Review of Malaysia Airlines flight Singapore Kuching in Economy

Airline Malaysia Airlines
Flight MH 642
Class Economy
Seat 24F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:50
Take-off 11 Sep 15, 13:40
Arrival at 11 Sep 15, 15:30
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By 3724
Published on 15th September 2015
This will just be a short report on a long weekend trip I took over the recent public holiday to Kuching, which was only an hour's flight away from Singapore. The tickets (going up on Malaysia Airlines and return on Air Asia due to the favourable flight timings), booked barely 3 weeks prior, were very affordable, but prices rose quickly after more travellers also booked their weekend trips.

Proceeded to the Changi Terminal 2 after performing my duty as a SG citizen by casting my vote in the recent election. MH counters were rather empty even though the flight ended up full. Flight was retimed from 1250hrs to 1340hrs because of late arrival due to haze conditions in Kuching, which briefly hampered landings in the morning.

photo 21446943061_09ee0e373b_b

Boarding pass.

photo 21427519852_23db9a4c64_b

Courtesy of Priority Pass, I visited the SATS Premier Lounge in T2, which is also used by MH and a few other airlines' premium passengers. Lounge was of average size with acceptable catering (tasty hot dishes but variety of selection rather limited). Had lunch and some dessert.

photo 21427521812_4591d67b29_b

photo 21438456335_33bc757aa4_b

photo 20817384773_23e7bb8fcf_b

Plane arrived at 1320hrs.

photo 21251557189_62f58ac43c_b

MH642 would flying to Miri via Kuching. However most passengers were headed to Kuching, with only a few continuing up to Miri.

photo 21250639358_2440d88bf1_b

View from gatehold room.

photo 20817381913_eccd0679ba_b

11 September 2015
Malaysia Airlines
MH 642
Singapore (SIN) - Kuching (KCH)
Economy Class
Flight Time: 1H11M

Boarding commenced and was orderly despite the full flight.

photo 21251555489_7b10d8befd_b

photo 21251554479_c81d04a1c5_b

Greeted by friendly crew members at the door. Passed Business Class cabin.

photo 20815758934_bfb3e8a8a4_b

Economy Class seats.

photo 21446935311_4e838ca264_b

Seated at 24F. The seats are fitted with all the latest gadgets, but legroom is tight, just slightly better than the budget carriers.

photo 21250383910_8e7480ca5b_b

SilkAir B738 beside at E2.

photo 21412212906_c6b578e1af_b

Boarding in progress.

photo 21438449535_ebc5ac5ecd_b

Inflight magazines and more.

photo 21446932961_d15c8a0207_b

Full selection of IFE is available, but no headsets were handed out. Use your own headsets if you want to enjoy the IFE.

photo 20817379073_b9b0079593_b

Doors closed and we were good to go. Safety video was shown.

photo 20815754414_34cf50d24a_b

photo 21427511652_6c3502991c_b

Only a short taxi to Rwy20C.

photo 20817374923_24f69dea26_b

And take off at 1418hrs.

It was rather hazy as we climbed out.

photo 21412209716_ffcfed5de8_b

photo 21250631788_47d64514f3_b

Above the haze.

photo 21412208346_8c77eb4688_b

Switched to flight map.

photo 21438445695_9dc245ffb7_b

Seatbelt signs switched off and service immediately started. No time to waste on this short flight. To start, crew came down the aisle and handed out peanuts from baskets. Surprised that they even did this on such a short and full flight.

photo 21251546939_805e46ce34_b

Kacang Masin to start.

photo 21251546999_9dc09157e2_b

After peanuts were distributed, special meals were handed out and the meal carts came down the aisle. 3 crew were serving us in economy, and all were very friendly and efficient. 2 choices of meals were offered, along with a selection of drinks. Unfortunately halfway through the meal service, mild-medium turbulence was encountered and hot beverage service was suspended when the seatbelt signs came on.

photo 21438441525_f6df8b9c18_b

Meal was served in a box, which also contained a dessert cake.

photo 21251546049_841c987c75_b

Roti Canai with fish curry. The fish had the very fishy taste which I didn't like.

photo 20817370743_df8f89dcf9_b

The other choice was Dry curry chicken with steamed rice and vegetable. This was much better than the fish curry. I had an orange juice to go along.

photo 20817373033_980164330d_b

Dessert was a cling-wrapped Kek Lapis (traditional layered cake), which was rather dry. Meal boxes were cleared and more beverages were offered.

photo 21251544119_47c471373c_b

Bouncing through the clouds for most of the flight.

photo 21250626858_e6e2f0f6bd_b

Caught an episode of Glee using my own earphones. Descend started very soon after.

photo 21250626148_d9190f7815_b

A short break of smooth weather while we were approaching Kuching.

photo 21427504742_3fa72bd23c_b

photo 20817367543_fd4a195ce1_b

Descending into the haze. Kuching is adversely affected by the haze caused by forest fires in Kalimantan, with air quality in the unhealthy level.

photo 21412201786_0dcc43b205_b

Touchdown on Kuching International Airport Rwy25 and taxied to the gate.

photo 20815746574_b11cde9d93_b

photo 21412201106_4610d5246d_b

photo 20815744844_06dd2b406d_b


photo 21251539589_20d2398a0d_b

9M-MXT in the Kuching haze.

photo 21438435935_5ccde000ec_b

Immigration was swift and with no check-in bags, I was out at the taxi stand 10 minutes after disembarkation. Advantages of flying into small airports.

Stayed at Kuching Hilton, which must be one of the cheapest, if not the cheapest, Hilton chain in the world.

photo 21446919561_ec030b79a8_b

The view from the room is supposedly to be great, if not shrouded in haze…

photo 21412197686_7843f93fff_b

Of course, what is Kuching without all the great food the small city offers!

photo 21446943771_3e573412ca_b

photo 21446945991_a999e57159_b

photo 21412223976_62c7aa623e_b

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Malaysia Airlines

Cabin crew9.0

SATS Premier Lounge


Singapore - SIN


Kuching - KCH



Thoughts: Cabin crew were friendly and efficient and displayed no signs of stress in serving the full load within a short hour. Catering was acceptable though the fish choice was not to my liking. Aircraft was clean and new, more than acceptable for the short hop. Delay was not MH's fault but due to weather conditions. Overall, I am very satisfied with Malaysia Airline's service on such a short flight.

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    Benoit75008 7191 Comments
    THanks for your report,

    MH seem to be good for short flights, i wish they will find a way to get out their actual situation,
    Are you silver on MH FFP?
    Nice pics concerning Kuching
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    K2World 2236 Comments
    Thank you for this Flight-Report.
    Too bad the view from your hotel room was ruined by the haze.
    What a feast at the end of the report. You do like food isn't it ? :)
    Except for food, is there any tourist attraction in this city ?

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