Review of Air France flight Paris Lisbon in Economy

Airline Air France
Flight AF1124
Class Economy
Seat 15F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:30
Take-off 12 Jul 16, 20:50
Arrival at 12 Jul 16, 22:20
AF   #24 out of 78 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 5548 reviews
Rl 777
By 576
Published on 23rd July 2016

Hello everyone and welcome to the second part of this series about my recent family trip to Portugal. This part will cover the second flight from Paris to Lisbon after connecting from Stockholm. I hope you enjoy reading it :).

My family usually travels somewhere outside of Sweden during the summer months. We had nothing planned for Summer 2016 but my mom repeatedly told me she had to go somewhere outside of Sweden. Finally things materialized and we booked a trip to Portugal from July 12 to July 19. The fares and timings weren't excellent as we were late to the booking party but my family would get away from Sweden and that was what mattered for my family. Air France was the cheapest option for flights from Stockholm to Lisbon around these dates, Air France had to be choice. This was my first time flying with Air France. The flight from Stockholm departed at 13:10 and we arrived at Paris CDG at 15:50. Our connection would last for five hours before flight AF1124 to Lisbon would depart. Three out of four flights were scheduled to be operated by A320s and the last one to Stockholm by an A321.

NOTE: Some pictures are taken with my phone and some with my camera.

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We had a connection of five hours after we landed from Stockholm. My family decided to go to the Aéroville shopping mall located close to the airport, we grabbed a taxi to Aéroville but my dad later learned about a free shuttle bus service between Aéroville and CDG. After a few hours of shopping in Aéroville it was time to return to CDG for our next flight to Lisbon and we went to the airport with one of the free shuttle buses.
photo 20160712_174848

Inside the bus, the MB Citaro city bus had onboard storage for luggage.
photo 20160712_182808photo 20160712_183045

Arriving at Roissypole approximately 15 minutes later, the next step was to find the signs for Terminal 2.
photo 20160712_184605

We followed the signs for Terminal 2 and found out we had to take the CDGVAL shuttle train in order for us to get to Terminal 2.
photo 20160712_184703

Inside the CDGVAL heading towards Terminal 2.
photo 20160712_184858photo 20160712_184956_hdr

We arrived a few minutes later and walked toward the departures area at Terminal 2F.
photo 20160712_185230photo 20160712_185318

Terminal 2F departures area.
photo 20160712_185547photo 20160712_185550photo 20160712_185701

Going through the regular security line, the security process was quick and efficient.
photo 20160712_190606photo 20160712_190757

I was the first one to go through security, I therefore waited for the rest of the family after I was done.
photo 20160712_191728_hdr

A very familiar name caught my attention while waiting for the rest of the family, I looked out of one of the windows and saw this on a bus. "AF1462 Stockholm", I realize this bus is supposed to take the passengers to the aircraft but imagine if this bus actually took you all the way to Stockholm! It would be even more interesting if the bus sported the Air France livery.
photo dsc_0155jpg

Part of Terminal 2F.
photo 20160712_192807

Gate F50 was assigned for flight AF1124 to Lisbon tonight.
photo 20160712_192912photo 20160712_193221

Some spotting shots from CDG. I was way too lazy to switch to my 200mm lens for these shots, the first pics are taken with my 55mm lens as a result of my laziness. Air France A321.
photo dsc_0152jpg_edited

KLM B737.
photo dsc_0154jpg_edited

Air France B77W.
photo dsc_0156jpg_edited

Air France A320.
photo dsc_0162jpg_edited

Horrible lighting, Air Europa B738 and Air France A319.
photo dsc_0164jpg_edited

Air France A319.
photo dsc_0165jpg_editedphoto dsc_0168_edited

Cityjet RJ85.
photo dsc_0172_edited

Air France A318.
photo dsc_0174_edited

Easyjet A319.
photo dsc_0178_edited

Alitalia A320.
photo dsc_0181_edited

Air France B77W.

I finally switched to my 200mm lens, HOP! E-170.
photo dsc_0198_edited

Air France A319 without the Servair catering truck.
photo dsc_0202_edited

Air France A319.
photo dsc_0212_editedphoto dsc_0213_edited

That's it for the spotting session at CDG, I went back to gate F50 after my spotting session. Boarding was scheduled to begin at 20:20 but was officially delayed for another 20 minutes. Our scheduled time of departure was 20:50.
photo 20160712_201628_hdr

Boarding commenced at 20:45, I went through but then saw and heard that my mom was being asked to hold on for a minute after she got her passport and BP checked. The staff then told her the flight was completely full and that they'd have to check in my mom's bag due to issues with space onboard (at no additional cost). That was the confirmation of a full flight down to Lisbon.
photo 20160712_204957

Flight information:

Airline: Air France

Flight no & route: AF1124 CDG-LIS

Aircraft: Airbus A320

Scheduled time of departure (actual): 20:50 (21:26), 8:50 PM (9:26 PM) UTC +2 Paris

Scheduled time of arrival (actual) : 22:20 (22:38), 10:20 PM (10:38 PM) UTC +1 Lisbon

Scheduled flight time (actual): 2h 30 min (2h 12 min)

Walking to our A320, I wasn't able to get many better shots during boarding, I was unfortunate to take the shot when these wet windows showed up.
photo 20160712_205031

Inside the A320, this plane was equipped with an older cabin. The FAs greeted me in French before I made my way to seat 15F.
photo 20160712_205132

The seat pitch was better in this older cabin with better legroom. The overall seat comfort was good.
photo 20160712_205248

An Air France A321 next to us.
photo 20160712_205251photo 20160712_205255

Overhead bins.
photo 20160712_205258photo 20160712_205302

An interesting looking cup holder.
photo 20160712_205306

Some very mean clouds were approaching CDG.
photo 20160712_205527

The AF A321 pushing back at 20:57 local time.
photo dsc_0219jpgphoto dsc_0222jpg

Another Air France A321, getting ready for a flight to Madrid.
photo dsc_0223jpg

This particular AF A321 that just had pushback completed is a regular on the domestic runs, heading out as AF7712 to Nice tonight.
photo dsc_0224jpg

The youngest in the family, an A318 heading out to Hamburg.
photo dsc_0227jpg

Slightly larger A319 taxiing out for a flight to Budapest.
photo dsc_0229jpg

An A320 (like ours) about to operate a flight to Berlin TXL.
photo dsc_0231jpg

Those pesky clouds are getting closer and closer.
photo dsc_0233jpgphoto dsc_0234jpg

Boarding was soon completed and we were ready to make our taxi to runway 27L.
photo dsc_0235jpg

photo dsc_0236jpg

AF 77Ws.

Korean Air A388 behind us.

Rolling down runway 27L.
photo dsc_0248jpg

Climbing out of Paris CDG with Louvres and Puiseux-en-France visible over the wing.
photo dsc_0250jpg

We lifted off at approximately 21:26 local time.
photo dsc_0251jpgphoto dsc_0253jpg

We would soon fly through the clouds.
photo dsc_0254jpgphoto dsc_0255jpgphoto dsc_0256jpg

Breaking through.
photo dsc_0257jpg

Pretty thick cloud layers.
photo dsc_0259jpg

And we're through.
photo dsc_0260jpgphoto dsc_0261jpgphoto dsc_0262jpg

I charged my phone with my powerbank again, my cellphone's battery is pretty bad as I mentioned on the previous FR. The smaller seat pocket for the safetycard was very convenient to have on this trip with Air France.
photo dsc_0263jpgphoto dsc_0264jpg

The foldable safety card of this A320.
photo 20160712_220059_hdr

There's the smaller pocket for the safety card.
photo 20160712_220131

A full flight down to Lisbon tonight.
photo 20160712_220456photo 20160712_220140

The service for this flight commenced at 22:10, roughly 40 minutes after takeoff. Service on tonight's flight consisted of a small tomato and mozzarella sandwich together with the usual coffee and drink service, I went with OJ as always. The ARN-CDG flight is listed at 2h 40 min but the offering on that flight was much more extensive, this CDG-LIS flight is scheduled at 2h 30 min and only a small sandwich was served compared to a hot sandwhich, cake and bread. The CDG-ARN run is scheduled at 2h 30 min and still gets the same good service as the ARN-CDG leg, those 10 minutes shouldn't make a difference. The sandwich was good but still too small for a flight of this length, especially compared to what's offered on the Stockholm flights.
photo 20160712_221128

photo dsc_0268jpg

Wrappings from candy have been left in these accessories that were useful when smoking was permitted onboard (information gotten from Marathon, many thanks to him!).
photo dsc_0270jpg

The sun has almost gone down.
photo dsc_0273jpgphoto dsc_0274jpgphoto dsc_0275jpg

There goes the sun.
photo dsc_0276jpgphoto dsc_0277jpg

The rest of the flight was quite uneventful. Most of the passengers were just relaxing before our arrival to Lisbon.
photo dsc_0278jpgphoto dsc_0283jpgphoto dsc_0287jpg

Getting darker and darker.
photo dsc_0289jpg

Martin1405 tracked my flight once again, thank you for that!
photo img-20160712-wa0091

Portuguese ground is visible from above.
photo dsc_0299jpgphoto dsc_0300jpg

Approaching Lisbon and lining up with runway 03L.
photo dsc_0302jpgphoto 20160712_223638 -1

Landing on runway 03L at 22:38 local time (23:38 in France and central Europe), we landed 18 minutes late but that wasn't a huge inconvenience for us.
photo dsc_0308jpg

Taxiing to our stand, I'm sorry for my horrible night-photography skills.
photo dsc_0309jpg

A TAAG B77W departed for its flight back to LAD after we cleared the runway.
photo dsc_0310jpg

TAP A343.
photo dsc_0311jpgphoto dsc_0312jpg

TAP A320.
photo dsc_0313jpgphoto dsc_0314jpgphoto dsc_0315jpg

We would park on a hardstand and be taken by buses to the terminal, makes sense as this bird will head back to Paris at 06:00 AM the next morning.
photo dsc_0316jpg

9U (Air Moldova) E90 next to us.
photo dsc_0317jpg

Our A320 came to a final stop at 22:42 local time.
photo 20160712_224246 -1

Disembarked by 22:50.
photo 20160712_224951

Our A320 with the registration F-GKXV was delivered to Air France in November 2009. These were the only decent shots I could get of our ride.
photo 20160712_225033

Bus ride to the terminal, I apologize for the blurry shots.
photo 20160712_225540

TAP A332.
photo 20160712_225543

TAP wide-bodies.
photo 20160712_225615

Walking to the baggage hall, these children in front of me were traveling alone and were escorted by ground staff in LIS.
photo 20160712_225913

Obrigado! (Thank you in Portuguese).
photo 20160712_225925

Belt 6 was in use for our flight. We had to wait for mom's bag to arrive as it got checked-in at CDG.
photo 20160712_230151photo 20160712_230156

Her bag came in after 10 minutes and we were off to our hotel.
photo 20160712_231414photo 20160712_231547photo 20160712_231618

Waiting for a taxi, we could have gone to our hotel using the metro but dad thought it would be an inconvenience at this time so we took a taxi instead. Taxis in Lisbon are extremely cheap compared to taxis in Stockholm. One tip if you ever visit Stockholm, never travel by taxi unless you are a group of 4 heading to the airport from the main city with one of the respected taxi companies (fixed price).

We finally got a taxi and it would be a Dacia Logan today, heading to our hotel at 23:31 local time.
photo 20160712_233107photo 20160712_233449photo 20160712_233816

Arrived after a 10-minute ride.
photo 20160712_234020photo 20160712_234023

That's it for this FR. Thank you for taking your time to read it and I hoped you enjoyed it :). See you!
photo 20160712_234031

BONUS from Lisbon (Part 1):

Lisbon Metro.
photo 20160713_101824

I purchased a local pre-paid SIM-card with data from a Vodafone store in Lisbon in order to be able to use Google Maps to find my way around in Lisbon.
photo 20160713_114019

Praça dos Restauradores (Restauradores Square).
photo dsc_0336jpg

A familiar sight for my family, Tuk tuk in Lisbon.

Teatro Nacional D. Maria II (D. Maria II National Theatre).
photo dsc_0354jpgphoto dsc_0359jpg

Estátua de Dom João I (Statue of King John I).
photo dsc_0370jpg

Estátua de D. Pedro IV (Statue of Pedro IV).
photo rsz_1rsz_dsc_0357jpgphoto dsc_0375jpg

Streets of Lisbon, Portugal.
photo dsc_0377jpg

Arco da Rua Augusta.
photo dsc_0387jpgphoto dsc_0389jpgphoto dsc_0390jpg

One of many Portuguese flags seen on the streets after they won the UEFA Euro 2016 championship.
photo dsc_0393jpg

Ponte 25 de Abril (25th of April Bridge).
photo dsc_0397jpgphoto dsc_0408jpg

View from Castelo de São Jorge (São Jorge Castle).
photo psx_20160723_180353photo dsc_0430jpgphoto psx_20160723_180419

Hippotrip Lisboa.
photo dsc_0689jpg

Mosteiro dos Jerónimos (Jerónimos Monastery).

Another angle of Ponte 25 de Abril.
photo dsc_0721jpg

Padrão dos Descobrimentos, there was some kind of ongoing construction here when we visited this attraction.
photo dsc_0725jpg

Bonus from Algarve (Part 2):

We stayed in Lisbon for a few days before dad rent a car and drove us to Algarve, Portugal. Algarve is a region along the coast of Southern Portugal. We hired a Peugeot 208 and were off. People drive quite aggressively in Lisbon compared to many European countries like Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France etc. My dad liked this kind of driving though, he repeatedly told me how aggressively he would have been driving if he was driving alone here.
photo 20160715_102616

Driving out of Lisbon on the 25th of April bridge.
photo dsc_0826jpg

To Algarve!
photo dsc_0842jpg

We stopped once before continuing our journey to Algarve.
photo dsc_0868jpg

Another shot of the car that dad drove.
photo dsc_0870jpgphoto dsc_0901jpgphoto dsc_0904jpg

The trip to Portimão, Portugal took approximately 3h 30 min including the stop on the way. Portimão is a small city in the Algarve region.
photo dsc_0944jpgphoto dsc_0945jpgphoto dsc_0946jpg

Praia da Rocha, a beach located 350m from our apartment hotel in Portimão. I'm not really a 'beach-person' though, I just walked around to have a good time with the family and to snap a few pictures.
photo dsc_0951jpgphoto dsc_0953jpgphoto dsc_0963jpg

Benagil, Algarve.
photo dsc_0006jpg

Praia de Benagil.
photo dsc_0010jpgphoto dsc_0011jpgphoto dsc_0020jpg

Cabo de São Vicente (Cape St. Vincent). This cape is the southwesternmost point in Portugal.
photo dsc_0024_editedphoto dsc_0027_editedphoto dsc_0032_edited

Enjoying the sunset from Cabo de São Vicente.
photo dsc_0034_edited

Sunset over the Atlantic Ocean.
photo dsc_0042_editedphoto dsc_0043_edited

We went back to Lisbon on the 18th of July before heading back to Stockholm on the 19th, passing the Vasca da Gama bridge before entering Lisbon.
photo dsc_0060_editedphoto dsc_0062_edited

The last day was spent going to Castelo dos Mouros (Castle of the Moors) in Sintra.
photo dsc_0065jpg

Views from the castle.
photo dsc_0069_editedphoto dsc_0079_edited

Palácio Nacional de Sintra (Sintra National Palace) seen from Castelo dos Mouros.

Palácio da Pena (Pena Palace)
photo dsc_0090_editedphoto dsc_0091_edited


I was able to do a little bit of spotting at Lisbon while staying there, our hotel was located directly under the approach path of runway 03L. I had no idea about this at the time of the booking, I found this out one morning by hearing loud but familiar noises after I woke up, I looked out and saw planes landing right over me.
photo rsz_dsc_0322

TAP A343, taken from a window on the 14th floor of my hotel.
photo psx_20160723_190308

TAP Portugal A320, this and a few more upcoming shots were taken from a random spot 100m from the hotel building.
photo psx_20160723_190354

Orbest A320.
photo psx_20160723_190426

TAP A319.
photo psx_20160723_190505

TAP A343, this and the majority of the shots were taken from a park located 1km from my hotel.
photo psx_20160723_190540

KLM B738.
photo psx_20160723_190629

Air Europa E-195.
photo psx_20160723_190707

Transavia B738.
photo psx_20160723_190739

TAP A319.
photo psx_20160723_190810

TAP A320.
photo psx_20160723_190845

AF A319 arriving from CDG.
photo psx_20160723_190930

Easyjet A319.
photo psx_20160723_190957

Park and an LH A321.
photo psx_20160723_191015photo psx_20160723_191053

United B752 from IAD.
photo psx_20160723_191115

TAP A332.
photo psx_20160723_191149

TAP A319.
photo psx_20160723_191223

Air Canada Rouge B763.
photo psx_20160723_191306

TAP Express AT76, these last shots were once again taken from the random spot located 100m from my hotel.
photo psx_20160723_191336

TAAG Angola B77W arriving from LAD.
photo psx_20160723_191354photo psx_20160723_191434

The second daily EK B77W.
photo psx_20160723_191559photo psx_20160723_191534

Transavia France B738.
photo psx_20160723_191638

The last plane I spotted at LIS, a TAP Portugal A320 arriving from Stockholm-Arlanda.
photo psx_20160723_191719

Thank you once again for taking your time to read this FR, have a good one and see you later!
photo psx_20160723_191751

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Air France

Cabin crew7.5

Paris - CDG


Lisbon - LIS



A decent flight with Air France, the flight from ARN was definitely more enjoyable because of a number of reasons but this flight wasn't bad by any means.

Cabin - Older cabin but the seats had a greater seat pitch and the comfort was still good.

Cabin crew - Standard cabin crew that offered a few smiles here and there, they did their job efficiently.

Entertainment - Window view

Meal/catering - A small sandwich with a drink and coffee, a bit too small for a flight of this length (2h 30 min). The ARN flights had a much better offering and was scheduled at 2h 40min, the CDG-ARN flight is scheduled at 2h 30 min and still has the same good offering.

Information on the route Paris (CDG) Lisbon (LIS)

The contributors of Flight-Report published 27 reviews of 3 airlines on the route Paris (CDG) → Lisbon (LIS).


The airline with the best average rating is Air France with 7.5/10.

The average flight time is 2 hours and 31 minutes.

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  • Comment 359344 by
    martin1405 41 Comments

    Thank you for sharing another FR!!! :)

    I guess that your second flight was also decent, but I still think the ARN flight was better. The cabin looked better and the catering was quite good on the ARN flight.

    Terminal 2F looks quite interesting and I really like it.

    Great spotting and amazing pics as always!!! The Babybus looks really cute, haha.

    I like this cabin, too. The cabin on the ARN flight was slightly better due to the leather seats.

    No problem for tracking your flights again! Still love tracking your flights. It's fun!

    You had a beautiful flight. The sunset was just gorgeous!!! So beautiful!!!!

    I wish you had the same catering as on the flight from ARN to CDG.

    "I'm sorry for my horrible night-photography skills"
    - Please don't worry about it...

    I hope you still had a great experience with AF again and I can't read to read your next FRs!!

    Thanks a lot again :)! See you (in 8 days)!!!

    • Comment 359430 by
      Rl 777 AUTHOR 806 Comments

      Thank you for your very nice comment :).

      Yep, the flight was okay but the ex-ARN flight was way better.

      "Terminal 2F looks quite interesting and I really like it."
      My mom liked 2F as well haha, I also thought it had an interesting design.

      Thank you so much! I appreciate it!

      The newer cabin looked better IMO but this cabin had greater seat pitch and better legroom.

      Thank you! Haha

      That was certainly a highlight of the flight, glad you liked the sunset!

      "I wish you had the same catering as on the flight from ARN to CDG."
      - Unfortunately I learned that's not the case for the LIS flights, the catering out of LIS was even worse than on this flight. Servair has higher-quality sandwiches than many other airlines IMO.

      Thank you! I appreciate your support and feedback :).

      Have a good one and see you in a week :).

  • Comment 359431 by
    loukas 342 Comments

    Many great pics! Thanks for this FR!

  • Comment 371281 by
    NGO85 GOLD 1871 Comments

    You even got a rainbow in your spotting shots^^ Oh, and thanks for the planes too :)

    “An interesting looking cup holder.”
    They always struggled trying to put the circle in the square hole in elementary school.

    The catering is pretty poor, this is similar to what is offered on short 1 hour flights. They could argue the portion sizes are with respect to time of day. Like in the US, domestic flights departing after 9pm don’t get meal service in F. I like how you plane is new, but has seats from an older AF plane (hence the ashtrays).

    “The rest of the flight was quite eventful.”
    You mean uneventful? ;)

    The 9U was a nice find at LIS.

    “Obrigado” <== Now you know where arigatou in Japanese comes from ;)

    LIS is definitely one of the easiest airports for access, taxis are cheap into the city and the subway is also very convenient for connections.

    You had much better weather in LIS than me, although it was probably much hotter when you went. Excellent spotting shots at the end, almost booked that UA B752 from IAD when I went on my trip to LIS.

    Thanks for sharing this report, even if I’m replying months late :)

    • Comment 371488 by
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      Thank you for your very nice comment :).

      I'm glad you liked the spotting shots, the support is appreciated :).

      “They always struggled trying to put the circle in the square hole in elementary school.”
      - Hahaha

      The catering was even worse on the LIS-CDG leg :(. Thank you for the information, did not know that.

      "You mean uneventful? ;)"
      - Whoops, thank you very much for noticing that! Fixed it now haha.

      “Obrigado” <== Now you know where arigatou in Japanese comes from ;).”
      - I guess I learned a lot of new things today, thanks again.

      I thought your spotting bonus was much better though :), it was pretty unbearable in the middle of the day haha. Damn, that would have been interesting haha.

      It's never too late IMO, thank you for commenting!

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