Review of SWISS flight Zurich Hong Kong in Economy

Airline SWISS
Flight LX138
Class Economy
Seat 33A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 11:10
Take-off 06 Dec 16, 22:45
Arrival at 07 Dec 16, 16:55
LX   #30 out of 112 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 501 reviews
By 2672
Published on 18th December 2016
Hi everyone, the report will cover the second part of the trip to Asia.

1. Part 1 LX3627 MUC -> ZRH Here
2. Part 2 LX138 ZRH -> HKG You are Here
3. Part 3 BR828 HKG -> TPE Here
4. Part 4 BR867 TPE ->HKG Here
5. Part 5 OS58 HKG -> VIE Here
6. Part 6 OS117 VIE -> MUC Here

Originally, I would have a 3 hours transit time in Zurich. But due to the delay, it turned out that I had 2 hours which was far more than enough. I passed through the immigration and got on the Skymetro to terminal E. Terminal E is a satellite terminal and handles non-Schengen international flights. Since there wasn't much flights leaving Zurich in the night, the terminal was quite empty (from an Asian standard). My flight to Hong Kong was assigned to gate E27, and as I had plenty of time, I decided to explore the terminal. Obviously there wasn't any shops that attracted me and soon I returned to the waiting area in front of my gate. The aircraft, HB-JNA, carrying FACES OF SWISS livery, will take me to Hong Kong tonight. Unfortunately, I was unable to get a good photo of the aircraft. 30 mins before the official time for boarding, people started to gather around the gate.

Boarding was on time. Tonight we had a light loading of about 60% I guessed. I chose a window next to the left wing in the front section of the economy class. I was so happy when I heard the announcement, "boarding completed". This meant that two seats next to me will be free!

My seat 33A
photo dsc02858
Cabin during boarding 1
photo dsc02860
11" touch screen monitor
photo dsc02862
Cabin during boarding 2
photo dsc02863
Before the push back, the cabin light was switched to the mood lighting mode.
photo dsc02866
View outside the window
photo dsc02868
Starting menu of the Inflight entertainment system. Indicating the flight time, distance and the seat number.
photo dsc02870
Cabin light was turned off during taxing and our plane came to an area besides RWY32, where de-icing was carried out. As I was siting right next to the wing, I can see the de-icing process over the wing. The whole process took about 15 minutes and we took off at 23:36pm.

De-icing in progress. A SWISS A340 was having the de-icing next to us.
photo dsc02871
Less than 30 minutes after take off, dinner was served. I chose the beef option together with a warm bread. I opted for a coke and they gave me the whole can, which was very generous comparing with their mother company, Lufthansa.
photo dsc02874
After the meal, I had a coffee.
photo dsc02875
I browsed the film database and finally ended up with a Chinese film called Time Raider.
photo dsc02876
At 1:36am I decided to have some sleep. It was great to have the adjacent seats unoccupied.
photo dsc02877
At 4:18am I woke up and from the map I discovered that we were flying over Turkmenistan. I went to the lavatory and continued with the last 30 mins of the movie. After finishing Time Raiders,I started to watch Star Trek Beyond but in less than 15 mins, I fell asleep again.
photo dsc02879
At 8:00am I woke up again and we were already flying over somewhere between Bangladash and India. I continued with Star Trek again. 10 mins later hot towel was distributed.
photo dsc02880photo dsc02882
The Total Route view of the flying map.
photo dsc02883
Breakfast was served two hours prior to landing and this was the only option they provided.
photo dsc02886
Classic SWISS chocolate was distributed after the breakfast
photo dsc02887
Before the descend commenced, I went to the lavatory again and took a cabin shot.
photo dsc02888
Passing through Macau. You can see the bridge joining Macau and Hong Kong.

Final approach
photo dsc02897
At 17:47pm (Hong Kong time), we touched down at Hong Kong International airport.
photo dsc02898
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Cabin crew9.0

Zurich - ZRH


Hong Kong - HKG



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  • Comment 378465 by
    marvin150892 27 Comments

    Thank You very much for sharing this FR :)
    The photos of ZRH and the LX B777 are great all around!
    I love the style of those LX seats, they look like grandmas cozy old sofa XD

  • Comment 378477 by
    NGD16 AUTHOR 22 Comments

    Thank you for your comment. The seat was actually quite comfortable even if you don't recline it at all.

  • Comment 378487 by
    ashleyyau 171 Comments

    Thanks for sharing the flight report with nice pictures!

    The LX Y cabin design looks decent with its color tone. The IFE is big with good interface which I like the airshow design. And glad to know no seatmate with you and you can turn your row into economy-business^^ The only minus thing is LX adopt a 10-seat Y cabin although seats look comfortable (but it become the trend now…)

    The food looks tasty and size is adequate for this flight length. IMO it would be better for the chocolate served pre-arrival.

    Look forward to next report!

  • Comment 378593 by
    flywunala 155 Comments

    Great FR! Funny enough I was on the return journey of HB-JNA (LX139/17) and like you, due to absence of daylight both in HKG and ZRH I could not take any photo! It was my first ever Swiss flight and I must say my experience was great (in economy with the family). Comfortable seat, good IFE (although I could have done with a larger selection of movies). The food was superb and the chocolate at the end just divine! I like the feel of the cabin, and the "welcome" in 5 languages on the galley panel, as you board via Door L2. Feeling very welcome indeed. Staff were attentive. Snacks available through the night. I truly enjoyed the flight and would not mind tying the business class at the next opportunity.

  • Comment 378604 by
    KL651 3505 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.
    It seems once again that LX has a hard time filling out those 77W...
    Good service, though the portions remain on the small side.
    Was there ay snack available in between meals ?

  • Comment 378629 by
    KriegerHo 13 Comments

    Looks like an enjoyable flight! Catering was very good and looked tasty. The minus is that LX uses the 10 abreast configuration, which reduces the seat width. But overall, the flight looks good.

  • Comment 378693 by
    NGD16 AUTHOR 22 Comments

    Ashleyyau: The air show design of SWISS was really good. It provided lots of flight information.
    JW19: Thanks to the low loading so that I can enjoy such a spacious cabin.
    Flywunala: This was also my first ever SWISS flight too. I definitely would like to fly SWISS again for my next trip to Asia.
    KL651: There was a snack bar behind which you can served yourself
    KriegerHo: I think we have to accept that 10 abreast configuration is the trend in the industry...

  • Comment 379234 by
    BombieFlyer 92 Comments

    Wow Swiss' food offering looks delicious. Although I must say the tray looks very sterile :) You are quite lucky to have empty seats next to you. I really hate the 3-4-3 arrangement and I go to great length to avoid flying in that configuration. I think what Swiss offers is pretty solid and could compete with other airlines flying the same route. The colour of the seats is quite soothing and the IFE looks good!

    Thanks for writing this flight report! Not very often we get to read Swiss long-haul in economy :)


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