Review of Citilink Indonesia flight Surabaya Jakarta in Economy

Airline Citilink Indonesia
Flight QG810
Class Economy
Seat 20A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:20
Take-off 13 Jul 15, 10:40
Arrival at 13 Jul 15, 12:00
QG 20 reviews
By 2346
Published on 24th October 2015
Hello folks! This is my very first flight report here for the very first flight report of Citilink part of Garuda Indonesia group.

After couple days stayed at Surabaya for college entrance exam. It's time to go back to Bandung, since at that time its almost Eid Mubarak airlines ticket prices for Surabaya to Bandung somehow pretty nonsense for hour flight even LCC put the prices just too high. So Citilink was a win win solution for me, less than US$ 50 one way ticket from Surabaya to Jakarta CGK!

photo IMG_5522
View from my room.

On the way from Surabaya city centre to the airport through the toll road so we don't get to see the traffics.
photo IMG_5552

I don't know why departure area on this side of Terminal 1A Domestic + Umra Flight just so 'empty' in my perspective. I guess it'll be a light loaded one. T1A only used by Citilink, Batik Air, and Umra flight operators such as Garuda Indonesia, Fly Nas, and Saudia.

QG's Boarding pass look like this, so-LCC eh?
photo IMG_5571

Pretty happy to assume that's QG810 will be light loaded one.
photo IMG_5572photo IMG_5573

One of Garuda Indoensia's A330 for Umra flight
photo IMG_5585

Boarding time! QG 810 operated with PK-GQE just 0.9years old aircraft, what a day!
photo IMG_5588photo IMG_5589photo IMG_5590

PK-GQE fitted with the sharklets, my very first time onboard an airbus aircraft fitted with sharklets
photo IMG_5593

Since there's no IFE such as PTV or even dropped down monitor the Flight attendant need to do the manual safety demonstration!
photo IMG_5598

Taxing to the end of the taxiway, we can see Terminal 2 where Indonesia Air Asia and Garuda Indonesia both use its at their 'home'
both for domestic and international flights and also all the others international flights carrier such as Singapore Airlines, Cathay, Tiger, Air Asia, etc.
photo IMG_5601photo IMG_5607photo IMG_5610

Funny fact here, GA's PK-GEO was the aircraft I flew a day before on Bandung to Surabaya route.


Seat pitch for QG's not that cramped compare to Lion Air Boeing 737-900ER!
photo IMG_5630

Reading materials: safety card, local newspaper, inflight magazine, and also inflight shopping catalogue. I don't know why but all the flight attendants seems so-so to offer buy on board drinks, snacks, and the inflight shopping article. I'm totally undersand if its flight during Ramadhan the fasting month but I guess Citilink can learn how Air Asia groups and Sriwijaya group offer inflight shopping more passionately rather than just pushing over the trolley back and forth.
photo IMG_5633

Hmmm they're not cleaned up the seat pocket pretty well, and I found this QG's Boarding pass, why it looks so much better?
photo IMG_5635

Toilet inspection, fine here…
photo IMG_5636

YES super light load, its probably around 50% only, where there's more than 14 row completely empty! Good for me, not so good for them!
photo IMG_5642

Then it is time to kill the rest of the flight with moving around, well Flight attendant seems really don't care some of passenger moving around the cabin…

view from another seat to the right wing
photo IMG_5645photo IMG_5661

back to the left wing
photo IMG_5663photo IMG_5672

I'm pretty sure over there is Tangkuban Perahu Highlands.
photo IMG_5669

Cabin shots before descending
photo IMG_5688

Welcome to Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta Airport (CGK)

Landed safely from runway 7R-25L, taxing to the gates, and ready to disembark from front door only.

Pretty quick move, See yaa Citilink!
photo IMG_5723photo IMG_5725

Terminal 1C of CGK try to maintain it's originally design for open airy design, even tho it's kinda hot if you're on board airplane for several hours and welcomed by this kind of temperature. hmmm

Skip the baggage carrousel, since I didn't checked-in my baggage
photo IMG_5740photo IMG_5743photo IMG_5745

walking out, order a shuttle bus services to Bandung and home I'm getting closer!The shuttle srvices was around 2hours or so pretty much took a nap.

Right after arrived at the shuttle bus service drop off point, grab a cab to end the journey.

photo IMG_5758photo IMG_5759
Tangkuban Perahu mountains on the right.

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Thanks for stop by on my very first flight report here! Comments and suggestions are welcome. Sorry for grammatical error here and there..
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Citilink Indonesia

Cabin crew5.0
Buy-on-board menu5.0

Surabaya - SUB


Jakarta - CGK



Citilink Indonesia as a low cost carrier subsiadiary of Garuda Indonesia founded on 2001 and several time ups and downs before its currents operations. I still remember back when QG's livery still flower and colouful ones on BDO-BTH route with Boeing 737 classic series and I do more impressed with their services back that time, I mean currents services is just a dull LCCs service without any kind of inovation and so. Citilink probably won't be my first choices for flight if you can get another and also better inflight services for sure unless they're giving me another US$50 to vacational destination that's QG's have.

Information on the route Surabaya (SUB) Jakarta (CGK)

Les contributeurs de Flight-Report ont posté 8 avis concernant 3 compagnies sur la ligne Surabaya (SUB) → Jakarta (CGK).


La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Garuda Indonesia avec 8.0/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 1 heures et 35 minutes.

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  • Comment 149158 by
    marathon GOLD 10065 Comments
    Wikipedia helped me remember the meaning of Umrah (pilgrimage to Mecca at times other than the Hajj).
    When you fly low cost, you get a low-cost BP, right ?
    50% load ? It must be a typo; it looks more like 5% :)

    Some suggestions for next report:
    The pictures in this report are 800 pixels wide; 1024 pixels would fit better in the website's page.
    The narrative should be above the picture it comments, not below like in a book, to save scrolling back and forth.
    My feeling is that centered text should be used for short titles only like View from my room.
    The quality of the pictures (with a smartphone ?) is at times just enough.
    Yes, there are some English errors (low cost, not low coast), but they are no big deal from my non-native speaker's point of view.

    This being said, this cheerful and comprehensive report is pleasant reading.
    Congratulations for bringing yet another airline in the data base, and welcome among the contributors to the website !
    (Actually, there was already a report on Citylink, but it was posted in French, so you did score a first)
    • Comment 327432 by
      emyrrs AUTHOR 109 Comments
      Thanks Marathon I made several changes!
      Yes Umra Flight usually chartered by 2 to 5 travel agents to fulfil one A330 or B747.
      Well Imean didi you see a BP from DPS-SUB flight that I found on a seat pocket? Thats one looks so much better compare to the thermal printed BP.

      well first row to 12th or 13th were fill with pax tho. so yeah it's around 50% hahaha. I just recently looking to French FR one so I'll say to second flight report for Citilink on this websites :D
  • Comment 149172 by
    tn92 174 Comments
    This is my very first flight report here for the very first flight report of Citilink part of Garuda Indonesia group.
    Welcome to this great website! I never knew Citilink is part of the Garuda group - thanks for the info. (:

    QG's Boarding pass look like this, so-LCC eh?
    Ah those supermarket style boarding passes - I really don't like them.

    Since there's no IFE such as PTV or even dropped down monitor the Flight attendant need to do the manual safety demonstration
    See those advertisements throughout the cabin? Haha those can be the IFE!!

    YES super light load, its probably around 50% only, where there's more than 14 row completely empty! Good for me, not so good for them!
    I always have mixed feelings about this kind of flights. As a passenger, I will never complain about having more space. But... It does really look worrying for the airline.

    Terminal 1C of CGK try to maintain it's originally design for open airy design, even tho it's kinda hot if you're on board airplane for several hours and welcomed by this kind of temperature.
    I never agreed with the open air design, especially in the HOT and humid climate like ours. (I'm from Singapore)

    Thank you for first report full of nice pictures! I am super keen to try your country's flag carrier one day, but just haven't managed to get a chance on them yet. See you soon!
    • Comment 327433 by
      emyrrs AUTHOR 109 Comments
      Yeah thermal printed BP is just look like a mini market receipt, oh lord please as a LCC Citilink must be receive lots of money from advertisement inside the cabin I guess, from dietary sugar to aromatherapy medicated oil ads. just whirl my eyes

      Well, actually I'm not worried about the light loaded happened that flight, 17th July as Eid Mubarak bring lots of so called mudik flight where mostly flight from Jakarta(CGK&HLP) and major big cities sold 100% even when it reach US$150 to US$200 for one way flight on LCC's carrier because they need to go back to their hometown no matter what on Eid Mubarak.

      Just for example:
      + Before Eid Mubarak: FROM Jakarta > Surabaya FULL (but) Surabaya > Jakarta NOT SO FULL
      + After Eid Mubarak: FROM Surabaya > Jakarta FULL (but) Jakarta > Surabaya LESS PAX

      Yes, actually I'm pretty happy when the CGK airport authorities planning to install AC and cover open space with large windows glass(you can see several AC ducting mounted on the arrival hallway ceiling) but IDK why it'll wait the major renovation I guess.

      Garuda is way better of course no doubt, but Citilink need such an improvement in lots of aspect. See Yaa
  • Comment 149176 by
    Mohd Amiruddin 38 Comments
    Hye. Just want to talk about CGK. Had just been there 3 months ago. Here in our region, we have world-class airport such as Changi, Suvarnabhumi and Kuala Lumpur. Flown with KLM from Kuala Lumpur and to Abu Dhabi with Etihad. To fly to Abu Dhabi I chose to depart from Jakarta as it is a must-visit airport for me.
    What I likes,
    I love the architecture very 'Indonesian', stylish and traditional, where the other regional airport already renovated or rebuild into modern style.
    I love the garden through the whole airport, very nice.
    Airport staffs were everywhere to guide and help you, they might be cannot speak English fluently but they were trying to.
    Airport staffs mostly Indonesians, they were nice and helpful, in KLIA Bangladeshi conquering most of the works, 'are they going to promote KLIA and Malaysia with these people?'
    Immigration clearance was a breeze.
    What I dislikes,
    I will not ever chose to fly to Jakarta anymore as it was killing me when no amenity offered for transit passengers.
    Few WC and they were small! Your trolley even cant go inside, so who is going to take care of your trolley if you're alone?
    The airport is absolutely hot. I think people are allowed to smoke as I saw they were doing so.
    The seats have no backrest and limited.
    I had a 7 hours long transit there, thinking to explore the city but Jakarta is famous for traffic jam or 'macet' in their language. It might be adventurous but it is also bad idea as I arrived there at dawn.
    The muslims prayer room was night market standard.
    Passengers are not allowed to enter the departure hall until their flights is appeared in the flight information screen.
    I expects the airside will be heaven, no they not. Few shops, small WC and limited seats indeed.
    Thats all. Garuda Indonesia the freshly 5* airline is a must-try airline, maybe I will visit CGK again?
    • Comment 327434 by
      emyrrs AUTHOR 109 Comments
      WoW so sorry to hear that from you bro, T2 for my prespective way better than T1 in terms of behavior of the pax, how the staffs work, more shops and lounges to visit, and yes IDK why Soekarno Hatta Airport (CGK) both of T1 & T2 looks so impressive with their unique Joglo Roof.

      and yes when I arrived couple time from international flight the arrival area on T2 welcomed you really warm, literally WARM. Smoking is allowed through some spots marked on Smoking Area and some shops and restaurant like in Starbucks I guess you can smoke cigarettes over there. but on the pick up and drop off point area? well SMOKE FREE sign could translated to you can smoke wherever you want and whenever you want! *joking and reality here* :D

      Hope when Garuda move to their new home at T3 CGK it'll be boost the experience of the Garuda.

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