Review of Vanilla Air flight Tokyo Hakodate in Economy

Airline Vanilla Air
Flight JW 953
Class Economy
Seat 22F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:20
Take-off 22 Jun 17, 13:15
Arrival at 22 Jun 17, 14:35
JW 6 reviews
By 679
Published on 2nd July 2017
As my next flight is departing from Narita's Terminal 3, it was a 10min walk along the designated footpath from Terminal 2 to the LCC terminal. The LCCs must have been doing a roaring business at Narita as T3 seemed much more busier than T2. Looks like expansion of the current makeshift LCC terminal is needed sooner than later.

photo 35472620292_ce87a0e893_b

photo 35254101900_d92a504bb1_b

Vanilla Air's very basic self-check-in machines and baggage drop counters. The international counters are much busier than the domestic ones.

photo 35640962135_493df81c91_b

photo 35640961635_dce98b55e2_b

Receipt-styled boarding pass.

photo 35640962795_48924a12c0_b

FIDS showing the domestic departures. Vanilla Air and Jetstar Japan flights form the bulk of the traffic.

photo 35254101200_a7afa94255_b

Security was painless for domestic flights and we were shortly at the departure gate.

photo 34799708234_07709129b8_b

Territory of Vanilla Air and Jetstar A320s.

photo 35254100260_d9168273c9_b

photo 35254099600_ee110858f2_b

photo 35254096870_c8721fb5ab_b

Boarding was called right on schedule and we were bussed to the aircraft.

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22 June 2017
Vanilla Air
JW 953
Tokyo Narita (NRT) - Hakodate (HKD)
Economy Class
Flight Time: 1H20M

Vanilla Air, a wholely owned subsidiary of ANA, was formed when the AirAsia group pulled out of the joint investment with ANA on AirAsia Japan. This LCC is currently based at Narita, ans operated 12 A320s to a number of domestic and regional internation destinations.

Boarding JW's A320.

photo 35601580406_2d93c26719_b

photo 34799704134_7095ac5427_b

photo 34799703374_eb3f6fc297_b

Aircraft is fitted in the standard LCC configuration of 180 seats.

photo 35601579186_aed92657c8_b

Boarding in progress. Flight attendants were professional and polite, but not as well-groomed as compared to the legacy Japanese carriers.

photo 34799702264_179e4c0bd0_b

Seatback advertisements.

photo 35601578076_5d0f4ea55e_b

Seat cushioning was thin, but for some reason, the legroom was very tight as compared to similar A320 configuration.

photo 34799695274_5b860a0502_b

Korea's Jeju Air just arrived beside.

photo 35254092660_93f89ac1f9_b

Inflight magazines and Buy-on-board menu. Prices are rather reasonable.

photo 35254091760_c38263d37a_b

photo 35601576826_00cfc9b5a8_b

photo 34799698514_1aa85e5ce3_b

After passengers boarded and doors closed, safety demo was shown manually. An interesting way to grab the attention of passengers for the demo!

photo 35601575736_02d3076f4d_b

Pushed back.

photo 35601575086_78dff1a19f_b

Starting the very long taxi to the other end of the airport for departure from Rwy16R. Passed Terminal 2, Terminal 1 and the cargo terminal. It felt almost like we were taxiing to Hakodate!

photo 35601574766_ff98fe5b96_b

photo 35601573986_6a195fb3f5_b

photo 35601573616_97da2f28e5_b

photo 35601573276_569c96f4c3_b

Holding for an Etihad B789 to land.

photo 35601572806_cf209f7b9b_b

Finally departed from Rwy16R after almost 20min of taxi.

Climb and turning back over Narita.

photo 35601572376_8d252f2c46_b

photo 35601571946_27ab8fb55b_b

photo 35601571226_932504c582_b

photo 35640952045_7e2e014f61_b

photo 35601570176_42928db138_b

photo 35601569616_ff4f647f58_b

BOB service started, with few takers that I observed.

photo 35601569206_3ace5c0d9b_b

With fatigue setting in, the rest of the flight was spent catching short winks and viewing the scenery out there.

photo 34832040273_f8133b8c0e_b

We soon started the descend.

photo 35472599542_905da1cc14_b

photo 34832039663_a6070d5a82_b

photo 35254081090_63abf23e17_b

Some nice scenery during the final approach to touchdown on Rwy30.

photo 34832039013_3a29f81b3a_b

photo 35254080520_26984217e3_b

photo 34832038353_c66ee98ed7_b

photo 35254079690_20e073f978_b

photo 34832036933_ec6b18c089_b

Video of the approach and smooth landing.

A very short taxi to the terminal, so short that the crew did not have time to make the arrival announcement in English.

photo 35254078550_1bc4360fc6_b


photo 34832036263_ac48f9e44a_b

A look at our A320.

photo 35472592342_8f71c119df_b

JAL B763 also at Hakodate.

photo 35472593092_e100708b59_b

photo 35254077590_118a104a82_b

Scenes of Hakodate along the walkway to baggage claim.

photo 34832034253_04fffd39e8_b

Bags were out fast. No Vanilla Air logo on the signage yet, even though this daily flight was launched four months back.

photo 34832033763_0e1d79ae58_b

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Vanilla Air

Cabin crew7.0

Tokyo - NRT


Hakodate - HKD



It was a standard LCC experience on Vanilla Air, just getting you from Point A to B punctually and nothing more. Service is nothing more than the necessary but seat comfort was lacking with the tight legroom. However, still an acceptable experience on short hops.



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