Review of Sun Express flight Istanbul İzmir in Economy

Airline Sun Express
Flight XQ9065
Class Economy
Seat 14A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:05
Take-off 25 Aug 15, 08:35
Arrival at 25 Aug 15, 09:40
XQ 10 reviews
By SILVER 1980
Published on 28th August 2015

This report has been added to the FLASHBACK SERIES as this FR doesn't include much detail as my regular reports. In this series of flights, I would share reports from flights that I've flown before registering this website. Just a quick reminder that I am the same human being with "turkishflyer1" on flyertalk so the reports posted can be the same as posted there.

Regular up to date reports would be continued to be shared shortly after the flight date.

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Online check-in:

Was quite easy and simple but the bad thing was the seats were assigned to you by the system.

photo IMG_8150photo IMG_8151photo IMG_8152

Entering the Airport:

After a 5 minute wait at the enterance security checkpoint as in Turkey you are screened twice at airports. One for entering the airport and one for your flight.

photo IMG_8162


Quick and fastly made. It was interesting that XQ had special check-in desks for families and for passengers who needed assistance. No other airline has this service in domestic routes.

photo IMG_8100


No lounge for my first report on

photo IMG_8164

The aircraft & boarding

TC-SUV was going to operate today's flight to ADB. The boarding was made at gate 208B and on time.

photo IMG_8170photo IMG_8171


The seat was comfortable and the legroom was OK for a very short flight on a charter airline.

Some plane spotting. Sorry for the bad photo quality.

Today's XQ flight to AYT was going to be operated by Onurair.
photo IMG_8172

PC 801 to Brussels-CRL ( TC-CPB )
photo IMG_8174

Today's flights to Dalaman & Trabzon with PC ( TC-CPS & TC-CPE )
photo IMG_8175

TC-JDL getting ready for his retirement
photo IMG_8176

TC-AAO flying to AYT
photo IMG_8178

TC-DCG getting ready for takeoff.
photo IMG_8180

PC 212 to Ercan ( TC-CPM )
photo IMG_8183


Takeoff was a little bit delayed because of the air traffic but it wasn't a delay.

Intercity Racing Park

photo IMG_8184


There was no free meal. I could have ordered my meal online but I didn't and the cafe prices were very expensive.

photo IMG_8198photo IMG_8199

Water was ?7.50. In supermarkets the same water is worth ?0.50


No monitors on board, only a magazine and a duty free catalogue for international flights.

photo IMG_8185photo IMG_8197


Landing 20 minutes late of scheduled time. Airport from the air.
photo IMG_8186

Spotting at ADB

In this image;
X3685 to STR ( D-ATUQ )
4U933 to CGN ( D-AIPY )
HV322 to AMS ( PH-HZC )
HQ2057 to LIE ( OO-TCS )
4U8935 to TXL ( D-AIQR )
PC4121 to SAW ( TC-IZG )
PC2450 to GZT ( TC-IZI )

photo IMG_8188

In this image;
PC2212 to SZF ( TC-ADP )
KK21 to IST ( TC-ETM )
TK7005 to ESB ( TC-SAK )
TK2905 to SAW ( TC-JGV )
TK2313 to IST ( TC-JJG )

photo IMG_8187

TC-SNR just arrived from Warsaw
photo IMG_8192

We were transferred to the terminal by bus.
photo IMG_8193

Baggage Claim

Baggages arivved in 10-15 minutes.
photo IMG_8194

photo IMG_8195
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Sun Express

Cabin crew7.0

Istanbul - SAW


İzmir - ADB



SunExpress is a good choice for short destinations in Turkey and it has low fares. This flight had the half fare of TK at that hour and SunExpress is a joint venture of TK & LH.

Once again sorry for the bad photo quality and thanks for reading.

Information on the route Istanbul (SAW) İzmir (ADB)

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Sun Express avec 6.7/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 1 heures et 7 minutes.

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