Review of Singapore Airlines flight Singapore Paris in Economy

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ 336
Class Economy
Seat 56A
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 13:50
Take-off 05 Mar 17, 00:10
Arrival at 05 Mar 17, 07:00
SQ   #6 out of 78 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 644 reviews
By 5076
Published on 15th March 2017
Recently, I had to make a week's travel to Paris and UK for work purposes, with 2 SQ long-haul flights in economy and a hop across the English Channel on the Eurostar accomplished within 6 days. Would be flying up to Paris and returning from London.

As usual, it was the DIY check-in at Terminal 3 and the machine spitted out the flimsy paper boarding pass.

photo 33270980441_84cdac393c_b

A bit of plane spotting prior to heading to the gate at B2. My A380 is behind the B772.

photo 33243043852_7f0ccfbddb_b

05 March 2017
Singapore Airlines
SQ 336
Singapore (SIN) - Paris (CDG)
Economy Class
Flight Time: 13H16M

Boarding the aircraft.

photo 33398639485_d578776296_b

Reached my seat at 56A, which is the last row of the middle cabin. The flight was almost totally full, but luckily my 2 seatmates were petite french ladies. Boarding in progress.

photo 33015670250_c316e6ce0c_b

Reasonable leg room.

photo 33243040572_6604602084_b

Poor quality earbuds were preset at the seats, and they have even done away with the proper packaging! Blanket and pillow on each seat.

photo 33015667030_ec782e9dc4_b

It would be more than 13hrs to Paris tonight.

photo 33270825201_42b2578856_b

Reading materials.

photo 33358187596_de918392db_b

Started on the movie, Trolls, shortly after settling down. Hot towels were also distributed.

photo 33358178886_b7b646cb27_b

Safety video played with french subtitles while we pushed back.

photo 33243031662_45cb55964f_b

Short taxi to the departure runway 02L.

photo 33358177406_856796af91_b

Takeoff from Rwy02L.

Amenity kits were distributed after takeoff.

photo 32584605383_e8d6b04bfd_b

As per usual, the amenity kit contains a pair of socks and a toothbrush set.

photo 33398621505_8dbd201700_b

Menu for the flight

photo 33270827041_3db4bf6fef_b

Beverages selection

photo 33243035322_405603c77e_b

Supper, Delectables and Breakfast would be served on this sector.

photo 33270826131_cd48aae632_b

photo 33270826001_7c0192588d_b

photo 33243033842_52e434e8a7_b

What is served on the return CDG-SIN sector.

photo 33242971312_b801b2c23b_b

photo 33398570695_7c879b4a5a_b

A round of juices was served, followed immediately by supper service.

photo 33270817301_08a24cce86_b

Supper tray

photo 33015649400_f859dc8019_b

I went for the Kung pao chicken with fried rice and vegetables. Nicoise salad was simple and fresh.

photo 33398618675_0273473be7_b

photo 33015645470_a6fc6e6a49_b

The main was rather tasty, and dessert was light and good. A satisfying supper. Service was also pretty good, with the crew coming down the aisle offering top ups of wines and coffee/tea before tray collection.

photo 32584595873_546c62336e_b

photo 32584593403_58bb115632_b

We were entering the Bay of Bengal after supper service was completed.

photo 33015644280_82fdc526b5_b

Visit to the lav. Don't understand why the razor symbol is still being kept when razors are not offered in economy lavs.

photo 32584582543_f21b69cf98_b

photo 32584582103_1ee453153f_b

Napped for almost 3hrs after the movie and woke up to the darkness with city lights (not sure what city it was) shown below.

photo 33358165116_765ccd9dfc_b

Went to the galley behind to grab some snacks. Had chips, pretzels, sandwich, muffin and dried mangoes. Hmm doesn't entirely reflect what is stated on the "Delectables" selection. There were also whole apples available.

photo 32584590133_9325e8afca_b

Back for more sleep till almost 3hrs prior to arrival, when the lights were turned on. Hot towels were given out again. I caught a Chinese-Korean comedy during breakfast.

photo 33242978212_415cce3ce2_b

Chose the asian selection of ee-fu noodles with chicken, which is the standard asian dish served years after years for breakfast. It was accompanied with fruits, roll and yoghurt. The noodles dish was quite tasty though.

photo 32555916654_3a63b84677_b

photo 32555912994_9835ccceb3_b

photo 33015608490_d054369471_b

photo 32584563843_f8a01bae21_b

Breakfast service in progress.

photo 33242969112_ace1b80cd3_b

Cabin view after meal service.

photo 32555901294_fca1ffe9ec_b

It was dawn as we approached Paris CDG.

photo 32555899564_9018eaee68_b

photo 33242966272_3a8d72d90b_b

photo 32584551923_841b45eb57_b

Landing in Paris CDG Rwy27R slightly ahead of schedule.

Taxi to the gate at Terminal 1.

photo 32584591733_3e657e00f5_b

photo 33015642010_6cc9a5aa30_b

photo 33243019932_a3d57e885b_b


photo 32584586363_244e3dd09b_b

photo 32584585143_bf4fa0ecb9_b

photo 32584584073_d471245fa8_b

View of the whale.

photo 32584583223_af3cc80273_b

Immigration was surprisingly painless with the foreign queue much shorter than the EU queue and after grabbing my luggage, I was on the way to the hotel, Melia Vendome, in Central Paris. As it was way too early to check-in, I proceeded to a nearby cafe, Angelina, for some morning pastries. This cafe is famous for its beautiful desserts.

photo 33270783371_10d42ebfcd_b

photo 33242983062_8a025fca77_b

photo 33242985472_18e94cda2d_b

I then walked to the nearby Lourve museum, which was having free entry for the first sunday of the month. The queue from the outside was ridiculous long and in the rain, but for information, there is a shorter queue from a seperate entrance from the underground which I chanced upon. Queued for about 40min for entry.

photo 32555914144_9f7d711806_b

photo 33242980932_d9e1d1dcaa_b

photo 32555920044_0673f20820_b

photo 32555915334_b7d4ba2f3e_b

photo 33015607680_7fcedcde6e_b

It was a drizzly and gloomy day outside.

photo 32555907234_6c4b2cf1da_b

Down to Champs-Elysee for some shopping in the afternoon. Only the shops on this tourist strip are open on Sundays.

photo 33358112556_bcccff753c_b

Arc de Triomphe

photo 32584548953_50ac7bc836_b

Along River Seine

photo 33358109916_2d748b2b18_b

My room at Melia Vendome, which is of a reasonable size and with a very comfortable bed.

photo 33358110586_a51843010f_b

Weather turned better towards the evening and I went out for another stroll along the riverbanks.

photo 32555890744_da2c1b694d_b

photo 33358105166_88e1d8e09a_b

photo 33270755101_164b80f771_b

photo 32584538993_e9dac426d8_b

photo 33358102316_d6fdb7ed92_b

photo 33270752471_276b1fd7d9_b

photo 33358099686_b63b62f345_b

On the following day, it was a full day of meetings, followed by a rush to Paris Nord to catch the Eurostar to UK. Passed by the Eiffel while on the ride to the train station.

photo 33270750451_6460ed3761_b

As I was on a Business Premier ticket on the Eurostar, I was entitiled tomake use of the Business Premier lounge. The lounge was basic, offering snacks and beverages, but a comfortable place to rest while awaiting the train departure.

photo 33358094556_4bfb495211_b

photo 33358099196_2eb4cba0eb_b

photo 33270747031_6e39db6920_b

06 March 2017
Paris Nord - London St Pancras
Business Premier
Journey Time: 3H

Exit immigration from France and entry immigration/customs were both performed at Paris Nord. Boarding for the train was soon called and proceeded to the platform. The Business Premier seat is wide, with sufficient legroom but not too generous recline. Comparable to an inflight premium economy seat.

photo 32594649654_6725d90a69_b

When travelling on Business Premier on Eurostar, Business Class styled food and beverages were offered. Service started with a hot towel, followed by nuts and selection of beverages. A wide selection was offered, including chanpagne, wines, juices and soft drinks. I went for a diet coke (served in proper glassware) with my chilli-lime flavoured nuts.

photo 33437560285_b7b7b10544_b

The menu was then offered.

photo 32594653564_37c4469453_b

photo 32594652624_81dc052740_b

Initially when we pulled out of Paris Nord, the train experienced intermittent technical problems, which halted the train at times. In the end, there was a 40min delay to our travel time due to the faults.

Dinner was served on trays but with proper cutlery. The tray came with the starter, cheese, dessert, chocolate and a roll.

photo 32594651894_d88473ec45_b

Mains were offered later, but my choice of salmon ran out and was offered either the cold beef salad or a hot vegetarian option. Went for the vegetarian option, which is a vegetarian lasagna-like dish. It was ok but being tired, I do not have appetite to finish the meal. Coffee and tea were also offered subsequently.

photo 33437558075_e8418606c7_b

Had a nap after the meal and dozed all the way to London. The Eurostar is not as smooth a ride as I had expected, compared to the German and Japanese high-speed trains. Constant rocking can be felt though it did not affect my nap.

photo 32594648284_5a1c8c163d_b
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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew9.0

Singapore - SIN


Paris - CDG



Despite the full flight, it was still a bearable and comfortable long-haul experience on SQ, with good catering, service and entertainment. With some contortion, I managed to catch some decent sleep in the economy seat. Guess the SQ experience is as good as it gets with flying in economy these days.

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  • Comment 390030 by
    JW19 120 Comments

    "Guess the SQ experience is as good as it gets with flying in economy these days."
    - agreed, totally. Only the ME boys can match them. Rest of SEA are some miles away, Japanese are nearly as good and the Koreans some catching up to do.
    Also love that SQ is adamant in not going for a 10 abreast 777 unlike the others as they value passenger comfort more. I will NEVER pay for a 10 abreast 777 ride for flights over 8 hours.

    • Comment 390044 by
      Yoke 420 Comments

      Agreed about the consistency of SQ's product when it comes to seating configuration. Now I'm waiting to see whether they'll go for a 2-4-2 layout like JAL on their future 787, or if they'll just follow the 9-abreast trend on the Dreamliner.

  • Comment 390043 by
    Yoke 420 Comments

    Thanks for this detailed report on the big flying whale, quite an enjoyable ride apparently.
    Great tourist bonus, hope you enjoyed your time in Paris! Interesting Eurostar report also. See ya!

  • Comment 390155 by
    Simmy1972 41 Comments

    Wonderful flight report, with sights and sounds of Paris and Eurostar as bonus.

    I am sure the pastries at Angelina are delicious by the looks of things. Looking forward to reading your return journey.

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