Review of Singapore Airlines flight Singapore Denpasar in Business

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ942
Class Business
Seat 14A
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 02:45
Take-off 22 Mar 17, 09:20
Arrival at 22 Mar 17, 12:05
SQ   #4 out of 96 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 696 reviews
By SILVER 1571
Published on 9th May 2017
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Checked out at 6am and caught a taxi to Changi T3. The intent was to check-in our 2nd bag at the much talked about First Class section of T3 but things did not go so well. Factors came into play that caused us to completely miss the entrance i.e. our driver not understanding what first class entrance meant, me not doing my homework on where the entrance was and it was still dark outside when we drove up to the terminal. We were dropped outside the business class entrance and I went up to the the information desk to ask where the FC entrance was. She first said aisle 4 but what was SQ economy, then she said aisle 1 but it was some other airline and then she said aisle 6 also had a FC lane but that was not what I was looking for. After 15 minutes of walking around and my frustration building, I gave up and checked in at the Business class lane. I did end up finding it later on in our trip .. NOTE TO SELF - do whatever it takes to use SQ Changi FC entrance before I die.

photo 33713846571_de80abc8c3_cphoto 33025109233_33c3186dd5_c

Turn left after immigration/security to head to the SilverKris lounge. We took the first escalator up instead of the 2nd escalator and did the long walk around the KrisGold lounge to get to the SK lounge. Mrs.I pointed at the Gold lounge and said "That looks like a nice lounge", to which I replied "You know nothing, Jon Snow" and just made it out of the reach of her slap. :D

The lounge dragons guarding the front checking everyone's BP as they entered.
photo 33682609822_f5aa931b95_c

I showed one of the dragons our BPs along with the Golden Ticket and she inquired which flight we came off. I said Sydney and the answer was happily accepted. Escorted past the J lounge, through the F lounge and into Xanadu. All pictures in previous TR's (mine included) will never do justice to seeing the PR in person. She asked us if we would like to sit in the dining area or the lounge and we chose the dining area. A waiter immediately helped us by filling glasses with water and providing the menus. Mrs.I chose the Eggs Benedict while I chose the Roti Prata. I am happy to report that my choice was the hands down winner this time. :D

photo 33029649603_a132eb5c91_cphoto 33713846051_a91624cd0b_c

The lunch and dinner menus made me wish I went the previous night in addition to this morning. :D
photo 33686887992_8ed6bfda5e_cphoto 33713845881_2031053483_c

As it was 7am-ish in the morning, there were quite a few people coming in for breakfast. This was the same for the First and Business class sections.
photo 33029650293_e498e8e2ac_cphoto 33029649973_fe61a1f91c_cphoto 33025107653_2a2d692263_c

To any FT-er who will be visiting the PR for the first time or never has had the Roti Prata before - please, please, please try this. You will not regret it. Finger licking good.
photo 33025107503_7236fea891_c

photo 33025107223_4a224d6e43_c

After breakfast, we relaxed by the big screen area and watched the new about the London attack on Parliament.

Too bad for this stuff blocking views of the tarmac.
photo 33025106843_6881b0f926_c

Mrs.I got bored and wanted to go walking around. Since our flight was out of T2, we left to take the train over. Took some pics of the F lounge as we walked out.

The madness of the Business Lounge. Hightailed it out of there.

Noticed the signage for the SQ lounge, soooo why not. :)
photo 33709114361_8ab3cf67e2_c

Showed BPs to the male dragon who pointed left to the business class lounge to which I replied if we had access to F lounge. He looked again and pointed right. :)
photo 33709113261_2f11005e91_cphoto 33682551432_73e32e5951_cphoto 33025079043_fb3284fc0e_c

There was a "made to order" counter off to the left and I did notice Roti Prata being brought out by a waiter. Do I want another, hmmmmm? No, no, I did BTC and I wanted to have room.
photo 33797525176_0e5a7e9d02_cphoto 33797523946_b46269d33c_cphoto 33797522606_80fbf6519c_c

After a quick bio, we left to make our way to the gate. Did not realize our gate was at the far end of the terminal and ran on the movators to make it in time as boarding was almost complete.

Our bird to Bali.
photo 33025072093_d8ea383d16_c

We were welcomed aboard and shown to our seats. The stewardess greeted us by our names and pointed out the menus for our meal selection. The captain came on and informed us of a 2.5 hr flight and would be pretty smooth all the way.
photo 33025067753_726ea30b5c_c

Wonderful angled lie flat seats - appropriate for this short haul leg.
photo 33025065173_406fcb5b8e_cphoto 33682533682_f2431286d4_c

Apple juice to start.
photo 33025060893_b2b0041f89_c

Cabin shot.
photo 33797506096_ebde39a362_c

while Mrs.I was filling out the immigration forms, I snapped the menu pics.
photo 33682528322_6654698121_cphoto 33453854020_af0265984a_c

Funny enough, this was the same menu from Bali to Singapore. The rest of the menu was the standard alcoholic and non-alcoholic stuff, so I will not post it twice.
photo 33453852150_3fc70fce2f_c

Hello Scooty.
photo 33838398595_60c896673a_c

photo 33838395505_cdab740265_cphoto 32995028744_661f314786_c

Lining up for take off with a whalejet in the distance.
photo 33025008783_d10772676e_c

Toodles Changi. See you in 4 days.
photo 32994989024_1113a2141e_cphoto 32994983674_f45119518b_c

Once the seat belt sign was turned off, the cabin crew swung into action for the lunch service. The stewardess who greeted us earlier was taking meal orders on our side of the plane. When she came to us, she noted our BTC selections and wanted to confirm we were still ok. Oh hell yeah. :)

My choice was the Singapore Chicken Rice. It was my first time having chicken rice and OMG, it was phenomenal. The rice and chicken breast were perfectly moist and the 3 sauces (dark soy, garlic and chilli) accompanying the dish were perfect enhancements. In my zeal to try the chicken rice, I skipped the fruit altogther lol .. like who needs fruit right? The pannacotta dessert was good as well.
photo 32994982434_16f899b5c8_c

Mrs.I chose the chicken curry and it was also very good. It was tough to choose a winner as both dishes were really good.
photo 33709021181_e6b0a5361b_c

After brunch, we were watching movies on the IFE. The system was old and clunky but servicable. 2 hours passed by pretty quick and we began the descent into Bali.

photo 33709012451_7bec4fb966_cphoto 33709007981_c79a737b17_c

Another SQ bird heading home.
photo 33709007111_417e251db0_cphoto 33797415926_ed430d349d_c

Made our way to immigration, collected our bags and went to find our Amankila rep.

photo 33709003351_021fda079b_cphoto 33709003201_3bc689109f_c
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Overall, the experience and service at the Private Room and our flight was very good. The wait staff and cabin crew were very friendly and attentive but never intrusive. Did I forget to mention that the female cabin crew were gorgeous? ... like "WOW, eyes popping out of my sockets" gorgeous. Mrs.I asked why I was wearing my sunglasses inside the cabin. :D

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