Review of Turkish Airlines flight Jakarta Istanbul in Economy

Airline Turkish Airlines
Flight TK57
Class Economy
Seat 49D
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 11:45
Take-off 07 Jul 17, 20:45
Arrival at 08 Jul 17, 04:30
TK   #20 out of 113 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 622 reviews
By 5573
Published on 22nd September 2017
Hello again to my flight report…

After long process for enrolled on Summer Course program at one of German University not so far away from Berlin
and finally I can pursue my old dream to go to Germany and also attend college there!

Most of the time I usually flew out of Java Island or abroad mainly from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport Jakarta (CGK-WIII),
so its not so different with other flight that I need to go to Jakarta first by the toll road from Bandung where I lived to Jakarta,
but then we need to visit some places before heading out to the airport.

We left Bandung around 8:00 am in the morning so its all around 12 hours far before my flight. Pasupati fly-over not so crowded on Friday morning…
photo img_1388

As we arrived at Jakarta we went to Plaza Indonesia shopping mall first, and after lunch we direct ourself to the airport.
photo img_1396

On our way to the Airport thru Sedyatmo Toll Road, since its almost peak hour the toll road kinda packed.
photo img_1415

Double Boeing 777 on Terminal 2D.
photo img_1424

After short farewell with my parents and friends, all check-in and checked baggage already dropped then journey begin…


Since Garuda Indonesia moved out their international flight on the first May this year from Terminal 2E to Terminal 3 and their domestic flight on last year from Terminal 2F to Terminal 3.
The situation of T2 D and E is pretty empty for me. After done with immigration which only took less than 7 minutes to be done, I manage myself to stopped at Starbucks only for Cinnamon roll and Orange juice. Some of duty free shops, foods and beverages shops, and couple of lounges closed after GA moved.
photo img_1436photo img_1437

See, the hallway either to the left and to the right after the immigration is rather empty.
photo img_1440photo img_1441

Flight Departure Information for that night.
photo img_1439

After I'm done with everything lets walk to the second security check to reach the boarding gate.
photo img_1443photo img_1444

Gate E7 and the boarding pass before they took the bigger side.
photo img_1445photo img_1446

Another reminder about cabin baggage allowance banner on the corridor to the boarding gate.
photo img_1447

Another Boeing 777 series for my abroad trip.
photo img_1507

Boarding commenced lil bit late.

My seat for next 10 hours or so. The PTV IFE is ready to use!
photo img_1518photo img_1519

Seat pitch and the menu for the flight.
photo img_1522photo page1

I hope these remain empty for the whole flight…..
photo img_1523

Boarding completed, safety video played, and started to pushback, and take off..

Amenity Kit distributed before drink services
photo img_1596photo img_1597

Dinner time! as usual drink services come first before the meal services, turbulence does interrupted the services when the plane reached Indian Ocean. The meal rather bland for my taste and compared to KL, DL, SV, or GA this Turkish's isn't that great one.

Seat Pocket properties, after meal drink services, and after everything clear the cabin crew distribute the mineral water. I managed to took more at the rear galley. haahaha.
photo img_1577photo img_1582photo img_1591

Then again the cabin lighting turn kinda bright after total black out due another turbulence over Indian Ocean. The cabin crew also told that the Wi-Fi onboard and the TV on demand can't be used during that time.
photo img_1594photo img_1595

Lavatory Inspection, anyway the seal looks so obvious never ever I saw that on other airlines. The cabinet under the sink is gawking, I don't know why.
photo img_1602photo img_1603

Cabin situation
photo img_1607

Almost IST! Before breakfast time the cabin lighting colours changes from orange-ish to its final white one.
photo img_1622photo img_1626photo img_1627

Breakfast time! Both the toast and the egg just so-so.

Landing was terrible. You can tell if the airplane going side to side on the runway and also you can tell from the camera…

Being seated on back of the airplane may cause you disembark latest, but I'm so happy when the stairway is attached to the L5 door!
photo img_1664

photo img_1665photo img_1666

To the terminal by apron bus and the security check point for transits was packed with tourist from Mainland China.

The information about the gate wasn't updated yet till one hour prior to departure so it's kinda confusing for me. The terminal situation on early Saturday morning at Istanbul airport. I managed to connect with the crappy Wi-Fi just to tell my family and friends that I'm arrived at Istanbul already. Then the journey to Berlin continues on the next chapter…
photo img_1677photo img_1678photo img_1679

So Thank you for stopping by and read my flight report. Sorry for bad quality pictures. Hope you can share your thought or having same or different experiences on Turkish's flights and also I hope you enjoy my report…

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to be continued…
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Turkish Airlines

Cabin crew6.0

Jakarta - CGK


Istanbul - ISL



With the excitement of being able to be onboard again after a while is just an opening of my Summer Course and Summer Trip with my best friend. Its my very first time onboard Turkish Airlines (TK/THY) overall experiences is just OK. I chose TK over other options for this journey is just because its pretty affordable and I do curious with its services. 9-abreast seat configuration on their Boeing 777-300ER is one of the reason I respect them. Meal options isn't something on my liking, KL and DL do have better catering and I'm not sure how to ordered Special Meal (SPML) on their booking system, KL's offered variety of their SPML right away on your booking system and you can change it easily but on TK's I can't figure it out. Sooo yeah. About the Cabin Crew, they're helpful but not that friendly and their communication skills need to be enrich, its pretty hard to communicate with them. Other weird experience for me when I walked to the back galley to took mineral water there's two female cabin crew just having conversation, usually if I visited the back galley the cabin crew will offer you something or at least trying to having conversation, but on that flight both of them just stare at me. Like really? I know not all Turkish's cabin crew will act like this but is something that for me is down point.



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    KL651 TEAM 4505 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.
    Wow TK catering has really gone downhill.
    Except for the good amenity kit, nothing really stands out compared to SQ or TG.

    • Comment 436170 by
      emyrrs AUTHOR 103 Comments

      Thanks for stopping by. Just saw the notification lol. About the catering that's what I'm mostly confused, because I always got good and positive comments about their food but when I was flying with them the catering was so-so OR maybe its because not from their own Catering Service from CGK-IST route? not sure about this.

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