Review of Malindo Air flight Kuala Lumpur Singapore in Economy

Airline Malindo Air
Flight OD 805
Class Economy
Seat 26A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 00:50
Take-off 04 Jun 17, 20:50
Arrival at 04 Jun 17, 21:40
OD 35 reviews
By 999
Published on 8th June 2017
The rest of the Saturday was spent doing some shopping, followed by back to the hotel for rest and nap. Then headed out for dinner at Loke Fatt restaurant at Brickfields, before catching a late night show at Nu Sentral.

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On Sunday, an early lunch was had at Sin Kee restaurant, where we ordered their famous Hainanese pork chop and Sin Kee steamed rice.

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Checked out of hotel, caught a massage and grabbed a goreng pisang from a famous roadside stall, before heading to the airport via the Airport Bus, which is much cheaper than KL Ekspress (RM10 vs RM50), though takes almost double the traveling time.

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Arrived at KLIA 2hrs before the flight and checked in at the Malindo counters with no wait.

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Grabbed a light dinner and of course the cakes at Secret Recipe.

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After dinner, headed through immigration and security to the gate at H8.

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It is a dual-aircraft gate and our plane was the one further at the back, with the "178th B737-800" livery. Anyone knows the significance of the 178th aircraft?

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The other aircraft would be heading to Jakarta.

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04 June 2017
Malindo Air
OD 805
Kuala Lumpur (KUL) - Singapore (SIN)
Economy Class
Flight Time: 0H50M

Gatehold room.

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Boarding was called by rows and we proceeded tothe aircraft. MH B738 also bound to SIN was parked beside.

photo 34994889332_f49f12226d_b

This 6 months old aircraft, as with the rest of the newer Malindo aircraft, is not fitted with IFE system due to "supplier issues". Hopefully OD only uses these aircraft on the short-hauls.

photo 35160119585_e8d097231b_b

Out the window.

photo 34994887962_03df8e3eb5_b

Boarding in progress.

photo 35160118255_99e598e858_b

The neighbouring MH being pushed back for the flight to SIN.

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As it was the month of Ramadan for the Muslims and it was time to break fast, the crew made an announcement to inform muslim passengers of it. Surprisingly, the crew then came down the aisle offering snacks to all passengers while we were still on the ground.

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Crew offered each passenger a box of dried dates, a packet of peanuts and crackers. Seemed that these items are sponsered, but still a generous touch by Malindo.

photo 34315004114_eeeb05626e_b

Unfortunately, the captain announced that we would need some refueling and is currently awaiting the refueling truck. The initial expected 15min wait eventually extended to an hour…. What is puzzling is that with the 1h40m turnaround the aircraft had (the aircraft also did a KUL-SIN-KUL flight before this flight), the aircraft was not refueled…. Went to the lavatory during the delay. Lavatory is very modern and has a new design at the sink area to save on space.

photo 34350134823_206f86cf1c_b

View of the cabin. Crew also offered water during the delay.

photo 34350133953_550db7b22e_b

Finally the aircraft was fueled up, doors closed and crew performed the safety demo manually due to lack of IFE system.

photo 34350132933_ce376249d2_b

Taxi to Rwy32R.

photo 34350132093_93b8c1c66c_b

Departure bound for Singapore.

Climbing and overflying KLIA.

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photo 35119879866_a3b4bdb9d9_b

The usual refreshment of muffin and juice was efficiently served.

photo 34350128323_95af327e87_b

A very short cruise later, we were descending and had a night tour of the western and southern part of Singapore.

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photo 34350125403_735194eda7_b

Flew up north for the approach toward Rwy20R. Landed an hour late into Singapore.

I suspect due to the late arrival, there was no available gate for us in T3 and we taxied over to the T2 remote stands to disembark. It has been a while since I had disembarked via the remote bay at Changi. 2 buses were waiting to send us direct to Terminal 3 arrival immigration.

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Up close with the Lion Group's 178th B738.

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photo 34350117613_159e6e2a00_b

On the way to T3 and passing the B787 and A350.

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Thanks for reading my short report!
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Malindo Air

Cabin crew8.5

Kuala Lumpur - KUL


Singapore - SIN



Apart from the unfortunate delay due to ground logistics issues, it was again a pleasant and comfortable flight on Malindo. The additonal snacks offering is a nice gesture and crew were all friendly and efficient. Malindo is definitely an up and coming strong competitor in the regional South-east Asian market.

Information on the route Kuala Lumpur (KUL) Singapore (SIN)


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    Eric V P 125 Comments

    Thank you for the nice report! I especially liked the culinary bonus at the front which looked delicious (which one would you recommend?)

    On my last trip with Malindo I also found that my plane did not have any IFE as well, with the plane also quite new. Did you ask the crew about it, or did they announce it to all passengers?

    Thank you!

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