Review of Air France flight Paris Biarritz in Economy

Airline Air France
Flight AF7484
Class Economy
Seat 5E
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 01:20
Take-off 16 Jul 17, 20:40
Arrival at 16 Jul 17, 22:00
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Published on 29th July 2017
Hello and welcome to my report of an Air France flight from Vienna to Paris (CDG). This is the second segment in a series of 4 flights from Vienna to Biarritz and back.


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My flight from Vienna to Biarritz arrived at Charles de Gaulle. My connecting flight to Biarritz, however, departed from Orly. Therefore, I had to take the bus.

Orly Airport

After about one hour and fifteen minutes, I arrived at Orly Ouest. After my baggage was unloaded from the bus, I walked to the entrance of hall 3.
photo img_20170717_172926photo img_20170717_173749
As I had to wait some time and the airport did not have enough seats to accommodate all waiting passengers, I went to a bakery and settled down there. About two hours prior to departure, the check-in opened and, as there was no waiting line yet, I checked in my luggage.
photo img_20170717_174729photo img_20170717_174658
Directly afterwards I passed security control and entered the terminal. It was very crowded, with a lot of passengers waiting for their flights and only had two small shops.

My flight on FIDS.
photo img_20170716_195732

The Flight:

Aircraft: A319-100
Age: about 17 years
Registration: F-GRHJ
Airline: Air France
Flight Number: AF7484
Seat: 5E
Load: 100%

At 20:13, Boarding started at gate 20E.
photo img_20170717_180649photo img_20170717_181915photo img_20170717_182058
photo img_20170717_182254
Entering Aircraft. Refreshing Towels and Sweets were available again.
photo img_20170716_202544photo img_20170717_182346photo img_20170716_202605
The Seat.
photo img_20170716_202752photo img_20170716_202756photo img_20170716_202822
Legroom enough for me (1.65m/5.4feet).
photo img_20170716_203011
Cabin during boarding.
photo img_20170717_183119
At 20:31, boarding was completed and the captain welcomed us on board.
photo img_20170717_183238
A manual security demonstration followed and we were pushed back.
photo img_20170717_183414photo img_20170717_183440
photo img_20170716_204032photo img_20170716_204040
Take-off at 20:51.

At about 21:00 the seat belt sign was turned off and the meal service started. Drinks were distributed and a snack (sweet (french cookie) or salty (sesame crackers)) was offered.
photo img_20170716_205730photo img_20170716_211139
Seat pocket content.

At 21:32 we started our descent to Biarritz.
photo img_20170716_214314photo img_20170716_213445photo img_20170716_214015
We landed at 9:52 and arrived at our gate after a short taxi.
photo img_20170717_185657photo img_20170717_185721photo img_20170717_185737
Exiting the aircraft.

Interestingly, a fire engine came to our aircraft.
photo img_20170716_215841
My luggage arrived quickly at luggage band 1 and I left the airport.
photo img_20170717_190444

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This series is continued in my next reports. Thank you for reading!
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Air France

Cabin crew8.5

Paris - ORY


Biarritz - BIQ



Orly Airport: Not enough seats, gate area was small and very crowded, otherwise good
Air France:
Cabin: Clean and, despite the aircraft's age, looked rather new.
Cabin Crew: Friendly and efficient.
Entertainment: Air France magazine.
Meal/Catering: Good for such a short flight.
Biarritz Airport: Efficient, but no open shops.

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