Review of Singapore Airlines flight Singapore London in Economy

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ308
Class Economy
Seat 52A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 13:40
Take-off 21 Nov 16, 09:20
Arrival at 21 Nov 16, 15:00
SQ   #9 out of 71 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 647 reviews
By 4540
Published on 1st April 2017
Hi guys, this is my first flight report so please do tell me how I can improve my future reports in the comments below. Thanks.

We arrived at Changi Airport T3 about 3 hours before our flight. I forgot to take a picture but check-in was very fast with only 3 to 4 people in front of us. However, the self check-in kiosk was quite confusing as it was our first time using it. A helpful staff was there to assist so we got over it pretty soon :)

Passing passport control which was as efficient as it can be. It took around 2 to 3 minutes I think. Now with around 2 hours to spare, I have to say that Changi really has a lot of things to do.

After having breakfast, headed over to the gate. One thing I like about Changi Airport is that the split passport control and bags check so we do not have to wait in a long queue just to get to the airside.
photo 2016-11-21 08.02.45
A A380, not my plane though.(Side note: it could use some cleaning)
photo 2016-11-21 08.28.34
The gate area, lots of place to Sit.

Boarding & Take off:
After some time at the gate, boarding calls were made and everyone boarded by groups.

Our plane was supposed to be a A380, however due to lighter passengers load, aB77W was used. According to flightradar24, a B77W is used every Monday(for those 777 fans out there).
photo 2016-11-21 08.44.47
Going down the aerobridge
photo 2016-11-21 08.45.42
Our plane
photo 2016-11-21 08.46.49
My seat for the next 14hours.
photo 2016-11-21 08.47.18
Nice views of runway from the gate!
photo 2016-11-21 08.53.15
GA B777
photo 2016-11-21 09.00.17
Cebu Pacific A320
photo 2016-11-21 09.04.43
A Qatar A350, hope to fly on a A350 soon:)
photo 2016-11-21 09.05.39
Another plane(I forgot the airline) taxing off the runway.

The flight:
photo 2016-11-21 09.06.18
As with every SQ flight, a hot towel was given our before pushback.
photo 2016-11-21 09.09.24
Menus was soon followed.
photo 2016-11-21 09.09.43photo 2016-11-21 09.09.48

In the seat pocket was the usual Safety Information Card, Krisflyer Magazine, Krishop catalogue and air sickness bag.

Earpiece was the given out. I still prefer those times where headphones was used though(or did I imagined this?). On a side note, the audio system was bit faulty as the sound would stop for a few minutes then resume again after I replug the earpiece.

The amenity kit and its contents.
photo 2016-11-21 09.34.37photo 2016-11-21 09.34.59photo 2016-11-21 09.13.00
Starting the engineslLove the sound of those GE90s)
photo 2016-11-21 09.13.54
China A333
photo 2016-11-21 09.21.06
Taxing to runway.

A video of take up to around 10,000 feet.

Flight & Service:
After the seatbelt sign is turned off, I started to use the krisflyer entertainment. I personally think that the selection on SQ is pretty good, sufficient for 14hours.

The cabin crew soon came around to start with a drinks service. There were the usual water, juices and carbonated drinks. I got an apple juice.
photo 2016-11-21 09.46.50

Breakfast was served about an hour into the flight, the selection was either
Braised egg noodles with soya chicken and Chinese greens or
Baked egg with pan-fried bacon, baked beans, sautéed mushrooms and roasted potato.

photo 2016-11-21 10.16.19
I chose the Baked egg option.

photo 2016-11-21 10.16.23
My travel partner took the Braised egg noddles.

I think the presentation was quite nice and the food was amazing. One of the better meals I had on a plane.

photo 2016-11-21 11.28.21
View of the cabin after breakfast.

Visiting the lavatory after breakfast, it was quite clean and remained that way for the rest of the flight.
photo 2016-11-21 11.27.28

For most of the flight, I watched some movies until around 7hours into the flight where lunch was served. SQ offered chips of various flavours, chocolates and drinks like OJ and water. I got some chips and a cup of coke from the cabin crew. A packet of peanuts was also given but can't remember when it was.
photo 2016-11-21 13.18.07photo 2016-11-21 14.36.31

A hot towel was given out before lunch service begin. Choices for lunch on today's flight is,
Cajun-spiced chicken in oregano tomato sauce served with sautéed vegetables & roasted potatoes or
Sa Cha Pork, Stir fried sliced pork with dried brill fish sauce served with vegetables and steamed rice

Cabin after lunch.

Some snack and drinks I took. The burger was nice and just the perfect size to fill in some mid-flight hunger.
photo 2016-11-21 14.48.55photo 2016-11-21 18.02.36photo 2016-11-21 21.27.28

Some places we flew over, love the clouds!

Time flew by and soon it was time to light up the cabins and prepare for arrival in Heathrow. The cabin crew came by to hand me another bar of chocolate during descent as she noticed that I seemed to love the chocolates.

Video of our landing into LHR.

After a rather bumpy landing we taxied and parked next to a united 767 in T2.
photo 2016-11-21 23.12.11

As usual people scrambling to take their bags and hurriedly disembarked. A final picture of our B77W that brought us to London.
photo 2016-11-21 23.24.12
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A conclusion of my flight, I would say the flight was amazing. The food was exceptionally well, good job to SIN catering. The cabin crew was also filled with smiles and did their jobs pretty well. They conducted drinks service regularly and the toilet was kept clean throughout the flight. Entertainment was sufficient although I think that meals service was a bit too close to each other. Other than that a very nice flight. SQ living up their standards as usual!

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