Review of Singapore Airlines flight Tokyo Singapore in Business

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ 633
Class Business
Seat 12K
Aircraft Airbus A350-900
Flight time 07:00
Take-off 26 Jun 17, 17:05
Arrival at 26 Jun 17, 23:05
SQ   #4 out of 96 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 704 reviews
By 2849
Published on 7th July 2017
Heading back to Haneda, it was a 13min monorail ride from the station near our hotel to the international terminal. The monorail statio is directly linked t the Departure hall and a couple of min after alighting from the monorail, we were at SQ's check-in counters at Row A.

photo 34925405563_b9c497391d_b

photo 35603690411_2d14c3b992_b

Immigration and security was not too busy and soon we were doing a bit of last minute shopping at the duty free area.

photo 34925405213_84be2bdebc_b

Heading up to the ANA lounge to grab some light bites. I have been to this lounge a couple of time and knew what to expect. F&B is not bad for a first-timer, but will become quite repetitive for frequent visitors to the lounge as the food offerings rarely change much.

photo 34925402163_90d6396327_b

Star Wars figurines

photo 34925402403_bdde3e80c4_b

Lounge interior

photo 35735003515_25e7ce4385_b

photo 34925402593_66cbd00694_b

photo 34925404533_d5803f37d5_b

photo 35735002865_d12fb72846_b

Buffet offerings and the noodle bar

photo 35735002085_4396cea78e_b

photo 34925403923_e46d14b605_b

photo 35735000965_0d4bf2acaf_b

photo 34925403583_6b696196e6_b

photo 34925404203_6bab2915a9_b

Another set of Star Wars figurine with Star Alliance FIDS.

photo 34925403163_d46ba9ba3b_b

A smaller F&B area at the other end of the lounge.

photo 34925403023_46e161e3e0_b

photo 34925402853_92d193a100_b

I have learnt not to binge too much in the lounge. This was half of what I used to have in the lounge.

photo 34925403353_b2f59f03cd_b

The lounge has a great view of the tarmac and runway. Our A350 arrived just as I reached the lounge.

photo 35735000255_63c8b0dc8b_b

photo 35735004475_b1dc7eb381_b

photo 34925404913_f246fa11d5_b

Left the lounge shortly before boarding commenced. FIDS.

photo 34925402013_a462fc8c25_b

Queue for boarding.

photo 35603672291_67a7c2c6a1_b

Boarding started on time and the blue cabin it was this evening!

photo 34925401643_cbbceef90e_b

26 June 2017
Singapore Airlines
SQ 633
Tokyo Haneda (HND) - Singapore (SIN)
Business Class
Flight Time: 6H46M

Welcomed at the door and entered the Business cabin. As reviewed by many, the A350 is fitted with the New Business Class long-haul seats, which is one of the most comfortable Business Class seats in the market.

photo 35603667461_84f441c802_b

It would be 12K for me on this mid-haul.

photo 34925401673_7b012340b7_b

More shots of the seats and cabin.

photo 34925401463_42c018f877_b

photo 34925400553_6fc6cf8260_b

From 12K, the engines are way behind.

photo 34925400713_c227129794_b

IFE welcome screen, and of course a champagne to start.

photo 35603664111_439e356f71_b

New noise-cancellation headphones (a crew mentioned that they are from Hitachi) are in use. This fitted more comfortably than the Phitek headphones. There is also a volume adjuster on the headphones.

photo 35603663401_3fc4fce8d8_b

Magazines and stuff.

photo 35603662381_d7e0ca5710_b

Menu for the flight

photo 35603660691_8eb39306a9_b

Selections on this flight.

photo 35603660381_0725a397dd_b

And the incoming SQ632 SIN-HND sector.

photo 35347408690_23f85a2ff5_b

photo 35734990045_99350da66b_b

Beverages selection

photo 35694973886_fca4901f6c_b

photo 34925396733_8612273241_b

photo 35694972856_585ee65701_b

photo 35603657721_2afd34d8ab_b

photo 35694972106_c3c630d0f4_b

photo 34893700834_268cf1bbd2_b

The usual ritual of newspapers and hot towels offered, and doors were closed for departure. Safety video played.

photo 35694971116_d628701f8e_b

It was only a short taxi to the runway.

photo 35694970516_438daf398e_b

Takeoff from Rwy16R. Unfortunately it was a very cloudy day and no views were to be had of Mt Fuji which is along the flight path after departure.

photo 35603655501_330cbaf594_b

photo 35694969416_6d49ba9591_b

Shortly after takeoff, a inflight wifi promotional and instructional video was played.

photo 35603654921_c35c2d9ff9_b

Followed by the instructional video of the New Business Class seat.

photo 35694968806_9da57d4f8b_b

Socks, slippers and eyeshades were handed out.

photo 35603653721_a834d7ecdd_b

Time to start the IFE. There are a couple of movies I would like to watch, starting with Beauty and the Beast.

photo 34893698504_35bc84d1aa_b

photo 35694967766_2ed43d654c_b

Pretty cloudy down there.

photo 35603652571_d0d7a70121_b

My post takeoff beverage of Singapore Sling arrived.

photo 34893696614_c56a4959d0_b

Followed by the signature satay service.

photo 35603651641_e90825b2aa_b

A quick visit to the lavatory between the two Business cabins. As usual, well-stocked with amenities.

photo 35603648901_cafbb3123b_b

photo 35694966216_f864fd1d7c_b

photo 35603649611_4893494421_b

View of the forward cabin. It was rather full in Business this evening.

photo 34893695824_c86545a350_b


photo 35603647401_64383dcca8_b

Dinner is served.

photo 35734974905_6bd705f56e_b

Sticking with the Japanese theme, I went for the Hanakoireki menu. First up was the beautifully presented floral-shaped cold bento set. This was new as previously the cold starter bento was presented in a square shape. However, I felt the portion sizes have been reduced for the starter bento set. Taste wise was ok.

photo 35603648031_f17e249540_b

After the starter bento was cleared, the warm bento set was served, same presentation as before along with miso soup and green tea. It was not bad, though I find the meal served on ANA was a bit better taste wise.

photo 35734973215_1b4b3311b8_b

photo 35603646661_9e3587b9de_b

photo 35734971855_733836f51a_b

Dessert was the Azuki bean ice-cream with green tea sauce.

photo 35734970555_f4c0c85e7d_b

The pacing of the dinner service was just right, and next up was the cheese and fruits. I accepted the cheese selection and picked the sole melon from the fruit tray.

photo 35603644501_b2c6f3a738_b

photo 35603643741_2a4637b737_b

Last glimpse of the sun.

photo 35603645221_a78b3b4978_b

Another visit to the lavatory, the one at the front of the aircraft. This particular lavatory is smaller than normal and does not even have amenities cabinets, Amenities were instead placed on a holder.

photo 35734968425_fd7f120406_b

Forward galley, which is more of a stowage area rather than for F&B preparations.

photo 35603642941_9146762b57_b

Flipped my seat over to form the bed. For some reasons, the duvets on the seats were of the old Business Class colours and not the newer ones used on the New Business Class seats. Interesting that SQ would overlook this.

photo 35734966855_ca88c88350_b

Crew came to take orders for coffee/tea and I requested for an iced mocha. First time I tried this onboard. Pralines were also offered.

photo 35603641891_fb683f39b2_b

Time for movie in bed! Started on the second movie, Logan.

photo 35734965355_8972541899_b

A bottle of water was offered.

photo 35603641111_7cdc866b68_b

About 2 more hours to go after I finished with both movies. Channel-hopped through the IFE selection.

photo 35565804902_98abba2d30_b

photo 35603639701_8b15513ee5_b

Towards the end of the flight, we requested for the 70th Anniversary SQ Teddies and the crew was nice enough to dig out a couple of sets for us!

photo 35603639281_b439b5e8b3_b

All comfortable flights have to come to an end and soon the aircraft started descending into Changi.

photo 35565802642_171f495960_b

photo 35603638041_075fb42e52_b

photo 35565802122_f506ed2a0a_b

photo 35603637011_7090eae3fe_b

Landing on Rwy02L right on schedule.

photo 35603640411_d8e064926e_b

A short taxi to Terminal 3. Windows were fogged up due to the humidity outside.

photo 35606734371_6058e7c748_b

Last look at my seat during disembarkation.

photo 35565804342_b72ab36187_b

Thanks for reading this long report!
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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew8.5

ANA Lounge Haneda - International


Tokyo - HND


Singapore - SIN



A very comfortable flight on SQ as usual, with the consistent SQ-formulated good and reliable service by the cabin crew. The expected high SQ standards were met, though not much difference from most other SQ Business Class flight experiences. Overall, it has always been a pleasure to fly with SQ Business Class.

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    socalnow 976 Comments
    Thank you for sharing this flight between two of my favorite places, TerryYong.

    Beautiful presentation of the Hanakoireki. The satay looks divine as always. Odd that there isn't a pre-arrival service or snack option for a 7hr flight.

    "Towards the end of the flight, we requested for the 70th Anniversary SQ Teddies and the crew was nice enough to dig out a couple of sets for us!"
    -I must have these! For the kids of course... ;)

    Thanks again and happy flying.

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