Review of Aerolineas Argentinas flight Buenos Aires Santiago in Economy

Flight AR1286
Class Economy
Seat 4A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 02:20
Take-off 21 Jul 17, 15:25
Arrival at 21 Jul 17, 16:45
AR 38 reviews
By SILVER 1014
Published on 26th September 2017
Welcome to my flight back home after my winter holidays.

After a three-hour layover in Buenos Aires, this flight will take me across the Argentine pampas and the Andes mountains back to Chile.

Yes, my holidays have come to an end, but this flight in particular turned out to be one of the most scenic.

Have a look!


What a nice day in Buenos Aires! A perfect day to fly!
photo img_1137

This is leg 7 of 8 of this trip. You can also read the reports for legs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8.
photo captura de pantalla de 2017-09-11 08-46-09

My flight is on time (16:10)
photo img_20170721_152156

Aeroparque never ever sleeps. It's an important hub for regional flights, and many passengers (like me) board connecting flights here.
photo img_20170721_152218

The problem with AEP is its lack of services. IMHO, only one large restaurant…
photo img_20170721_152555

…and the duty free shop (plus a candy shop and two vending machines) are not enough for a waiting room at such an important airport.
photo img_20170721_152559

Most of the free space is used for queuing. Nowhere to have a good rest.
photo img_20170721_152717

Electricity outlets. I can’t use them! Plugs in my country have two cylindrical pins.
photo img_20170721_154741
Besides, being located on the shore, AEP must bear the terrible wind coming from the river/sea during bad weather, especially in winter. My flight from SCL last week was delayed precisely because of that! There's so much free, flat space around Buenos Aires, as you will see later. Why on earth did they decide to build AEP right here?!


Woo - hoo! Boarding time. Lining up at gate 19.
photo img_20170721_155113

I still wonder where the other gates are. Are there more boarding rooms?
photo img_20170721_155147

As we proceed along the ramp, I catch sight of this Andes Airlines MD-80. Andes is a relatively new Argentine airline. For the time being, they cover domestic routes only.
photo img_20170721_155258

At the end of the ramp we climb down the stairs (there's also an elevator)…
photo img_20170721_155325

…where we wait…
photo img_20170721_155342

…and wait…
photo img_20170721_155402

…for the shuttle bus. Be ready to freeze or fry, depending on the weather.
photo board01

We are travelling on LV-FQZ.
photo img_20170721_160058photo img_20170721_160106

Don't you think this is a nice livery?
photo img_20170721_160101

The typical flat belly of the 737 engines.
photo img_20170721_160117photo img_20170721_160124

AR's entretenimiento a bordo (which I didn't use) is Internet -based.
photo img_20170721_160130

The walk of shame. We raise our heads and walk with dignity through the Cóndor cabin…
photo board02

…and its wide, comfortable seats, towards cattle class.
photo board03

The seat pitch is remarkable in cattle class, though.
photo img_20170721_160331

As I said, the IFE is Internet-based. No seatback monitors.
photo img_20170721_160404

The overhead panel. Sorry about the sharp angle pf the photo.
photo img_20170721_160438

A cute stowaway!!
photo img_20170721_162602

The last passengers.
photo img_1138

The flight

Stairs removed…
photo img_1140photo img_1141

…and pushback.
photo img_1145

The seat pitch is OK for me, but my neighbour is having some problems to… fit in. We are having a knee fight here. Maybe if he sat straight?
photo img_20170721_170807

photo img_1147

…to AEP's…
photo img_1148

…only runway.
photo img_1150

We race…
photo img_1153

photo img_1156

…the east .
photo img_1157photo img_1158

photo img_1159

We immediately bank to the left…
photo img_1160

…and fly above La Plata river.
photo img_1162

Now we're heading north and I can see the mouth of river Paraná on the left. Those ships must be going up the river to Argentine cities like Rosario or Corrientes, or to Paraguay.
photo img_1164

As we climb above the river…
photo img_1165

…we bank to the left again. This is when I realize that…
photo img_1166

OH - MY - GOSH!! I'm gonna have a spectacular view of Buenos Aires!!!
photo img_1168

This is the view that I missed in my three previous flights!
photo img_1169

That's Aeroparque airport, and the racecourse behind.
photo img_1170

Puerto Madero and the Costanera Sur ecological reserve.
photo img_1171

In the foreground, the newer port.
photo img_1172

I will never complain about long distances in Santiago again!
photo img_1173

Puerto Madero was built at the end of the 19th Century.
photo img_1174

The newer port (in the foreground) was built in the early 20th Century. Center left is 9 de Julio Avenue.
photo img_1178

9 de Julio is the widest avenue in the world!* An important city landmark, the Obelisco, stands there.
photo img_1178b
*Some will argue that the Monumental Axis, in Brasilia, is wider than 9 de Julio Avenue, but the Axis is made up of two thin roads and a huge park in the middle. That's cheating!

We leave La Plata river and downtown Buenos Aires behind…
photo img_1179

…but the city…
photo img_1182

…seems to stretch…
photo img_1183

photo img_1184

…over the flat land.
photo img_1185photo img_1186

This is the route we have taken.
photo loop2

Now we are…
photo img_1188

…heading west…
photo img_1189

…and the suburbs…
photo img_1191

…little by little…
photo img_1193

…give way to the pampa…
photo img_1194

…until it's nothing but fields and more fields.
photo img_1195

The first town we meet in the plains: Navarro and its lagoon.
photo img_1197photo img_1198

photo img_1199

Famous for its peaches and salami. Yum!
photo img_1200

As we keep flying over endless plains…
photo img_1205

…the curtains are drawn in order to pamper the Cóndor cabin passengers. Will my pre-ordered gluten-free snackbox come this time?
photo img_20170721_164725

The FA hands me a box. I notice it has a green seal… the same as my neighbour's! It must be a standard meal, so I immediately ask if they have my gluten-free snack. She asks my name, rummages in the trolley, and… voila!
photo img_20170721_171302

It has my name. Almuerzo = lunch.
photo img_20170721_171311

Inside… oh, so sweet! A tiny little container with my meal, plus a rice alpha-whore (don't laugh! That's what alfajor sounds like!), and a set of blue plastic cutlery.
photo img_20170721_171411

The meal consists of three chicken slices, some carrot sticks, two withered slices of cucumber, and some lemon.
photo img_20170721_171442

The alpha-whore is filled with cream. Oh, my!! It says marroc. I wonder what that could be. We don't have marroc in Chile (afaik) and I couldn't find a definition on the web. So I guess it's a trademark. It's listed here under the top 10 Argentine candies.
photo img_20170721_171458

To finish with, a cup of coffee. When will polystyrene containers be banned?
photo img_20170721_171553

Meanwhile, the town of Chivilcoy, 160km from Buenos Aires, slowly passes under our feet….
photo img_1206

…and so does Chacabuco.
photo img_1207photo img_1208

The city of Junín, and El Carpincho lagoon.
photo img_1219

Junín lies by the river Salado. Renowned Eva Perón was born in a little town just 58km from Junín. In fact, that road parallel to the river is Eva Perón Avenue.
photo img_1213

Downtown Junín.
photo img_1217

In these plains, floods seem to be a constant threat.
photo img_1220

In fact…
photo img_1225

…some towns seem to have escaped by a hair's breadth this winter!
photo img_1229

As we approach the Andes foothills, these strange formations fill the landscape.
photo img_1235

I am convinced that they are meteor impacts….
photo img_1237

…but I haven't found any information on the Internet.
photo img_1240

But it looks so evident.
photo img_1241

I wonder if this kind of depressions can be formed…
photo img_1244

…by other geological processes.
photo img_1248

The fertile pampas turn into dry terrain…
photo img_1262

…and rivers like river Desagüadero run along deep canyons as we get close to…
photo img_1263

…the mountains!
photo img_1270

I didn't know how much I missed them! Center left, El Carrizal dam.
photo img_1271

El Carrizal is fed by river Tunuyán.
photo img_1276

The little town on its shore…
photo img_1277

…is little more than a camping site.
photo img_1278photo img_1279

The dam is fundamental for the local wine industry…
photo img_1280

…like that around Ugarteche, the last town we see before the mountains.
photo img_1281

Over the Andes

Now it's time to cross the wall.
photo img_1284

It's amazing that these mountains…
photo img_1286

…gave so many headaches to travellers…
photo img_1287

…including the Incas…
photo img_1289

…the Spanish conquistadors…
photo img_1290

…and anyone who was travelling to Chile…
photo img_1291

…until only a few decades ago.
photo img_1294

Even nowadays…
photo img_1298

…some have had to face the brutality of this beautiful monster…
photo img_1302

…like Carlos Páez Vilaró's son…
photo img_1306

…as I learned in my trip to Casapueblo.
photo img_1312

I can't decide which angle is the most beautiful…
photo img_1316

…so I'm leaving you all of them in a slideshow…
photo img_1317

…in case you want to see them.

We make it to the other side.
photo img_1324

Home! <3
photo img_1326

The last snow on the hills…
photo img_1327

…that nestle the valley of river Aconcagua.
photo img_1328

The town of Los Andes lies there…
photo img_1330

…protected from the smog that covers Santiago by those hills in the background.
photo img_1331

A little farther down the valley lies…
photo img_1332

…San Felipe.
photo img_1333

The river Aconcagua flows westwards, from the mountains to the Pacific.
photo img_1334photo img_1335

We bank to the left…
photo img_1336

…turning towards the south, aligning with SCL.
photo img_1337

I can finally see the king, Mount Aconcagua. It was on my right as we crossed the muntains, so I couldn't see it before.
photo img_1341

Yes. We are near the airport.
photo img_1344

We keep descending…
photo img_1347

…into the valley of Santiago…
photo img_20170721_181423

…over the peaks of the Cordillera de la Costa.
photo img_20170721_181622

Some affluent…
photo img_20170721_182044

…northern suburbs of the city.
photo img_20170721_182150

On final approach.
photo img_1351photo img_1352

Landing gear down.
photo img_1353photo img_1354

photo img_1355photo img_1356

Crash… I mean, touchdown!
photo img_1357

The blues

Welcome to SCL.
photo img_1358

Here are some technical details of the flight.
photo captura de pantalla de 2017-09-11 08-47-48

What an interesting welcome committee! That white plane seems to be one of DAP's BAe aircraft. I'm not sure.
photo img_1359

And one of Latin American Wing's 737-300.
photo img_1360

We pass by the domestic flights wing…
photo img_1361

…and taxi around the terminal…
photo img_1364

…all the way to the international flights area on the other side.
photo img_1365photo img_1366

A Canadian visitor that will surely depart at night.
photo img_1372

Then we stop here and the captain informs…
photo img_1373

…that we'll have to wait a little because the there's no space for us. :'''(
photo img_1374

I take the chance to take some shots of the construction site.
photo img_1375

Cranes everywhere.
photo img_1376

A small Beechcraft…
photo img_1377

…that comes and goes.
photo img_1378photo img_1379

A Sky Airline A319 in its new livery leaves.
photo img_1381

And we are finally given a place to park.
photo img_20170721_174001photo img_20170721_174116

"Woman at the wheel" is a good thing, you see? No sexism here.
photo img_20170721_174126

I didn't notice that little contraption before.
photo img_20170721_174613

Last view of LV-FQZ
photo img_1384photo img_1383

As I walk towards baggage claim…
photo img_20170721_174727

…I wonder if baggage inspection will be as relaxed as at MVD. I'm about to find out.
photo img_20170721_174740photo img_20170721_174832

After the customs stalls comes the SAG inspection (SAG = Servicio Agrícola y Ganadero)
photo img_20170721_175035

You can't bring any vegetal or animal product into the country. I'm fine. I have nothing like that in my bags.
photo img_20170721_180311

I freak out. I risk a fine if they find a prohibited item!
I'm told that the scanner detected some moisture inside. We check.
It was a pack of baby wipes!

I'm afraid I'm suffering a severe case of post-holidays blues. Add to this the dim evening light, and the sad melody playing in my head… I'm ready to get into bed recalling the fantastic days spent in Uruguay, and get ready to fly to my hometown the day after. Boo - hoo!!!!
photo img_20170721_181105

Thanks for reading. (Sob) :'''(
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Aerolineas Argentinas

Cabin crew10.0

Buenos Aires - AEP


Santiago - SCL



Aerolíneas Argentinas
I was planning to say that, for an economy flyer, the only thing that diferentiated AR from an LCC was the little snack box. But that would be too short sighted. The seat pitch is a bit better than on an LCC. They also have a good IFE. I didn't try it, but it's there. And there's the Cóndor cabin for those who like to be pampered. I'm about to try LATAM on an international flight next month. I might be in a better position to compare both competitors then.

If you have to stay there for more than two hours, take a cushion with you, plus a lot of reading materials or many movies on your tablet. And a power bank in case you can't connect to the local outlets. No USB chargers at AEP. Also, take something to protect you or your children from the freezing wind in winter and from the heat shock in summer because you will have to wait for the shuttle bus in the open air.

Kepp the good job, Nuevo Pudahuel!! ;)



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  • Comment 414320 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    Hola Nelson.

    What a beautiful FR with gorgeous aerials of B.A. and the Andes. Absolutely breathtaking sights!

    i love AR livery. When I was in 7th grade I received a bag from AR and used that as a book bag to school, so I might be biased. ;)

    "We are having a knee fight here. Maybe if he sat straight?"
    - Are you sure he wasn't trying to make new friends? :P

    I'm glad that you finally got your gluten free meal. Nice of AR to serve it on a tray. So did you like the "marroc"? Is it a variation of dulce de leche? When I was in Brazil I saw this brand of alfajores named "Havanna" and they seemed quite popular.

    You were fortunate to have a window seat and enjoy the views during your flight. It looks like you took full advantage of your position with your camera. We are privileged that you took us along with you.

    I feel your sadness at the end of your trip. Everything that goes up must come down eventually. But there is always the next trip to look forward to. ;)


    • Comment 414432 by
      Pilpintu SILVER AUTHOR 766 Comments

      Are you sure he wasn't trying to make new friends?

      If he was, he was very bad a it!

      So did you like the "marroc"? Is it a variation of dulce de leche?

      It was not dulce de leche (called "majar de leche" or simply "manjar" in my country) I read that marroc is a mix of chocolate and peanut cream.

      Everything that goes up must come down eventually

      My weight is an exception to that rule. And marroc didn't help. XDDD

      Thanks for dropping by, Adan! ^^

  • Comment 414737 by
    bldavid SILVER 158 Comments

    Thank you for this nice flight report!

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