Review of Brussels Airlines flight Barcelona Brussels in Economy

Airline Brussels Airlines
Flight SN3696
Class Economy
Seat 12F
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 02:05
Take-off 21 Aug 15, 09:10
Arrival at 21 Aug 15, 11:15
SN   #87 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 269 reviews
Published on 9th September 2015
BCN - BRU SN3696 Y / AIRBUS A319-100 - 21/08/2015: HERE
BRU - JFK SN501 Y / AIRBUS A330-300 - 22/08/2015:
YUL - CDG AC870 Y / BOEING 777-300ER - 06/09/2015:
CDG - BCN VY8247 Y / AIRBUS A320-200 - 07/09/2014:

Preface: We decided to take a trip to the US as we wanted to visit some relatives in Connecticut and the city of Boston. We then found a nice one-week one-way Canada & New England cruise from Boston to Montreal and decided to add the cruise to the trip to CT and Boston to make the most of our trip to America.
I started looking for flight good deals from Barcelona but prices were extremely expensive and decided to look for flights out of other European cities. It turned out that Brussels was one of the cities where the cheapest flights departed from so I looked for BRU-JFK/BOS and YUL-BRU. BRU-BOS required a layover and coming from BCN, two layovers would be too much so decided to fly to New York and book a transfer to Connecticut. It all came down then to BRU-JFK and YUL-BRU, the cheapest option was to layover in Paris returning from Montreal and I looked for the same flights in a multi-flight ticket, it turned out to be as cheap as with the layover in Brussels and the CDG-BRU leg was not the day after we landed in Paris. We then would not have to go stop in Paris and Brussels on our way back to Barcelona as the CDG-YUL leg would not be used. After finding and booking the two long-haul legs (BRU-JFK YUL-CDG) I then started looking into options to get to Brussels and return from Paris. Getting to Brussels was pretty easy on Brussels Airlines as they were the cheapest option available, even cheaper than Vueling or Ryanair so it was a no-brainer for us even if flying them required us to overnight in Brussels. On our way back from Paris, we could fly Air France, EasyJet, Vueling or take the train, we decided to fly back from CDG as it was the airport from which our flight from YUL arrived, Air France was too expensive and not worth it in my opinion for a 1:30 flight and by booking with Vueling I could reduce the fare using some Avios I had.
Finally we had our routing done (BCN-BRU-JFK YUL-CDG-BCN).

I checked in 24 hours before departure online, it was fairly easy and managed to avoid rows in the last rows, I got seats in row 12 which is above the wing on an Airbus A319.
Our flight to Brussels departed at 09:10 so we had to wake up quite early in order to be at the airport about 2 hours before departure time.
We drove to the airport and parked there for the whole trip as there was a good summer deal.
To get to the baggage drop-off area we had to take the elevator and walk by the arrivals area so I checked if flight SN3695 was on time. Thankfully it was on time, the inbound plane arrived 20 minutes earlier than scheduled so I thought our flight would be on time.
photo DSC_4897
There was no baggage drop-off line so we just queued at the regular check-in line, it was a pretty short wait, no more than 5-10 minutes.
photo DSC_4898photo DSC_4899
We then got through security. Unfortunately, I was chosen for a random hand baggage control and the security employees messed up my hand baggage. There weren't many people at the airport probably because of the time (07 AM approx) as it was still high-season for tourists in Barcelona.
photo DSC_4900photo DSC_4901
After walking around the duty free and having breakfast at McDonald's we headed to the gate which was located very close from the shops and restaurants area. I then saw the aircraft I would be flying today (OO-SSE). An ex-Frontier Airlines and ex-Bahrain Air Airbus A319-100 which was 9.4 years old.
photo DSC_4902
Boarding was a breeze as we were a little bit late and everybody had already boarded.
photo DSC_4903
Views of Terminal 1 from the finger when boarding.
photo DSC_4904
Last view of our Airbus A319-100 from outside.
photo DSC_4905photo DSC_4906
Legroom was pretty good taking into consideration the flight was under 2 hours, much better than Vueling or Ryanair and similar to BA's Airbus A319 I flew with a couple of months before.
photo DSC_4907photo DSC_4908
photo DSC_4909
SWISS Airbus A321 for Zürich.
photo DSC_4910
Views of Terminal 1 from our Brussels airlines plane.
photo DSC_4911
Lufthansa Embraer ERJ-195 for Munich and Delta Airbus A330-300 for Atlanta.
photo DSC_4914
Taxiing to the runway.
photo DSC_4917photo DSC_4918photo DSC_4919
Cabin crew seats for take-off.
V1, rotate.
Positive climb. Gear up.
photo DSC_4920photo DSC_4921
Views shortly after taking off.

Views of Montserrat mountain.
photo DSC_4927photo DSC_4928
Cruising at 36000 ft.
photo DSC_4929
Views of the Airbus A319 interior and its 3-3 configuration.
photo DSC_4930
Brussels Airlines' Inspired magazine.
photo DSC_4932photo DSC_4933photo DSC_4934
After 1 hour and 20 minutes of flight we started our descent into Brussels Airport. I spotted the airport as we flew over it in order to follow today's path to the runway.

Flaps full. Landing gear down.

Spoilers deployed. Reverse thrust.
photo DSC_4949
The captain landed the airplane very smoothly and we started taxiing to our gate.
photo DSC_4950photo DSC_4951
Brussels Airlines' Airbus A330-300 probably for New York or any of their African destinations.
photo DSC_4952photo DSC_4953photo DSC_4954
Brussels Airlines Airbus A319-100 taxiing to the runway.
photo DSC_4955
Asiana Boeing 747F rotating. Lovely airplane!
photo DSC_4959photo DSC_4960
We arrived to the gate and parked next to a Ryanair Boeing 737-800. After seeing the Ryanair plane I saw how their passengers were disembarking the plane by bus, fortunately we were able to use a finger.
photo DSC_4961photo DSC_4962photo DSC_4963
Jetair Fly Embraer ERJ-190 for Zakynthos.
photo DSC_4965
We headed to the Sheraton Brussels Airport where we would be staying for the night as we had to catch our flight to NY the following day. The Sheraton was the only hotel located within walking distance from the hotel as it was basically across the airport so that's the main reason for which we chose this hotel. View of the airport from the hotel.
photo DSC_4967
Here is a picture of the lobby as we were waiting to check-in.
photo DSC_4968
Our hotel seen from the airport.
photo DSC_4982
And now the airport seen from our hotel.
photo DSC_4980

Tourism bonus
After having left our luggage in our room at the hotel at around noon, we thought it would be a good idea to visit Brussels' city center so we took the train to Brussels Centraal Station.
photo DSC_4985
We then walk around the main tourist sights. The Galeries Royales St Hubert.
photo DSC_5011
Brussels' famous Grand Place. It is one of the most beautiful plazas I've ever seen! Very beautiful!
photo DSC_5039photo DSC_5061photo DSC_5062
Before going back to the train station we tried to visit the Cathedral but it was too late, in Brussels everything seemed to close so early in comparison to Barcelona.
photo DSC_5170
The airport seen going back to the hotel.
photo DSC_5179photo DSC_5181photo DSC_5183

Next up: BRU-JFK on Brussels Airlines' Airbus A330-300.

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Brussels Airlines

Cabin crew8.5

Barcelona - BCN


Brussels - BRU



A very good short-haul flight on Brussels Airlines' Airbus A319. Legroom was pretty good for an European flight, on-time performance was excellent as we left exactly on time and landed a bit earlier than scheduled. It is a pity that they don't serve any snack, sandwich or drink included in their fare as by doing so, would equal them to other legacy carriers such as BA or SWISS. It was still an overall good flight but the in-flight menu was very pricey so for such a short flight and having had breakfast before boarding I didn't order anything. Their Airbus A319 was very clean and looked fairly new.
Would fly with Brussels again with no hesitation! Well-done!

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    Thanks for this FR.

    How muche were the flights BRU6JFK/YUL-CDG compared to BCN-JFK-BCN ?
    • Comment 324611 by
      oriolgutierrez AUTHOR 20 Comments
      The difference between (BCN-JFK YUL-BCN) and (BRU-JFK YUL-CDG) was around 600-700 euros per person which is quite a lot, plus I got to experience Brussels' short haul product and make another FR. I don't know why in summer, flights from Barcelona to the US and Canada are crazily expensive especially non-stop flights so I believe it was worth the layover.
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    Excelent report. I´m a person who collects boarding pass and i dont´t have in my collection brussels airlines in pdf format . if you have the brussels pdf boarding pass could you send me a copy to my e-mail to help me with my collection
    Thank you and apologise for the inconience.
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      Thanks for reading my FR.
      Unfortunately, I threw the PDF document of my boarding pass in the trash so I cannot help you. I'll try to save my boarding passes in my next flights so that I can help you with your collection.

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