Review of Sky Airline flight Copiapo Santiago in Economy

Airline Sky Airline
Flight H2 111
Class Economy
Seat 6F
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 01:15
Take-off 14 Jul 17, 09:30
Arrival at 14 Jul 17, 10:45
H2   #61 out of 71 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 48 reviews
Published on 10th August 2017
Hello, fellow flight-reporters!

After some wonderful days in the sunny north of Chile, I'm flying back to Santiago for the second part of my winter holidays.

This time we will look more closely at Desierto de Atacama airport, which serves Copiapó and some other nicer places nearby.

As for the town itself, you will see in the pre-flight bonus why you can perfectly skip this destination whenever you visit Chile.

This is leg 3 of 8 of this trip.
photo cpo scl

You can also read the reports for legs 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8.

Pre-flight bonus: Cough-piapó

I wonder if the origins of mankind were in Copiapó. Some people say we were made from dust, and dust is abundant in, on, under and all around this town.

The ONLY relatively clean place in the town is its Plaza de Armas (the little park traditionally placed in the middle of each town founded by Spanish conquistadors)
photo img_0108

Old trees, shade…
photo img_0102

…a quiet place to relax..
photo img_0114

And that would be all there is to see. The rest is…
photo img_0115

…close to the definition of a "shanty town".
photo img_0118

99% of the town looks like the street below these lines. Crumbling adobe houses, dirty streets…
photo img_0174

…and dust. Walls, cars, roofs, streets, everything is covered with dust. It was so bad, that I had red eyes and a runny nose all the time. I only felt better when I was back in the smog of Santiago!
photo img_20170712_092944

Much of the dust originates here, the bed of river Copiapó.
photo img_0127

All the work you see here is an effort to control its flow, and recover parks and infrastructure along the river, destroyed after raising temperatures caused rains at altitudes higher than usual (where it only used to snow) on the mountains east of Copiapó in 2015, melting more snow than usual and causing a huge mudslide that covered the city.
photo img_0123

When the mud dried off, Copiapó was covered in a thick layer of dirt. And when everything was finally clean, disaster struck again in April this year. A new mudslide covered the city again and destroyed what had been built by the river. So this is the second time they are cleaning and building.
photo img_0124

More info here.

This statue was a gift "in the name of the Chinese people". It's so shiny and ethereal that it looks out of place in the midst of all this dust and ruins.
photo img_0134

It's called "Statue of World Peace", though it commemorates the rescue of the 33 miners trapped in 2010. Miners. <=> world peace?? Well, there must be a link.
photo img_0135
I wonder if the Chinese could give this city a giant, 10km-wide feather duster that could clean everyhting in one swipe.

Talking about trapped miners, I walked to this house: the Regional Museum of Atacama, which holds objetcs related to the town's mining history. However, most of that is overshadowed by its most cherished possesion…
photo img_0142

Fénix 2, one of the capsules built to rescue the 33 miners.
photo img_0144

Fénix 2 was the capsule…
photo img_0145

…used to raise the miners….
photo img_0146

…to the surface.
photo img_0147
Fénix 1 was used for testing purposes, and Fénix 3 was never used.

I'm shocked to see that Fénix 2 is displayed in the open air, rusting and (of course) gathering dust! Couldn't they build some special case or something?
photo img_0151

Inside, oxygen tanks…
photo img_0148

…and a mask.
photo img_0149

These are all the information posters from the exhibition. I had to rotate the images so they fit in the slideshow. If you're interested, you can download the photographs in their original, larger size (and not rotated) from here.


24 hours before STD I can check-in from my cellphone. It's very easy since Sky implemented its cellphone-friendly website some months ago. If you are registered, you only need to confirm your gender (in case it has changed, I suppose) and voila.
photo screenshot_20170712-093559

You receive two versions of your boarding pass on your email: the standard and the mobile versions, though both will work on your cellphone because what you need is just the QR code.
photo checkphoto check2b


As I usually do (with the excuse of "enriching" my travelling experience, but mainly as a money-saving strategy) I use the public transport to reach the airport. This morning (7 a.m., to be exact) all passengers are male. I presume they are fishers going to Caldera.
photo img_20170714_072408

The airport terminal is only meters from the highway, some 20 minutes before Caldera. Any buses heading north from Copiapó will drop you at this overpass leading to the airport.
photo img_20170714_074234

You can't just walk across the highway. It's fenced.
photo img_20170714_074248

Let's walk along the overpass.
photo img_20170714_074407

Oh, by the way! Here and there you'll see these flowers growing from the bone-dry, stony ground. Once in a while it rains over Atacama, and the desert gets covered with colorful flowers like these. Learn more about the "desierto florido" here.
photo img_20170714_074343b

This one was near Caldera.
photo img_9915b

Not much traffic this time of year and at this early time of day. This is the Panamerican Highway, locally known as Ruta 5.
photo img_20170714_074507

The terminal has a nice design, but I'd dare say it has some flaws.
photo img_0182

Well, I'm just a school teacher, not an architect. But you might agree with me later that some things could have been done differently.
photo img_0181

The control tower stands some meters aside.
photo img_0186

I am getting to the parking lot when something weird catches my eye. Words! And not any words, but words that will make you open a dictionary! (Or at least google them!) Meet sinécdoque (synecdoche) and énfasis (emphasis)…
photo img_0189

…followed by catacresis (catachresis) and antonomasia
photo img_0191

…and finally metáfora! (metaphor)
photo img_0187

Dizzy after this shower of figures of speech, I keep walking towards the terminal, trying to figure out what those words are doing there, fixed on a giant iron rail… in an airport!
photo img_0194

After some Internet research I find this page, explaining that this is artifact is intended to evoke the itinerary of a trip. Hence the long rail. No explanation is given for the words. Only that they are on both sides of the rail, and that the letters are made of polished iron so that they will "complete their surrounding landscape by day, and reflect light at night." Sure, the desert was not depressing enough. They needed something getting rusty there, too. All this for 73 million Chilean pesos. Don't worry. Our currency is terribly devaluated, but I get even dizzier when I think that my mother is selling her house for 50 million. That's one expensive rail.

According to this little plate in the terminal, this "work of art" has a name, Translatio, and artist Gonzalo Díaz is to be blamed thanked for it.
photo img_20170714_083151

I can't decide if the Weirdest Airport Contraption Award will go to this rail, or to the disturbing set of shapes outside Concepción airport.

Whatever. I am finally here.
photo img_0195

This is an interesting design. Unusual, at least.
photo img_0197

I wonder what the architect had in mind when he designed the curvy lines of the roof.
photo img_20170714_082753

To my untrained eye, they could represent the way the wind blows over the sand and the rocks of the desert.
photo img_20170714_082455

Who knows. I'm probably wrong.
photo img_20170714_082525

I can't find the name of the architect anywhere. This plate only says that this airport is an "obra bicentenario", meaning that it was built as part of a program commemorating Chile's 200 years of independance from Spain.
photo img_20170714_083100

No need to check-in because I'm carrying only my backpack. Thise are LATAM's passengers. Lots of space between us at the moment, but CPO is an airport that draws people together, as you will see later.
photo img_20170714_081520

Here in my corner, a few Sky passengers are also checking-in.
photo img_20170714_081346

The Bolivian Amaszonas started flying between some cities in the north of Chile this year… at very high prices! They don't fly to Santiago. They also connect Iquique and Asunción, Paraguay, with a direct flight. That's one trip I'd love to do.
photo img_20170714_081353

Let's go for a stroll around the premises. In the middle section is the FIDS and the access to safety check. That old-style FIDS calls my attention.
photo img_20170714_081728

The flight information has not been updated sice the day before! And the 18:30 flight would be… boarding!!
photo img_20170714_081756

More Sky passengers gathering.
photo img_20170714_081918b

LATAM passengers are ready to board, but security check is still closed.
photo img_20170714_082041b

Good time for a visit to the restroom.
photo img_20170714_075648

photo img_20170714_075650

photo img_20170714_075658

…and smells nice. Changing table in the men’s restroom.
photo img_20170714_075701_1

On the other end of the hall is the arrivals area…
photo img_20170714_082115

…and the only luggage belt here.
photo img_20170714_083004b

Let's turn around…
photo img_20170714_083013b

…and visit the second floor.
photo img_20170714_082258

Upstairs, a cafeteria…
photo img_20170714_083327b

…with a nice view on the apron.
photo img_20170714_080113

This photo shows something that baffles me: We are in the kingdom of sunshine here in the desert, but the architect doesn’t seem to have appreciated that. The sun can barely shine into the building through those skylights that do not compensate for the relatively small windows. This makes those (ugly and annoying) lamps necessary in the middle of the day.
photo img_20170714_080306b

In spite of its small size, CPO is determined to play in the big leagues. Besides the local time…
photo img_20170714_083310

…you can check what time it is in Amsterdam…
photo img_20170714_080230

…and in Tokyo.
photo img_20170714_080246
I don't trust the guy in charge of setting those clocks, though.

The cafeteria also holds a painting exhibition.
photo img_20170714_080518

Better than Translatio, I think.
photo img_20170714_080459

Check-in area from the top of the escalator.
photo img_20170714_080609

When I go back downstairs the FIDS has been updated at last.
photo img_20170714_082212

It’s time to line up for the screening. The queue is getting longer than expected.
photo img_20170714_083418

The process is slow with only one checkpoint and I have to stand for a long while next to this monitor showing food! I’m going to get hungry.
photo img_20170714_084033b

This is my first view of the boarding room, which is on the ground level because there are no jetbridges. View to the right…
photo img_20170714_084523

…and to the left.
photo img_20170714_084527

It looks rather small.
photo img_20170714_085607

LATAM and Sky Airline passengers are going to share the boarding room…
photo img_20170714_090945

…which quickly becomes packed. Passengers looking my way are boarding the LATAM flight. We are all trying to guess which is the line for our row number.
photo img_20170714_090855

LATAM passengers disembarking.
photo img_20170714_091505_burst003

Our plane is already there.
photo img_0198


Here we go. It’s the desert, but the wind is cool, as that rabbit suggests.
photo img_0199

The arrivals section.
photo img_0200

13-year-old CC-AFZ is waiting there.
photo img_0203photo img_0206

The view from my window. Last passengers boarding.
photo img_0208

Time to check the contents of the seatback pocket. The inflight mag.
photo img_20170714_094745

Inside, Paine Towers. I’ll be visiting them next January for the first time!
photo img_20170714_094805

Sickness bag. “Look at the horizon and soon you will be better.”
photo img_20170714_094842

BOB menu…
photo img_20170714_095828

…and my choice for this flight.
photo img_20170714_095845

We’re all set in the cabin.
photo img_20170714_095951

The flight

photo img_20170714_094249

I wonder if this is the flight to Tokyo? LOL
photo img_0213

Fire brigade.
photo img_0210

And off we go. I didn’t expect these mixed feelings about leaving this barren land. I’ll have to come for a longer time. Not to Copiapó, obviously.
photo img_0217

In a minute we’re above the low clouds.
photo img_0219

The valley of river Huasco is the first green spot south of Copiapó.
photo img_0229photo img_0233

The town of Vallenar is in that valley.
photo img_0237photo img_0238

East of Vallenar, river Huasco fills Santa Juana dam.
photo img_0240

La Silla observatory.
photo img_0243

Puclaro dam provides water for the pisco industry in the valley of river Elqui. Pisco is a spirit made from grapes. If you ever find yourself near a Peruvian and a Chilean discussing the origins of pisco, or which of the two countries is the major producer/consumer of pisco, run for your life! It's World War III in the making.
photo img_0255photo img_0258

La Serena lies there by the sea, at the end of the valley.
photo img_0259

Can you see the airport (LSC) on the right? I was there last January, and wrote these reports: Santiango > La Serena, and La Serena > Santiago. Aahhh….. Papayas!
photo img_0260

Tololo observatory. This is the fourth time I see it from the air. I'd love to visit it. It's very easy to get there from La Serena.
photo img_0263photo img_0265

Muffin time! Hm! I'm becoming addicted to these. "Sweetener, please." I'm a hypocrite.
photo img_20170714_101345

Sky should give Econorent their money back. These things don't stay in place!
photo img_20170714_105040

The town of Andacollo (center right). Those people have to live with a copper mine (Teck Chile) and tailings dam in their very backyards!
photo img_0266photo img_0269

First traces of fog entering the valleys from the sea near Recoleta dam…
photo img_0270photo img_0272

…and La Paloma dam.
photo img_0276

Monte Patria (lower left) lies near the dam.
photo img_0277

The town of Chañaral Alto, by river Cogotí.
photo img_0280

Cogotí dam…
photo img_0283

…and the village of San Lorenzo.
photo img_0285

That little white spot is Combarbalá.
photo img_0289photo img_0288

photo img_0303

photo img_0304

Another tailings dam, El Mauro
photo img_0308

…and Corrales dam in the foreground.
photo img_0306

We have left the desert behind. The hills are covered with low, thorny bushes, especially espinos (Acacia caven) Thorny, but incredibly beautiful in spring (September, October) thanks to their yellow flowers resembling little pompoms.
photo img_0311

photo img_0316

We start descending into the valley of Santiago…
photo img_0323

…but the captain comes over the PA…
photo img_0325

…to tell us that we will be…
photo img_0331b

…in the hold for some minutes.
photo img_0333

These low clouds are brought by wind from the coast but they can't reach the city because of those hills. Now you see why Santiago is always covered by smog. It's surrounded by hills and mountains.
photo img_0334

I thought we would be circling above Santiago for a while, but new instructions seem to be given and we continue towards SCL.
photo img_0335

This is what we did, according to
photo captura de pantalla de 2017-08-09 13-04-16

We continue descending…
photo img_0338photo img_0339

…and here we are!
photo img_0342

A little plane spotting on the route.
photo img_0343

American. Hm… If you're planning a trip to Chile, keep in mind that one of the most effective ways to piss off a Chilean is calling the United States "America". You will instantly get the reply "Chile is in America, too, isn't it?" because, for us, America is a continent, not a country. So, if you want to make it back home in one piece, you should call the US "Estados Unidos", and those coming from there, "estadounidenses".
photo img_0346

Another estadounidense.
photo img_0350

You never know when…
photo img_0352b

The control tower is quite far from the passenger terminal, behind the building of the national aviation authority.
photo img_0353b

LATAM, yet another Amer… oops! estadounidense, and Iberia. LATAM has taken ages to paint their aircraft with their new livery. I wonder if it has to do with the size of their fleet or that they realized it was a monstrosity and are planning new changes.
photo img_0354b

Headed for door 23.
photo img_0356

photo img_0357b

photo img_0358

Smog, precious smog

Ahhh… fresh smog. How I missed it after two days in Copiapó.
photo img_20170714_110846

My sore eyes and runny nose start to heal.
photo img_20170714_110908

Last view of CC-AFZ.
photo img_20170714_110944

So, where now?
photo img_20170714_111003

Ah, to the right. My cousin Carolina is inviting me for lunch downtown.
photo img_20170714_111019

These are some technical details of the flight.
photo tech

I'll meet my cousin here, in Santiago’s Plaza de Armas.
photo img_0360

The same as in Copiapó…
photo img_0371

…it was originally the center of the city… (here, the Chilean police, called carabineros)
photo img_0366

…surrounded by important buildings. Here the Catholic Cathedral on the left, and the headquarters of the national postal service on the right.
photo img_0363

It used to have huge trees, and people would take cover from the summer heat in their shade, but it was redesigned some years ago. The lawn was replaced with cement, and the trees with palm trees that give no shade. It's a "cauldron" of cultures not only because of the large number of Peruvian and Haitian immigrants that gather here, but because this is where they all boil together in summer.
photo img_0373

Street art still flourishes here, though.
photo img_0374

Thanks for reading! See you soon for the second stage of my trip: Montevideo!!
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Sky Airline

Cabin crew8.0

Copiapo - CPO


Santiago - SCL



If you are expecting to make it home on time and get something to eat on board for an acceptable price, you won't be disappointed by Sky Airline. No glamour, but no nasty surprises, either.

CPO looks modern and cool, but it would make a better bus station than an airport.

SCL, I love you.



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  • Comment 407824 by
    RafaelTHE 11 Comments


    Tus relatos son siempre preciosos. A mí me parece que estoy a volar y disfrutar de tus viajes contigo. Yo, después de lo de los 33, esperaba que Copiapó estuviera un poco más moderna, pero sigue todo igual. ¿Vas a venir cuando a Brasil? Un cordial saludo!

    • Comment 407870 by
      Pilpintu SILVER AUTHOR 807 Comments

      Hola Rafael!

      Muchas gracias por tu comentario! Copiapó fue decepcionante para mí también. Por alguna razón, los "pueblos mineros" suelen ser feos en Chile. Incluso ciudades grandes como Rancagua o Calama, con una activa industria minera, son horribles. Me pregunto si lo mismo ocurre en todo el mundo.

      Voy a visitar Florianópolis y Balneário Camboriú la última semana de octubre. Estoy ansioso! Amo Brasil!

      Que estés bien!! ^^

      Hi Rafael!

      Thanks a lot for your comment! Copiapó was disappointing for me, too. For some reason, "mining towns" are usually ugly in Chile. Even large cities like Rancagua or Calama, which have an active mining industry, are horrible places! I wonder if the same thing happens around the world.Balneário Camboriú

      I will be visiting Florianópolis and Balneário Camboriú the last week of October. I'm very excited! I love Brazil!

      Take care! ^^

      • Comment 407882 by
        RafaelTHE 11 Comments

        Nice to hear that you will come to Brazil next October. If you ever come to Northeastern Brazil, feel free to contact me and you can do some spotting around here! Amo escribir en castellano y terminé por olvidarme de contestar en inglés... jejejeje... Have safe trips always!

        • Comment 407892 by
          Pilpintu SILVER AUTHOR 807 Comments

          Oh! Muito obrigado. O norte do Brasil está na minha lista de lugares que eu quero visitar. O português é a minha língua favorita, mas não sei falar muito. Aprendi um pouco quando visitei o Brasil em 2013. Espero aprender mais. Não é difícil de aprender. Espanhol e português são quase a mesma coisa. Adoro as músicas do Djavan. "Um dia frio, um bom lugar para ler um livro..." rsrsrsrs Adoro. ^^

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