Review of American Eagle flight Charlotte Birmingham in Economy

Airline American Eagle
Flight AA5164
Class Economy
Seat 6F
Flight time 01:20
Take-off 23 Jul 16, 14:20
Arrival at 23 Jul 16, 14:40
MQ   #65 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 68 reviews
Published on 24th April 2017
Hi and welcome to the second chapter of American Vacation Story!

Heart of Dixie: American Southern Story

This series will cover my annual vacation to the US in summer 2016, which contains 4 journeys in 3 different sets of tickets with 2 alliances.

As per my practice, I will reveal the routing as we go on. The series will be broken down as follows:

Chapter 1 - CX890 HKG-EWR, Boeing B777-300ER in J [Here]
Chapter 2a - AA1615 EWR-CLT, Boeing B737-800 in Y [Here]
Chapter 2b - AA5164 CLT-BHM, Bombardier CRJ-200ER in Y [You are here!]
Chapter 3a - DL ATL-ATL, Boeing B767-200 Spirit of Delta in J/Y [Merge into 3b]
Chapter 3b - UA5865 ATL-ORD, Embraer E-175 in Y [Here]
Chapter 4a - CX807 ORD-HKG, Boeing B777-300ER in J [Flight cancelled and merged to 4b]
Chapter 4b - CX807 ORD-HKG, Boeing B777-300ER in J [Here]

This is the second part of my flight from Newark to Birmingham (not UK) which I would have a stopover in Charlotte. As this is another boring US domestic flight, there will be my travel bonus of Alabama in the second part of report.


My another travel destination in Alabama is Montgomery the state capital. American flies to both BHM and MGM airports from Charlotte. Due to the flight schedule and other matter (?) I opted flying to Birmingham instead of Montgomery. It was just an hour regional flight and I chose the windows seat 6F during my online check-in.

photo 201607_01275

Charlotte Douglas International

Erstwhile on last report, I arrived at Terminal B. Being an AA hub, CLT could be very busy. But it is spacious, decent and tidy.

photo dscf8545 copy

Still having 2 hours for the next flight, I wandered around the terminals and did some plane spotting. A lot of eateries

photo 201607_12333

As a lover of AA… livery, I was very excited to see those AA tails everywhere^^ An AA A321

photo dscf8551 copy

An AA B738 in tin can livery

photo dscf8543 copy

I connected to the airport Wi-Fi which is very fast

photo dscf8586 copy

I was welcomed by those gate FIDS

photo dscf8558 copy

The caption is true: Charlotte’s got a lot for shopping ;)

photo dscf8547 copyphoto dscf8560 copy


photo dscf8552 copy

It showed my flight had an 14:29 departure on time from Gate 1 of Terminal E on time (in the middle of the left FIDS)

photo dscf8554 copy

Charging stations are everywhere

photo dscf8550 copy

The airport guide

photo dscf8563 copy

I went to the toilet and it was clean

photo 201607_12475

The tarmac view with nice weather today. An AA A319

photo 201607_12583

One step back. Indeed there was a family bidding farewell to their pilot father on that A319

photo dscf8570 copy

The Main Terminal. I like CLT planted the trees at the atrium for more oxygen^^

photo dscf8573 copy

Some passengers were having the sunbath

photo dscf8576 copy

My next checkpoint was the Terminal C which you would pass the back door of Admirals Club

photo dscf8578 copy

An AA E190 in legacy US livery

photo dscf8580 copy

An AA A321

photo dscf8584 copy

An AA A332

photo dscf8593 copy

Strolling around the Terminal C

photo 201607_13050

I had my lunch there

photo dscf8595 copy

After that I returned to the Main Terminal. There are display monitors for news snapshots

photo dscf8598 copy

I grabbed a seat on the mezzanine level of the Main Terminal and enjoyed the nice atrium view. The TSA Pre application center is also on that floor.

photo dscf8602 copy

30 minutes before departure, I headed to Terminal E. This time I passed by the front door of Admirals Club

Once taking the escalator down to the Terminal E, my Gate immediately appeared on the right.

photo dscf8610 copy

My plane was already here. It was a 12 year-old ex-US CRJ-200 delivered in 2004 (N247JS).

photo dscf8611 copy

I witnessed my baggage was loaded! ;)

photo dscf8613 copy

My gate. The adjunct gate was another AA CRJ to YYZ.

photo dscf8616 copy

Flight Report

Boarding had started for awhile. My boarding pass

photo 201607_09255


photo dscf8617 copy

Those gate-checked baggage

photo dscf8619 copy

The fuselage shot

photo dscf8620 copy

Only 1 cool FA on this flight and I was welcomed at the door

photo dscf8621 copy

The cabin

photo dscf8622 copy

I found my window seat 6F. Later my seatmate came.

photo dscf8649 copy

View from the wing. Our bird was still in feeding.

photo dscf8625 copy

The armrest

photo dscf8633 copy

Seat pitch is adequate for this regional jet

photo dscf8626 copy

The seat back materials together with safety card

photo dscf8629 copyphoto dscf8631 copyphoto dscf8632 copy

The cabin was 100% full because our flight would fly to Philly following Birmingham. The sun was blazing down thus the cabin was hot and stifling. Passengers kept asking if the FA could turn down the AC. In response the FA simply said he could do nothing but ordered us to shut the windows for cooler cabin.

We pushed back sharply at 14:20.

photo dscf8648 copy

Following was preflight safety demonstration.

photo dscf8645 copy

Taxiing. An AA A319 was ready

photo dscf8655 copy

The FA repeatedly reminded to keep the windows closed to save fuel for a cooler cabin

photo dscf8647 copy

We were ready…

photo 201607_14365

And took off!

photo 201607_14374

Beverage services started once leveled off

photo 201607_14401

When the FA was about to serve my row, he suddenly pushed back his cart to the bulkhead. He then announced that we would experience a turbulence so the beverage services for the remain rows would be cancelled with no apologies made lol A lot of rear passengers including my seatmate were jaw dropped…

Our plane was somewhere outside Atlanta then

photo 201607_14454

Soon we were descending

photo dscf8659 copy

Not far now… Not far now… Not far now… Far far now… Far far far far now… Far far far far out…

photo 201607_15321

Eventually we touched down at runway 36 on 14:35

photo 201607_15323

There was showers when taxiing. We arrived at Terminal B

photo dscf8661 copy


photo dscf8664 copy

The cool FA gave me a goodbye

photo dscf8665 copy

Passing through the jet bridge. Those next flight passengers were already boarding.

photo dscf8666 copy

Last view of my bird

photo dscf8669 copy

Arrived at the new rebuilt BHM terminal. It is bright, clean and spacious which totally beats Newark lol

photo dscf8668 copyphoto 201607_14460

There are some eateries airside

photo dscf8671 copy

I took the escalator down to the baggage claim

photo dscf8673 copy

My baggage was already here. I picked it and exited the terminal.

photo dscf8674 copy

The first thing to do was recharging myself^^

photo dscf8676 copy

I then grabbed an Uber to my Airbnb apartment and started my 3-day stay in Birmingham.

photo dscf8677 copy

Bonus: Montgomery from Confederacy to Civil Rights

I travelled to Montgomery by Greyhound from Birmingham which just took 1.5 hours.

photo 201607_20140

The coach seat pitch is good and it has a power socket which is work.

photo dscf9084 copy

The South in the summer could be very hot and I was sunburn :(

photo 201607_22534

The man who the city named in his honor

photo 201607_22521

I followed the Montgomery Civil Heritage Trail which connects all the historic sites in the downtown (the Court Square - Dexter Avenue Historic District).

photo dscf9299 copyphoto dscf9095 copyphoto dscf9105 copy

Alabama State Capitol, where the CSA was established at this building in 1861 and it became the first political capital of CSA.

Next to the Capitol is the First White House of the Confederacy

photo dscf9300 copyphoto dscf9309 copyphoto dscf9314 copy

In the Alabama Department of Archives and History, I recalled my A-level study of American History

The former Union Station, now it served as visitor center

photo dscf9172 copyphoto dscf9171 copyphoto dscf9392 copy

Rosa Parks Museum

photo dscf9174 copyphoto 201607_22221photo dscf9177 copy

Being a history student, taking the Montgomery Bus is a must^^ The drivers are very nice and helpful.

photo dscf9163 copy

The old Greyhound Station now becomes the Freedom Rides Museum

photo dscf9214 copyphoto dscf9202 copyphoto dscf9206 copy

Dexter Avenue Baptist Church

photo dscf9111 copy

The Civil Rights Memorial Center. The monument was designed by the one who also created the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in DC

photo dscf9488 copyphoto dscf9487 copy

Wandering around the downtown.

When I was taking the murica flag photo outside a beauty salon, the elderly owner spotted me and invited me to visit inside^^ All the 70s' decoration^^

The Riverfront Park

photo dscf9134 copyphoto dscf9137 copyphoto dscf9147 copy

Stunning view of the Alabama River

photo 201607_19012

Montgomery at night

photo dscf9416 copyphoto 201607_20204

This is the Second Chapter of flight report and here is the glimpse of next report: I traveled to the first US city I knew since my birth

photo dscf9967 copy

Thank you for your reading!
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American Eagle

Cabin crew7.0

Charlotte - CLT


Birmingham - BHM



Another standard domestic flight on AA. The cabin is clean but hot. Standard seat pitch and seat back materials. The crew performed his job but could be nicer. We arrived on time.
For CLT, the Terminal is clean and has adequate amenities while the Wi-Fi is very fast.
For BHM, despite being a regional airport, the new Terminal is bright and spacious. It has clear signs for passengers’ access.



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  • Comment 394949 by
    Pilpintu TEAM 1003 Comments
    I absolutely loved your report!!
    CLT is amazing! Those rocking chairs.... fantastic idea! I would miss my plane there because I'd fall asleep!
    And the Montgomery bonus... wow! All those beautiful, historical buildings!
    I certainly will have to read your report more carefully later. If I had to rate it: AAA+++

    Thanks for sharing! ^^
    • Comment 396486 by
      aussenrist AUTHOR 225 Comments
      Thanks for your comment Nechus! Sorry for late reply lol
      You are right! I like their atrium design too. Sitting on those chairs make you imagine yourself in vacation and feel relaxed^^

      “I certainly will have to read your report more carefully later. If I had to rate it: AAA+++”
      - Thanks for your appreciation! Yes my reports always have those Easter Eggs^^ Your reports are always awesome for excellent pictures and the Chile bonus!
  • Comment 397462 by
    Airplaneflying 4 Comments
    Great flight report! I am excited for the rest of your journey to be revealed.
    Let me guess, your next flight review will be from Birmingham to New York, and then you will fly back to Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific business class. If it is, I sure do look forward to those flight reviews!
    • Comment 398129 by
      aussenrist AUTHOR 225 Comments
      Thanks for your comment Airplaneflying!
      “your next flight review will be from Birmingham to New York, and then you will fly back to Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific business class”
      - Um… your guess is partially correct. I would suggest to read my previous reports for the hint^^ BTW the next report would be a bit experimental and I am still working on it.

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