Review of Qatar Airways flight Singapore Doha in Economy

Airline Qatar Airways
Flight QR 943
Class Economy
Seat 37A
Aircraft Airbus A350-900
Flight time 07:45
Take-off 05 Aug 15, 10:40
Arrival at 05 Aug 15, 13:25
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By 9897
Published on 16th August 2015
After reading a number of field reports on Qatar Airway's A350 aircraft, I would now contribute one as well. Apart on a review of QR's brand new A350, this report will also take a look at QR's other widebody aircrafts, the A330 with the oldest product and the rather new A380 as well. This trip was a rather short one, just managing 5 nights in London, but giving me a new perspective of London from my previous visit exactly a decade ago, as well as trying out Qatar Airways to determine of it deserves its 5-Stars status.

Background: Qatar Airways offered some very attractive fares from Singapore with the launch of its third daily flight. Seeing that my birthday is around the period of a national holiday, I jumped at the offer and booked the tickets at very a reasonable fare (or I would say budget fare) for the summer peak period, with prices almost half of what SQ is offering! The first SIN-DOH sector was originally booked on a B787-8, but QR moved forward the A359 3x daily services a week earlier and hence my itinerary ended up with 2xA359, 1xA333, 1xA380. All for the better as well after the many horror stories I read regarding QR's very cramped nightmare-liners.

Warning: This report will be very picture intensive!

Check-in was performed online 36hrs prior to departure and bags were dropped at Terminal 3, where QR has 5 counters opened for check-in. Judging from the lack of check-in queues, the flight was apparently not too full, partly as this is a newly launched morning departure and offers less connections than the 2 evening flights.

photo 20586213352_29d080e58e_b

Boarding passes for both sectors were issued, along with a ticket jacket. QR is strongly advertising itself as a 5-Stars carrier.

photo 20601808931_127ddf2a8f_b

Some plane-spotting at T3. As expected, most aircrafts were SQ, SQ and more SQ, including a whale preparing for departure.

photo 20601809361_79b8cdb123_b

A SQ albino B773 pulling into gate.

photo 20586212132_0c8304e69b_b

China Airlines A333. CI has just recently moved to T3.

photo 20568975966_1edeed3eed_b

Jet Airways B738

photo 20407205358_7c652aa8bf_b

QR's A359 landed from Doha slightly behind schedule. I would be flying on A7-ALA, which is the first A350 aircraft in commercial service!

photo 20408507309_5a9dcb423f_b

Departing from Gate A14 today. Apparently the A350s all wear sunglasses/eyeshadows. Cool look!

photo 20601805681_b36f87c7f3_b

05 August 2015
Qatar Airways
QR 943
Singapore (SIN) - Doha (DOH)
Economy Class

A7-ALA being prepped for the flight. Simply love the blended winglets! I would be flying on the World's Best Airline (Skytrax says so) on the World's Newest Commercial Airliner (A350-900) on my birthday!

photo 20408505439_bebf32a505_b

Expecting a late boarding due to the late arrival of aircraft, I was surprised that boarding was announced just slightly behind schedule. Boarding was orderly with passengers needing assistance, priority passengers followed by zones.

Boarding the A350 soon. Excited!

photo 20568973286_1a0a45bc3a_b

Welcomed by a couple of very friendly crew and directed to the correct aisle. Passed the Business Class cabin, which will not win awards as the most bling-bling or widest seats, but comfort and functionality wise, read from reviews that they are not bad.

photo 20408503709_efb4d4598f_b

Stepping into the Economy cabin. First impressions are good, with bright, clean, colour-coordinated and stylish looking seats and cabin. Crew are also along the aisles welcoming passengers and assisting with boarding.

photo 19972635274_165950c790_b

I will be seated at the aft cabin. More views of the economy cabin.

photo 19974319253_93523d9bae_b

On each seat was a pillow. Blankets were later distributed by the crew. Amenity kits were not available as this was a day flight.

photo 20586203742_5e2bc4849c_b

Digital display for all the signages. Took a while to get used to them. Individual air vents were fitted as well.

photo 20586204222_c33652c5d7_b

Towards the rear. The aft cabin was surprisingly rather empty. Guess flight was only about 60% full on this sector. There was also a cool strip of illuminated light where the seat numbers were located. Nice feature!

photo 19974312463_b4a1d832d0_b

At the gate.

photo 19974314123_a5df5d4083_b

Review of the seat itself: For an economy seat in this era, it was very comfortable! Seat cushion is well-padded, seat width and pitch is very good, seatback is high, recline if good, adjustable headrest served its purpose well, IFE system and screen is incredible, and all the other nitty gritty details are well-though out. A very impressive economy seat for this day and age, I must confess.

A very responsive and high-resolution touchscreen IFE monitor with a touchpad controller. QR even offers 3 camera views, including a tailfin view, and the resolution is very clear! Headphone, USB and media ports are located below the screen.

photo 20601797921_fffc1cffc3_b

Legroom is fantastic and there is no IFE box to hinder the legroom. The IFE box is inbuilt into the frame of the seat.

photo 19972628484_ac43d728b9_b

Seat buckle has QR's Oryx logo on it. QR definitely doesn't scrimp on its branding.

photo 20568933576_bcd3bb0643_b

Inflight mags are placed in a plastic jacket. However, the aircraft is still stocked with the July edition.

photo 19972631244_0ebab78dbf_b

Seat pocket stuff.

photo 20586200772_9ca8846e8d_b

Pillow, blanket, headsets and a refreshing towel. The packed lemon-scented towel was distributed by the crew after boarding was completed.

photo 20586203362_c80f6d17ec_b

Doors were closed on time for the 1040am departure but we remained at the gate as the captain informed that due to congestion, we were given a pushback timing of 11am instead.

Finally pushed back at about 11am, with the safety video played in English followed by Arabic.

photo 20595195385_95139e6c53_b

A video of the safety instructions, seat and cabin before the start of taxi.

Loved the camera view, especially during taxi. Wonder how do the pilots navigate such huge planes along the narrow taxiways and turns.

photo 20568963306_1c1d0361f8_b

Video of the taxi.

Holding to allow a few other aircraft ahead to depart, including an ANA B787!

photo 19974308683_570f7ef0dc_b

Finally our turn to depart, 40min behind schedule for the 7hr flight to Doha. We departed from Rwy20C towards the south and making a turn back up north, allowing a quick view of Singapore as we flew overhead,

photo 20407239710_b933ee6a7e_b

photo 19972626184_a434c665e3_b

photo 20601791241_cf9323a283_b

photo 20407190698_731d8f9ded_b

photo 20601790631_86c1fa2441_b

Watch the video of the takeoff here.

Cabin ambience after takeoff.

photo 20407237750_0e4df044e4_b

Breaking through the cloud layer.

photo 20407189548_081a62bbfe_b

Visit the lavatory after seatbelt signs were switched off. The lavatory has a very modern design and offers branded body lotion and mist as well. However no toothbrushes offered.

photo 20586192212_b2cb7980f7_b

photo 20601774371_fe525008f0_b

Cabin shot from the rear.

photo 20568957676_c67e48fb34_b

Another angle of the cabin. Look at the generous recline! Everyone seemed very comfortable in their seats.

photo 20595187965_7e841f046d_b

Cruising high up. The cabin was very quiet, comparable to the A380.

photo 20601785491_caec610007_b

What to watch? The touchscreen monitor is very sensitive and responsive. A huge selection of movies were offered, as good as or even better than SQ's Krisworld. Layout was also very user-friendly. Have not tried Emirates' ICE, so can't compare.

photo 20407181368_aa0d5cfc5a_b

A menu card was handed out. Heard that this is going to be scrapped in the near future. But lets see what is offered on this flight.

photo 19972618664_5d426ece59_b

Three choices of mains.

photo 20586187832_4f0e8818dc_b

Beverages. Champagne is no longer offered in economy.

photo 20568953426_1b01d4ccd0_b

A drink run was first conducted. My aisle was served by a real lovely crew.

photo 20595184985_9ebfd473df_b

Tried their signature cocktail mix, which tasted like apple juice mixed with sprite, and a hint of mint. Very refreshing!

photo 20407182188_813067af69_b

Decided to watch Paddington, since I am going to London haha.

photo 20408480969_27ffe5eb93_b

Out the window. Unfortunately, the A350 does not offer dimmable aircraft windows but the more traditional shades.

photo 19972614654_942d864bf2_b

Lunch is served, which came with a salad starter, main, dessert, warm roll with butter, a pot of drinking water and a kitkat chocolate bar.

photo 20601780561_e0e17d26f8_b

I had chose the beef option.

photo 20601778141_5d3b545665_b

Papaya salad is simple but crisp and refreshing. Though may not be appealing to some. Dessert is not bad.

photo 20408479529_914c20b2af_b

Slow cooked beef in peppercorn sauce, gratin potatoes and carrots. Beef chunks were tender and flavourful. Thumbs up! However, QR uses plastic cutlery on this sector.

photo 20568946166_ed4a8c488f_b

Chicken massaman curry with jasmine rice, stir fried vegetables. This choice is not bad as well.

photo 19972610554_6f49255d97_b

Raspberry mousse cake to finish. Tasty! Overall a rather filling meal. Will not win awards but acceptable for economy standards. More drinks were offered but as the seatbelt signs were switched on due to bouts of turbulence over the Andaman Sea (as usual), hot coffee/tea were not offered.

photo 20568944916_3ecb9059eb_b

In the clouds with bouts of turbulence for first half of the flight.

photo 20407175078_026ca0aa4d_b

Over the Andaman turbulent area.

photo 20568944206_796a434898_b

Cabin lights were dimmed and most passengers chose to lower the window shades and rested.

photo 20568942086_fb94a5fe5c_b

I and my travel partner struck up a conversation with the crew at the rear galley. The rear galley was huge and generally, the crew loved working on the A350 as the passenger load is not too large and it is equipped with spacious working space. 7 crew were working in Economy, with 5 or 6 others in Business. Also, upon learning that it was my birthday, a senior crew member went up to Business Class, prepared and presented to me an ice-cream dessert! Lovely surprise!

photo 20408473759_63e6d1f126_b

Mid-flight, crew came down the aisle offering snacks consisting of chips, Mars bars and Walkers chocolate cookies. Pleasantly surprised that QR offers mid-flight snacks on a mid-haul flight. Water and juices were also offered.

photo 20601772491_3890103eea_b

About 1.5hrs prior to landing, cabin lights glowed purplish and a warm refreshment was served.

photo 19972605204_8142abf844_b

photo 20586176032_7f301671c7_b

The box contains a savoury and a sweet snack. Savoury was a puff with spicy chicken and potato filling, while the sweet was a warm fruit crumble. I am not a fan of the puff but the crumble was nice.

photo 20601770711_fbb31fce14_b

After the refreshment service, the lovely Asian crew serving my aisle came by and gave us a bar of Valrhona chocolates each, presumably from Business Class as well. Another pleasant surprise! QR has also printed its branding on the reverse of the chocolate bar as well.

photo 20568939436_cc814e26a7_b

photo 19972602644_ed92756a3d_b

Our location now.

photo 20408468409_070d2ce936_b

Mood lighting

photo 19974282593_a49f349518_b

Entering the middle eastern coast.

photo 20408467809_a66364a120_b

Before our descend into Doha, the crew came round to collect the blankets from passengers. Collecting blankets? Yep, first time I ever experienced it on any airline as well. QR crew did this diligent for every flight. I can only guess that from the profile of passengers on some QR flights, blankets could frequently had been removed from the plane by these passengers. Thus QR might have tried to reduce such pilferage by requiring crew to collect blankets prior to descend.

An arrival video of the new Doha Hamad Intl Airport was screened.

photo 20408467419_611d5702b4_b

Leaving the coast of Abu Dhabi and descending.

photo 20586170412_14fe14bff9_b

Nearly there.

photo 20595167515_a8a1c7c6f7_b

Overflying man-made islands.

photo 19974279153_c27bc1f6e0_b

Video of the descend into Doha. Watch the landing gears being lowered through the tail-cam!

Landing on Rwy16L.

photo 20408464019_4bdfdaf0f5_b

Touchdown, about 20min behind schedule due to late departure from Changi.

photo 19974277983_b9cac75336_b

photo 20568931856_f9d5bb6614_b

Watch the video of the landing here.

Taxi to terminal.

photo 20595164795_4f17bd4a64_b

Parked at the gate.

photo 20407160728_283cefc9cd_b

Disembarking. Crew were along the aisle bading goodbyes. One of the senior crew even wished me a Happy Birthday again at the door while exiting the aircraft!

photo 20407159658_df8bd3d068_b

Cabin still looked reasonable clean and tidy after the 7hrs flight. Us SIN-originating pax are neat, aren't we?

photo 19974275193_ff172fb3d4_b

photo 20601759511_605c080aba_b

Exiting into the brand new Hamad Intl Airport terminal where I would have a 3+hrs of transit. Just nice for me to explore the terminal as on the return, the transit would only be a short 50min.

Walking to Transfer security.

photo 19974272983_a300b15bc2_b

Transfer security was quick and painless as we were the only arrival at the time. Almost all passengers were transferring to connecting flights.


photo 20568926856_caab394bfc_b

The mascot of DOH, the giant yellow teddy bear. This bear was reportedly auctioned and bought for USD$6.5million!! Heard that there is a red and blue versions as well out there. Anyone keen to buy?

photo 19974271033_d26e65d179_b

Internet area with I-Macs.

photo 19974266033_718caa6f36_b

The usual airport shopping. It was not too crowded in the afternoon.

photo 19972588564_e2a5e92bec_b

Food court where we grabbed a bite.

photo 20586158352_7e2a166c00_b

Having some local food.

photo 20595155985_6c1efe9295_b

Television area.

photo 20596387815_c5c3eace73_b

Play area disguised as art structures.

photo 19975509383_84f026a5f7_b

photo 20602990531_b24cc89a1a_b

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Qatar Airways

Cabin crew9.0

Singapore - SIN


Doha - DOH



Impression of the flight? I was blown away by the A350! QR has certainly done wonders with this new aircraft, offering an entirely spectacular flying experience. Comfort wise, this must be one of the most comfortable Economy cabins out there, surpassed only by premium economy offerings. With the reduced cabin noise and higher humidity in the cabin (no more dry cabin air!), one does not feel as much fatigue as on the earlier generation of aircraft. IFE is state-of-the-art and service ranges from good to excellent, but generally very polished and professional (such as showing wine bottles prior to serving of wines even in economy class, use of pleasantries similar to what one is used to on SQ). Catering may not be the best out there, but is certainly generous, with a main meal, snacks and refreshment service on a medium-haul flight. Qatar Airways is certainly worthy of its 5-Stars status and up there with the best of the premium airlines.

Overall, Hamad Intl felt spanking new but offers the generic airport experience. Understand that construction is still in progress and more facilities will be opened in the future, but right now, it is still not too bad an airport for a short transit.

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