Review of SAS flight Umeå Stockholm in Economy

Airline SAS
Flight SK2035
Class Economy
Seat 17A
Aircraft Boeing 737-600
Flight time 01:00
Take-off 22 Jun 17, 20:10
Arrival at 22 Jun 17, 21:10
SK   #96 out of 113 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 112 reviews
Rl 777
By 316
Published on 14th July 2017
Hello and welcome to the third and final part of this short series, consisting of three quick flights done in one day. The previous part can be found here while the first part can be found here. This concluding part will cover the last flight, from Umeå to Stockholm ARN.


My first time flying alone was back in April 2017, I was allowed to visit and stay at my friend's house in Germany after several discussions with my mother. Fast-forward a few months and my summer holidays begin, from 08 June, 2017. Calculations showed that I would have plenty of free days, after accounting for the summer job and other miscellanous tasks. According to a few local articles, BRA (Braathens Regional Airlines, domestic airline in Sweden) had plans to retire the Saab 2000 after Midsummer this year. I ask my mother about traveling alone this summer and she told me I was allowed to fly by myself, as long as I come back home the same evening. BRA (cooperating with Finnair) operated the Saab 2000 on the HEL-UME route until 22 June, before it switches over to a triangle-routing by ATRs on Norra (Nordic Regional Airlines). The HEL-UME flight seemed like a safe bet for trying out the Saab 2000 before retirement but first I needed to get to Helsinki as I live in Stockholm, I quickly look for flights to Helsinki and decide to book a morning flight at 06:50 AM on SAS to Helsinki on 22 June, then I book the HEL-UME flight before booking a UME-ARN flight on SK at 20:10 (08:10 PM) the same day. The flights were booked on 17 June, five days in advance. All plans with full details were made at home and printed out to avoid wasting as much time as possible between the flights. My main intention was not to fully explore Helsinki or Umeå in any way but I would try and see what I could explore in the few hours I had between flights.

Note: Pictures used in this report were taken with both my phone and camera.


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Four kilometres of walking and an hour or two later, I start thinking about returning to Umeå Airport after the short visit.
photo rsz_dsc_0837

A quick glance at the public transportation app shows a timetable of one bus every 20 minutes at this hour. I planned to catch the bus leaving Vasaplan in the centre at 18:00 (6 PM) for my 20:10 (8:10 PM) flight back to Stockholm. It was not essential to catch the 18:00 bus for my flight at 20:10 as the airport is on the smaller end of the spectrum but I was in a mood where relaxing at the airport sounded like a good deal.
photo screenshot_2017-06-22-17-25-51i

Unlike the first SK702 flight to Helsinki, the seat selection seemed to work on this final SK2035 UME-ARN flight, to some extent. The map showed up without any error messages which was pleasing to see. However, my seat never actually changed to the newly selected seat when saving my option, thus making my online seat selection game unsuccessful once again. I would have to wait until going to the airport before being able to check my seating opportunities. According to a local article, SK has received multiple complaints regarding the new website, they have responded and are going to implement changes and fixes to the new site according to the same article.
photo fireshot capture 127 - billiga flygbiljetter och flygreso_ -

Taking the electric bus to Umeå Airport from the centre, the bus was delayed for a few minutes.
photo 20170622_180322photo 20170622_181059

On the E4 towards Umeå Airport.
photo 20170622_181812photo 20170622_181818

Fast-forward a few minutes and I am at the airport.
photo 20170622_182101_hdr

The bus is ready to drive back to the centre.
photo 20170622_182107

Walking to the terminal building.
photo 20170622_182111photo 20170622_182140

This could possibly be the smallest airport I have traveled through, in terms of the size of the terminal. This allows for smooth departures and arrivals, although there is little do to inside.
photo 20170622_182148_liphoto 20170622_182214

Before passing security, I paid a visit to one of the kiosks scattered around the airport in order to print a secondary BP with (hopefully) a more desirable seat than my original one.
photo 20170622_182242_li

This time around, my mission regarding seats was ended on a slightly more positive note. There were several unoccupied seats and I was able to lock in and verify 17A without any issues.
photo 20170622_182308

The security area was small but the proccess was swift.
photo 20170622_182400

The smallest duty-free section I have seen in my life, seen after clearing security.
photo 20170622_182915

A café and a restaurant were spotted after passing the duty-free section.
photo 20170622_182928_li

Gate 2, the gate assigned for flight SK2035 later in the evening.
photo 20170622_182959

With one severely delayed flight and two slightly delayed flights, the seating area was bound to be more crowded than usual.
photo 20170622_190310_liphoto 20170622_191240_li

Amapola flyg Fokker 50.
photo dsc_0841i

SAS 737-700 arriving from Stockholm ARN as SK2030.
photo dsc_0844iphoto dsc_0848i

Pulling up at 19:17 local time, this flight had a scheduled time of arrival of 18:45.
photo dsc_0851i

photo dsc_0856i

BRA RJ100 arriving as TF270 from Stockholm BMA.
photo dsc_0859iphoto dsc_0860i

Boarding for flight SK2031 to Stockholm began at 19:25, eight minutes after arrival.
photo 20170622_192551_li

Status of pushback at 19:41: Completed.
photo dsc_0865i

Flying back to Stockholm ARN at 19:43.
photo dsc_0873i

BRA RJ100 following shortly afterwards, TF277 to Stockholm BMA.
photo dsc_0876i

DY B738 pulling up to gate 3 at 19:49, scheduled time of arrival was 16:20.
photo dsc_0885iphoto dsc_0890i

photo dsc_0891i

While the Norwegian 737 was getting ready for its flight back to Stockholm, the screen at gate 2 had confirmed the existence of my flight this evening. Besides the time of departure, there was also an estimation of a slight delay of 15 minutes.
photo 20170622_195759_hdrphoto 20170622_195819

Suddenly it started raining, while boarding had started for the DY flight.
photo 20170622_200110_li

My ride arrived from Stockholm ARN at 20:03. It was scheduled to arrive at 19:40 before leaving Umeå at 20:10.
photo dsc_0896i

Passengers boarding flight DY4014 in the rain.
photo dsc_0899i

LN-RRZ, a 737-600 delivered to SAS in 1998.
photo dsc_0901i

Boarding for my flight was announced at 20:12, luckily it stopped raining at the same moment.
photo 20170622_201246_hdr

Walking to the aircraft when it had just stopped raining.
photo 20170622_201512

Front side.
photo 20170622_201540

Pushback for the delayed DY flight to Stockholm ARN.
photo 20170622_201542

Flight information:

Airline: SAS Scandinavian Airlines

Flight no & route: SK2035 UME-ARN

Aircraft: Boeing 737-600

Scheduled time of departure (actual): 20:10 (20:33), UTC +2

Scheduled time of arrival (actual): 21:10 (21:17), UTC +2

Scheduled flight time (actual): 1 hour (44 minutes)

photo 20170622_201559

photo 20170622_201608

The 737-600s are slowly but surely getting retired from the SK fleet.
photo 20170622_201614

photo 20170622_201622

Entering the 736 from the rear.
photo 20170622_201630

Inside the aircraft at 20:16 local time.
photo 20170622_201656

Seated on 17A, droplets were visible on the window.
photo dsc_0902i

Soon boarding was also possible from the stairs at the front side of the aircraft, which caused a traffic meltdown on the aisle as there is no real space for two lanes on the aisle. They should have allowed passengers seated at one specific set of rows to board from the stairs at the front, while the other passengers boarded from the stairs at the back (similar to what DY does on some flights from my experience). Despite that, the mess was not huge and boarding was still completed rather quickly.
photo 20170622_201933_li

photo 20170622_201936

Seat pitch and legroom were sufficient for a short flight.
photo 20170622_201941photo 20170622_201943

Safety card.
photo 20170622_202059

Opposite side.
photo 20170622_202106

Interestingly there was a menu for long-haul and charter flights in the seat pocket of seat 17A.
photo 20170622_202126photo 20170622_202143

photo 20170622_202157

The proper menu for this flight.
photo 20170622_202211

Unfortunately this shot was blurry which makes it difficult to read. Smaller snacks and some drinks are available for purchase on these short domestic hops.
photo 20170622_202225photo dsc_0906i

SE-MFM, the Saab 2000 that flew me from Helsinki to Umeå.
photo dsc_0908i

Taxiing to runway 14 at 20:28 local time.
photo dsc_0910jpg

This SK flight was the last flight from UME this evening.
photo dsc_0912jpg

photo dsc_0913jpg

Taxiing to the far end of the runway.
photo dsc_0914jpgphoto dsc_0915jpg

photo dsc_0916jpgphoto dsc_0917jpg

Almost ready for departure.
photo dsc_0918jpg

Rolling down the runway.
photo dsc_0919jpgphoto dsc_0920jpg

photo dsc_0923jpg

The small terminal.
photo dsc_0924jpg

Lifting off at 20:33 (8:33 PM).

Gimonäs båtklubb (boat club).
photo dsc_0929jpgphoto dsc_0932jpg

Nydalasjön (lake) on the left hand side of the picture with a few residential areas of Umeå.
photo dsc_0934jpgphoto dsc_0937i

Climbing out of the Umeå area.
photo dsc_0941iphoto dsc_0942jpg

Parts of Kvarken, a narrow region in the Gulf of Bothnia seperating the Bothnian Bay from the Bothnian Sea.
photo dsc_0943i

Flying through cloud layers.
photo dsc_0944jpg

Making progress.
photo dsc_0945jpg

The load factor was estimated to be around 70-75%. There were numerous unoccupied seats on this flight.
photo 20170622_203652

10 000 ft and climbing.
photo dsc_0946jpg

Made it through the clouds.
photo dsc_0948jpgphoto dsc_0953jpg

Scandinavian traveler magazine.
photo 20170622_204131

Flying over the Gulf of Bothnia, the northernmost tip of the Baltic Sea.
photo dsc_0958jpg

Overhead panel.
photo dsc_0960jpg

Thank you Martin1405, for tracking my flight.
photo img-20170622-wa0205

The tea/coffee service was made at 20:48, 15 minutes after takeoff. The FAs were amiable and did their jobs efficiently on this short ride. I opted for tea instead of coffee this time, solely for variation purposes.
photo dsc_0962jpg

Cruising. The captain informed us about good weather in Stockholm, something I don't hear often on my flights to Stockholm.
photo dsc_0963jpg

A cargo ship on the Baltic Sea.
photo dsc_0965jpgphoto dsc_0966jpg

photo dsc_0968jpg

Islands in Östhammar municipality, Uppsala County.
photo dsc_0970i

More islands in Uppsala County.
photo dsc_0976i

Islands in Uppsala and Stockholm County with Hargshamn on the bottom part of the picture, Hargshamn is a port and a small town with roughly 300 inhabitants.
photo dsc_0981i

Wind turbine park in Varsvik (Vindkraftsparken Varsvik).
photo dsc_0984i

Traces of settlement can also be seen, belonging to Hallstavik in Norrtälje municipality.
photo dsc_0985i

Banking in order to line up with runway 19L at ARN. Erken can be spotted, a lake in Norrtälje municipality.
photo dsc_0992i

Gavel-Långsjön (lake, the oblong one), Skedsviken (lake), Kornan (lake) and some other smaller lakes.
photo dsc_0994iphoto dsc_0996i

Lining up with 19L.
photo dsc_0999iphoto dsc_0001i

2 500 ft and descending.
photo dsc_0002i

Husby-Långhundra and road 77.
photo dsc_0007iphoto dsc_0013i

Approaching the airport.
photo dsc_0015i

Crossing runway 08/26.
photo dsc_0017i

Old CRJs, two caravelles and a Swedavia MD-82 on ramp K. The MD-82 is used for ground training.
photo dsc_0019i

Halmsjön, a lake north of runway 01R/19L.
photo dsc_0021iphoto dsc_0023i

Road 273.
photo dsc_0024i

Touchdown on runway 19L at 21:17 local time. Our scheduled time of arrival was 21:10.
photo dsc_0026i

Slowing down.
photo dsc_0030i

Vacated the runway.
photo dsc_0033i

Shining sun.
photo dsc_0035i

ALFA long-term parking facility.
photo dsc_0037i

Jumbo Hostel.
photo dsc_0042i

Taxiing to terminal 4, one of two terminals used for domestic flights at ARN.
photo dsc_0044i

UPS 757.
photo dsc_0046i

FedEx 757.
photo dsc_0048i

DHL 757.
photo dsc_0051i

A couple of NextJet ATPs.
photo dsc_0056iphoto dsc_0059i

4U A319.
photo dsc_0060iphoto dsc_0061i

Arrived at terminal 4.
photo dsc_0066i

I disembarked from the aircraft at 21:30 and immediately texted my parents about my arrival.
photo 20170622_213021_hdr

Inside terminal 4.
photo 20170622_213024

Walking towards the exit.
photo 20170622_213048photo 20170622_213255

Landside area of terminal 4. I had a few viable options to choose from when going home from the airport. The most convenient would be to catch one of the airport coaches (Flygbussarna) directly home, this would however require a new ticket as I only purchased a one-way ticket when traveling to ARN earlier this morning. I could be at home by 22:20 if I caught the bus. The cheapest option was SL (public transportation company in Stockholm) with two different routes, one route was to take bus 583 to Märsta, connect to the commuter train before taking another bus. That option implied an arrival of approximately 23:00. Another option was to take the commuter train from the airport before connecting to a bus, this option suggested an arrival time of 22:30. Normally you have to pay a stupid station fee of 120 SEK when using the regular station at ARN but I am under 18 and do not need to pay that fee, the reason for the fee can be found at the end of this report. In the end, I decided to opt for the latter option (SL, train from ARN + bus).
photo 20170622_213342_li

Walking to the station, located in SkyCity. There are two other stations at ARN but those are only used by the ARN Express.
photo 20170622_213432

Identification had to be showed in order to verify my age, before passing the gate.
photo 20170622_213538

Taking an escalator down to the station.
photo 20170622_213639photo 20170622_213849

On the platform.
photo 20170622_213902_hdrphoto 20170622_214058_li

The Stockholm commuter train arriving at the station. This particular line extends beyond the Stockholm area, to Knivsta and Uppsala C in Uppsala County.
photo 20170622_214320photo 20170622_214331

Inside the train at 21:43 (9:43 PM).
photo 20170622_214434photo 20170622_214731

I do not live in the city centre so I did not continue to the central station, instead I got off the train a few stations before reaching the centre.
photo 20170622_220626

Waiting for my connecting bus at 22:08.
photo dsc_0069iphoto dsc_0072i

Inside the bus at 22:13.
photo 20170622_221326

Walking from the bus stop to my home at 22:23 (10:23 PM) local time. This was the last series/FR from this house, my family is moving to a new part of the Stockholm area in a few weeks which means my future reports will begin/end from a new part of town. Additionally, thanks to my mother for letting me go on this quick trip. Thank you for taking your time to read this FR, have a good one and see you later :).
photo dsc_0077i
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Cabin crew8.0

Umeå - UME


Stockholm - ARN



Standard flight with SAS, we were not severely delayed and comfort was acceptable for a quickie.

Cabin comfort - Seat pitch was sufficient.

Cabin crew - The crew on this flight was amiable. The FAs were attentive throughout the short flight.

Entertainment - Window view and magazine.

Meal/catering - Coffee/tea service, everything else (besides still water on a cup) is BOB.



  • Comment 404040 by
    martin1405 38 Comments

    Hello again and thanks a for you amazing FR! :)

    Umea is such a lovely city. I hope I will visit it one day. And the airport is so little and cute, haha.

    Damn, there are so many flights to Stockholm in the evening. Didn't know that.

    Amazing departure. The Swedish landscape is stunning. I love Sweden!!

    No problem for tracking your flight! My pleasure.

    The arrival was breathtaking too! I don't understand people who dislike Sweden.

    It's a short SK flight. Nothing special happened, haha. But it was still a nice flight (I mean, look at the landscape),

    Halmsjön looks so familiar to me. Did we walked next to Halmsjön when we were spotting at ARN?

    The fee for the train station at ARN is insane. At least you could enter it for free.

    Tack for posting another great FR! Vi ses!

    • Comment 404283 by
      Rl 777 AUTHOR 719 Comments

      Thank you for reading and commenting :).

      Thanks for your wonderful comments, they are highly appreciated.

      Really interesting to hear about your thoughts about the landscape.

      “I don't understand people who dislike Sweden.“
      - Well....

      “Did we walked next to Halmsjön when we were spotting at ARN?“
      - Correct, but I think we were running instead haha.

      “The fee for the train station at ARN is insane.“
      - Indeed, the stupid and old deal with the government ruined everything.

      Thanks for stopping by and for your comment.

      Have a good one, see you!

  • Comment 404064 by
    marathon 7629 Comments

    Great shot of the Caravelles and the other old planes parked alongside Runway 08/26 !
    What follows is eerie to me, with an unfamiliar lighting on familiar waypoints via unfamiliar routes, all the way to that building in Kista.
    Thanks for this report, and to your mom for having let you go !

    • Comment 404285 by
      Rl 777 AUTHOR 719 Comments

      Thank you for reading and commenting :).

      Thanks for the positive comments, they are always appreciated.

      Haha, this is the first and last time that route all the way to Kista will be posted on one of my FRs ;).

      Thanks for stopping by and for your comment.

      Have a good one, see you!

  • Comment 405196 by
    jetsetpanda 2156 Comments

    Hi Rl 777 and thanks for sharing this nice and short FR.

    Part of the charm of going to small cities and airports is that everything is more manageable in such a smaller scale. Your pics give a feeling of calm and quietness which is quite refreshing. Also the summers in Scandinavia with the sun setting much later and sometimes barely so further north is quite an unique experience.

    You made an ordinary domestic trip into something more interesting through your narratives and pictures. i love the aerials shots with the beautiful landscape and the light. As Marathon mentioned, the shot of the Caravelles is magnificent!

    Glad that you enjoyed your solo trip and thanks again for sharing this personal experience. You are fortunate to be able to travel like this at such young age. Enjoy every opportunity that have and make the most of it. See you later.

    • Comment 405520 by
      Rl 777 AUTHOR 719 Comments

      Thank you for reading and commenting :).

      “Part of the charm of going to small cities and airports is that everything is more manageable in such a smaller scale.“
      - I fully agree, it would have been more stressful if I went to a larger city instead of Umeå.

      The early sunrises and late sunsets allow me to go out early and come home later in the evening without worried parents :).

      I am very grateful for your kind and warming comments, they are highly appreciated :).

      Thank you very much. I have to be really thankful, none of this would be possible without family, friends and other people!

      Thanks for stopping by, have a good one and see you later.


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