Review of Finnair flight Helsinki Umeå in Economy

Airline Finnair
Flight AY683
Class Economy
Seat 15F
Aircraft Saab 2000
Flight time 01:10
Take-off 22 Jun 17, 15:50
Arrival at 22 Jun 17, 16:00
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Rl 777
By 738
Published on 7th July 2017
Hello and welcome to the second part of this short series, consisting of three quick flights done in one day. The previous part can be found here. This second part will cover the flight from Helsinki, Finland to Umeå, Sweden onboard a BRA Saab 2000.


My first time flying alone was back in April 2017, I was allowed to visit and stay at my friend's house in Germany after several discussions with my mother. Fast-forward a few months and my summer holidays begin, from 08 June, 2017. Calculations showed that I would have plenty of free days, after accounting for the summer job and other miscellanous tasks. According to a few local articles, BRA (Braathens Regional Airlines, domestic airline in Sweden) had plans to retire the Saab 2000 after Midsummer this year. I ask my mother about traveling alone this summer and she told me I was allowed to fly by myself, as long as I come back home the same evening. BRA (cooperating with Finnair) operated the Saab 2000 on the HEL-UME route until 22 June, before it switches over to a triangle-routing by ATRs on Norra (Nordic Regional Airlines). The HEL-UME flight seemed like a safe bet for trying out the Saab 2000 before retirement but first I needed to get to Helsinki as I live in Stockholm, I quickly look for flights to Helsinki and decide to book a morning flight at 06:50 AM on SAS to Helsinki on 22 June, then I book the HEL-UME flight before booking a UME-ARN flight on SK at 20:10 (08:10 PM) the same day. The flights were booked on 17 June, five days in advance. All plans with full details were made at home and printed out to avoid wasting as much time as possible between the flights. My main intention was not to fully explore Helsinki or Umeå in any way but I would try and see what I could explore in the few hours I had between flights.

Note: Pictures used in this report were taken with both my phone and camera.


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Part 2 - HEL-UME, AY683, BRA Braathens Regional Airlines/Finnair, Saab 2000, SE-MFM - You are here

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8km of walking and a boat ride later, I am back in the central station at Helsinki. It was 13:20 local time (1:20 PM), the train I had planned to board according to my printed plan in my backpack had a scheduled time of departure of 13:51. In conclusion, there was approximately 30 minutes left before I was supposed to be in the train towards the airport.

Upon entering the station, the first thing I noticed was a Burger King on the left hand side of me. Instead of wasting time looking for other options, I decided to have a quick bite in BK. It may not be the healthiest option, but it is arguably a budget-friendly option.
photo 20170622_132002

If you read the first part of this series, you may remember the technical issues I experienced when selecting seats through the web on flight SK702 from Stockholm to Helsinki. Thankfully there were no such issues when opening up the seat selection with this Finnair/BRA flight using the Finnair website. I ended up choosing seat 15F for flight AY683/TF6130. This particular flight was operated by BRA (Braathens Regional Airlines) for Finnair, until 22 June, 2017. Today it is operated by Norra (Nordic Regional Airlines) on ATR 72s, as a triangle-routing from Helsinki to Umeå, Umeå to Vaasa before going back to Helsinki. BRA Braathens Regional Airlines was founded after Malmö Aviation and multiple brands within Sverigeflyg merged in February 2016. However, BRA does not have its own AOC. All flights are technically operated by Braathens Regional Airways and Braathens Regional Aviation. The name BRA can be seen as a rather interesting name.
photo fireshot capture 129 - incheckning med fin_ -

A lunch later and I was on my way to the platform.
photo 20170622_134336photo 20170622_134515

Inside the train towards Lentoasema (Airport).
photo 20170622_134714

JKOY Class Sm5 train. These are made by Stadler Rail, a Swiss manafacturer. I have seen many similar units in Switzerland, back in April.
photo 20170622_134815

26 minutes pass and I was standing on the platform of the airport train station. It was 14:17 local time and my flight was scheduled to leave Helsinki at 15:50.
photo 20170622_141757_liphoto 20170622_141759

Walking towards the check-in desks.
photo 20170622_141859

According to these displays, Finnair's check-in desks would be located to the left. Another display (not pictured) suggested BRA's flights would depart from the right side. The HEL website showed a departure from Terminal 2, which implies a walk to the left.
photo 20170622_142156_li

This FIDS confirmed a departure from Terminal 2, my flight is displayed as a regular Finnair flight.
photo 20170622_142231

Walking towards the check-in desks.
photo 20170622_142337_li

Earlier, I had received a text from Finnair regarding the huge passenger volume at the airport during Midsummer. AY was not joking, it was pretty crowded in the check-in area.
photo 20170622_142436_liphoto 20170622_142441_li

I walked up to a kiosk in order to print out a secondary BP at 14:25 local time. Before completing the process, I was approached by a member of staff telling me this kiosk had a malfunction and advised me to another kiosk.
photo 20170622_142554

Second try.
photo 20170622_142710

This try was more successful.
photo 20170622_142736_li

After the second BP was printed out, I decided to clear security immediately.
photo 20170622_142815_liphoto 20170622_142819_li

Despite the substantial passenger flow, security was smooth and lasted for just nine minutes. A duty-free shopping area is seen after completing the check. I was not interested this time.
photo 20170622_143754_li

The gate assigned for my flight was 19A, I walked towards the gate after passing security in order to localize it.
photo 20170622_143949_li

KLM B738. The weather had detoriated by this time, for the third time since my arrival in Helsinki 5 hours 40 minutes ago.
photo dsc_0465jpg

While walking to gate 19A, I noticed a familiar-looking turboprop on the tarmac through one of the wet terminal windows. My ride to Umeå was waiting on an aircraft stand.
photo dsc_0469jpg

19A for AY683 to UME.
photo 20170622_144331photo 20170622_144403photo 20170622_144511_li

Gate 19A was localized after a few minutes of walking through some of the corridors in the airport.
photo 20170622_144539

Dedicated seating areas with power ports were scattered around the corridors.
photo 20170622_144816_li

Spotting was not the easiest task with the amount of rain at this time. Lufthansa A321.
photo dsc_0470jpg

Additionally, the camera was struggling with the focus.
photo dsc_0471jpg

Icelandair B752.
photo dsc_0472jpg

LH849 to Frankfurt.
photo dsc_0473jpg

The spotting sesson did not last for long in these weather conditions. Instead I walked back to the gate and then used a WC to avoid having to do that on the plane or in Umeå.
photo 20170622_145256photo 20170622_151305_li

Boarding for flight AY683 began at 15:14, 36 minutes before departure. The agent at the gate told us the flight would be operated by Norra, which instantly put a questionmark in my mind. Norra would take over after this date but today's flight should be operated by BRA, I told myself in my mind. I remained calm as I had already spotted our Saab 2000, although there was always a possibility for technical problems.
photo 20170622_151438_li

Walking towards the bus.
photo 20170622_151510

Inside the bus that would take us to the aircraft.
photo 20170622_151532

The bus left the spot after nine minutes, we had to wait for some other passengers which explained the wait.
photo 20170622_152417

AY 32B.
photo 20170622_152436photo 20170622_152456

AY 32B.
photo 20170622_152507

photo 20170622_152516

Today's flight would indeed be operated by BRA, and not by Norra's ATRs.
photo 20170622_152522photo 20170622_152555

Rolls Royce AE 2100 turboprop engine.
photo 20170622_152558photo 20170622_152601_li

The nose.
photo 20170622_152628

Flight information:

Airline: Finnair in cooperation with BRA Braathens Regional Airlines.

Flight no & route: AY683/TF6130 HEL-UME

Aircraft: Saab 2000

Scheduled time of departure (actual): 15:50 (16:06), UTC +3

Scheduled time of arrival (actual): 16:00 (15:59), UTC +2

Scheduled flight time (actual): 1h 10 minutes (53 minutes)

photo 20170622_152621

SE-MFM had its first flight almost 22 years ago, in August 1995.
photo 20170622_152639

Passengers were greeted when entering the aircraft.
photo 20170622_152714photo 20170622_152844

Made it to row 15.
photo 20170622_152850

The seating configuration is 1-2 for this Saab 2000.
photo 20170622_152945

The load appeared to be light on this flight, as I had expected.
photo 20170622_152947

Seat pitch was generous, I had loads of legroom. The legroom offered in this Saab 2000 is greater than what has been offered in the majority of long-haul aircraft I have traveled on.
photo 20170622_152955

photo 20170622_153000photo 20170622_153118_hdr

Seat cover.
photo 20170622_153120

Wing view.
photo dsc_0474jpg

photo dsc_0476jpg

OK 319.
photo dsc_0478jpgphoto dsc_0480jpg

Another look at the amount of legroom.
photo dsc_0481jpg

It seemed like boarding had been completed by 15:33 (3:33 PM) local time but we were standing still on the stand, for quite a few minutes without any kind of announcement.
photo dsc_0484jpg

A moment or two later I notice a passenger behind me asking the sole FA about the situation, apparently we were waiting for two passengers from Frankfurt which explained the wait on the ground. Meanwhile, I snapped a few pictures of the seatback contents to kill time. BRA magazine.
photo dsc_0487jpg

Safety card of this Saab 2000.
photo dsc_0488jpgphoto dsc_0489jpg

A magazine of Mio möbler, a furniture chain in Sweden.
photo dsc_0490jpg

The last passengers from Frankfurt finally arrive and we taxi towards the runway at 16:01 (4:01 PM) local time.
photo dsc_0491jpg

Several narrow-bodies.
photo dsc_0493jpgphoto dsc_0495jpg

AY 32B.
photo dsc_0497jpgphoto dsc_0498jpg

Taxiing to runway 22R. A runway with a length of 3 060 metres.
photo dsc_0500jpg

AY A320 touching down.
photo dsc_0502jpgphoto dsc_0504jpg

Lining up with 22R.
photo dsc_0507jpg

photo dsc_0509jpg

Taking off at 16:06.
photo dsc_0511jpgphoto dsc_0513jpg

photo dsc_0516jpg

Kivistön/Kivistö and the E12 freeway to the left.
photo dsc_0519jpgl

photo dsc_0523jpgl

E12 freeway.
photo dsc_0529jpgl

Entering cloud layers.
photo dsc_0531jpglphoto dsc_0533jpgl

Getting clearer.
photo dsc_0534jpgl

Rusutjärvi (lake) can barely be spotted on the bottom left of the picture while Tuusulanjärvi/Tusby träsk (lake) can be seen north of it. Kerava with roughly 35 000 inhabitants and surroundings can also be spotted.
photo dsc_0539jpgl

photo dsc_0541jpgl

Riihimäki and the E12 freeway running south of it.
photo dsc_0550jpgl

Alasjärvi (lake) and Tervakoski. The E12 is still visible, north of the town of Tervakoski.
photo dsc_0553jpgl

Small armrest.
photo 20170622_161727

Overhead panel.
photo 20170622_161736photo 20170622_161741

Service commenced 15 minutes after departure, tea or coffee was served with small pieces of Daim chocolate. I went with coffee this time. The sole FA on this flight was friendly throughout the flight and did her job with a genuine smile.
photo 20170622_162034

Cruising towards Umeå at 28 000 ft.
photo dsc_0558jpgl

This time I had plenty of space for my camera- and backpack, unlike last time on the CRJ-900.
photo 20170622_163007

Our load was light, 17 seats were occupied on this flight. I believe this aircraft is equipped with 50 seats, which would generate a load factor of just 34%.
photo 20170622_163219photo 20170622_163223photo 20170622_163228

Seat belt.
photo 20170622_163232photo 20170622_163245

Thanks for tracking my flight Martin1405.
photo img-20170622-wa0141i

The latch of the tray table.
photo 20170622_163550

A quick visit to the lavatory solely for photography purposes. The only lavatory was located at the front of the plane and there was a small window inside as seen on this picture.

Cabin shot. The bins were tiny as expected, my normal-sized backpack barely fit inside.
photo 20170622_164440

Raippaluodon sila/Replotbron. This bridge connects the city of Vaasa/Vasa in the Finnish mainland to the islands in the municipality of Mustasaari/Korsholm. The bridge is 1 045 metres long and is Finland's longest bridge. Korsholm is primarily a Swedish-speaking area in Finland, where around 70% of the population speaks Swedish as their primary language. On a sidenote: I have got a classmate with roots from Vasa.
photo dsc_0572jpglphoto dsc_0576jpgl

photo dsc_0579jpgl

The shadow of our Saab 2000.
photo dsc_0587jpglphoto dsc_0589jpgl

Holmöarna in Umeå municipality can be seen on the top of the wing, a group of islands with just 75 year-round inhabitants.
photo dsc_0592jpglphoto dsc_0594jpgl

Several islands within the Umeå area.
photo dsc_0604jpglphoto dsc_0605jpgl

UME is a small airport with one runway, runway 14/32 with a length of 2 302 metres.
photo dsc_0613jpglphoto dsc_0617jpgl

Approaching runway 32.
photo dsc_0620jpglphoto dsc_0622jpgl

Touchdown at 15:59 local time (3:59 PM).
photo dsc_0623jpg

Slowing down.
photo dsc_0625jpg

BRA RJ100, SAS B738 and a Germania flug A319.
photo dsc_0627jpglphoto dsc_0629jpg

Taxiing to our gate without an airbridge.
photo dsc_0630jpgphoto dsc_0631jpgphoto dsc_0632jpg

Disembarking the SB20 at 16:01 local time.
photo 20170622_170154

The narrow cabin in the 1-2 configuration.
photo 20170622_170303 -3photo 20170622_170307 -3

This Germania flug A319 (GM, not ST which is the German Germania) had apparently flown in from Zürich via Düsseldorf and Jönköping (Sweden) before arriving in Umeå. It would later return to ZRH via DUS.
photo 20170622_170429 -3

Goodbye SE-MFM. All BRA Saab 2000s have been retired as of now.
photo 20170622_170439 -3

Inside the airport.
photo 20170622_170513_li

The entrance/exit.
photo 20170622_170545photo 20170622_170549_hdr

Taxis were waiting outside. The weather was not optimal, with active light rain. At least it was not pouring down, I presume.
photo 20170622_170550

A quick look around.
photo 20170622_170555

The time taken to leave the airport was roughly one minute.

I took a quick look at the Ultra app to check the times for the bus to the city centre, they seemed to depart every 20 minutes at this time. I purchased a ticket on my phone and scanned it while entering the 16:10 bus. Ultra is the name of the public transportation company in Umeå.
photo fireshot capture 125 - bra - bokning_ - https___book.eu7.amadeus.com_plnexl

The electric bus was already waiting outside.
photo 20170622_170700 -3photo 20170622_170909 -3

On the E12 towards the city centre.
photo 20170622_171228l

photo 20170622_171451photo 20170622_171757

The bus arrived at a stop in the centre by 16:20 local time, from here I started my quick tour of Umeå before flying back to Stockholm at 20:10 (8:10 PM) in the evening. Thank you for taking your time to read this FR. Have a good one, see you!
photo 20170622_172029

Bonus from Umeå

Walking from Vasaplan to the E12 bridge:
Bonus : Click here display

Walking from the E12 bridge back to Vasaplan via Broparken (park) and Umeå station:
Bonus : Click here display
See more



Cabin crew8.5

Helsinki - HEL


Umeå - UME



My first and last flight onboard a Saab 2000, this was the highlight of the trip for me and I can definitely say that I am satisfied after flying with this now retired BRA Saab 2000.

Cabin comfort - Seat pitch was generous, loads of legroom.

Cabin crew - The single FA was friendly throughout the flight.

Entertainment - Window view and magazines.

Meal/catering - Coffee/tea service with pieces of Daim chocolate, fine for a quickie like this one.



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    marathon SILVER 9602 Comments

    Lool, I had never thought about BRA's other meaning when seeing it on their aircrafts :)
    The yellow buffer stops are interestingly far from the actual end of the tracks in Helsinki's station.
    Was the middle of the longest day of the year THAT dark in HEL ? :)
    The FA or the captain should have informed the passengers on board that their were waiting for these connecting passengers
    A 1+2 layout, a decent pitch and a light passenger load :what a treat !
    Superb picture of the plane's shadow !
    Thanks for sharing this last chance flight and this bonus :)

    • Comment 403519 by
      Rl 777 AUTHOR 810 Comments

      Thank you for your very nice comment :).

      “I had never thought about BRA's other meaning when seeing it on their aircrafts :)“
      - ;).

      “Was the middle of the longest day of the year THAT dark in HEL ? :)“
      - My apologies, the weather combined with my terrible camera skills gave the impression of a rather dark setting.

      “The FA or the captain should have informed the passengers“
      - I agree!

      Thank you for stopping by and for the nice comments, it is always appreciated :).

      Have a good one, see you!

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    Thanks for your FR !

  • Comment 404037 by
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    Hej och tack så mycket för din fantastisk FR!

    "The name BRA can be seen as a rather interesting name."
    - Jag gillar namnet. Mycket BRA. Du vet att jag älskar svenska, haha.

    "These are made by Stadler Rail, a Swiss manafacturer"
    - Jag såg dem i Schweiz också. Men dina pendeltåg är bättre.

    Det lilla planet är så cute.

    Snygga bilder från HEL som är a trevlig flygplats!

    I am sorry for writing a Swedish comment. I guess you prefer English lol.

    That plane is pretty interesting and you're lucky that you were able to with with the Saab 200000.

    No problem for tracking!

    Nice lavatory as always mf! I absolutely like that shadow pic. And the pics with the islands (in Sweden) are sooo great!

    Germania A319 in Umea, damn haha. Thanks for the pics from Umea!

    Thank you a lot for your amazing FR and vi ses!

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      Wow, I was not expecting a comment with sentences in Swedish. Bra jobbat och tack för din kommentar.

      “Men dina pendeltåg är bättre.“
      - Jag håller tyvärr inte med dig, jag tycker att pendeltågen i Schweiz är mycket bättre.

      Tack för dina fina ord, det uppskattas!

      “trevlig flygplats!“
      - Bättre än ARN, HEL kommer att vara ännu bättre när den nya terminalsektionen står färdig år 2020.

      I am glad my mother allowed me to go on this trip so I could try out the SB20.

      Thank you for your nice words!

      “Germania A319 in Umea“
      - Was not expecting this one.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Have a good one, see you!

      “I am sorry for writing a Swedish comment. I guess you prefer English lol.“

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