Review of Thai Airways flight Bangkok Singapore in Economy

Airline Thai Airways
Flight TG413
Class Economy
Seat 50A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 01:55
Take-off 28 Jun 15, 11:40
Arrival at 28 Jun 15, 14:35
TG   #47 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 398 reviews
By 2656
Published on 3rd July 2015
Hi guises this is the flight report back to Singapore onboard Thai International Airways! I apologise for the super late delay for this flight report as I was tied down with my schoolwork.. I wanted to write this before my exams but my macbook died on me so I have to rely on my other laptop…

Trip Report
SIN - BKK -> TG404
BKK - SIN -> TG413 (This Report)

It was a short but yet extremely fun four days in Bangkok. We took the Airport Rail Line (ARL) back to Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

Picture taken at Makkasan Station.

Some views while on the way to the airport.

What airlines can you spot?

Like usual, we did the online check in.

The queue for the normal economy check in (Thank god we checked in online because immigration proved to be a total disaster)

Anyways, immigration proved to be a total disaster. We had to go up the escalator for security control. The queue for the security control was so long and slow it took us at least 10 minutes to clear it. And then we had to go down the escalator for passport customs. We have to go up the escalator to go up for security control only to go back down for passport customs #logic And the best part was even before we took the escalator up we could already see the passport customs queue and it was already super long. Sighpies I'm way too used to Changi. Yes so passport customs took an even longer time because the immigration officer was taking his own sweet time checking the passport (despite me in an ASEAN countries lane). I was honestly super frustrated because boarding time was 10.35am and we only cleared passport customs at 10.45am. So obviously the plane was boarding and it was a rush to get to the gate. (Which kind of defeats the purpose of building Suvarnabhumi with such beauty - The airport was really pretty but I had no time to slowly explore this beautiful airport.)

An empty Suvarnabhumi airport.
photo pvlK7jch

Some sculpture depicting Thailand in the past (it was very huge)
imagephoto PcATIsfh

After walking at an incredibly fast speed, we made it to our gate E2 at 10.50am.
In Thai:
photo sc7qjwwh

In English:
photo YBMAby7h

But my plane wasnt there?! Oh shoots did the plane left without us?!
photo UrQ8crah

Nope turns out we had to take the pax bus… Which means…. Close to close pics of the planes! :D

Thai A380 & A330(?)
photo ZUrpImVh

Closer look:
photo 7YoygUdh

Guess the airline! *No it's not Siam Commercial Bank AIrline
photo P2N2xExh

It's a China Airlines B744 (B-18211) :D No price for getting it correct… :)
photo pnQdFFQh

Taiwan, Amsterdam, Kuwait
photo luIo1axh

Can someone remind me which country I am at again?
photo u1gSqmoh

A Thai 744 with all the doors open. Does anyone know why do they open all the doors? Air ventilation?
photo x0SUG2Oh

And finally after a short ride around Suvarnabhumi, we reached our plane!
photo Q0EWmbrh

It's a B77W, plane number HS-TKU.
photo w7vDiA1h

With a name of Acharasobhit. YAY A 77W AGAIN :D
photo P6Z8JVNh

Apparently we were allowed to take as many pictures as we wanted, but reading all the previous FR's, I decided to play safe, take a few pics and enter the plane. *Better to have some pics of the plane than having to delete them all by request of the staffs right? :D*

photo krToggVh

On our way up the plane
photo RvKoKtDh

Another view of the plane
photo hBsoHLch

Length of the plane

Look at those engines!

Onboard the plane

Seat pitch

Seat 50A!

Headphones but I did not use them cause I had my own earpiece.

Once again, it was touch-screen!

Leaving Bangkok…

Looking for the menu to find out what's for lunch!!

After clicking enter…

The food!!
When it was still wrapped…

I had the curry chicken option and it was fantastic. It was just to my liking. The chicken was not overly spicy but it was really flavourful.

The dessert was nothing nice to write about and I did not finish it…

Plastic spoon really?

After the meal I just relaxed and took some pics of the views.

Leaving Thailand

Into Malaysia…

As we fly…

Slowly(?) inching(?) into Singapore… I guess we were above KL or near there at this time..

It's beyond reach now!

The air stewardess did their rounds of drinks after the food and I ordered Sprite. I then held the drink after I drank finish from 10mins before the plane even started descending till the final check done by the air stewardess for landing. I even pressed the button for the air stewardess and I kid you not, the light was still on until the plane landed and I disembarked the plane.

Yes, and I was being a good Singaporean, so I decided to not take out my phone and left it at airplane mode and only started taking pictures the moment we landed into Changi.

Touchdown! On the taxiway, anticipating which gate I'll end up in. While taxiing, I saw the SQ A380 with the SG50 livery and imo it was splendid. What a great way to celebrate a nation's Julibee.

OMG could it be?
photo qilcoGvh

YES IT WAS!!! *screams*

When leaving SIN, I saw two Eva Air Stewardess but that plane they were in charge of was not the Hello Kitty Jet… I thought it was such a disappointment but I eventually I was not disappointed! I was literally all hyped up when I saw the Hello Kitty Jet.

After we disembarked the plane, I ran to take more pics of the cute Eva jet. Coincidentally, I saw two Taiwanese walking into a corridor that is right beside Uniqlo with their cameras and I was like they must be there to take pictures of the plane! So I followed and indeed, they were! One of them was telling the other about Emirates flying their A380 to many places in Europe and stuffs.

Another Emirates plane :O

With the entrance of a CX plane.

Rivals meeting.

Of course, I had to take a pic of the beautiful 77W that got me back to this humid weather too!

We were parked at the end of T1 so thats why there's a SQ plane (T3 if I'm not wrong) right beside us. Please let me know if I'm wrong about this.

Clearing through immigration.

Belt 16!

And we hopped on a taxi and off back home we went!

Note: I had a note somewhere where I typed/written down all the important stuffs regarding this flight but I cannot find it hence the report is like… meh.
Comments are appreciated!! ^^

Thanks for reading!
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Thai Airways

Cabin crew7.0

Bangkok - BKK


Singapore - SIN



Cabin comfort: 77W that Thai uses to fly to Europe gets sent to fly for this short sector. I cannot complain.
Crew: The cabin crew light was there for a reason... Apart from that they were fine.
Meal and catering: The meal was honestly very good!
Entertainment: Same as my previous FR.
On time performance: We landed 3mins late... I do not thing that's too much of a mistake right?

Suvarnabhumi Airport:
Security/Immigration efficiency: It was honestly way too slow.
Access and parking: -
Services and activities: I did not have time to explore :(
General cleanliness: It was clean.

Changi Airport:
Security/Immigration efficiency: basing on the line for foreigners, the line was a bit long (but still a lot shorter than Suvarnabhumi's). Sorry Changi I have to mark you down for this.
Access and parking: I can travel from the West side of Singapore to Changi that is at the extreme East in 1hour. That's great in my eyes.
Services and activities: There was clearly a lot more activities due to SG50.
General cleanliness: always as clean as ever! I won't feel scammed if I were to take a SQ flight and land in T1 or T2 honestly. Though T3 is still the most preferred terminal :)

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    Rl 777 802 Comments
    Thank you for sharing this FR with us!

    Nice shots from the apron of BKK! I guess that's the positive thing of taking the paxbus. The close-ups of the 77W are beautiful!

    Pitch looks decent with a good PTV.

    The meal seems to be pretty tasty on this flight, the portion looks good for a flight of this length.

    See you in your next FR!
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      aduxsified AUTHOR 19 Comments
      Nice shots from the apron of BKK! I guess that's the positive thing of taking the paxbus. - Yea I purposely waited for the next paxbus so that I could get a good seat to take pics of the planes :D

      Pitch looks decent with a good PTV. - Yup! More than ample for a 2+hr flight! There was quite a lot of choices for movies/songs too!

      The meal seems to be pretty tasty on this flight, the portion looks good for a flight of this length. - The portion was actually quite filling but we brought extra food to eat on the plane too... :) But the food they served was really nice :D

      Once again, thanks for reading!! ^^

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