Review of ANA flight Hong Kong Tokyo in Economy

Airline ANA
Flight NH810
Class Economy
Seat 23A
Flight time 04:20
Take-off 01 Jun 17, 14:55
Arrival at 01 Jun 17, 20:15
NH 206 reviews
By BRONZE 1879
Published on 7th June 2017
Welcome to the third part of the report. This part will cover the flight from Hong Kong to Tokyo Narita. In fact, this flight is operated by ANA's subsidiary, Air Japan. The flight number to be precious, is NQ810. Basically, the service and passenger experience are exactly the same as ANA.

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On the day of flight, I reserved a van to send me to airport as I had two heavy suitcase. I arrived at the airport at 12:48pm. I went straight to the check in counter and just like in Munich, it was almost empty. I checked my luggage and issued the boarding pass to Tokyo Narita and also Munich in no time. Then I went to terminal 2 and had a quick lunch in a Sushi restaurant.
photo dsc03941
The gate was assigned at 46 but I didn't take the automatic people mover, instead I walked along to the gate so that I can see planes on the apron
photo dsc03942
JA619A, this metal will bring me to Tokyo tonight. ANA fleet has two types of International version B767-300ER. The one with winglet has 202 seats (C35 Y167) and the one without winglet has 214 seats (C35 Y179).
photo dsc03944
Boarding started at 14:30. The ANA ground staff bowed in front of the gate and the boarding began. I noticed that some candies were placed next to the boarding card scanner that everyone can take when they passed through. By observing the people queuing for boarding, I was definitely sure that this flight had a very low loading. This was my seat, 23A. This is a hardshell seat which doesn't recline just the seat cushion being moved forward, but this is fine with me for a 3 hours flight. Blanket was already placed on the seat.
photo dsc03945
View out of the window. Before pushback the crew were distributing immigration card to us.
photo dsc03946
Audio jack is installed in the armrest together with the reclining button.
photo dsc03947
9 inch touch panel monitor with USB port at the right bottom side.
photo dsc03948
Pushback started at 15:02pm
photo dsc03949
Air Canada B777-200LR C-FIUF was also taxing to the runway. Departing to Toronto as AC16.
photo dsc03951
There were too many traffic on the ground and it took about 30 minutes before we reached the runway. Japan Airlines B777-200ER JA702J ready to depart to Tokyo Haneda as JL26.
photo dsc03954
Finally our turn to takeoff at 15:32pm
photo dsc03955
Banking to the left and headed to the south of Lantau Island.
photo dsc03956
Legroom is apparantly less than B787-9. Seat pitch is 31 inch compare with 34 on 787-9.
photo dsc03958
Coat hanger is on the left side of the seat.
photo dsc03960
The B767 Winglet
photo dsc03962
Seatbelt sign was off at 15:40pm. Shortly after that the cabin crew provided the wet towel and snacks. I also took a Japanese Kirin beer for the drink.
photo dsc03965
Lunch was served at 16:15pm. I took the Stir-fried pork with soy-based ginger sauce (豚肉の生姜焼き) and orange juice.

Lettuce, Coleslaw
Parsley / Pastrami beef Cherry tomato

Japanese udon noodles, Simmered shiitake mushroom in soy-based sauce
Grated ginger
Nori, dried seaweed
Sauce for Japanese noodles
photo dsc03969
Cabin view
photo dsc03970
There are two cup holders on each seat. One to be used when the table is lowered
photo dsc03974
The other is on the back of the table which can be used when the table is retracted.
photo dsc03975
Left Taiwan as I finished the meal. Due to the low loading, the cabin crew just came in person to take away the tray when they saw you finished the meal. As we left Taiwan airspace, the flight was getting bumpy all the way to Tokyo.
photo dsc03977
At 17:10pm I made a trip to the lavatory at the back and gave my logbook to one of the cabin crew. As far as I can see, Lot of the seats were unoccupied.
After the meal service, the light above the windows on two sides were switched off.
photo dsc03979
The lavatory at the back.
photo dsc03980
On this flight I continued with the Japanese drama and watched 3 episodes.
photo dsc03982
photo dsc03984
South of Shikoku, approaching Tokyo.
photo dsc03985
The route from Hong Kong to Tokyo Narita.
photo dsc03987
At 18:40pm, the flight deck announced 40 minutes to landing. We then received ANA candy from the cabin crew as usual. Our plane made a 180 degree turn and landed on RWY16L at 19:17pm. It also took a little bit time to taxi to gate 27 in terminal 2. The immigration was quite empty, I guessed most of them were transit passengers.
photo dsc03994
The arrival lobby of terminal 2.
photo dsc03995
At the beginning, I planned to take Narita Express directly to Tokyo station, when I reached the counter the staff told me that the next train will be leaving at 21:44pm. That meant I would have to wait for an hour. I also checked other options like buses but the arrival time was more or less the same and considered the luggages I carried, so I decided to stick on Narita Express.
photo dsc03996
The Narita Express that linking Narita Airport with Tokyo downtown. WiFi was available through out the journey.
photo dsc03997
It took about 50 minutes to get to Tokyo station.
photo dsc04010
Thanks for reading!
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