Review of Aerolineas Argentinas flight Santiago Buenos Aires in Economy

Flight AR1283
Class Economy
Seat 4A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:50
Take-off 15 Jul 17, 08:25
Arrival at 15 Jul 17, 11:15
AR   #119 out of 129 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 24 reviews
By SILVER 1289
Published on 21st August 2017
How do you know you are an avgeek?

Well, according to these Top 10 Signs You Might Be An AvGeek, such individual "willl book an unconventional itinerary just to fly on a new aircraft type, or visit a new airport."

And here I am… booking a flight from Santiago, Chile, to Montevideo, Uruguay, via Buenos Aires, Argentina, even though Sky Airline and LATAM have direct flights at better prices, just to fly on a 737-800 and to try Aerolíneas Argentinas (AR), two absolute firsts for me.

But all this geekiness comes at a high price…

…for my buttocks!

This trip to Montevideo is the fourth leg in this series of reports. You can also read the reports for legs 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, and 8.
photo mdz1

"Sorpresa" from beyond the Andes (Itinerary)

I plan this trip several months in advance. Eight months, to be exact.

On November 7, 2016 I buy the tickets and get a confirmation email from AR…
photo confirm01

…along with my itinerary. The first leg - from Santiago to Aeroparque airport (AEP), in Buenos Aires - will start on Saturday, July 15, 2017, at 8:25 a.m.
photo confirm02
They offer a boxed snack. Just for the fun of it, I choose the gluten-free option.

And this would be the second part of the flight, from Aeroparque to Carrasco airport (MVD), in Montevideo.
photo confirm03
It's a very short hop across the Río de la Plata ("River Plate." I still can't believe it's the mouth of a river!) I should wait at AEP from 11:25 to 14:30, a mere 3 hours. I think I can deal with that. I will take the chance to look around AEP and take photos for the corresponding report, right?

But AR has a nasty surprise for me. One month before the flight, they let me know that I will be sitting in AEP for a bit longer than that. Quite a bit longer, in fact.
photo 0005
More than eight hours stuck at AEP?! I want to kill myself! I wonder if AEP will be an interesting airport, at least. Or maybe I will be allowed to get out and see the city…?

Take it like a gaucho (Checking in)

Gauchos are the lords of the Argentine pampa (plains). They roam around on their horses enduring the cold, the heat, the rain, caring for their cattle. Their rough life toughens them up. Their rough life… and Aerolíneas Argentinas' web check-in. Just have a look at this:
photo checkin
So you thought you were something because you were able to memorize your reservation code, huh? That will not impress a gaucho. They also have to provide their time of departure and flight number.

If they can't remember, AR will help them with a long list of daily flights to the same destination (all with similar numbers) that they can try one by one.

All this only if you find the link to the check-in section at AR's home page for a start.

There's none! Check-in is strategically hidden in the "Customer Service" section at the bottom of the page.

For some reason, AR decided to do without all this fuss on their Android app. You only have to enter your last name and reservation code, just like those airlines for weaklings!
photo screenshot_20170815-005704

I can check-in 36 hours before ETD.
photo fireshot capture 55 - mapa de asientos - https___checkin.sabre.com_aerolineas_seatmap.do

My boarding pass for this leg.
photo 01 1283
So I have to be at 7:20 at the airport. AR suggests you show up at the counter three hours in advance. Gosh.

I'm dreaming of a white… July (To the airport)

Even though most Chileans live at the foot of the Andes, we seldom touch the snow. It rarely snows in the valleys, so you can play with snow only when you go skiing in the mountains, or if you live in the far south of the country, near Antarctica.

But this night, as I set off on my trip, I'm in for the most amazing surprise. It starts snowing over Santiago!
photo snow1

The phenomenon is so infrequent that the transfer driver tells me he can barely concentrate in his driving. We have to go slowly.
photo snow2

We make it to SCL at around 4 a.m. He drops me at international departures, which is nothing but the other end of SCL's only terminal.
photo img_20170715_040915

Over there, at the bottom, is the domestic flights side. You see? In fact, national and international departures are closely intertwined at SCL, as you'll see later.
photo img_20170715_035216

On this side, Aerolíneas Argentinas' check in is already in progress. We are all early birds.
photo img_20170715_034504

AR's counter is right next to the access to police check.
photo img_20170715_035513

Long line this morning.
photo img_20170715_035435

Before joining the other passengers I check my flight on the FIDS. Gate 8. Boarding at 7:35. And it's only 4:07!! Well, that's better than being in a hurry.
photo img_20170715_040715

The line is really long, but we move quite fast because there are at least 24 checkpoints. I stand in line for about half an hour.
photo img_20170715_042459

Immediately after the police check we have to queue up again for security check.
photo img_20170715_043330

I'm dozing off when I'm woken up all of sudden by something cold that's running down my neck. A leak in the roof!
photo gotera1

SCL is succumbing to the stormy weather of the last days. Other passengers step back with approving looks when they see that I'm going to take a photo of the little swamp that's growing under our feet. They might think I'm going to file a complaint or something. Well, no. This is only for my flight report, you know?
photo img_20170715_043519

"Your waiting time, 0 secs." Sheer lies, SCL! Still 5 more minutes to get to the checkpoints. This line is really slow! Yaaawn!
photo img_20170715_043725

And here is the reason. Only two checkpoints open!
photo img_20170715_044358

What about those?
photo img_20170715_044433

This video explaining the security check process is among the improvements made by the new concession holder.
photo img_20170715_044545

Once you are through with the screening, you emerge at the duty free area.
photo img_20170715_044909

Wine festival! My fellow countrymen usually look at me in disbelief when I tell them I don’t like wine or beer. It’s not very Chilean from my part.
photo img_20170715_044951

Costa Rican BritShop is omnipresent. It was in Uruguay, too.
photo img_20170715_045115

The duty free area has been enlarged considerably. I walk along a series of narrow corridors flanked by shops. I feel like a hamster in a tube maze.
photo img_20170715_045140

Where to, now? I think I’ll follow that lady. She seems to know where she’s going.
photo img_20170715_045227

I finally find my way and make it to gate 8, at the very end of the west wing of the airport. It’s a lot of walking! This is close to the construction site that I usually photograph during takeoff.
photo img_20170715_054118

Not much movement at the farthest corner of SCL.
photo img_20170715_054158

This is the place, according to the FIDS. And the departure time is OK. Little did I know…
photo img_20170715_054131

I sit and doze for a while. When I open my eyes and look out of the window… Wow! It's snowing heavily!
photo img_20170715_053714

If you don't believe me when I say that snow is really unusual in Santiago, look at those staff. They are as thrilled as me, taking photois of this remarkable event.
photo img_20170715_053722

The snow falling silently in front of those powerful lights is an amazing sight.
photo img_20170715_053808photo img_20170715_053815

I stand there by the window for quite a long time, watching the snow fall. This Avianca flight has just arrived.
photo img_20170715_055908

Still a couple of hours for boarding time. I go for a stroll along the half-deserted hallways, and walk all the way up to gate 21, where I have boarded lots of domestic flights, like this flight to Valdivia, and my recently reported flight to Copiapó.
photo img_20170715_051055photo img_20170715_051128

The domestic flights boarding room is there, to the left. Hm…!! That gives me an idea! What if I have breakfast at McDonald's?
photo img_20170715_051418

Noooooo….!!!! This door is locked!! That's so cruel. Me and my breakfast, separated by this simple, fragile panel of glass and metal.
photo img_20170715_051440
So, now I know how this works. Need more gates for international flights? Lock this door over here. Need more gates for domestic flights? Lock a door over there.

Trying to overcome my disappointment I keep walking up to gate 23, at the very end of this section. Ahh… memories. This is where I sat on the floor, exhausted, after my flight home was delayed once and again (and eventually cancelled) last year.
photo img_20170715_051545photo img_20170715_051601

Near door 23 are these glass cases displaying the work of local artist Renate Neumann. I love it! Well, I love bright colors in general. My bright green backpack is the best evidence of that. My previous one was orange, but for some reason my cat thought it was the enemy and attacked it.
photo img_20170715_051730

Cool! Renate's designs are on all sorts of stuff!
photo img_20170715_051824

Even kitchen appliances! Beautiful!
photo img_20170715_051750
Link to her website.

Let's turn around and walk back to gate 8. My goodness! SCL leaks like a sieve! Careful. I don't want to kick the bucket so soon.. LOL
photo img_20170715_052207

So the Spanish Movistar is their ISP. I didn't know that.
photo img_20170715_052308

But the Chilean Entel provides the USB chargers. Entel is expensive and has the worst customer service. Stay away from them.
photo img_20170715_052324

Waiting spaces for international flights have not improved as much as those for domestic flights. Almost the entire domestic flights area looks like a large VIP lounge now, but this…
photo img_20170715_052337
Well, let's remember that SCL is a work in progress, and that the whole of this terminal will be dedicated to domestic flights in a couple of years.

Talking about work in progress: "Sorry for the inconvenience. Opening soon."
photo img_20170715_052434

I get back to gate 8. I'm trying to sleep a little, when suddenly… "ding" My cellphone. Message from Aerolíneas Argentinas: Flight delayed. New ETD: 09:00.
photo ar delay1
My life is full of misery. :'''(

Your gate is number 8… no, number 7…. no, number 5… no…. (Boarding)

The day breaks.
photo img_20170715_082403

Locked away from McDonald's, I buy a cup of coffe and a muffin at a shop called Maxi. The prices are good! Much the same as buying outside the airport.
photo img_20170715_081017

Now the FIDS says ETD is 09:10,, and the gate has changed to number 7. No big deal. It's two meters away.
photo img_20170715_083921

We get a little confused because there is another flight to Argentina boarding through gate 7.
photo img_20170715_084003

They leave, while we are left…
photo img_20170715_084121

…sad and stranded. :(
photo img_20170715_085214

Then we hear that our gate has been changed again. It's number 5 now. Again no big deal. Just move to the next row of seats.
photo img_20170715_090607

But 09:10 comes and goes, and our plane is nowhere to see. What on earth is happening? The FIDS still show 09:10 as our EDT! Then we hear the announcement: Our new gate is… 21 !!
photo img_20170715_091201
Why didn't I stay there this morning??!!

It's a long walk, but I get distracted by their expresive profanities against their country's flag carrier. I'm learning a lot of new words!
photo img_20170715_091346

New color!
photo img_20170715_092134

And here we are.
photo img_20170715_092227

Luckily, AR staff is there and we start boarding at once.
photo img_20170715_092236photo img_20170715_094628

It's almost 10 by now! Eventually, we will take off at 10:29. More than two hours of delay! Later in the cabin I overhear an annoyed FA replying to a question from a passenger "Yes, but you didn't see us stranded on the tarmac all this time, madam." I hear that AEP had been closed during the morning because of the weather.
photo img_20170715_094939

I love that shade of blue. Someone described it as a “whitewashed blue” or something like that…
photo img_0397

…but that’s the shade of blue in the Argentine flag. It’s called “celeste”, which means “sky blue”. Today I will be flying on LV-FWS, which is barely 3 years old.
photo img_0398

Down to the second floor.
photo img_20170715_095520

Whoa! The jetbridge is steep today! B737s are really low aircraft!
photo img_20170715_095617

If you have to queue up here…
photo img_20170715_095857

…you can read the newspaper!
photo img_20170715_095912

The moment I’ve been waiting for… and the picture is blurred. :( First time I see Boeing’s Sky interior in person. Is it always blue while boarding, or is that the intitutional color?
photo img_20170715_100038b

Legroom is better than that on my frequent A319 flights with Sky Airline, and way better than LATAM's.
photo img_20170715_100352

The upholstery and everything else is brand new.
photo img_20170715_100408

The contents of the seat pocket. AR’s inflight magazine, Alta. Quite thick and heavy! It will add at least 500 grams to my backpack!
photo img_20170715_100449

I hope this title is not a bad omen!
photo img_20170715_100724

Mood lighting changes. What mood is orange?
photo img_20170715_102326

The beauty of snow vs. the threat of mass extinction (The flight)

photo img_0399

…at long…
photo img_0400

photo img_0402

After he leaves…
photo img_0403

…we taxi…
photo img_0404

…past an Italian visitor. Ciao!
photo img_0405

One from Canada.
photo img_0406

French in disguise.
photo img_0407

So you call yourself “Latin American” now, right? >:(
photo img_0408

From our former metropolis. Thí, theñor!
photo img_0409

These two should fire their creative teams.
photo img_0411photo img_0414

Wow! Look at that! How beautiful! I’m talking about the snow, not LATAM’s livery.
photo img_0415

I never saw those hills like that before!
photo img_0416

Beyind the tarmac, construction continues for the new terminal.
photo img_0421

I'm amazed at the sight of those white hills, but I'm in for an even bigger surprise.
photo img_0422

Can anyone tell me what those CDs are doing there? It's a mystery to me.
photo img_0426

Reaching the runway…
photo img_0430photo img_0431

…and off we go, followed by Sky Airline.
photo takeoff1photo takeoff2

The airport's west wing.
photo takeoff3

My gates today. The bucket is somewhere in the middle.
photo takeoff3b

What you see there seems to be the first finished slab of the new terminal.
photo takeoff4

The green fields around SCL are nothing out of the ordinary.
photo takeoff5

But a minute later…
photo img_0432

…as I get to see the mountains…
photo img_0433

….white from top to bottom…
photo img_0434

…I realize that this morning is something special..
photo img_0435

I'm completely stunned.
photo img_0436b

I never ever saw the valley like this before.
photo img_0439

Of course, if you live in Russia or Canada you will be wondering what so special about it.
photo img_0440

It's because this is absolutely unusual.
photo img_0441

I’m holding my breath until I go blue in the face while pressing the shutter like crazy!
photo img_0442

If we had left on time…
photo img_0443

I would have probably missed this wonder.
photo img_0446

About 100km south of Santiago we turn left towards the mountains…
photo img_20170715_103715

…but I won't see much of them…
photo img_0449

…because of the clouds.
photo img_0450photo img_0451

They are completely covered…
photo img_0452

…until we reach the other side.
photo img_0455photo img_0456

Look at this! I am pretty sure those marks on the ground are meteor impacts!
photo img_0457

They are huge!
photo img_0458

And beyond the rough terrain on the east side of the mountains…
photo img_0461

…where the never ending plains of the Argentine pampa begin…
photo img_0463

..there are more of them!!
photo img_0464photo img_0466

All those lagoons are craters filled by the last rains.
photo img_0470

Notice their shape. They look like a V, all in the same direction. I'd say the meteors hit from the south-east and the debris flew in the opposite direction.
photo img_0471

The question is not IF something like that will hit us again, but… WHEN! (This is when you scream in horror)
photo img_0472

It looks like it's rained a lot these days.
photo img_0474

The fields are flooded!
photo img_0475

It's completely cloudy for the rest of the trip.
photo img_0478

The FAs hand over the customs declaration form, which reminds me that I have a clementine in my backpack that I should eat before landing. But wait… this is only for those of us travelling to Argentina! I keep the declaration anyway.
photo img_20170715_110017

Then we get our boxed snack. Beautiful design!
photo img_20170715_110450photo img_20170715_110457

Let's see my gluten-free meal. Oops! I get the same as the other passengers! I want to change it, but the FA is way behind my row when I finally open it.
photo img_20170715_110609

OK. To h*ll with it. Makes no difference. What's inside? A little cake, a cereal bar, and a sweet.
photo img_20170715_110904

Overhead panel.
photo img_20170715_112933

Safety card, both sides.
photo img_20170715_113126photo img_20170715_113332

Lots of space between the window seat and the wall.
photo img_20170715_113504

Some IFE would be a welcome detail. In fact, AR’s Embraer aircraft crossing the River Plate do have a small screen!
photo img_20170715_115806

We start our descent towards AEP.
photo img_0484

As we fly through the thick clouds, we turn to the right. Wonderful! I think we'll land from east to west. I will see Buenos Aires!
photo img_0488

But no. We turn to the right again and all I can see of Buenos Aires is a bit of the Palermo area by the river. :(
photo img_0489
photo img_0491
photo img_0492
photo img_0494
photo img_0496

And we are there.
photo img_0502
photo img_0504

Blue, blue, the love is blue...
photo img_0506photo img_0507

This is pretty much all I can see of Buenos Aires this time.
photo img_0509photo img_0510

Flight details from flightradar24.com. Whoa! Did we really reach 1,082km/hr?!
photo map01

photo img_0522

Jetbridge. Good thing! The weather outside looks nasty.
photo img_0526

My seat.
photo img_20170715_121753

photo img_20170715_121803

A hard - very hard - experience (AEP)

Into the jetway.
photo img_20170715_121936

I’m starting to understand why AEP was closed this morning!
photo img_20170715_121945

AEP opened in 1947. This must be one of its older buildings.
photo img_20170715_121959

Last view of my first B737-800 Next Generation.
photo img_20170715_122014photo img_20170715_122110

Once in the terminal I am sent to a very small, dark corner with a single checkpoint for connecting passengers.
photo img_20170715_122124

After the checkpoint comes the duty free…
photo img_20170715_122521

…and then the boarding room, with a single large cafeteria…
photo img_20170715_135143

…a sitting area with HARD plastic seats…
photo img_20170715_135231

…a gate in the middle and another on the right…
photo img_20170715_135235

…restrooms and this kiosk in a corner. And that would be all.
photo img_20170715_135345

In the farthest corner beyond the duty free shops are the police checkpoints…
photo img_20170715_134905_1

…with a large window on what seems to be an access to Aeroparque.
photo img_0528

Back in the waiting room, I will be planespotting for the next eight hours. An avgeek's paradise… if they weren't only Aerolíneas Argentinas aircraft and the ocassional LATAM.
photo img_0532

I think I will see the whole of AR's fleet today…
photo img_0531

…until the last of this long list of flights has departed before mine.
photo img_20170715_142925

You will never know how much I came to hate those blue seats. Imagine sitting on a rock for eight hours and you will have an idea of the price my buttocks had to pay for my geekiness. I promise: NEVER AGAIN!
photo img_20170715_135549
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Aerolineas Argentinas

Cabin crew10.0

Santiago - SCL


Buenos Aires - AEP



Aerolíneas Argentinas
For an economy traveller, AR's service is not different from that of a simple LCC carrier. They take you from A to B, and that's it. The boxed snack is apt for a small child. A salty version would be much appreciated. The FAs didn't know that I had asked for a gluten-free snack. New aircraft with nice looking, comfortable cabin. No IFE though!

Great, but they lost some points in the efficiency section this time. And those leaks...

Tucked between a large avenue and the River Plate, Aeroparque is small, cramped, old, and claustrophobic. It has the hardest seats I have ever placed my poor buttocks on. No way to lay down on those seats because they all have armrests. Merciless with tired passengers. Only one cafeteria. Didn't even try it. Worst experience ever for a connecting passenger.



  • Comment 409573 by
    joaointhesky 54 Comments

    Love your FRs! Aerolíneas flies here to POA daily with the 737-800. They have really good prices. I hope I can fly them someday!
    They seem to have a pretty nice service from what you showed... I wonder if the service in Club Economy cabin is better or not!

    I have some suggestions of flights you'd also love to try in Argentina/Uruguay: Andes' MD-83, Amaszonas Uruguay CRJ-200, LADE's ultrarare F-28 and soon Azul Uruguay's ATR/E-Jet!

    • Comment 409599 by
      Shisdu SILVER AUTHOR 651 Comments

      Hi Joao!

      Love your FRs!

      Thank you very much! I’m glad to hear that!

      They have really good prices.

      In fact, this flight was only slightly more expensive than that of the local LCC Sky Airline, which is not bad for a legacy airline, I think.

      That was when I bought the ticket and Sky didn’t have “light” and “plus” fares, yet. Nowadays, AR would be the cheapest if they offered this price (170 USD) again.

      I have some suggestions of flights you'd also love to try

      Wonderful! Do you know what route Andes’ MD-83s are used for? I’m planning a trip to Iguaçu with Andes for next year. So many airlines/places/kids of aircraft to visit and try, and so little money/time!! :(

      Thanks for dropping by! ^^

      • Comment 410014 by
        joaointhesky 54 Comments

        Yeah, so many airlines and so little money to spend, haha!
        Andes has two 737 for now, which fly for all their routes, it seems it is a random choice.
        But as they have five MD-83, it would be easier to fly the Mad Dogs!
        Hope you fly Andes soon - I never saw any FR of this airline on the internet...


  • Comment 409587 by
    marathon GOLD 9314 Comments

    I ticked 4 criteria out of 10 of the avgeek list ;)
    I feel less lonely since I read somewhere that 2% of the French never drink wine. What is the proportion in Chile ?
    I hate airports where the gates are some kind of an afterthought after renting all the space to duty free shop operators.
    Beautiful snowy landscapes ! I can understand how you felt.
    I’ve seen CDs used this way to scare birds away in a number of countries, in fields but not in airports. I do not know if they are more efficient than the good old scarecrows, but they are definitely easier to install.
    For all the misery you endured, the grades you gave are rather lenient.
    Thanks for sharing !

    • Comment 409602 by
      Shisdu SILVER AUTHOR 651 Comments

      Hello, Marathon!

      2% of the French never drink wine. What is the proportion in Chile ?

      Not sure, but this heading from The Times should give you an idea of what a weirdo I am: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/drink-too-much-move-to-chile-76mhff9k9
      When I do drink wine I put sweetener in it, while those around me raise their eyebrows in disbelief.

      I’ve seen CDs used this way to scare birds away in a number of countries

      I have just experienced an epiphany! Thanks!

      For all the misery you endured, the grades you gave are rather lenient.

      Lenient. Yes. That sounds like me. I’m usually told Eres demasiado “corazón de abuelita”.

      Thanks for commenting!

  • Comment 409635 by
    loukas SILVER 287 Comments

    Hi Nechus, your winter pics are simply stunning! You are Chilean and you don't like wine - I understand you very well, cause I'm Polish and I don't like vodka ;) (but I do like wine and some red wines from your country are among my favourite ones). This 737-800 looks brand new and the seats seem nice. Thanks for this detailed and - as always - full of humour report!

    • Comment 409684 by
      Shisdu SILVER AUTHOR 651 Comments

      Hey, Loukas!

      I'm Polish and I don't like vodka

      This is a crazy world, isn't it? Some years ago I met this lady who was British, but she didn't like tea!! LOL

      This 737-800 looks brand new and the seats seem nice.

      Indeed! It was very comfortable and smelled like new. :D

      Thanks for reading! Take care! ^^

  • Comment 409725 by
    RafaelTHE 11 Comments

    Another great report Nechus! Aerolíneas is always a surprise. There was this time when I had to wait for 12 hours at Aeroparque. They said it was because of the fog. Interesting enough, all LATAM flights were departuring as scheduled... According to an Argentinian teacher that I had, never trust or fly with Aerolíneas... lol

    • Comment 409751 by
      Shisdu SILVER AUTHOR 651 Comments

      Hi Rafael!

      There was this time when I had to wait for 12 hours at Aeroparque

      Por Dios! How could you survive??!! Yoga? Hypnosis?

      never trust or fly with Aerolíneas

      Yeah... well... This is not the first time one of my flights gets rescheduled, but I was used to a change of one or two hours in the schedule... not eight! If this is a usual ocurrence in AR, I might rather choose a different airline. I can't complain about the other three legs with them, though.

      Thanks for reading!! ^^

  • Comment 410244 by
    SMilano 1266 Comments

    Hi Nechus !
    Thanks for this awesome flight by his aerial view, those moutains view are just breathtaking ! :)
    Look like a mess to pass the security in SCL...
    Wow eight hours to wait in this small terminal ! That's bad haha ^^

    At what time do you think I have to come at the airport for a flight with Sky at 6:40am departure time ? I will be in Chile in Octobre :)

    See you on the next !

    • Comment 410279 by
      Shisdu SILVER AUTHOR 651 Comments

      Hi there!

      You coming to Chile in October?! Great! That's a beautiful time of year here! You will love it! What places are you visiting??

      For any flight within Chile, being at the airport 90 minutes before departure time will be OK. As you enter the airport terminal, the Sky counters are the first ones on the right. If you see a long queue, you can approach the Sky staff (wearing black and green) and if you are late they will show you a apecial shorter queue. Anyway, October is just another working month for us, so SCL should not be too crowded. September is different because we have our independence day and many people travel.

      Glad to know you liked the report! Yes, the experience at AEP was terrible. All in all, it was a fantastic winter holiday. Hope you have a wonderful experience here, too. Just be wary of taxi drivers. They sometimes charge more to foreigners. Use Uber if you can. Just buy a phone chip here and you will have internet. You can ask at the airport. There's a Movistar stand within the terminal. I suggest Movistar or Claro.

      Well, if you need any help, just contact me!

      Thanks for dropping by!! ^^

      • Comment 410515 by
        SMilano 1266 Comments

        Yeah I'm coming from the 3th to the 24th. First I will stay few days in Santiago/Valparaiso to see some chilian friends who are living there, after that I'll go to Southern Patagonia (Punta Arenas, Puerto Natales, Torres Del Plaine, etc...) and after going to Norte Grande, San Pedro de Atacama and around. I will go 3 days in Bolivia as well to see the Salar de Uyuni. And for the finish a couple of days in Valparaiso. :)
        Thanks for the advise with the taxi drivers and for the phone chip !
        If I have some questions I'll be back to you ;)

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