Review of Norwegian flight Oakland Oslo in Economy

Airline Norwegian
Flight DY7064
Class Economy
Seat 19J
Aircraft Boeing 787-8
Flight time 09:40
Take-off 03 Sep 14, 18:45
Arrival at 04 Sep 14, 13:25
DY   #4 out of 22 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 98 reviews
Published on 14th July 2015
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OAK - OSL DY7064 Y / BOEING 787-8 - 03/09/2014: HERE
OSL - BCN VY8539 Y / AIRBUS A320-200 - 04/09/2014: No report.

We stayed at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in SF for four nights after our cruise to Alaska. The hotel was great and the lobby was truly spectacular! It is the biggest in the world.
photo DSC_0763photo DSC_0772
The hotel was located in the Financial District area which was very quiet at night perhaps too much.
photo DSC_1118photo DSC_1145
Ferry Building from our room.
photo DSC_1138
Mainly due to the large quantity of bags we had, we decided the best way to get to Oakland Airport would be using a private transfer. The hotel provided us with the transfer at a good price. The van was waiting for us just outside the hotel.
photo DSC_1213
To get to the airport, we drove through the Bay Bridge's lower level.
photo DSC_1214
Following Oakland Airport directions.
photo DSC_1220
We got to see as well the Oracle Arena, home of the Golden State Warriors among others.
photo DSC_1225
We got to the airport quite early since we were tired and had nothing to do. I was surprised by the airport's design, it reminded me of the classy American airport that we see in movies, never seen a similar one in Europe.
photo DSC_1229photo DSC_1230
We dropped our bags quickly as there was nobody in the line and cleared the security controls quickly too. The airport was empty.
I could see plenty of Southwest airplanes which for an European like me are not easy to spot. I guess I had the same feeling Americans would have for example in Barcelona Airport with Vueling.
photo DSC_1233photo DSC_1235
Norwegian's advertisement at the airport. I wouldn't be flying with them to Barcelona as they had no scheduled flights there the day this flight was arriving to Oslo. I had to book separate flights with Vueling.
photo DSC_1236
Our flight was scheduled to be on time.
photo DSC_1238
Southwest Boeing 737-800.
photo DSC_1237
American Eagle (Mesa Airlines) CRJ-900 and Allegiant Air MD-83.
photo DSC_1239photo DSC_1240
More Southwest 737s.
photo DSC_1244
Southwest 737-700 towards Ontario.
photo DSC_1245photo DSC_1246photo DSC_1249
Oakland Airport's seating areas. The airport looked rather dated and showing its age but was easy to navigate.
photo DSC_1251photo DSC_1252
Cargo airplanes, UPS Boeing 767 and MD-11.
photo DSC_1256
We went to the gate to see the inbound plane.
photo DSC_1255photo DSC_1257
The crew that would be in our flight.
photo DSC_1259
Finally the Boeing 787 arrived. It was EI-LNF, a 3 months old airplane, practically new. I was glad to see it was a Dreamliner as a couple of days before, Norwegian used a wet-leased 25 year old Boeing 767. Not only the age looked a problem to me, also what worried me was that the plane doing this same route a few days ago had to stop in Reykjavik to refuel. I was looking forward to fly again on the Dreamliner and was lucky enough to avoid flying another aircraft.
photo DSC_1261photo DSC_1262photo DSC_1264
Boarding was a breeze, very well-organized by the crew as we boarded by rows.
photo DSC_1269
Our scheduled flight time would be 9 hours 50 minutes.
photo DSC_1273
Oakland Airport's air traffic control tower.
photo DSC_1274
Southwest 737 before lining up with the runway.
photo DSC_1278photo DSC_1279
V1, rotate. Positive climb, gear up. Views of Oakland shortly after rotating.
photo DSC_1280photo DSC_1283
The Dreamliner's mood lighting.
photo DSC_1286
The cabin was pretty comfortable and the pitch was decent, better than I expected it to be considering Norwegian is a low cost carrier.
photo DSC_1287
The IFE was one of Norwegian's Dreamliner highlights, it was the best IFE I've ever experienced in an airplane. Live 3D map of our plane.
photo DSC_1291
I enjoyed very much this view, it was like being in the cockpit.
photo DSC_1292
There was a wide selection of music, movies, games and documentaries.

The price I payed for the ticket didn't include any meal so I ordered a sandwich through the snack bar. I was not particularly hungry as I had dinner before boarding the plane.
Views of the cabin with about 2 hours of flight-time left.
photo DSC_1298
I fell in love with the there of the Dreamliner's wings, they are simply amazing. Also the windows were much bigger and provided customers a better experience, allowing more light into the cabin.
photo DSC_1299photo DSC_1303
A friendly flight attendant gave my young sister this food box, it was the breakfast that was given to those who had bought a ticket that included meals. She was very kind!!
photo DSC_1308photo DSC_1309
Descending into Oslo Gardermoen Airport.
photo DSC_1313photo DSC_1314
Spoilers deployed. Reverse thrust.
photo DSC_1315
We are in Scandinavia! I could see Norwegian, Icelandair and Finnair airplanes during the short taxi to our gate.
photo DSC_1316photo DSC_1320
Last picture of the Dreamliner! It was an great experience to fly on this plane!
photo DSC_1322photo DSC_1323

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Cabin crew8.0
Buy-on-board menu5.0

Oakland - OAK


Oslo - OSL



Although Norwegian makes you pay for everything even on this long-haul flight (10h), the Dreamliner is a great airplane to fly on and truly improves the low-cost long haul experience. The pitch was decent however I would have liked it to be a little better considering it was a long flight. Unless you buy a ticket that includes meals, you'll have to order from a short variety of sandwiches and snacks you'll have to order through the Snack Bar in your IFE, I'd recommend to buy a ticket that includes meals as the snacks and sandwiches you can have if not are very expensive and lack of flavour and quality. The IFE is the big plus, wide selection of movies, music etc! I'd recommend Norwegian Long-Haul mainly because of their 787s as their service is minimal. Anyway, it was an overall nice experience!



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  • Comment 141523 by
    Mathieu 2067 Comments
    Hi :)

    Thank you for sharing this flight on DY's 787 :)
    Lucky you are, you didn't fly on the old 767 (probably leased to an asian airline ?).

    The cabin is pleasant and the wrew too.
    How much is the BoB ? More expensive than if you pay it online before the flight ?

    See you,
    • Comment 320694 by
      oriolgutierrez AUTHOR 20 Comments
      Hi Mathieu!

      Yes it was indeed great to fly on the 787. I believe the aircraft was leased to EuroAtlantic Airways, the Portuguese airline.

      In regard to your second question, when you buy your ticket online, you can either choose the basic fare called LowFare which includes just a random seat on a certain route or the LowFare+ which includes free seat selection, free meals and one checked bag per person as well. I booked the LowFare but if I were to book now, I'd definitely book the LowFare+ as if you want to choose your seat and check a bag it is definitely worth it. If you book the LowFare, you can only order sandwiches and snacks through the called Snack Bar on your IFE, these are 10 dollars and are tasteless so for a 10 hour flight I'd go for the LowFare+. Besides, the LowFare+ includes regular meals which in the flight if I am not wrong was a chicken tikka masala with rice and a salad.

      Hope to have solved all our doubts!
  • Comment 141536 by
    fernousdu972 1074 Comments
    Thanks for sharing!

    The 767 was probably used to replace a 787 undergoing maintenance or facing some technical issues probably.

    The cabin looks pretty great. Nice PTVs, I did expect to see such huge and high quality screens with a low cost carrier.

    Nice looking airplane, with an amazing wingflex.
    • Comment 320767 by
      oriolgutierrez AUTHOR 20 Comments
      Thanks for your comment.

      Yes the 767 was used because one of Norwegian's dreamliners was grounded because of technical problems.

      The cabin is great, I also wasn't expecting PTVs of such a quality on a low cost carrier that is why Norwegian surpassed my expectations.

  • Comment 141604 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6853 Comments
    Thanks for sharing! Reports on the Norwegian 787s are kind of rare. The cabin looks really sleek and modern and the mood lighting looks really cool. The hard product is definitely quite good for a low-cost carrier, especially the IFE. Great pics!

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