Review of Austrian Airlines flight Hong Kong Vienna in Economy

Airline Austrian Airlines
Flight 0S58
Class Economy
Seat 36A
Aircraft Boeing 777-200ER
Flight time 12:30
Take-off 13 Dec 16, 11:00
Arrival at 13 Dec 16, 16:30
OS   #54 out of 142 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 194 reviews
By SILVER 4555
Published on 24th December 2016
Hello everyone, this is the 5th part of the trip to Asia. This report will cover the flight from Hong Kong to Vienna.

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5. Part 5 OS58 HKG -> VIE [You are here]
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In the morning, I took a taxi directly to airport. After I got my boarding pass and dropped my checked baggage, I immediately went through the security check and immigration. Then I had my breakfast at the food court before heading to boarding gate. My flight was assigned to gate 204, which was located at the new satellite terminal, so I need to take the automatic people mover to reach the gate. Once I got there, I immediate recognized my plane, OE-LPC, a 14 years old B777-200ER delivered to Lauda Air in 2002. It is given the name Dream of Freedom.
photo dsc02954photo 78
Gate 204 is located near one end of the satellite terminal.
photo dsc02956
Boarding gate
photo dsc02957
Boarding was on time and soon after I settled down in my seat, my seat mate appeared. We exchanged a smile and after a while she relocated herself to an empty middle row behind after confirming with the cabin crew. Unfortunately, two passengers showed up in last minute and she had to return to the original seat.

My seat 36A. Austrian B777 adopts the 3-4-3 configuration. For the last few rows, they are 2-4-2 configured.
photo dsc02958
Cabin view during boarding
photo dsc02959
Apron view from the aircraft
photo dsc02960
Push back
photo dsc02962
We lifted off at 11:23am on RWY 25L
photo dsc02963
Right after take off, our plane immediately turned 180 to the left and flew through the southern part of Lantau Island. This is the standard departure pattern for taking off from RWY 25L. I had a good overview of the airport.
photo dsc02966
Turned left and headed north towards China airspace. Visibility was very good and able to see Tsing Yi Island and Tsuen Wan area.
photo dsc02967
As seatbelt sign was off, my seat mate quickly moved to the front section and disappeared throughout the flight. Great that I had my neighboring seat empty again! Snacks and drink were offered 40 minutes after take off and I opted for orange juice. I checked the entertainment system and started watching a film called Bounty Hunters.
photo dsc02969
30 more minutes later, lunch was served. When the cart came, they told me that they only had one option left, but promised that it will be delicious as well. That was fine for me and turned out that it was even more delicious than I thought. Of coz, I finished all on the tray. In the middle of the meal, they came again and asked if I wanted extra bread.
photo dsc02971
Kept heading north, and I began to feel sleepy.
photo dsc02972
I slept for about 1 hour and 40 minutes and woke up at 15:00pm and realized that we were flying over Southwestern Mongolia, I observed some stunning scenery from the window but due to the sunlight and reflection, I could't take any good photos, so I went to the R4 exit at the back of the aircraft. (Also visit the lavatory) There was a guy also taking pictures from R4 exit with his DSLR.
photo dsc02973
Cabin view
photo dsc02975
L4 exit
photo dsc02976
I grabbed an orange juice and enjoyed the view. I think this is the Gobi desert, correct me if I am wrong.
photo dsc02979
We were flying over Böön Tsagaan Lake according to the map!
photo dsc02981
Guiyang-> Chengdu->Lanzhou. After I finished the rest of Bounty Hunters, I continued with another movie, The Legend of Tarzan.
photo dsc02982
About 5 hours after take off, the crews came again and distributed snacks and drinks. I chose the nuts and orange juice.
photo dsc02984photo dsc02985
After I finished the movie, I visited the lavatory again. When I came back, I watched a documentary, How Do They Do It? mega planes. A video of 43 minutes about the building of 747-8i. Then I watched the third movie of this flight, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. But I fell asleep again in 30 mins.
photo dsc02989
Somewhere in Russia 1
photo dsc02991
When I woke up, we were still flying over Russia.
photo dsc02992
Somewhere in Russia 2
photo dsc02996
One hour before landing, the second meal was served. The pasta reminded me of the Cathay Pacific Pasta, but of course this one tasted much better.
photo dsc03002
One downside of the seats are the absence drink holder but luckily I can use the tray next to me.
photo dsc03004
A coat hook is installed at the left side of the seat.
photo dsc03007
Close to destination.
photo dsc03008
Somewhere between the border of Poland and Slovakia. 30 minutes before landing, I visited the lavatory again.
photo dsc03010
Descending into Vienna airport.
photo dsc03011
Touch down on RWY16 at 15:58pm.
photo dsc03012
Taxing to the Terminal 3.
photo dsc03013
Reaching the parking position.
photo dsc03015
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Austrian Airlines

Cabin crew9.0

Hong Kong - HKG


Vienna - VIE



If anyone of you are taking the morning flight from Hong Kong to Europe, I strongly advised that you choose a seat at the right side. Then you can avoid the direct sunlight and enjoy the view.



  • Comment 379109 by
    KL651 TEAM 4478 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.
    We don't get many about OS long haul Y class.
    I find the meals pretty good, in term of quantity it looks better than LX and LH.
    Nice looking cabin too.

  • Comment 379123 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5252 Comments

    Very nice report with beautiful photos! As KL651 mentioned, there aren't many reports out there on Austrian's new 777 cabins. The cabin looks really nice and modern, though it is a shame that OS went 3-4-3, but that is just to be expected these days. The catering looks really good, as is often the case on OS. Overall looks like a good flight. Thanks for sharing!

  • Comment 379128 by
    Airfunes 328 Comments

    thank you very much for this flight report ! beautiful pictures over Russia :)
    Did you see the Chef onboard ?
    See you soon !

  • Comment 379143 by
    SKYTEAMCHC GOLD 8167 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this report with us. A good flight with a very nice looking first meal. The second one looks nice but is a bit small to my taste. The cabin lloks good ans it's always a plus to have a free seat next to you.

  • Comment 379168 by
    BombieFlyer 93 Comments

    Thanks for this flight report! I was curious how this new flight from Austrian would fare in the competitive HK-Europe market. The meal looks good and the size seems quite generous. I think definitely better than CX's food. I noticed that Austrian serves the same balsamic salad dressing in Y cabin that CX uses for its business class passengers.

    Beautiful pictures when you landed in Vienna. What a gorgeous pink sky you had!

  • Comment 379425 by
    NGD16 SILVER AUTHOR 41 Comments

    KL651: You are right, I also did some research before my flight but I can only found some Y class video reports in youtube.
    KévinDC: The cabin was indeed well maintained. I don't know why but I had a feeling that the seat on SWISS was more comfortable than Austrian...
    Airfunes: No, I didn't see the Chef.
    SKYTEAMCHC: My first impression was the same when I saw the second meal.
    BombieFlyer: Last month I flew the HKG-DUS route and I was shocked when I saw the meals provided...

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