Review of Singapore Airlines flight Singapore Taipei in Business

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ 878
Class Business
Seat 16K
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 04:35
Take-off 29 Dec 16, 11:40
Arrival at 29 Dec 16, 16:15
SQ   #4 out of 96 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 695 reviews
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Published on 9th January 2017
Following my trip to Bangkok over Xmas, I made another trip over the New Year holidays, to Taipei to witness the Taipei 101 New Year Fireworks. This was of course coupled with some shopping as well as eating.

Having checked-in online earlier, we proceeded to Terminal 3 to drop off our bags and obtain boarding passes. The terminal was rather quiet during the mid-morning period after the morning rush.

photo 31368128733_7b5bd28086_b

Proceeded to the Silver Kris Lounge. This was my first visit to the T3 SKL even though I have visited the T2 side a couple of times prior.

photo 31368125773_2cd451a9db_b

Xmas deco in the lounge.

photo 31368106153_2045940954_b

At this time of the day with few departing flights, the lounge felt vast, empty and quiet.

photo 31368124233_5eb6880d77_b

photo 31368124233_5eb6880d77_b

photo 32060224801_d5ec3f4c71_b

Buffet and beverage areas. Breakfast items were being served at the time. Selection seems to be more than the T2 SKL.

photo 31368122043_cb58f7066f_b

photo 32178533185_84e91d7960_b

photo 32178532785_42260d628e_b

photo 31368108133_80840f3630_b

photo 31368104473_3199ac2baf_b

My late-breakfast selection of Nasi Lemak, dim sum, fried carrot cake and tau suan dessert.

photo 31368107063_58b8e108cd_b

Desserts, fruits and a TWG green tea to wrap up my lounge visit.

photo 32178532265_99700ee193_b

Off to the gate at A12, where boarding has already commenced. Surprisingly, the flight was not full at all considering the upcoming New Year holidays.

photo 31368103473_bbb16600c3_b

Boarding another SQ A330, barely 38hrs after getting off one.

photo 31368102393_66fe05b253_b

29 December 2016
Singapore Airlines
SQ 878
Singapore (SIN) - Taipei Taoyuan (TPE)
Business Class
Flight Time: 4H16M

Boarding the aircraft and was welcomed at the door.

photo 32030158912_c02332aa1e_b

Proceeded to my seat at 16K. As per previous flight, this was the Regional Business Class angled lie-flat seats which has been reviewed many times before. A Lionair aircraft parked beside.

photo 31368100863_760cd631dd_b

Aircraft was updated with the January selection of inflight mag and entertainmant.

photo 31368095013_394c03558f_b


photo 31368077523_4d2892979b_b

Welcome drinks and hot towels were offered. I chose a Charles Heidsieck to start.

photo 31368099843_cd1a7670b3_b

Boarding completed and we pushed back early.

photo 32030156832_83e9053d98_b

Safety video played. The Business cabin was less than half full.

photo 32030156412_565da184ba_b

Jet Airways has started sending their B773ERs to Singapore.

photo 31368097023_04222ffe30_b

It was a rather long taxi to the departure Rwy02C. Passing the new Terminal 4.

photo 31337038384_9c6641baf9_b

Video of the taxi.

Taxi and takeoff from Rwy02C.

photo 31337036974_a63b932996_b

photo 32060217201_405621acaf_b

photo 31337035624_18bbe0e7e9_b

photo 31368088373_97145019d3_b

photo 31803284120_b9b7c2ce3c_b

photo 31368088103_68974c6132_b

Video of takeoff.

Continued with the movie which I did not complete on the previous flight. Also browsed through the menu.

photo 31803283820_1e8988e84e_b

Lunch and dinner menu for SQ878/879.

photo 31803283660_533e4a7e99_b

photo 31368087463_269a0f6125_b

Beverage selection. The selection is slightly different from the offerings on my previous BKK flight.

photo 31803283340_c3fd3fabbd_b

photo 32060214861_3113de3be8_b

photo 31803282790_d80f975817_b

photo 32060214291_a2a15d2638_b

photo 31337030044_43932591d0_b

photo 31803282130_ce9ff7cc92_b

Slippers, socks and eyeshades were distributed.

photo 31337028924_5c34fc743a_b

Quick visit to the lavatory.

photo 31803281670_ee61023486_b

photo 32030144892_329708076d_b

View of the cabin and seats.

photo 32030144602_1f43685f87_b

photo 32030144362_28a37f71ed_b

After takeoff drinks and warm nuts were served. I had ordered the Silver Kris Sling for my beverage of choice. Unlike my trip to TPE 2 years back, SQ's signature satay service has been discontinued on the TPE flights. Lunch choices were also taken.

photo 32030144082_f5b003dd6c_b

Soon, lunch service started.

photo 31337025344_595a80a335_b

Meal tray with starter and breads.

photo 31337024544_3539b1c6e8_b

Marinated prawns in lemon thyme dressing, herb feta cheese and grilled red peppers.

photo 32030143072_d2cb2798d6_b

Cheese and garlic breads.

photo 32030142672_7eb6951615_b

For the mains, we had Booked-the-Cook. My travel partner had the Chinese Style Cod with Fried Rice, served with seasonal oriental vegetables, Chinese black mushrooms and egg fried rice. Designed by Singapore Airlines International Culinary Panel Chef Zhu Jun. It tasted rather good.

photo 32030142222_744122ce38_b

I had selected the Chargrilled Soya-Flavoured Beef: Japanese-style beef, vegetables simmered in mirin, and shimeiji mushroom rice. Designed by Singapore Airlines International Culinary Panel Chef Yoshihiro Murata. This was one of the best beef dish I had onboard a flight, with the beef still being red in the middle and very tender.

photo 32030141872_a9c6ff1f9f_b

photo 32030141652_d6c28b6d7a_b

Dessert was a Movenpick Pistachio ice-cream, which was heavenly!

photo 32178508075_dcedf360c7_b

Or a Lemon Curd Cream Cake. The cake was a bit too tarty for my liking.

photo 32030141252_09ba7f01ec_b

1.5hrs into the flight.

photo 32030141032_e4f9d56afa_b

Cheeses and fruits. I had a melon and some longans. Cheeses were on the strong side.

photo 31368080813_d43146be12_b

Started on a second movie.

photo 32178506935_751c503f26_b

Pralines offered and I ordered a mocha after a bout of turbulence to end the meal.

photo 32030139812_18ff316ec3_b

photo 32178505515_1f1a05b289_b

Seat in almost full recline mode.

photo 31368078833_4ff26763fa_b

After a short snooze, we were approaching Taiwan and starting the descend soon.

photo 31368078173_f99f7b98de_b

Descending through the clouds and overflying the city of Taichung.

photo 32178504045_338a7a4deb_b

photo 31337012784_b1519c24e5_b

photo 32178503635_0d5e850b50_b

photo 31337011234_9b21f4c026_b

Hugging the coast during the descend.

photo 31337011674_27c5c6cf89_b

Landing announcements.

Video of descent.

Approach and landing into Taipei Taoyuan Rwy05L slightly ahead of schedule.

photo 31337010754_bb54c9bbd8_b

photo 31337010034_8fd1d35331_b

photo 32178501915_8fd561ae74_b

photo 31368073643_704bbab39c_b

photo 32030135122_ab028e703f_b

Video of landing

A whole row of CI aircraft at the terminal.

photo 31368072793_8b650162ff_b

Parked beside a CI A330 in special livery.

photo 32030134542_f15449484a_b

View of my seat during disembarkation.

photo 32178500355_a0e39ee6b4_b


photo 32030133702_48c0bd95aa_b

There was a queue at immigration due to an earlier arrival flight ahead but it was cleared within 15min. Luggage wa already circulating the belt.

photo 31368070853_64b566c087_b

We took the airport bus for an hour long bus ride direct to the hotel near Minquan West Road, K Hotel Taipei II. This is a business-styled hotel with comfortable-enough rooms (though not the most comfortable beds) and large bathroom. The rates were very reasonable for this peak period.

photo 32178499565_997ac0d9fc_b

photo 31368070103_9f82a32d1c_b

After check-in and dropping our luggage, we proceeded to the Ximending area, straight to our must-go local food joint for our fill of braised meat over rice, a very taiwanese dish. This joint near Ximending offers one of the best example of the dish.

photo 32178499175_40a908a076_b

Drinking a rather popular milk tea, which was actually banned in Singapore, claimed due to some addictive ingredients found, after it was selling like wildfire for a short period. Well, I did not find myself sddicted to it though. Did a bit of exploring the Ximending area for the evening.

photo 32178498705_31503c3960_b

The next day, we went to the Maokong cable car. Having been to Taipei a few times, I have yet to try and visit this attraction.

photo 31368068903_7822d98341_b

photo 32178498175_3496cff53c_b

The almost 30min cable car up the hill offers sweeping view of Taipei city.

photo 31368067973_25483c8100_b

photo 32140140356_aa86aa68c4_b

Beautiful views on the way up and down Maokong.

photo 31803263620_b872303f77_b

photo 32030109612_6058511904_b

Right after exiting the Maokong station at the peak, there are some local street food eateries.

photo 32030130412_89323a61be_b

photo 32030112212_70075bdd90_b

photo 32030111102_a772b92ef9_b

Spot Taipei 101 in the distance.

photo 31368066603_609be682a3_b

We walked 15min to this rather popular restaurant for a tea-inspired lunch. Maokong is famous for eateries with tea-inspired cuisine and this the better one of the many, judging by the many locals.

photo 32140145036_9792207e26_b

The food was really very good and set-meal was very value-for-money as well, considering the quality and quantity.

photo 31368065473_38824dbfa8_b

photo 31336997544_c70f1f1d7f_b

photo 31336994984_bfc877e977_b

photo 32140151276_9d23befae1_b

photo 32030118722_f0646c0eaf_b

photo 32140147566_5f92d1007f_b

photo 32060192761_ee09f969f2_b

Lunch with a view.

photo 32140146476_d03a9f435f_b

Went to the Taipei 101 area in the evening, a day before the countdown.

photo 32030108832_7b5b3938d3_b

More taiwanese cuisine for late dinner at a popular local chain.

photo 32140139416_ed1a776671_b
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Cabin crew9.0

Singapore Airlines Silverkris Lounge - Business - 3


Singapore - SIN


Taipei - TPE



This was again, a very good flight on Singapore Airlines, with the high standards maintained. Service was generally pretty good, with the Leading stewardess serving in Business Class providing excellent service. Catering was not bad and the seats were comfortable enough for the mid-haul flight. Good flight overall.

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    DiegoSS02 78 Comments
    Excellent report! I really enjoyed the pictures of the local cuisine. It looks like Taipei has a lot to offer in terms of gastronomy.
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    Hi Terry Yong!

    I always enjoy reading your flight report because you always include so many indulging pictures of delicious food. It's like aviation meets food porn!

    Would you kindly share the name and address of the places you visited? I will be going to Taipei in 3 months and I would like to give it a try myself

    Anyway, another stellar service from SQ! They may not be the most bling-bling of the bunch, but they are for sure the most consistent one :)


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