Review of Qatar Airways flight Doha London in Economy

Airline Qatar Airways
Flight QR 5
Class Economy
Seat 37K
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 07:20
Take-off 05 Aug 15, 16:40
Arrival at 05 Aug 15, 22:00
QR   #11 out of 92 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 603 reviews
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Published on 17th August 2015
My next flight from Doha to London will be operated on a much older A330-300 aircraft. The aircraft has just arrived and seen taxiing in.

photo 20587395452_63bf4ea744_b

photo 20409701189_97d5949d58_b

Departing from Gate C2.

photo 20596386385_bb3908bd0e_b

Holding area. Seemed like a very full flight up to London.

photo 20602988821_952622fb7a_b

05 August 2015
Qatar Airways
QR 5
Doha (DOH) - London Heathrow (LHR)
Economy Class

Boarding began on schedule, again with priority followed by zones. A7-AEB is still fitted with QR's oldest products and offers 3-class service. However, the aircraft is due to be retrofitted soon with newer products.

Boarded from Door 2 and passed through the Business Class cabin fitted with the previous generation of angled flat seats. Well, still not too bad a product for a mid-haul, I would say.

photo 20602986521_ab7497f221_b

Entering the economy cabin fitted with Recaro seats, which felt like a flashback to the 90s', after having flown on QR's latest products. Again, pillow and blankets on each seat.

photo 20596382405_9505f7ec9b_b

photo 20408388058_a1ab87f8c5_b

Window view.

photo 20408388198_538e55bae6_b

Legroom was just average, but felt constricted due to the IFE box taking up half the underseat space in front. What a glaring difference in comfort from the previous A350 cabin.

photo 20409689279_2d99f8dcc0_b

Boarding in progress. This old A330 is configured with a mega economy class cabin, with the only galley and all lavatories located at the rear. This configuration definitely poses some inconveniences for the crew, especially during meal services when passengers some passengers seated upfront need to visit the lavs and were blocked by the meal carts. A very inefficient layout I must say. The cabin filled and was almost totally full. Interestingly, the passenger profile on this flight was very diverse, ranging from Africans, Middle-easterners, Indians, Asians to Europeans. QR is indeed successful in making Doha a mega transit hub!

photo 20602983661_aa9c084460_b

Worn out safety card. Rest of the inflight mags were similar to the previous flight.

photo 20596336395_0319e7cb73_b

Old-school IFE controller located below the armrest.

photo 20409657539_6df8626df3_b

And old-school IFE system and interface as well. Selections not as varied as the newer system, but sufficient for mid-hauls. Saving grace was the big screen, which was also touchscreen enabled.

photo 19975495773_1b308b65a3_b

photo 20596375715_062aa37f54_b

Pushed back for the 7h flight to London.

photo 20408422220_552f3d0230_b

A short taxi later, we took off from Rwy34L slightly behind schedule.

photo 20596373925_a65a1e0ed4_b

photo 20408420290_8978ac53bc_b

photo 20587376532_5056364faa_b

Watch the video of the takeoff here.

Flying into the sunset as we headed north towards Iran.

photo 20408412730_d1fd0c54a6_b

photo 19973792074_7cc1b183f4_b

A run of beverages was first offered. Had a pineapple juice and water. I don't really liked the pineapple juice offered by QR. However, the mango juice was very nice!

photo 20570138666_a407b452a6_b

On flights to Europe, menus were not handed out. Instead, the menu would be flashed on the IFE monitors for a couple of minutes. For some reasons, the menu displayed did not tally with what was offered, and so I will not show it here. But basically, 3 choices of chicken, beef or vegetarian was offered.

photo 20596363595_6cea0f94a7_b

Meal service in progress. Up to 6 meal carts, manned by all 6 crew in economy, were used to speed up the meal delivery.

photo 20602964281_2be2523065_b

Chose the chicken option and had a white wine and orange juice to go along. Again, the wine bottle was shown to me very professionally before pouring. Meal came with a starter and dessert, as well as warm roll with butter, cheese spread, a pot of water and a mini Valrhona chocolate stick.

photo 20408370448_444a8d88e9_b

Starter of a mixed bean and vegetables salad, which was not really to my liking (personal preference of not liking raw onions and herbs). Dessert cake was delicious though.

photo 20408406390_843eb55b23_b

Chicken in brown sauce with potatoes and peas. Tasted just like any average airline meal.

photo 20570131386_1b07eb84ce_b

Roll, butter, cheese and chocolate.

photo 20408364888_2f9bef0de6_b

Unlike the flight from Singapore, metal cutlery were used on this flight. Maybe as LHR is a premium route?

photo 20408362018_e719c2a180_b

My travel partner opted for the vegetarian choice and was presented with a hindu vegetarian meal of curried mushrooms with rice. Tasted ok.

photo 20570123556_4bc2a7d084_b

Dessert was enjoyable though.

photo 19973780254_7618554c93_b

Ending the meal with some hot tea.

photo 19973773794_63bafd4c78_b

Somewhere over Iran now.

photo 20602953321_0032acb559_b

Starting on my next movie.

photo 20596345845_a02496ffce_b

Setting sun.

photo 20570120086_0f7a8003d9_b

photo 20570110896_318b2ae279_b

Cabin view from the rear.

photo 19975463113_093e35cce3_b

Lavatory with the standard QR amenities.

photo 19975462213_5b4292294c_b

After the second movie, I took a short nap. Not sure if any snack service was conducted mid-flight. After I woke, we were somewhere over eastern Europe.

photo 20587345162_50a191e9df_b

Pre-arrival refreshment was served.

photo 20602940461_d522403a88_b

As usual, the warm snack box was handed out. I had a coke light to go along. Similarly, there was a spicy chicken puff and a warm cake. I don't really care for the puff as my body was screaming Sleep! but the cake, a usual, was rather moist and tasty.

photo 20408385520_75d1a1683b_b

photo 20408345198_dcab56ec5a_b

Arriving in London soon. As per previous flight, blankets were collected back and cabin was prepped for landing.

photo 19973763924_43c5d3d4dd_b

Cabin was flooded with this hideous blue mood lighting during the descend.

photo 20602933731_8bdc9faca7_b

Last streak of light over London.

photo 20570100106_627ee0f5fb_b

Landing in Heathrow Rwy09L, right on schedule.

A rather lengthy taxi to Terminal 4 where we parked.

photo 20602930681_7a3d00b6d0_b

Disembarking the plane, the economy cabin looked as if a hurricane has swept through it. Newspapers, pillows, headphones and spilt food on the floors. Wonder how do some passengers can mess up a cabin so bad. Pity the cleaning crew…

My seat for the last 7hrs of flight.

photo 19975452753_23c0cabe1f_b

Passing Business Class.

photo 20409681649_8c7e787a25_b

And the 12-seater First Class cabin.

photo 20409679529_3e3b6a9d9e_b

As we were the last international flight into T4 at that time, immigration only took a record of less than 5 minutes for me! There was a bit of wait for bags, but customs checks were non-existent. Never had it so smooth through LHR arrivals before!

photo 20408415090_0667edd137_b

photo 20570137876_306193fb75_b

I stayed at Dorsett Shepherds Bush, which was newly opened just a year ago, and offers decent room rates and modern, comfortable rooms.

photo 20408381790_57e1e6af02_b

photo 20408357818_cca6605b53_b

photo 20596351465_58712ec224_b

Scenes of London














Visit to Winsor Castle





Followed by the ancient roman town of Bath.




Ending the day with the Stonehenge.


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Qatar Airways

Cabin crew8.0

Doha - DOH


London - LHR



Overall, the QR experience on this flight is not up to par as the previous, not helped by the older, cramped seats and a full flight. Service was friendly and professional as usual but with the full load, there is only so much that the crew can do. Catering was average and nothing memorable. However, overall still of acceptable standards.

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  • Comment 144067 by
    Sealink 67 Comments
    Great report. And I think it's very telling that a 'sub par' QR flight still looks pretty great!
  • Comment 144086 by
    Rl 777 806 Comments
    Thank you for sharing this report!

    Flown on A7-AEB (DOH-DAC) and I can admit it's not the most enjoyable hard product in their fleet.

    That IFE box looks huge! I didn't have a window seat so my IFE box wasn't that big.

    Also flown on their A350 and there's a huge difference in the hard product between this 330 and their 350!

    Have had that same cake on my recent flight from DOH to ARN and it was indeed pretty good. Got the same salad as well and didn't like it. The main looks pretty decent.

    Nice shots from London!
  • Comment 144179 by
    JonathanNd 27 Comments
    Thank you for sharing, all I have to say: Oh that cake!

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