Review of SilkAir flight Penang Singapore in Economy

Airline SilkAir
Flight MI347
Class Economy
Seat 16A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:10
Take-off 15 Oct 15, 12:45
Arrival at 15 Oct 15, 13:55
MI 59 reviews
By 4536
Published on 16th October 2015
This would be a rather short report because I did not take a lot of pictures as I was rather tired. Furthermore it's only a short hop from Malaysia to Singapore.
This report will mostly cover MI347 (Penang - Singapore) but I'll include some pics of mine from Singapore - Penang too if it goes with the flow.
*I have yet to get a camera so all pictures are from my note 3*
There's a problem with the timing I put as 12.45pm but they still show as 12.45am…

Here we go!
So we took the taxi from our hotel to Penang International Airport. A rather small airport but filled with international brands like KFC and Mcdonalds. When we arrived at PEN the check-in counters for MI has not opened yet so we waited and bought some souvenirs for our relatives. After which, we went to KFC for a simple meal before heading to airside.

Silkair's check-in counters.
photo l8XaDlgh

And before we cleared immigration we saw this! :D *Felt like just taking one secretly*
photo Xqj71z5h
It seems like it's a norm for Malaysia Airports to have airplane models? Because KLIA has a few too…

My ticket back home. School starts on Monday so I'm totally loathing it. (Genius me forgot to save a picture without the scribbles zzz)
photo sP9Q4WRh

Immigration was extremely fast (partly because it is not a huge airport) and I was in airside within 3 minutes. However, there is nothing much at airside (just a few shops selling souvenirs and food). When we cleared to airside at around 11.35pm the plane was not there yet. The plane eventually arrived at around 12pm, just before a CX A330 & MH B737. The plane only had a 45mins turnover time so that's pretty impressive.

Only managed to catch this Lion AIr B737-800 on it's way to Medan.
photo m790MIuh
As you can see from this picture, PEN is not that plane spotting friendly…

At 12.05pm, boarding commenced but there weren't many passengers so the boarding too was quick and efficient. I would guess that the load was around 40 - 50% full. Strangely the emergency exits were not even taken (I think they were blocked when we were booking) and my dad just decided to move up.

Once in the plane (B737-800 - 9V-MGN), I realised that it was the newer plane due to the Boeing Sky Interior and the seats were different from the A319 that I took to get to Penang.

The seat and the Boeing Sky Interior
photo FssaySIl

Unlike the A319, the B737 had entertainment in the seat too but they just looped the songs in different channels so it was just okay. They had Silkair Studio which allows guests to stream movies/songs directly from their phone. However, the albums that I checked were not that updated (2013 - 2014 songs) so I was a bit disappointed considering how SQ somehow manages to get the most updated albums but MI, who is a subsidiary of SQ, couldn't.

The view outside.
photo d1b0a2Hh

The seat pitch. It's quite comfortable for me but I'm vertically challenged (read: short) so…. and it does not have any foot rest so it's quite uncomfortable for my legs.
photo 38pClD9h

They gave us a wet towel before departure which is a nice gesture.
photo Fk9wH0Ch

photo XRte0BKhphoto Y7SKe0Nh

On the taxiway to the runway!
photo qSkSibch

Bye Penang! You were fantastic! Partly because I managed to avoid the haze and train breakdown back in SG!
photo VGMZKKth

photo wEiTAHlh
It was chicken puff together with orange juice. Apparently they only served coffee, tea, plain water and OJ.
photo HlBxtsZh

This is the part where I was extremely disappointed. If Airasia can manage to serve a proper meal, collect them back and prepare for landing all within 45mins or less (SIN - KUL), why can't MI do that on a 1hr plane ride? (SIN - PEN is slightly longer than SIN - KUL). I thought we were going to have a meal on our way to Penang so I skipped lunch only to find out that they gave sandwiches for a flight that departs at 1.20pm. I was honestly very disappointed with the food I was getting. If a budget airline can do it, why can't a full service carrier?

The refreshment they served from SIN - PEN.
photo JksTszYh

Some random pics while on the flight
photo fU5orr9hphoto RPXc0Hth
^We were apparently flying air to air with another plane (a small white spot by the engine) but I could not identify it.
photo xzaqk2Oh

Before we could eat finish, the pilot announced our descend in another 2 - 3mins and we began our descend soon.

We took the approach where we could see MBS, the national stadium and ECP but due to the haze, I could barely make out MBS and everything was just shrouded in haze.
Landing was extremely rough and the pilot just seemed like he wanted to end his day asap. The descend at the last part was a bit terrifying and the way the brake was applied was abrupt and not smooth. On touchdown the plane shooked rather violently. Even the small boy from Taiwan/Malaysia (I guess Taiwan but with a Malaysia accent LOL) told his dad that the plane was a bit scary (in Chinese). Guess that shows how scary the landing was. I guess they were on a connecting flight to SQ872 to HK.

Empty stand.
photo eVcvS19h
I guess SQ Cargo decommissioning one of their 747-400F?

Hey look it's an Etihad B787! I wanted to take a picture of it when flying out of SG but I failed to do so…
photo 4edtD26h

A SQ A333
photo 1uScT7ch

Eventually we docked back at T2 gate F34. The plane was scheduled to fly to Penang again as MI352.
photo X2hDbfeh

The flight crew for this flight were definitely more cheerful and well spoken than my previous flight. They were engaging and friendly throughout the flight.

The flight route (credits to flightradar24)
photo WfZe8Cvh

We arrived early (1.55pm when scheduled is 2.15pm)

I also spotted an AC plane in SIN but AC doesn't fly to Singapore? If there's anyone who knows why do you mind explaining? :D Like previously I spotted a LATAM plane in SG too?! :O
The day before we flew for Penang a SQ A333 got so tired that it decided to collapse it's nose gear. From what I knew it was at gate A17 but I did not manage to get anything :(

Thanks for reading this short report! Hope you enjoyed it!
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Cabin crew8.5

Penang - PEN


Singapore - SIN



Rating of Silkair:
Cabin comfort: Nothing fantastic but at least it's acceptable for an hour's ride.
Crew: Happy and cheerful but yet professional.
Meal and catering: You can't even serve rice when Airasia can do it :(
Entertainment: They had literature and the Silkair studio so that's okay I guess.
On - time performance: Nothing to complain.

Rating of PEN:
Security/Immigration efficiency: I was in airside in 3mins (around there). Same goes when I entered PEN.
Access and parking: They only had taxis or bus.
Services and activities: Only a few shops here and there.
General cleanliness: Around there.

Rating of SIN:
Security/Immigration efficiency: I'm in airside/landside in like 2mins (partly cause I can make use of the e-gates)
Access and parking: Never had a problem with it.
Services and activities: SG50 end liao so no new activities arh? HAHA From what I knew afterwards the day I flew off, Shilla Duty Free opened a new store at T3. And I walked past T3 that day.... Wow my observation skills.
General cleanliness: When I was doing plane spotting at T3, I realised that there were a lot of handprints on the window. That's unacceptable in Changi!

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    AFGK1 46 Comments

    Nice FR! MI is a subsidiary of SQ, but their services aren't that consistent...

    I could have also expected a meal, but hey, CX doesnt serve a full meal on MNL & TPE to HKG (Which are 1-2 hours)

    Thanks again!
    • Comment 327118 by
      aduxsified AUTHOR 19 Comments
      Thanks for reading this report!

      Yeah it's quite disappointing to see MI not up to SQ's standard considering how MI is under SQ and stuffs...

      I could have also expected a meal, but hey, CX doesnt serve a full meal on MNL & TPE to HKG (Which are 1-2 hours)
      Budget cuts :'( It would had been nice to serve a proper meal considering it's the lunch time...

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