Review of Thai Airways flight Singapore Bangkok in Economy

Airline Thai Airways
Flight TG 414
Class Economy
Seat 68K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 02:05
Take-off 16 Jul 15, 15:55
Arrival at 16 Jul 15, 17:00
TG   #19 out of 85 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 382 reviews
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Published on 23rd July 2015
Over the Hari Raya long weekend holidays, I did a short getaway to the very popular Bangkok, a mecca for foodists and shoppers alike. Booked my tickets on Thai Airways at a very reasonable price (comparable to budget airlines prices) for a full-service experience. Lets see how is the Royal Orchid service onboard Thai, after not having flown them for quite some time.

Did online check-in 24hrs prior and thus only got my boarding pass an hour before departure. The flight was upgraded from a B772 to a brand new B773ER to accommodate the huge number of passengers travelling to BKK over the weekend holiday. Flight was totally full in economy.

Boarding pass

photo 19909163702_48d2cf4fee_b

Spotted an Air France B773ER, arrived from Paris and continuing to Jakarta.

photo 19295738923_7e4fd14339_b

The incoming aircraft, HS-TKR, has arrived early.

photo 19916701695_9dcba82972_b

We will be departing from Gate C13.

photo 19728691940_69593727ed_b

16 July 2015
Thai Airways International
TG 414
Singapore (SIN) - Bangkok (BKK)
Economy Class

Admiring the beautiful Thai B773ER. The aircraft is rather new and fitted with the latest interior seat designs.

photo 19295732453_e3037422b5_b

photo 19728658918_ae652bb74d_b

Boarding commenced shortly. Priority boarding and boarding by rows were strictly enforced. Entering the aircraft through the airbridge, a selection of newspapers and magazines were available at the door.

photo 19916688275_c7841d58f2_b

Welcomed aboard by beautiful Thai crew in their traditional Thai uniforms (which they will change out from before landing). Passed a small J cabin into economy. Cabin seemed fresh and new. The seat colours are rather stylish yet reek of Thai tradition.

photo 19295726503_3e2a1c2acd_b

photo 19295726123_3ff36b56b7_b

Reached my seat at the rear cabin. The IFE monitors were similar to those on SQ, but touchscreen activated. A welcome message in various languages was shown.

photo 19294069524_73b9bee015_b

Cargo being loaded.

photo 19728652478_26db5ed42a_b

A pillow was available on each seat. Blankets were distributed upon request. Headsets were distributed by the crew during boarding. While SQ has switched to inferior earbuds in economy, TG has moved away from the earbuds it previously hands out, to the better quality headsets similar to what SQ used to distribute to cattle class.

photo 19295723863_76132167df_b

Inflight magazines and safety card.

photo 19728673040_009bb01cec_b

Legroom was more than decent. Seats were equipped with footrests (similar to SQ). IFE handsets and USB ports were on the seatback. Did not use the handsets though a the monitors were touchscreen enabled.

photo 19921748231_53138537d7_b

Crew settling passengers and assisting with baggage. Boarding was completed rather swiftly, even with the full load.

photo 19916680825_0cf7abeac1_b

Garuda B738 and Scoot's pimple-jet B789 taxiing side-by-side.

photo 19728649458_afb2b7b2c7_b

Flight time would take about 1h50m.

photo 19728642778_9fcef586b5_b

Doors closed, safety video played and we started our pushback.

photo 19728642038_1124d841e3_b

photo 19730005739_bb2f63091e_b

photo 19909136052_9ef64e9462_b

Don't you love the engine startup sound of the GE-powered B773ER?

Welcome announcement during taxi.

Taxi to runway 20C.

photo 19921744251_b1846f8daf_b

photo 19890452936_d961efd9dd_b

And a powerful takeoff from Rwy20C, bound for Bangkok.

photo 19916672215_ed10f5bde1_b

photo 19728638598_346b1bf714_b


photo 19890450576_3dc6067316_b

photo 19921741091_9417becae2_b

IFE system was already switched on during boarding. I settled for a teen comedy on this short flight. IFE would be available all the way until touchdown.

photo 19294058334_2b5b9a7293_b

No menus were distributed on this short flight, but the menu for the meal was available in the IFE system.

Menu for TG414.

photo 19728646718_c2546311ab_b

photo 19916678365_802456f66e_b

Drinks selection.

photo 19921742311_9240264311_b

photo 19294055004_568d141554_b

Enjoying the movie.

photo 19909129092_b3464580bd_b

Crew gave out immigration forms, followed by serving the special meals by hand from the galley. With the short flight time and full flight, the crew definitely were definitely quick and efficient. It also certainly helps that TG staffs its economy cabin with more crew than most other airlines.

photo 19294051844_16c5072084_b

My travel partner received his Hindu vegetarian meal first and according to him, every item on the tray was very tasty!

photo 19921735091_626c19b18b_b

This was followed with distribution of the normal meals.

photo 19295702723_98ef1a7a5d_b

TG currently has a special 55th anniversary special, with one of the economy dishes on the SIN-BKK route being a celebrity Thai chef special. On this flight, the prawn selection was replaced with the special dish of fish with rice. I chose the fish selection. The meal came with a simple salad, warm soft roll with butter, a pot of water and a dessert.

photo 19890448446_1d9e5e96c4_b

The main course was a fish fillet with thai-style spicy sauce, thai omelette and rice. It was really delicious and portion was very generous as well! One of the best economy class meals I had onboard.

photo 19729990719_8a7f97055e_b

photo 19921732711_45a1e46fe3_b

After swiftly distributing the meal trays, the crew came down with the bar cart, offering the full selection of beverages from the bar. This is one area where TG excels as most other airlines would not bother to set up a full bar cart on a short-haul flight.

photo 19728624618_47c1f20857_b

I ordered a Coke and was generously offered the full can with ice. Note that the cutlery used on this sector was plastic, which was puzzling as on the return sector, the cutlery was metal.

photo 19728625728_3de98f40d3_b

Meal service did not end there as the crew came round to offer additional bread rolls, as well as wine top-ups. Really fantastic service on this short and full flight!

Enjoying the apricot crumble dessert.

photo 19294040804_1d32987739_b

The bar cart made its appearance again with the crew offering hot coffee/tea or more beverages. Totally amazed with the efficiency and generosity of TG's economy meal service!

photo 19728621008_875df41ce5_b

After the second run of the bar cart, meal trays were collected. Totally satisfied with the meal…

Cruising over South China Sea.

photo 19921729531_5b37e9ab4d_b

View of the B773ER aft economy cabin. There were some Thai artwork at the rear of the cabin which I did not capture. Overall, I really loved the new cabin colours and ambience of TG's B773ER.

photo 19729965979_fa1737908d_b

Lavatory was well-appointed as well, with false wooden panelling on the floor and below the sink, and a nice floral touch of an orchid. However not much amenities available, except the necessary and a cologne.

photo 19916635085_7dab7c3622_b

photo 19294019594_4363f08f1c_b

Soon we started our descend.

photo 19295674113_b3e540420d_b

photo 19921701421_5bf57b2ea1_b

Crew only started clearing up the cabin halfway through the descent. Female crew also rushed to change out of their traditional Thai uniforms to the ground uniform. They seriously worked the cabin till the gears came down.

An arrival Thailand Customs video was shown.

photo 19921700791_5a01e29d01_b

Slowing down.

photo 19728596268_87b8127d0f_b

Our flight route.

photo 19729958549_1ebd40afc2_b


photo 19916626835_412d00d227_b

Video of the descent with soothing music in the background.

Approaching the runway.

photo 19295666983_b272ea9a87_b

photo 19729955709_24fbde8345_b

photo 19294009874_c2a6b0dd3b_b

photo 19909086502_8520e7fbc5_b

And making a very cushioning landing (felt like landing on a mattress) on Rwy19R, 15 minutes ahead of schedule.

photo 19728619620_f90b419384_b

Taxied pass a TG A380.

photo 19909084312_df56b6cc5c_b

And docked at the gate. Seems like the catering truck has not update its livery for the past 5 years as it still has TG's 50th anniversary logo on its side.

photo 19295662193_7d7bc5b8c0_b


photo 19921727301_f2e8085d26_b

Passing Business Class. The width of Thai's new-generation Business Class seats seemed tiny after getting used to SQ's gigantic Business seats.

photo 19294035034_bb11627fa3_b

Even though we parked and exited via the airbridge, we were directed down the stairs to awaiting buses. This made many passengers confused since the airbridge was linked to the terminal building. Apparently we were parked at the domestic end of the terminal (guess the aircraft would be making another short hop to CNX or HKT before the night long-haul) and would need to be ferried by buses to the international arrival hall.

A look at our B773ER.

photo 19295690003_e5fc2df751_b

A tour of the BKK tarmac while on the bus ride to arrivals.

photo 19728609468_114b360947_b

photo 19728634430_ac1abbb670_b

photo 19728632980_47e6a3f67e_b

For this trip, I stayed at Mode Sathorn Hotel, which is located just beside Surasak BTS station. Imagine it as an affordable replica of W Hotel.

photo 19890401136_ac2ab6c179_b

photo 19890398986_50f010a378_b

photo 19921689931_b623b482eb_b

This trip was all about tailoring, eating and some shopping. And so, here are some of the food I had!

photo 19728611790_25f93b046c_b

photo 19728609320_09a5dca843_b

photo 19890393336_44e9604914_b

photo 19909071772_fe4ff57c60_b
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Thai Airways

Cabin crew9.0

Singapore - SIN


Bangkok - BKK



It was a truly pleasant flying experience on TG on this short-haul flight. We were well-fed and well-entertained, with nice cabin ambience, delicious meals and great service by the crew. Well done, TG!

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