Review of Sky Airline flight Santiago Valdivia in Economy

Airline Sky Airline
Flight H2 041
Class Economy
Seat 6A
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 23 Jul 17, 10:25
Arrival at 23 Jul 17, 11:55
H2   #38 out of 129 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 34 reviews
Published on 2nd October 2017
"Smile at the rain. Have a nice trip."

That's the message you read as you disembark at Pichoy (ZAL), Valdivia's small airport.

Someone with remarkable artistic skills (and the correct attitude) posted this on the jetway wall to remind passengers that even a time of year as dull as winter in the south of Chile can be filled with enjoyable experiences.
photo img_20170723_114837

I'll do well to keep that message in mind and smile. This flight is taking me home after my winter holidays. The second school term starts tomorrow.

It's time to get…

Back to the grind

This is the last of eight legs in this trip. You can also read the reports for legs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7.
photo route

I usually stay with family in Santiago. They live quite far from the airport. I used to have problems finding a shared transfer service willing to pick me up. That's solved thanks to online booking now. Transvip, for example, charges 8,000 CLP (12.5 USD) for the ride across the city. I booked a shared service, but no one else had booked this time, so I travelled alone!
photo img_20170723_072114

Sky Airline's sign is very reassuring. I used to think that my English was bad… until I saw this! :) I don't think easy-goiing is the word they were looking for, either.
photo img_20170723_073636

With new airlines and a war of LCCs unfolding in the last years, queues are getting longer and longer at SCL. Local airlines are concerned about a lack of infrastructure at SCL.
photo img_20170723_074629

This is what an LCC boarding pass looks like. XD
photo img_20170723_081148

The new Starbucks at the end of the domestic flights wing is ten times bigger than the old one. They are announcing a new Honey Latte. That’s precisely what I need!
photo img_20170723_090358

Along with a muffin. :3
photo img_20170723_090952

photo img_20170723_092409

I’m so familiar with this corner on the third floor that I think I will reclaim ownership. This is where I boarded my flights to Copiapó and to Buenos Aires this winter, and now I’ll be leaving to Valdivia from here!
photo img_20170723_092603

My door will be 20B. Small world. I meet a colleague and her young grandchildren.
photo img_20170723_092802


Boarding starts timely and orderly.
photo img_20170723_095355photo img_20170723_100336

CC-AID keeps Sky Airline’s old colors. Sky’s fleet is not large, but they have taken quite long to repaint their aircraft after they renewed their corporate image.
photo img_20170723_100353

I read somewhere that they are planning to add newer aircraft. Will this mean that they will get rid of some of the old ones, like this one?
photo img_20170723_100401

Pitch. Not bad for an LCC, I think.
photo img_20170723_100701

There’s something funny here. No. I’m not talking about my chubby fingers. Look at that tray table. It looks as if it was loose….
photo img_20170723_100707

And it IS loose at the hinges!
photo img_20170723_101145

This won’t hold a hot coffee safely… and I wouldn’t place one here, either. Ew! What a pigsty!
photo img_20170723_100744

Backseat pocket content.
photo img_20170723_100843

An article about Puyehue National Park, close to my home. I’m very interested in fungi. Did you know they are not plants? They have a kingdom of their own. If you’re interested in the topic, here’s a book about Chilean fungi that you can legally download for free. Below, meet heterotextus alpinus.
photo img_20170723_101037

A place to visit before this planet dies. Hurry up.
photo img_20170723_101114

The simplest of armrests.
photo img_20170723_101227

On my right, a beautiful sight. No one fighting to take over my vital space.
photo img_20170723_102042

Come, dear. You are completely mine.
photo img_20170723_103604

The flight

photo img_1385photo img_1387

Poor guys. It's certainly a cold day to work outdoors.
photo img_1389

Oh là là!
photo img_1390

Ville candidate Jeux Olympiques de 2024 special livery.
photo img_1392

The assortment of tails is not particularly impressiive this Sunday morning.
photo img_1393

Laugh if you will, LATAM. But that little guy over there might soon be making your life miserable. LAW is slowly taking flight. New aircraft and routes (domestic and international) are coming soon.
photo img_1394

It’s like the Captain is in a hurry today…
photo img_1399

…because we have barely reached the head of the runway…
photo img_1400

…when we are racing at full speed…
photo img_1402

…as if the police were chasing us.
photo img_1403

This is the entire terminal building so far, in the shape of an L. The far end of the vertical stroke of the L is for domestic flights, and the rest (in the foreground) is mostly for international flights.
photo img_1404

The new boarding rooms for international flights are taking shape. The main international hall will be there, in the middle. The current L-shaped terminal will be completely dedicated to domestic flights.
photo img_1405photo img_1407

You might find this video interesting. It's a virtual model of the future SCL.

Santiago is barely visible, as usual.
photo img_1409

We quickly reach the menacing clouds…
photo img_1410photo img_1412

…and emerge to a beautiful blue sky above them. This always reminds me of Trinity, from The Matrix, when she sees the sun for the first time… moments before she crash-lands and dies. :'''(
photo img_1416

What a good movie!
photo img_1419

We quickly reach the menacing clouds… Oh! Deja vu! A glitch in the matrix! It happens when they change something! XDDD
photo img_1410

I don't usually sit above the engine. Isn't it an impressive thing to watch?
photo img_20170723_104900

"Phone Jack"?!
photo img_1425

I can't phone Jack. We have no signal up here! XDD
photo img_1425b

"Do not enter." I wouldn't.
photo img_20170723_104614

Inside the cabin the atmosphere is very quiet. Many must be sleepy after getting up early on a Sunday morning.
photo img_20170723_105431

Sky Airline still boasts its 2016 SkyTrax Best South American Airline award.
photo img_20170723_105446

Behind me. Not precisely a crush load.
photo img_20170723_105710

It’s cloudy most of the road.
photo img_1437

The clouds only break…
photo img_1440

…somewhere near Temuco…
photo img_1442

…a couple hundred kilometers north of home.
photo img_1444photo img_1446

There are hundreds of valleys and corners…
photo img_1447

…of indescribable beauty down there.
photo img_1448photo img_1449

Eventually, we bank to the right, towards the coast…
photo img_1452

…and fly above the fields…
photo img_1455

…and pine plantations around Valdivia.
photo img_1457

I don't call them forests. Forests are much more complex entities. These are just plantations, harvested at regular intervals.
photo img_1466photo img_1467

This is the time of year…
photo img_1468

…when the sky is not completely cloudy…
photo img_1469

…but even the tiniest, most innocent-looking cloud…
photo img_1470

…can pour a shower on you.
photo img_1474

Gee! It only gets worse!
photo img_1475

About to land.
photo img_1476

This must be San José.
photo img_1481

photo img_1483

…my holidays come officially to an end.
photo img_1486

I hope we will use a jetway this time!
photo img_1487

Whoa! We keep going! Where's the fire, captain?
photo img_1488

Thrust reversers.
photo img_1489photo img_1490

End of the runway.
photo img_1491photo img_1492

ILS. The road to Valdivia is behind those trees.
photo img_1494

A soaked Valdivian. An endangered species because of global warming.
photo img_1495

Jetway, thank goodness!
photo img_1496

Some technical details of this flight.
photo captura de pantalla de 2017-09-11 09-15-15

Back home

Walking along the ramp is when I find…
photo img_20170723_114848

…the surprise I mentioned at the beginning. Isn't it a nice detail? Someone must be fed up with the passengers' rudeness and angry looks.
photo img_20170723_114837

A former EasyJet aircraft…
photo img_20170723_114854

…13-year-old CC-AID has been in Sky Airline since 2005.
photo img_20170723_114904

This walkway along the back of the terminal, above boarding room, is fantastic!
photo img_20170723_114940

It has a great view on the apron.
photo img_20170723_115012photo img_20170723_115025

Baggage claim is very fast. In a matter of minutes I'm sitting in the transfer van…
photo img_1497

…with the ticket I bought inside the terminal. 4000 CLP = 6 USD
photo img_20170723_115659

Let's hurry home now that th rain has stopped for a while.
photo img_1498

This announcement from 2013 that was never removed shows what ZAL looks like.
photo img_1503

The ILS from the road.
photo img_1504

And that's how this (for me) epic two-week, eight-leg…
photo img_1505

…five-airport, two-country journey has come to an end.
photo img_1508

Would I repeat it? By all means!!
photo img_1521

But for now I'm happy…
photo img_1534

…to be welcomed home by peaceful river Calle Calle.
photo img_1537photo img_1538

One of my most cherished memories of this trip, my bike ride around Montevideo (leg 6) is perfect to say: Nos vemos!! (See you!!)
photo img_0664
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Sky Airline

Cabin crew9.0

Santiago - SCL


Valdivia - ZAL



Sky Airline
As usual, H2 is punctual and efficient BUT, even thought the aircraft was not old, the cabin is falling to pieces! Also, you might want to use some disinfectant if you're planning to eat something onboard.

I have become a big fan of SCL as of late, and they have given me no reason to change my mind. They will get a 10 in "Access" when the Metro gets there. That depends on the transport authorities, though.

Little airport. Few flights to deal with. Well kept. Kudos to the staff who posted that nice message on the wall. Two thumbs up for him/her!

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The airline with the best average rating is Sky Airline with 7.5/10.

The average flight time is 1 hours and 28 minutes.

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  • Comment 414955 by
    manuel.ariola SILVER 38 Comments

    Great report. And I will plan a trip to Chile now. :)

  • Comment 415042 by
    RafaelTHE 11 Comments

    Another great report Nelson! By the end of this month I’ll spend one week at Uruguay and I’ll try to enjoy as much as you did! Is that lovely pin still available? Lol.... greetings from Brazil

    • Comment 415053 by
      Shisdu SILVER AUTHOR 651 Comments

      Wow! You'll have a great time! Just stay away from "glamorous" restaurants in Punta del Este. Enjoy some chivitos canadienses!!

      Yes!! The pin is available! It's yours! Just give me an address I can send it to. Use the private "Contact" button on my profile page: https://flight-report.com/en/member/6379

      Have a great time!! ^_^

  • Comment 415684 by
    marathon GOLD 9323 Comments

    "Oh là là !"
    - I cringe at the thought of expected tax hikes once that party is over and the budget overruns are made known.
    Thanks for this report, as enjoyable as usual !

  • Comment 415879 by
    Rl 777 812 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this FR with us!

    “No one fighting to take over my vital space.“
    - Jackpot.

    I have not seen a tray table in such a condition in a while.

    Great shots of SCL after departure!

    Spectacular aerial shots throughout the flight.

    “Jetway, thank goodness!“
    - Phew.

    Beautiful bonus pictures, thanks for sharing.

    Have a good one, see you!

  • Comment 416400 by
    joaointhesky 54 Comments

    Love your FRs! It looks like H2 is making a very good branding. The barf bag is pretty funny, for example...
    Seriously, F-R.com community needs you in Brazil to end the lack of good reports of Brazilian airlines hahah.
    Bye bye

    • Comment 416435 by
      Shisdu SILVER AUTHOR 651 Comments

      Olá Joao!

      F-R.com community needs you in Brazil

      Oh, c'mon, don't say that! Don't ask me to do YOUR job!!! rsrsrsrsrs You have terrific reports, Joao!!

      BTW, I'll fly to Sao Paulo and Florianópolis next week, but on LATAM, unfortunately. :(

      Thanks for commenting!! ^_^

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