous FR to include the pics. Now I'm going to Bangkok and there's MERS? zzz really super unlucky. Okay I'm drifted too far off now back to the Flight Report :) Oh yes one more thing, I understand that the picture would be clearer with a camera, but I'm still a student and I cannot afford a camera so I do apologise!

Trip Report:
SIN - BKK -> TG404 (This report)
BKK - SIN -> TG413 (Coming soon)

Left my house for airport at 10am in the morning. TG opens their check-in counter at 10.25am but when we arrived at 10.20am it was already open and we were on sequence 54. Not sure if that means that we are the 54th & 53rd passenger to check-in or… ? We did our check-in online the night before and the queue for normal check-in was shorter than the online check-in?! There was like two people (gosh so many people) in front of us for online check-in. Sigh #changiproblems Guess I'm too pampered HAHAHA Even Changi's oldest terminal impresses me :)

photo 1435198874512-1

Got my ticket!! :D

photo 1435200124681

After which we cleared customs and we were in airside! All less than 3 minutes #changiefficiency

A little plane spotting (More like one only)
Emirates B777-300ER - A6 - EGB bound for Dubai as EK353

photo 1435199424259-1

Somemore spotting. *ahem* I thought I would get to see the Hello Kitty planes since they are already flying to Singapore but nope I didn't see any on my way out :'( (Btw they're BR Flight Attendants)

photo 1435204983055

Walking down Terminal 1

photo 1435204960355

Flight Information
Plane model: B777-300ER
Plane registration: HS-TKL - Sunanda
Estimated departure time: 12.25pm (GMT + 8hrs)
Actual departure time: 12.38pm (Delayed by 13mins)
Estimated arrival time: 1.45pm (GMT + 7hrs)
Actual arrival time: 1.35pm.
Flight level: FL380

photo FBT70uhh

From another view:

photo JTXSmEah

Finally got into the this 2 year old baby but the cabin's temperature was definitely way too hot. The aircon was present, but not at the correct temperature considering that we are in Singapore.

Guess who we saw?
photo HO2iZ86hphoto lGOgr5Wh

So I was busy taking pictures of the plane and I did not realise that the Electronic Devices Off sign was already turned on. So when the air stewardess came checking the cabin for take off, she said loudly All electronic devices must be turned off with a kind of angry tone. Okay you did not have to say it angrily I do not want to be kicked off the plane so I'll do it even if you tell me nicely? Yea so because of this I could not take any pictures until the seatbelt signs were turned off and that day was one of the most perfect days to take pictures as the weather was so clear. Anyways here are some pictures of the plane's interior. Yes and dumb me decided to be a good Singaporean and off it rather than turning on airplane mode.

Tray table.

photo tUel71kh

Screen with USB port.

photo Cga0N9Ch

Kind of happy to see that Thai did not go for 10 abreast for economy because from what I've read it's really bad. Quite an awesome seat pitch.
photo FoCA0dHh

Yes! Touch - screen screens (But the screen was not that responsive and I ended up using the remote…)
photo TVHXfgSh

We had no oshibori before take off :(
We took off from runway 20C and the pilot took off like a fighter jet. It was moving very slowly at first then suddenly boomz we were increasing at a very fast speed before taking off.

Wing shot after take off (and after I can on my phone again).
photo 6DRkQmUh

Checking out the songs for this flight..
photo 3ab0zb7h
Thai has a plentiful amount of songs but some were quite outdated (Like this album was actually released last year). Also the variety was not as splendid as SQ but was still good enough for a 2hr flight LOL.

It is awesome of Thai to actually have the overhead screens at the front showing the flight map and path.
photo Uup9jwNh

Thai actually post their menus on the screen but honestly not many people knew it existed because one had to click on a few buttons before actually finding the menu. Hence, not many people knew what was actually served prior to the flight steward/stewardess asking them. So the air steward/stewardess has to verbally say out the menu for every row. It is kind of redundant, like either give a menu or at least make the menu accessible directly from the main menu of the IFE.

The menu:
photo i3D5UCuh
I did not take a picture of the dessert but it was apple crumble.

Here comes lunch! I had the prawn with rice option.
photo OYK5ftIh
After opening the aluminium cover.
photo CsjLcDVh

Sigh no metal cutleries.
photo Uv8ShTsh

Thai really serves good food because from what I've read before they do the catering of food directly from Thailand for this flight. Another thing was that they served the soft drinks by the can (Please do something about it SQ don't be so skimpy with your drinks).

After lunch I just continued listening to my songs and took some pictures of the wings (and sky).
photo bMcWwMkh

Trash bag.
photo BfLYwmSh

The crew for this flight was robotic. Very few smiles and they seem to have trouble understanding my English (Obviously I did not use this kind of crappy English to communicate with them). I really loved it how Thai female stewardess change their uniforms when taking off and landing because they look really pretty and professional in both outfits. The traditional outfits give us an overview of how the traditional Thai outfits look like and the landing outfits look more modern and smart (Not saying that the traditional outfits are not smart looking).

Another thing to note was that Thai pilots do not push the seatbelt button so often (unlike SQ). There were times when I was 100% sure that SQ pilots would have lighted up the seatbelt sign and request for everyone to be seated but Thai pilots were like meh.

And… We landed! Yes, I was a responsible passenger and I did not want to jeopardise the pilots (or more like did not want to get scolded by the air stewardess) so I off-ed my phone all the way until the seatbelt signs were once again turned off.

Flight route (Credits to flightradar24)
photo Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 8.36.04 pm

Thai customs was a lot more packed. But Suvarnabhumi Airport is really humungous! We were parked at the extreme end of the airport and walking to the immigrations was a pain to the… leg. I guess we walked more than 1km just to reach to the customs. Yet another huge airport after Hong Kong.

Baggage claim area.
photo AcPActdh

Airport Rail Line Suvarnabhumi Station.
photo HdLoz1Ch

Okay this is the end of the flight report thanks for reading! Do leave a comment/give me suggestions on how to further improve! Thanks so much!! :D

Tourist bonus

One of the most famous historic sites in Bangkok would be the Wat Pho. Don't just visit the Wat Pho as within the temple itself are other places that are equally pretty and less crowded.
photo p8qD23ph

This is a really long buddha.
photo 4ylFhSTh

Just some things to take note when in Bangkok: There are thieves around that well, steal money (duh). I saw someone getting robbed in front of me but I don't think the robber got anything. Also, there are many scams around the Grand Palace. Some guy who claimed that he was a Tourist Police approached us and tried to scam us but we did not fall for it. Just remember that if anyone approaches you for no reason, it is most likely a scam. But Thailand is a really pretty place where modern and history blends in well.
Also, some of their BTS stations do not have escalators down to ground level so better book some place where the hotel is close to the BTS. We stayed at Nana and thank god our hotel was close to the BTS as there were absolutely no stairs down to ground level and carrying the luggage down a flight of stairs when you just arrived may seem nothing. But wait until you shop till you drop and your luggage weighs as much as a young child. And the BTS has no escalators or lifts. That's when you will regret buying too much LOL. Their BTS stations, MRT stations and ARL stations have completely different names (One such example would be Asok station (BTS) and Sukhumvit station (MRT). They are both linked and are not that far from one another but because BTS and MRT are two different companies, they name the stations differently. It is kind of like Singapore's Dhoby Ghaut Station, where there's CCL (owned by SMRT), NEL (owned by SBS) and NSL (owned by SMRT) but the whole station is named Dhoby Ghaut and not some weird name. ) It may get a bit confusing at first but everything should be cleared after looking at the train directory. Also, the BTS and MRT cards/tokens cannot be used reversibly. So if you are taking from the BTS line but you end up in a MRT station, you would have to tap out of the BTS line, walk all the way to the MRT line and buy the ticket for the MRT line. Sighpies how troublesome.

Victory monument. Just step out of the BTS station and bam it's right in front of you.
photo xSMGjH9h

After a long day of walking, Thai massages are essential. It's not a want, it's a need.
photo olxcmzkh

If you bothered reading till the end (which is here) thank you so much for reading my *crap* I mean.. report. It really means a lot to me.

P.S. I had some problems with the orientation of the pictures (not sure if it's my fault or FR's fault) and I'm still trying to figure a way to solve this problem.
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Thai Airways

Cabin crew8.0

Singapore - SIN


Bangkok - BKK



I have been pampered so badly by SQ and SIN that I find Thai and BKK lacking in so many ways but I'll still try to give a proper summary that is unbiased.
Ratings for Thai:
Cabin comfort: 9 - Nice and comfortable seats, cannot fault them.
Crew: Rather robotic and communicating to them is rather difficult but it's not their fault.
Meal and catering: Om nom nom.
Entertainment: + for the touch screen but - for not having the most updated songs (Keep up with the trend :D)
On - time performance: We departed late but arrived early how do you expect me to fault them?

Ratings for SIN:
Security/Immigration efficiency: Gotta love Changi for this.
Access and parking: From what I know now all cars that wish to park in T1 must be parked at other terminals (the multi - storey carpark for T1 was demolished for Project Jewel) so it's an inconvenience.
Services and activities: T3 still has it all but T1 is around there still.
General cleanliness: I cannot fault Changi for this because even their windows are clean.

Ratings for BKK:
Security/Immigration efficiency: The queues were rather long but it is great that they have a lane specially for ASEAN countries citizens (But some people may just shamelessly/not knowingly queue up for that line).
Access and parking: Based it just on the ARL (Airport Rail Line). Efficient but I have to wait for >10minutes if I missed the train.
Services and activities: Just made a beeline to immigration so I did not see much but overall the facilities that were supposed to be there were there.
General cleanliness: The partitions were a bit dirty but overall it is still very clean.

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