Review of Lufthansa flight Hamburg Munich in Economy

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH2069
Class Economy
Seat 29A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:05
Take-off 01 Jan 17, 13:00
Arrival at 01 Jan 17, 14:05
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Published on 4th January 2017
Holiday ended and time to go back to Munich. I took a taxi and arrived at the airport at 10:55am. I immediately printed out the boarding pass on a automatic machine. My flight will be departing from gate C15.

1. LH105 MUC -> FRA Here
2. LH020 FRA -> HAM Here
3. LH2069 HAM -> MUC You are here

Terminal 2 of Hamburg airport
photo dsc03132
As I got a lot of time, I visited the observation deck.
photo dsc03133
Some construction works on the apron.
photo dsc03134
OH-LKR AY854 to Helsinki
photo dsc03137
TC-JSF TK1662 to Istanbul
photo dsc03138
D-AGWM 4U7036 to Cologne
photo dsc03141
D-AINC took me from Frankfurt few days ago and it still operated the Frankfurt-Hamburg route today, while D-AILC operated the flight to Munich.
photo dsc03142
After the plane spotting, I found that there was a long queue in front of the security check, so I needed to be hurried. As I reached the gate, there was already many people waiting. As expected, an announcement was made informing that due to late inbound of the aircraft, our flight will be delayed.

Gate 15
photo dsc03144
At 12:46, our plane shown up at gate. D-AIUQ, a brand new A320 with Sharklet.
photo dsc03145
Boarding commenced at 13:10pm. I chose the left window seat at the last 4th row. The new A320 of Lufthansa adopts the same seat arrangement with A320neo, so you cannot tell the different from the cabin inside. As far as I can see, the loading was closed to 100%. The first 3 rows were assigned as business class section.
photo dsc03147
Cabin during boarding. There was an announcement explaining that the delay was due to the bad weather condition in Munich. He mentioned that due to the presence of freezing fog in Munich, the aircraft had to be deiced before take off from Munich. Flight time was expected to be one hour.
photo dsc03149
Push back began at 13:35pm. A 29 years old A310 of Iran Air was ready to departed to Tehran.
photo dsc03151
We followed the Iran Air and took off at 13:43pm from RWY33.
photo dsc03153photo dsc03154
The Sharklet
photo dsc03155photo dsc03156
KitKat was distributed 5 minutes after take off. Few minutes later drink was served and I had an orange juice.
photo dsc03157
I noticed that there wasn't any coat hanger on the seat of the exit rows.
photo dsc03158
Some color distortion on the window.
photo dsc03160
Seat pocket items
photo dsc03161
Feature of the months would be the newly arrived A350.
photo dsc03162
At 14:15pm, an announcement from the cockpit informing that we had commenced the descend into Munich airport. Weather in Munich would be cold and foggy.
photo dsc03165photo dsc03166
As we approached Munich, we were able to observe the fog layer. The fog layer was formed at very low altitude, once we passed through we were very close to the ground.
photo dsc03167
At 14:38, we touch down at RWY26R. A large part of the ground was covered in snow.
photo dsc03169
Our plane parked at gate C09
photo dsc03170
Last view of the aircraft
photo dsc03171
When I read the shopping catalogue, I found that Lufthansa released an Aviationtag which was made from the original sheet metal of the scrapped 747, D-ABVC. The tag is limited to 2000pcs. Without any hesitation, I decided to buy one for my own collection. Therefore, I headed straight to Lufthansa Worldshop once I left the aircraft. I was hoping to get the blue one but they only have white version left.
photo dsc031841
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