Review of Singapore Airlines flight Fukuoka Singapore in Business

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ 655
Class Business
Seat 14K
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 06:40
Take-off 29 Dec 15, 09:50
Arrival at 29 Dec 15, 15:30
SQ   #5 out of 93 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 677 reviews
By 3123
Published on 14th January 2016
Back to Fukuoka and we had a late dinner at a famous gyoza eatery near the hotel. The gyozas were good indeed.

And a bowl of warm ramen with a couple of sticks of yakitori at a local eatery joint. Nice…


4th day in Fukuoka, I explored more of the city.

Canal city.

Along the river, with planes doing the visual approach to the airport above the city.

Went to a local market.





Lunch was at a popular Japanese restaurant, Chikae, in the Tenjin area. It was quite a wait to get a seat, but was totally worth it with the very affordable and delicious lunch sets offered.



After lunch, it was more shopping along the streets of Tenjin.

photo 23996485960_3f773e57ea_b

Yatai along the riverside in the evening. We did not partake in it as we did not understand most of the stuff in the menus.

Dinner on the final day was at a local eatery right across the hotel. We decided to try it as it was totally packed the previous evening and did not allow more patrons. We were definitely not disappointed, both with the quality and price of the dishes we ordered.


photo 24266387746_87c6b7e145_b



And ending the night with a bowl of Nagasaki-styled ramen from another popular joint beside the hotel.

photo 23665267873_5ccc098b24_b

It was an early start on the day of departure back to Singapore. Having an early 0950am flight to catch, we checked out of the hotel by 0745am. Luckily Fukuoka Airport was only a mere 15min and 1400yen cab ride away. Having done lots of shopping, there was no way we were gonna take the subway back to the airport.

Reached the International terminal slightly after 8am and it was rather busy with the morning peak departure flights.

photo 24265939466_534e156a28_b

Check in at the Business Class counters was quick, pleasant and efficient, and the check-in agents were already at the baggage x-ray screening stations to guide J Class pax to the check-in counters.

photo 24209569561_6350acfa86_b

Lounge invitation to Lounge Fukuoka was given upon check-in. Doing prior research, I knew that there is nothing fanciful about this contract lounge that SQ (and almost all other airlines) uses.

photo 24210872171_dafdb958ff_b

Interestingly, there were pictures showing the meal selection on today's flight.

photo 24265941616_fd653dac4b_b

Economy Class had a rather long queue. It appears that the flight would be very full (and more than full in Business Class).

photo 23665266603_5b4928ffe1_b

Information on the Economy Class cabin layout and meal selection were also displayed.

photo 23996482780_50f683952e_b

Queues for immigration and security were long but moved fast and soon we were at the departure hall, where there were only very limited duty-free shops for last minute shoppers. Fukuoka airport is definitely one where you do not need to arrive too early for flight as there is literally almost nothing to keep you occupied at the international terminal.

photo 23924240429_56f77b2863_b

photo 24209566111_670717cd08_b

Towards the gates area.

photo 24183897652_3b9e0c9b37_b

Went to Lounge Fukuoka, which was, well… a very very basic lounge. Some sofas and a small work area.

photo 24265935666_677c05aa31_b

photo 23924237759_5519d58060_b

Food offerings were rather sad, with only packaged snacks, cup noodles and steamed rice with pickles available. Drinks selection was were decent though.

photo 24265937156_0df247ddf3_b

photo 23996476310_c3b58f0fb7_b

Only had a few packaged crackers with juice and was out of the lounge in good time.

photo 23924235839_a98bb01dff_b

Being a small terminal, the walk to the gate took just literally seconds. Boarding was in preparation.

photo 24292087185_5f48d6d2e5_b

Soon boarding was announced. Had to proceed one level down to the awaiting aircraft.

photo 24292086465_ef0886980b_b

photo 23924233809_e2d5347642_b

29 December 2015
Singapore Airlines
SQ 655
Fukuoka (FUK) - Singapore (SIN)
Business Class
Flight Time: 6h25m

Near the entrance to the airbridge, a very creative make-shift photo stand was set up by the ground staff, with various colourful placards for you to choose to take photo either with the Singapore Girl cut-out or with the SQ plane parked outside. Definitely something innovative and different!

photo 23924233329_d633bd9b21_b

9V-STO operating the flight this morning.

photo 23996472610_0aeed245f6_b

Welcomed at Door 2L and directed to the left to Business Class. Settled at 14K. View of the seats across before the cabin filled up to the brim.

photo 24183890482_e7e082cf5d_b

Boarding in progress and yes, Christmas is still in the air! Business Class was very full, and ended up with 32/30, including 2 kids. Wow, one of the very few occasions when Business Class is filled overcapacity! With the high load, 4 crew were dedicated to Business Class on this flight, with the Chief Stewardess from economy coming down to assist whenever possible.

photo 23665254593_d7720c5f7a_b

photo 23665252553_affa182244_b

photo 24265928556_13321a4ab9_b

View out the window.

photo 24183889622_5140dc1485_b

When most of us pax had settled down, crew came round with hot towels and welcome beverages of juices, water or soya bean milk. Guess it was still too early for champagne. I opted for the soya bean milk.

photo 23663850904_efd21e0f65_b

The January issue of inflight magazines and IFE were already loaded.

photo 23663848064_3c0e183516_b

Flight time was a long 6.5hr due to strong headwinds at this time of the year. Safety video played, post takeoff drink orders taken and we were pushed back.

photo 23996466160_a8ccae46e1_b

photo 23924225419_6d59f56794_b

Taxi to runway.

photo 23996465380_3109258dae_b

Short video of the taxi.

JAL B772 in a special livery just landed.

photo 24265921666_598498d178_b

China Eastern A320 ahead of us.

photo 23665247283_469f21ff66_b

Special-liveried JAL

photo 24183881602_c3d5892504_b

And we had a very powerful departure with steep climb from Rwy16, due to a short runway and noise abatement requirements at Fukuoka airport.

Climbing out of Fukuoka.

photo 24183880532_bbd060ba12_b

photo 23665245463_81aac2b2a0_b

photo 24209546381_81cfaf93f4_b

photo 24292072965_588b7fc5b1_b

photo 24292072185_007ac53b8b_b

photo 24265917216_23539bd77c_b

Slippers, socks and eyeshades were handed out. No more of the weird looking sockettes.

photo 23924219309_5f10b368e4_b

Some nice scenery below.

photo 24265915066_b45fb86dc4_b

Cabin service started with distribution of post-takeoff beverages.

photo 24209542061_53238b18bd_b

My order of Singapore Sling was delivered shortly after.

photo 23663837584_7385d8964a_b

Which was followed with the Satay course. 2 sticks of chicken and 1 stick of mutton for each pax.

photo 24292068295_67a2f7943f_b

Lunch would only be served approximately 2hrs after takeoff. In the meantime, a visit to the lavatory to check out the amenities.

photo 23663836284_0161ef60fa_b

photo 24265911966_69ddf83393_b

View outside.

photo 24292066525_2010fc2edc_b

Unfortunately, my IFE system encountered some problems, with the movies and videos not playing. Only the flight map was available. The crew tried their best to rectify the problem and eventually had to do a major reset of my IFE system. Hence I could only watch the movies an hour later after the major reset was done after the satay service. However the crew were apologetic and tried to make up for the wait by offering more drinks and magazines, and even offered to allow me to select my choice of meal for lunch ahead of other passengers. Nice service recovery here, though not the fault of the crew.

One hour into the flight and waiting for my IFE system to reboot.

photo 23924213829_d8fa60cc6a_b

Nuts and a bottle of water were offered as well.

photo 24292064535_4472053032_b

photo 23924212439_3d0fe01608_b

Lets take a look at the meal choices before the start of lunch service.

photo 24265924616_d4bc03e662_b

photo 24265925416_c665484511_b

photo 23996468460_81aa264c78_b

Lunch service commenced while I was watching The Intern.

photo 24209530391_a3209c87aa_b

I had the Hanakoireki meal, which consisted of cold and warm sets. First up is the cold set. Items were rather tasty. Refer to my posted menu for the list of items in set.

photo 24209532361_23028644df_b

photo 23663827574_32d296145b_b

photo 24292056335_664d07a7b4_b

Ordered a sake to complement my Japanese selection. It was serve in a very nice sake glass.

photo 23665223863_24f5a1726d_b

After the cold set was cleared, the warm set was delivered with a miso soup and green tea. Very tasty as well!

photo 24209524441_c858a18537_b

photo 23665225283_37cc6b5165_b

Lets take a look at the normal selection. Smoked beef as appetiser, served with garlic bread.

photo 23663824144_a5234f7eea_b

Braised pork in miso sauce.

photo 24183857722_2cac4b2ae3_b

For dessert, there was the matcha pudding or the espresso with cookie ice-cream.

photo 23663818604_f768f4bf56_b

photo 23663818044_d68eb2c38e_b

Cheeses and fruits to end. I am now really bursting!

photo 24209521461_b65f5205ee_b

And ending with pralines and a mug of mocha. It was a satisfying meal indeed.

photo 24292047655_e89c858ae0_b

Cruising somewhere above the Philippines.

photo 23663816334_625bedddf5_b

Spent the rest of the flight on some mindless horror chick flick.

photo 23996434150_129015e441_b

About an hour prior to arrival, crew went round distributing mixed nuts again and asked if we would like more beverages. Ordered an earl grey and was delivered promptly.

photo 23924195009_193599c820_b

Nearing and descending into Singapore.

photo 23924190849_f168741d48_b

photo 24292041795_9307e729d1_b

photo 23665214333_5b17be1e55_b

photo 23996428960_2b5d7814ab_b

photo 24209512911_282c3d7769_b

Short video of the descend over Batam, Indonesia.

Arrived in Changi Rwy02L, right on schedule.

photo 24265885666_aa410ed327_b

photo 23663813574_d452ff794f_b

photo 23924191939_144e1ef460_b

Video of landing.

And we docked at Terminal 2.

photo 23665215993_d3deb35065_b

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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew9.0

Fukuoka - FUK


Singapore - SIN



It was another great flight on SQ Business Class. Considering the load in Business Class was more than full, the service remained excellent, crew were not flustered (maybe as most were senior crew) and still delivered proactive, professional and commendable service. Good job!



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    Wow I love the food in your report !
    Thanks for sharing this return flight. The food on board looks great and I love the presentation both for the cold and hot service.
    The sake bottle and glass are a very nice touch. What a great meal (especially the japanese one even if the occidental looks nice too)
    A nice cabin, a very good crew , well it must have been a very good flight to end the holidays.

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