Review of Garuda Indonesia flight Singapore Amsterdam in Economy

Airline Garuda Indonesia
Flight GA 88
Class Economy
Seat 43A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 13:30
Take-off 29 Apr 16, 01:30
Arrival at 29 Apr 16, 09:00
GA   #26 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 211 reviews
By 7778
Published on 12th May 2016
Taking advantage of the May Day long weekend plus 5 days of vacation leave, I made a 9-days trip to Europe, mainly focusing on Amsterdam and Prague, with a night each at Brussels and Frankfurt as well. My flights were rather interesting, consisting of:

Garuda Indonesia SIN-AMS
Brussels Airlines BRU-PRG
Czech Airlines PRG-FRA
Singapore Airlines AMS-SIN

All sectors would be in Economy except the last which would be in SQ Business Class.

Unknown to many, Garuda offers non-stop flights from Singapore to both Amsterdam (3x a week) and London Heathrow (5x a week), due to restrictions at Jakarta CGK airport runway, which prevented the long-haul flights to depart more than 3x a week, forcing GA to require a stopover for refuelling in Singapore for most of its Europe-bound flights. Hence, in order to fill up its flights from SIN, GA offers very good one-way deals for the non-stop flight from SIN to AMS/LHR, which I took advantage of on this trip. Also, it would be interesting to experience how the new GA performs on a long-haul, after experiencing their great service on the regional DPS-SIN flight recently as well.

Departure was after midnight and I arrived at Changi's Terminal 3 to check-in for the flight. Online check-in was already done previously and we just needed to drop our bags and get our boarding passes. The GA check-in desks, though with all counters opened but only manned at 2, were totally empty. Expectedly, the check-in agent informed that there were very few passengers joining from SIN, with most pax transiting from Jakarta. I guess there were maybe less than 10 pax joining from Changi. That explains the persistently low fares from SIN on GA's non-stop flights to AMS and LHR.

photo 26642880450_a6074bc2e4_b

Garuda-branded sweets were offered at the check-in desks.

photo 26311701623_e29d743bd8_b

And in no-time, the boarding pass was issued.

photo 26822084892_198dddbf7b_b

Passed immigration and entered the Departure Hall. Within the Departure/Transit Hall, Garuda has set up a mini exhibition to celebrate their 50-years of service flying to Singapore and showcase their history.

photo 26311696003_86a5731589_b

photo 26311699653_02875aef91_b

photo 26311698863_6793c5988b_b

photo 26311697443_61b8a4ed10_b

photo 26311698203_3d610c4da6_b

photo 26311696713_58ea1298b2_b

Proceeded to Gate A14, where the flight would be departing from.

photo 26311695063_2c824f406b_b

SQ B772ER parked at A13 and being prepared for the flight to Istanbul.

photo 26311693553_d7f804d597_b

Our GA B773ER at A14. The aircraft had arrived from Jakarta and rested for almost 2hrs in Changi.

photo 26311694103_6c608bd9ed_b

Waiting for boarding. Flight ended up rather full.

photo 26642873310_7fa754a6f4_b

29 April 2016
Garuda Indonesia
GA 88
Singapore (SIN) - Amsterdam (AMS)
Economy Class
Flight Time: 13H09M

Boarding was announced and the boarding sequence was strictly enforced by the gate agents. Indonesian newspapers were available at the door. Received a warm welcome at the door and proceeded to my seat at 43A.

Passing Business Class.

photo 26311691663_72cf88453d_b

Forward economy cabin.

photo 26642871860_6ff768becd_b

GA proudly showcasing their 2013 Best Economy Class award.

photo 26311690233_02b24c4f77_b

Settled at my seat, with a welcome screen shown on the IFE touchscreen monitor.

photo 26642870650_894b3f79cb_b

Seat pitch, though advertised as 32" pitch, felt much more generous for my 180cm fame. Seat padding is pretty comfortable and recline is decent. There is a footrest at every seat. Power sockets and USB ports were fitted under the seats.

photo 26642870070_d2ec538411_b

View out the window.

photo 26311687613_e899262b10_b

Waiting for boarding to be completed. Our 3-seater at the window ended up all filled, with the aisle seat taken up by a Belgium guy who slept the almost the entire flight.

photo 26642868660_9ed0046e16_b

The April edition of inflight magazines, including IFE guide and onboard shopping.

photo 26311685563_5653f1d742_b

Amenities already pre-set at the seat includes a pillow, thick blanket, headsets and a bottle of water.

photo 26642867060_8a9b0a826c_b

photo 26642864590_4aa5b1b2f1_b

IFE was already available at the gate. Now, a flaw is spotted. This aircraft was already loaded with the May selection of IFE, but the IFE magazine was of the April edition. Lack of attention to detail here, as you would not see this onboard SQ (correct me if I am wrong). However, the IFE system was intuitive enough that I did not need to refer to the IFE guide. Selection of movies, though not as extensive as SQ nor EK, is sufficient for the flight. Plus, the new releases were almost similar as to what is currently on SQ's Krisworld May selection!

photo 26311682633_3b1d72f15f_b

TV programmes were lacking though. Even though the IFE monitor is touchscreen enabled, handsets were available for use as well.

photo 26822054872_9a0ae4179b_b

However, Garuda made it up with Live TV news channels! These were enabled upon takeoff.

photo 26642863310_2e5670da05_b

Boarding was soon completed and safety video was shown, along with Dutch subtitles. Also, announcements were made in Indonesian, English and Dutch, Apparently there was a Dutch-speaking crew onboard.

photo 26311680763_f1613896c0_b

Information of the flight, which can be pulled down over the IFE content.

photo 26642862630_0c9c3291a2_b

photo 26311677733_c7ff9d1599_b

Had a rather lengthy taxi to Rwy02C, passing a number of aircraft resting for the night.

photo 26848053421_50da0b6edb_b

Departing from Rwy02C for the long-haul to Amsterdam!

Decided to watch a light-hearted movie to start the long night.

photo 26915642895_86faec2e18_b

Shortly after takeoff, menus and amenity kits were distributed. The amenity kits came in 3 different colours.

photo 26311676383_0353dd6945_b

Contents of the amenity kit was pretty generous, containing eyeshades, earplugs and a pair of socks. Toothbrushes were available in the lavatories.

photo 26822076372_4c1a692193_b

Menu card

photo 26915641545_36395d8a9b_b

Supper service commenced, with 4 crew working in each section of the economy cabin. Learnt from the crew later on that there are total of 17 cabin crew on the flight, with 8 of them working in economy. Service by the crew was again, as per my previous GA flight, graceful and warm.

photo 26311672233_4783991f40_b

Meal tray. The meal appeared to be catered from Jakarta. Chose a guava juice to go with my meal.

photo 26915640785_a91855c0e4_b

Chose the chicken option. The serviceware was of the new design. Metal cutlery was used.

photo 26882310136_19c211f8fd_b

Cut fresh fruits and coffee cream layer cake. Fruits were fresh and cake was good.

photo 26915638625_8fd6b869b1_b

Hainan rice, garlic marinated roast chicken, sautéed caisim. Served with bun and butter. The main was delicious! Juicy chicken meat with tasty rice. Only wished the portion would be bigger.

photo 26311670393_d9f666ef0c_b

The other option of Pan fried fish, lemon cream sauce, parsley potato and sautéed vegetables. This was delicious as well!

photo 26642859800_84d1792757_b

Crew offering more drinks.

photo 26642856950_70f1e7833a_b

Enjoying my meal with the movie.

photo 26915637565_db6f76342d_b

Garuda offers hot chocolate in economy, and I requested for a cup as my tuck-me-in drink. Not often that one gets to drink hot chocolate in economy class!

photo 26311666453_f2cc2066ac_b

After the meal service, cabin lights were turned off. After completing my movie, I explored a bit of the Live TV channels, and indeed, they were available.

photo 26882307056_c804f9c726_b

photo 26311665713_63497d8787_b

Our present location.

photo 26915636245_b1fabf3b64_b

Caught a second movie, Zoolander 2, before I went into bouts of naps.

photo 26311664653_2a8a363e6b_b

Managed to catch some sleep and when I woke up, the sun was just beginning to rise.

photo 26642850490_aafcff1aa5_b


photo 26915625635_60da3436ec_b

photo 26915627085_b061919fef_b

photo 26311650053_37cda83313_b

Caught a 3rd movie after I woke up.

photo 26642847130_d487714efb_b

Not sure if mid-flight snacks were offered by the crew, but when I drop by the galley while visiting the lav, beef sandwiches, chips and muesli bars were available. Grabbed a sandwich and a pack of chips.

photo 26882295216_fd8b4b784e_b

Lavatory, which was stocked with moisturiser and perfume… not. Apparently they were pilfered by some passenger! Forgot to take a photo from a different lav. Well, at least the passenger left the amenity basket behind.

photo 26642845790_cb8d0dd166_b

About 3hrs prior to arrival, cabin service began again.

photo 26311647843_89077ab808_b

Orange juice and a pack of refreshing towel was handed out. The orange juice was catered from SIN, and not the duper sweet brand from Indonesia.

photo 26642844100_dfab38998a_b

Flying over mountains.

photo 26822062702_6c4c4e0586_b

Breakfast service started. For breakfast, 2 carts was used on each aisle, one to distribute the meal trays and the other with drinks. Apparently, 2 carts were used as the meals cart was also stocked with hot soup on the cart top to offer to passengers!

photo 26822057042_f58f2073b6_b

Received my meal tray, with a cup of warm miso soup. Great to have a soup to warm the stomach in the morning! Judging from the yoghurt, the meal tray seemed to be catered from SIN, unlike the supper service. A croissant and jam was also on the tray.

photo 26642842570_f6b20daac3_b

Chose the Nasi Goreng (Fried rice with Chicken Sate) for the main. Also had a coffee and orange juice to go along.

photo 26882292166_0bff359dc1_b

Fruits and yoghurt. The fruits were the canned ones though.

photo 26642841210_2f71bd4c0d_b

However, the fried rice was absolutely delicious!! This definitely ranked as one the best breakfast dishes I had on a plane. All the contents of the dish were flavourful and I wiped it totally clean! Only wished the portion could be bigger because it was so good. Not sure if the main was catered from CGK or SIN. No picture of the other option though as we did not choose the boring omelette.

photo 26822059512_e9ac40c2ae_b

After the meal tray was cleared, I requested for a hot chocolate, which was again served with a warm smile.

photo 26882289206_4aa6452cbd_b

Flight map.

photo 26882290366_a7523cc579_b

Overflying the city of Vienna

photo 26882287096_0bab178444_b

Aft cabin view.

photo 26822051172_d4efe46057_b

Magazine rack, which was stocked with inflight magazines and newspapers.

photo 26822049182_53b3ea4b11_b

Chatted with the real friendly crew for a short while. Learnt that the junior crew had the choice to wear either the turquoise-blue or orange uniform and it was not enforced to a particular colour. They joked that they might wear the orange uniform on the flight back if they are in the mood for orange haha. They were also extremely happy when we mentioned that their service is as good or probably even better than SQ! After more chats (learnt that GA crew schedules are more packed and tiring than our beloved SIN-based 5-stars airline's crew), we asked if we could take photos with them, which they gamely agreed to. Hence, presenting the warm and wonderful set of GA crew at the aft!

photo 26311638153_580350b225_b

Also asked if they had any GA souvenirs, and the crew present us with 2 very cute soft toys!

photo 26822053232_d5483de120_b

Soon, the pilot announced the descend into Amsterdam. After the announcement, crew came down the aisle offering candies from a basket. We were free to grab a handful.

photo 26311637013_e44398364a_b

We had a bit of detour during the descend, lengthening the flight time a little.

photo 26822047322_c89bc3c728_b

Breaking through the clouds during descent. It was a cloudy and slightly rainy day.

photo 26311636123_d65d6647f3_b

Approaching a cold and wet Amsterdam. It was only 7 degrees celsius!

photo 26311635783_351db1cb9c_b

photo 26311635333_0bde3ddf09_b

photo 26822043902_fa7840b1bf_b

photo 26311634673_9058dfc225_b

Video of the approach.

And a rather smooth landing on Rwy18C. We landed half an hour behind schedule, due to the longer than expected flying time, and GA's tight padding of the flight time. Flight was scheduled at 13hrs, but with a flying time of slightly more than that, and not taking into account ground taxi and waiting time.

Taxi to the gate.

photo 26882281646_2d8480d6fc_b

photo 26311633553_f50d4320eb_b

Thank you and reminder message on the IFE screen.

photo 26822041042_02eff86bf9_b

Parked beside a KLM B787-9.

photo 26311632613_19ec56d67f_b

Economy cabin during disembarking. Crew were along the aisles thanking passengers and bading goodbyes.

photo 26915635025_76316e1f4e_b

photo 26642853400_3b822e69c6_b

Business Class

photo 26311662283_60ae1677c6_b

5-Stars certification on the cabin wall.

photo 26642852510_eb6dfa1ce2_b

Hard to spot our aircraft through the sun-shade patterned glass. A SQ B77W was parked beside.

photo 26822069962_aaee1af821_b

And this was what greeted us as we entered the terminal building!!

photo 26642851160_0be1b81c6f_b

Immigration was only a short wait and bags were out not too long after.

photo 26642849480_c49361da1d_b

First stop was a night in Brussels. As I had booked the 1030am Thalys train, we still had slightly more than an hour to spare, hence explored Schiphol terminal. Interesting to see an aviation hobbyist shop, along with mock-up engine and landing gear!

photo 26642846560_5c374a064b_b

photo 26915628415_5c5938137f_b

photo 26642848330_8f397d2d8c_b

Took a 1.5hrs Thalys high-speed train ride to Brussels Midi, followed by a short one-stop transfer to Brussels Centraal.

Hotel stay for the night was at NH Brussels Carrefour de L'Europe, barely minutes walk from the train station and rught smack in the center of attractions. The room, though seemed old, was comfortable enough for a night's stay and offered a great view of the city center.

photo 26882288146_44fe4e2aa2_b


With the recent incident in Brussels, tourist numbers significantly fell and it was obvious with the much less people on the streets.


Grand Place




The famous pissing boy, Mannekin Pis, dressed up in spring wear.


Of course, what is Belgium without Belgium chocolates! There are shops selling chocolates everywhere, from the affordable to the luxury.


Of course not to be missed, having the best waffles in Brussels at Dandoy!


photo 26915610395_d9a063752c_b

Then it was back to the hotel for an early night due to tiredness, only to wake up early at 4am. Since we missed the night scene, we decided to explore the deserted Grand Place to soak in the night scenes. It was surreal!




The hotel offered early check-out birds a free light breakfast, which we grabbed some light bites from.

photo 26310171674_8024c9ddd6_b


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Garuda Indonesia

Cabin crew9.5

Singapore - SIN


Amsterdam - AMS



Honestly speaking, Garuda has greatly exceeded my expectations on this long-haul flight! Tasty food and beverages, comfortable seats, great amenities and most importantly, warm and genuine service by the Garuda crew! Just basing on the flight experience (ground experiences may be another story but I did not encounter any problems), Garuda had proven that it can stand head-to-head with the best airlines out there. I would definitely have no qualms flying on Garuda Indonesia anytime in the future.

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