Review of SAS flight Stockholm Helsinki in Economy

Airline SAS
Flight SK702
Class Economy
Seat 15A
Flight time 00:55
Take-off 22 Jun 17, 06:50
Arrival at 22 Jun 17, 08:45
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Rl 777
By 835
Published on 24th June 2017
Hello and welcome to another short series, consisting of three quick flights lasting for an hour each. All three flights were done in the same day. This first part will cover the first leg from Stockholm to Helsinki.


My first time flying alone was back in April 2017, I was allowed to visit and stay at my friend's house in Germany after several discussions with my mother. Fast-forward a few months and my summer holidays begin, from 08 June, 2017. Calculations showed that I would have plenty of free days, after accounting for the summer job and other miscellanous tasks. According to a few local articles, BRA (Braathens Regional Airlines, domestic airline in Sweden) had plans to retire the Saab 2000 after Midsummer this year. I ask my mother about traveling alone this summer and she told me I was allowed to fly by myself, as long as I come back home the same evening. BRA (cooperating with Finnair) operated the Saab 2000 on the HEL-UME route until 22 June, before it switches over to a triangle-routing by ATRs on Norra (Nordic Regional Airlines). The HEL-UME flight seemed like a safe bet for trying out the Saab 2000 before retirement but first I needed to get to Helsinki as I live in Stockholm, I quickly look for flights to Helsinki and decide to book a morning flight at 06:50 AM on SAS to Helsinki on 22 June, then I book the HEL-UME flight before booking a UME-ARN flight on SK at 20:10 (08:10 PM) the same day. The flights were booked on 17 June, five days in advance. All plans with full details were made at home and printed out to avoid wasting as much time as possible between the flights. My main intention was not to fully explore Helsinki or Umeå in any way but I would try and see what I could explore in the few hours I had between flights.

Note: Pictures used in this report were taken with both my phone and camera.


Part 1 - ARN-HEL, SK702, SAS Scandinavian Airlines, Bombardier CRJ-900, EI-FPD - You are here

Part 2 - HEL-UME, AY683, BRA Braathens Regional Airlines/Finnair, Saab 2000, SE-MFM -


Part 3 - UME-ARN, SK2035, SAS Scandinavian Airlines, Boeing 737-600, LN-RRZ -


SAS' online check-in is supposed to open 22 hours before departure, which implies an opening at 08:50 AM the day before. When checking, it was already open at 08:05 AM on 21 June. I was able to check-in but was unable to select a seat, I got an error message all the time but was automatically assigned to seat 15A which is a window seat without a window in this CRJ. I tried choosing my seat several times later in the day without success, waiting for over an hour on the queue for their chat service did not bring in any results either. I gave up and accepted seat 15A, I could have probably called them but decided not to for some reason.
photo fireshot capture 128 - billiga flygbiljetter och flygresor  sk och_ -

The plan was to take the bus (Flygbussarna - Airport Coaches) at 04:22 AM from my local bus stop to the airport. I could have taken the bus at 04:52 AM but was not in the mood to be stuck in security for over 40 minutes like last time I flew at this time in the morning. The bus comes every 30 minutes at this time but this is a separate line. The line from the central station departs every 15 minutes at this time in the morning until 05:30 AM, when it switches to a frequency of a bus departing every 10 minutes (weekdays). Tickets (if purchased through the web/app) are on sale for 99 SEK one-way (EUR 10/USD 11). The ride is 30km long from my bus stop while it is 42km long from the central station.
photo screenshot_2017-06-21-20-36-27lili

I woke at 02:50 AM on the day of departure, this was the view from my house at 02:52 AM local time. As you can see, it is already quite bright at this time in the morning. This is one thing I like about the summer season in Stockholm, early mornings and rather late sunsets. No edit.
photo dsc_0012jpg

02:52 AM.
photo dsc_0014jpg

I get showered and dressed up before going back outside at 03:21 AM, it is slightly brighter.
photo dsc_0017jpg

Information about the flight.
photo screenshot_2017-06-22-03-29-26li

03:37 AM.
photo dsc_0018jpg

I go back inside and have some breakfast at 03:40 AM. A bowl of rye pillows with milk, two slices of rye bread (no wheat), a yogurt drink and a glass of orange/raspberry juice was all my appetite could accept at this time of the day.
photo dsc_0023jpg

After the breakfast, I complete the final checks, bid farewell to my mother and leave for the bus at 04:10 AM.
photo dsc_0025jpgphoto dsc_0026jpg

On the way to the bus stop, at 04:13 AM. The only sound I could hear was the sound from tweeting birds at this time in the morning.
photo dsc_0030jpg

The metro trains run on this viaduct seen on the top of the picture. I was at the bus stop by 04:16 AM which can be seen as too early but I try to keep a margin and don't mind waiting for a few minutes.
photo dsc_0033jpg

Waiting for the bus.
photo dsc_0034jpg

There was not much activity by the bus stop at 04:20 AM, except for a member of staff opening up the entrance to the metro station, a few birds tweeting and a maximum amount of four other persons either waiting for a bus or walking.
photo dsc_0037jpg

The bus from Brommaplan arrives at precisely 04:22 AM.
photo dsc_0039jpgphoto dsc_0040jpg

I scan the ticket on my phone and occupy a window seat in the back. The bus was not close to being full but the load was healthier than before, I have always experienced empty to near-empty buses on this line on previous occasions.
photo 20170622_042315

On the E4 freeway towards Arlanda Airport at 04:33 AM.
photo 20170622_043342li

Closing in on the airport.
photo 20170622_043734li

Construction works.
photo 20170622_044431li

ATC tower.
photo 20170622_044519li

The flags of Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and the EU.
photo 20170622_044528li

Our bus arrived at Terminal 5 by 04:45 AM, scheduled time of arrival was 04:48.
photo 20170622_044538li

Terminal 5.
photo dsc_0041jpgli

Goodbye Volvo 9700.
photo dsc_0042_liphoto 20170622_044714_hdrli

Inside the terminal.
photo 20170622_044750li_li

FIDS of flights departing from Terminal 5, flights from other terminals are not displayed here. My flight to Helsinki can be seen as it is departing from Terminal 5.
photo 20170622_044756li

SAS uses check-in desks 71-90 at ARN Terminal 5, together with other airlines that share SK's desks.
photo 20170622_044824li_li

I walked up to a check-in kiosk to get an additional BP and to see if I could switch seats. The system did cooperate this time but not a single vacant seat was available according to this kiosk, 15A it is.
photo 20170622_045223li

Afterwards, I head to the security control and line up at 04:53 AM. It may seem early but I would rather go through now and relax airside for a longer period than to stand here for 40 minutes. It usually clogs up after 5 AM from my experience.
photo 20170622_045326l_liphoto 20170622_050050li

23 minutes later and I am through security.
photo 20170622_051621li

Duty-free shopping.
photo 20170622_051653li

Thomas Cook Scandinavia A333 at 05:20 AM. An hour left until boarding.
photo dsc_0044jpg

Austrian E-190 and SAS A20N.
photo dsc_0046jpgphoto 20170622_052147li

My flight was assigned to gate F38, which is in the non-Schengen area of gates F26-F39. There are two other non-Schengen areas in Terminal 5.
photo 20170622_052334liphoto 20170622_052451li_li

Power- and USB-ports.
photo 20170622_052457liphoto 20170622_052507li

photo dsc_0055jpg

Wandering around.
photo 20170622_052608li_liphoto 20170622_052624liphoto 20170622_052813li

SAS B736.
photo dsc_0056jpgphoto dsc_0057jpg

photo dsc_0058jpg

There were plenty of unoccupied seats in the area.
photo dsc_0059jpgphoto dsc_0062jpg

SAS B738.
photo dsc_0063jpg

photo dsc_0064jpgphoto dsc_0065jpg

DK 333 and SK 736.
photo dsc_0067jpg

photo dsc_0068jpg

The gate assigned for flight SK702 to Helsinki.
photo dsc_0070jpg

I sit at one of the seating aeras with ports after taking a few bad spotting shots. I tried charging my phone without positive result, after muliple tries I relocate to another similar seating area with power ports hoping for something better.
photo 20170622_053615li

The ports were functioning and I could charge up my phone. The main difference between this and the other seating area? The lights on the table were operating here, while they were not at the other table, which was probably an indication of the existence of electricity. Not a huge problem for me, the area was rather empty anyway.
photo 20170622_055104li

B738 as SK1415 to Copenhagen. Meanwhile, there was an announcement for the final call of flight LH2421 to Munich. The announcement was also made in German, something I have not heard before here.
photo dsc_0075jpg

SK B736.
photo dsc_0079jpgphoto dsc_0080jpg

SAS A20N taxiing out.
photo dsc_0081jpg

SAS A20N getting towed in.
photo dsc_0086jpg

photo dsc_0090jpg

My ride just arrived from Helsinki. The aircraft is scheduled to arrive from HEL at 06:20 AM but boarding for the return to Helsinki is also scheduled at 06:20 AM which seemed bizarre.

Flight information:

Airline: SAS Scandinavian Airlines operated by Cityjet

Flight no & route: SK702 ARN-HEL

Aircraft: Bombardier CRJ-900

Scheduled time of departure (actual): 06:50 (07:06), UTC +2

Scheduled time of arrival (actual): 08:45 (08:45), UTC +3

Scheduled flight time (actual): 55 minutes (39 minutes)

photo dsc_0093jpg

A few more passengers were showing up at the gate now, 06:33 AM.
photo 20170622_063357li_li

Primera Air B738.
photo dsc_0096jpg

Priority bording was announced at 06:37 AM while boarding for the rest of the passengers was announced shortly afterwards.
photo 20170622_063748li_li

Lining up for boarding.
photo 20170622_063842_hdrli

While scanning my BP, I asked the agent about the load. The seat map on the kiosk screen was right, it would be full.
photo 20170622_064024_hdr

Down to the tarmac.
photo 20170622_064034

The flight is operated by Cityjet, hence an Irish registration (EI-FPD).
photo 20170622_064132liphoto 20170622_064344li

The aircraft is named "Asker viking".
photo 20170622_064450li

The aircraft was delivered in April 2016, which could explain why it was clean and felt "fresh" inside.
photo 20170622_064927li_li

The seat pitch was not good and became worse once I put my belongings under the seat (the latter is obviously my own fault).
photo 20170622_064938li

Seat width was not generous either, thankfully this flight was short.
photo 20170622_064941liphoto 20170622_065003_hdrli_li

Tiny armrest.
photo 20170622_065016li

Boarding was almost completed by 06:53 AM.
photo 20170622_065309li_li 2

My seat (15A) did not have a window, the window pictured is the window by seat 14A.
photo dsc_0097jpg

Taxiing towards runway 01R.
photo dsc_0098jpgphoto dsc_0099jpg

FI B752.
photo dsc_0102jpg

DY 738 ready to depart in the distance.
photo dsc_0105jpg

Rolling down runway 01R.
photo dsc_0106jpg

Taking off at 07:06 AM.
photo dsc_0107jpg

Safety card of this CRJ-900.
photo 20170622_071111liphoto 20170622_071126li

Banking towards Helsinki.
photo dsc_0109jpg

photo 20170622_071209liphoto 20170622_071323li

Inflight magazine.
photo 20170622_071345li

Barf bag.
photo 20170622_071407li

LED lighting.
photo dsc_0114jpg

Åland, a self-governing region in Finland where the official language is Swedish. It is popular for people in Stockholm to take the ferry to Åland, especially during summertime.
photo dsc_0115jpgphoto dsc_0116jpg

Tea/coffee is complementary while everything else is for purchase with SK, I decided to have a cup of coffee. The cabin crew spoke Finnish, Swedish and English. Many of the passengers seemed to speak both Finnish and Swedish too, some of them were possibly Finland-Swedes (finlandssvenskar). I have several friends that have Finnish ancestry. Finland used to be a part of Sweden, until Russia took over before Finland declared independence in 1917.
photo 20170622_072145li

A few minutes after I receive my cup of coffee, an announcement about our descent is made.
photo 20170622_072622li

Finnish landscape.
photo dsc_0118jpgphoto dsc_0119jpg

Overhead bins.
photo 20170622_073246li

Coat hook.
photo 20170622_073257li

Overhead panel.
photo 20170622_073344liphoto 20170622_073348li

Losing altitude.
photo dsc_0120jpg

The town of Karkkila/Högfors.
photo dsc_0121jpg

Southeastern tip of Karkkila/Högfors.
photo dsc_0122jpg

Lake Vaaksinjärvi.
photo dsc_0123jpg

Freeway 45.
photo dsc_0125jpgli

Landed on runway 22L at 08:45 AM local time (07:45 in Sweden).
photo dsc_0128jpgphoto dsc_0129jpg

Arrived at the gate.
photo dsc_0131jpg

A look at the amount of legroom, without any bags.
photo 20170622_075041li

I received a text from my phone operator reminding me that I can surf the web, text and call in Finland for the same prices as back home in Sweden without additional costs.
photo screenshot_2017-06-22-08-53-15liphoto 20170622_085709li

A blurry shot from a seat with a window.
photo 20170622_085714li

Leaving the aircraft at 08:57 AM local time.

Most of the signs at the airport were also written in Swedish.
photo 20170622_085827liphoto 20170622_085926li

Duty-free shopping.
photo 20170622_085954liphoto 20170622_090050li

Walking towards arrivals.
photo 20170622_090058liphoto 20170622_090159li

The plan was to purchase a day ticket at a ticket machine, take the train to Helsinki Central station and spend a few hours here before getting on the flight to Umeå at 15:50 (03:50 PM) local time. I had roughly 6 hours 45 minutes left before the next flight. Unfortunately the pictured ticket machine did not accept my EUR 50 note when proceeding to payment. Reason? The machine did not have enough change.
photo 20170622_090237li

Instead, I walk towards the station hoping to find another ticket machine.
photo 20170622_090514_hdrliphoto 20170622_090807li

The clean and modern station is found, with a ticket machine located on the platform. The machine only accepted payment by card but that was not a problem so I paid by card instead like I always do in Sweden.
photo 20170622_091102li

The commuter train was clean and comfortable.
photo 20170622_091207li

It was also sparsely populated which was appreciated, the trains depart very frequently. There are I-trains and P-trains going to the central station, both end up in Helsinki C but take different routes.
photo 20170622_091821li

Destinations are shown in both Finnish and Swedish, announcements in the train were made in Finnish, English and Swedish.
photo 20170622_092627liphoto 20170622_092250

Left side: Finnish name. Right side: Swedish name.
photo 20170622_092708li

The ride took +-30 minutes.
photo dsc_0132jpg

From here I continue my short stay in Helsinki. Thank you for taking your time to read this FR :).
photo 20170622_095212li

Bonus from Helsinki:

Walking from the central station to the market square/Kauppatori:
Bonus : Click here display

Boat ride to Suomenlinna/Sveaborg:
Bonus : Click here display

Walking around:
Bonus : Click here display
See more



Cabin crew8.0

Stockholm - ARN


Helsinki - HEL



Another flight with SAS, the plane was not the most comfortable in the world but fine for a flight that lasts for 40 minutes.

Cabin comfort - Seat pitch was rather tight, seat width was not generous either.

Cabin crew - The crew on this flight was good. The FAs were friendly throughout the short flight.

Entertainment - Window view (through 14A) and magazines.

Meal/catering - Coffee/tea service, everything else (besides still water on a cup) is BOB.



  • Comment 402061 by
    OH-LWE 33 Comments

    Thanks for writing this flight report!
    Helsinki and Stockholm are some of my favorite places to visit in Europe. Unfortunately when I went last year I did not know about the train - I ended up taking the 615 bus which took roughly an hour because it stopped in various places in Vantaa as well.
    My hotel in Hakaniemi was only a short walk from the train station, so I should've taken that instead. :P
    Any suggestions on things to do in Sweden when I come next year?

    • Comment 402073 by
      Rl 777 AUTHOR 810 Comments

      Thank you for your very nice comment :).

      I guess we live and learn!

      Depends on which places you are visiting in Sweden, are you coming to Stockholm?

      Nonetheless, I hope you will have a good time here.

      Have a good one, see you!

  • Comment 402063 by
    martin1405 41 Comments

    Hej! Tack for your FR!

    " I was allowed to visit and stay at my friend's house in Germany"
    - It was so great and I hope you will come again one day!

    " [...] early mornings and rather late sunsets"
    - Hope I will also experience it one day, haha.

    I miss ARN.... And the F-Gates haha. Walking to the F-Gates was worth it when I was there.

    It's so unfortunate that you had no window seat. And it is poor that you could not change it.

    The landscape with those cute islands is just amazing. I miss Stockholm's skärgård.

    "I can surf the web, text and call in Finland for the same prices as back home in Sweden without additional costs."
    - I am so glad that the EU realized this thing.

    I like the fresh cabin! Is the wall in the front a wooden-looking thing (Svenska stuff).

    Waaiitt, is the train the same type as in Switzerland? It reminds me of the trains in CH.

    Nice bonus! Hope you enjoyed your short stay in Helsingfors.

    • Comment 402075 by
      Rl 777 AUTHOR 810 Comments

      Thank you for your very nice comment :).

      Will definitely come back.

      I have never been amazed by my home airport in any way haha.

      I guess I was bound to have seating issues some day, at least I could see a little bit from the window at 14A :).

      The scenery in Finland was stunning!

      Definitely agree with the EU thing.

      It seems to have a wooden texture to say the least, I guess my reply is yes.

      The trains looked similar if not identical (on the outside) to some of the trains in Switzerland.

      Thank you, I did.

      Have a good one, see you!

  • Comment 402137 by
    marathon GOLD 9559 Comments

    The buildings at the bus stop to ARN look familiar to me ;)
    A non-window seat in a fully booked plane: I would have hated that, especially on a special flight like this one :(
    Thanks to your mom for letting you go, and to you for sharing this ! :)

    • Comment 402243 by
      Rl 777 AUTHOR 810 Comments

      Thank you for your very nice comment :).

      “The buildings at the bus stop to ARN look familiar to me ;)“
      - :).

      I have rarely had issues with the seating part but I presume that was bound to happen, a flight where I have no view at all due to technical difficulties may be up next on the list (in the future).

      Thank you for stopping by.

      Have a good one, see you!

  • Comment 402159 by
    loukas SILVER 315 Comments

    Hi, thanks for this professional as always FR. It seems you had a very nice short stay in Helsinki with a great weather. Helsinki are still on my list, need to go there one day. I love these short summer nights (we call them "white nights"). Great shots, especially the ones before landing and the bonus ones. Waiting to read about the next parts of your trip!

    • Comment 402245 by
      Rl 777 AUTHOR 810 Comments

      Thank you for your very nice comment :).

      Thank you, it was a short but pleasant stay in Helsinki :).

      I am on your team with these summer nights, they allow me to go out in the evening without a worrying mother.

      Thanks for your positive comments, I appreciate it.

      Have a good one, see you!

  • Comment 402238 by
    jetsetpanda 2295 Comments

    Hi RI777 and thanks for sharing this awesome FR.

    I always appreciate your FR introductions sharing your local and personal perspective. It makes the reports more interesting and tells us a little bit about the author.

    Too bad about the seating issue with this flight. At least you managed to get a bit o a view and you did your best with those nice shots from a partial window.

    The new SK menu looks more contemporary and clean without all those pics.

    You really took advantage of your short stay in HEL and made the most out of it. Lovely bonus with superb pics.

    Looking forward to the continuation of this series.

    • Comment 402246 by
      Rl 777 AUTHOR 810 Comments

      Thank you for your very nice comment :).

      It made me genuinely happy to know you appreciate them, thanks very much!

      I appreciate the positivity :).

      It sure does.

      Thank you :).

      Have a good one, see you!

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