Review of TAP Air Portugal flight Vienna Lisbon in Economy

Airline TAP Air Portugal
Flight TP1273
Class Economy
Seat 15J
Aircraft Airbus A330-200
Flight time 03:35
Take-off 11 Aug 17, 18:20
Arrival at 11 Aug 17, 20:55
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Published on 12th August 2017
Hello and welcome to my report of a TAP Portugal flight from Vienna to Lisbon. This is the outbound flight of my two week-long journey to Portugal.
About a year ago, a Taxi driver in New York told me he was from Portugal. When I asked him how he flew there to visit his family, he answered that he takes TAP Portugal, as they offer the cheepest flights available to this destination. He also had an explenation for the meaning of TAP's name: Take Another Plane. I hope he was joking, but still wanted to try them out by myself, also because they offered a flight on an A330-200, interestingly my first ever flight on this aircraft type, after flying on so many other wide-body jets.


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City Airport Train

I took CAT City Airport Train from the city center to Vienna International Airport. The journey takes 16 minutes and costs 11€ for an adult. It is rather expensive, but comes with free city-check-in for some airlines, including TAP Portugal, whereby you can check-in your luggage directly in the city center, without having to wait in the long queues at the Airport.

On board the train.
photo img_20170811_160502photo img_20170811_161603photo img_20170811_161503

Vienna International Airport

After 16 minutes we arrived at the airport on time. As I already had my luggage checked-in I went directly to security.
photo img_20170812_090701
Unfortunately, Austrian Airlines/Star Alliance has now made a part of the check-in area accessible only for business/first/Star Alliance Gold passengers, forcing all other passengers wanting to go directly to security to walk around this area.
photo img_20170811_162904 img_20170811_165411
As my gate for this flight was F11 I went to the SKY Lounge (Schengen) for F and G Gate passengers. The entry to this lounge is free with some credit cards or available for a fee of 29,90€.
photo img_20170811_165517photo img_20170811_164725
The interior. This time the lounge was quite full and there were a lot of rather noisy children around.

A seperate computer room is available.
photo img_20170811_173515
A large selection of snacks, cakes, cold meals and beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) including various kinds of coffee, tea, softdrinks and beer was available.
photo img_20170811_203316photo img_20170811_165624photo img_20170811_164804
Normally there also is one warm meal and a few soups, but these were only available after 17 o'clock.
photo img_20170811_163925
As I had some time I waited for the warm meal, which was vegetable lentils with dumplings. It was quite good. Before I left the lounge I visited the toilet. Interestingly, a large pillar was in front of the men's toilets. Must be a mistake in building. The toilets, however, are modern and clean.
photo img_20170811_173236photo img_20170811_173250
My flight on the FIDS.
photo img_20170811_203508
At 17:50 (CEST), scheduled boarding time I left the lounge and walked to gate F11. Boarding had not jet begun but there was already a large queue.
photo img_20170811_181545photo img_20170811_203120
Our aircraft today, an A330-200.
photo img_20170811_180215photo img_20170811_180548

The Flight

Aircraft: A330-200
Age: about 18 years
Registration: CS-TOE
Airline: TAP Portugal
Flight Number: TP1273
Seat: 15J
Load: almost 100%

Boarding started at 18:05 (Central European Summer Time (CEST)). It did not really follow groups. I waited until the queue got smaller and then also boarded through the automatic gates.
photo img_20170811_182010photo img_20170811_203031photo img_20170811_203000
My seat, 15J.
photo img_20170811_202937photo img_20170811_221231photo img_20170811_182743
The seat featured a VERY small entertainment screen with bad resolution. Until the seatbelt-sign was turned off the screen only displayed commercials as well as the safety video.
photo img_20170811_183632photo img_20170811_182743
Remote control for the screen, which did not have a touch screen. On today's flight, the remote control turned out to be useless.
photo img_20170811_184257photo img_20170811_204757photo img_20170811_204819
Buttons for recline and to adjust the hardness of the seat cushion, a feature I see for the first time in economy.
photo img_20170811_182635
Overhead panel.
photo img_20170811_182836
Outside view.
photo img_20170811_182758
Movable headrest.
photo img_20170811_204946photo img_20170811_205005
Legroom is very good. The seat also features a footrest.
photo img_20170811_204915photo img_20170811_204921
Cabin view. My overall impression of the cabin was that it appears rather dated, but the seat also has some features you do not see that often in economy.
photo img_20170811_202900
At 18:30 (CEST), boarding was completed and the retro-style safety video was played.
photo img_20170811_183819photo img_20170811_183949photo img_20170811_183936

Taking off on runway 11/29 at 18:58 (CEST), 38 minutes late.

At 19:22 (CEST), the seatbelt-sign was switched off. A few minutes later, the safety video was accidentally started again. Afterwards, the IFE was switched on but the only available programm throughout the entire flight was the moving map. However, TAP Portugal offers a lot of international E-Papers in different languages to download on it's app prior to departure.
photo img_20170811_194608photo img_20170811_194608
Seat pocket content.
photo img_20170811_193516
Safety card.
photo img_20170811_192856photo img_20170811_192906
Seat information.
photo img_20170811_192928photo img_20170811_192938

Duty-free information.
photo img_20170811_193000
photo img_20170811_193352
At 19:40 (CEST), meal service started. Available was a selection of beverages as well as a snack box. I chose black tea and water. This was served along with a ham and cheese sandwich and a mango or apple juice in a small box. Everything tasted good, though the sandwich tasted of nothing in particular.
photo img_20170811_202608photo img_20170812_155125
After the meal service I went to the front lavatory, which normally is reserved for business class passengers but was opened for economy as well.

At 20:27 (Western European Standard Time (WEST)), we began our descend to Lisbon.

At 20:58 (WEST) we landed, more or less on time.

photo img_20170811_220706photo img_20170811_221246

Lisbon Airport

We first went through a jetbridge, then walked down stairs and entered a bus. The bus first drove to the terminal, then turned and drove almost back to our aircraft until turning again and driving to the terminal. The walk to the baggage claim was rather long. Our luggage arrived at band 10. Then I had to wait a solid 40 MINUTES for my baggage to arrive.
photo img_20170811_222723photo img_20170811_222903photo img_20170811_223151
After collecting my luggage I was picked up from the airport by car.


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TAP Air Portugal

Cabin crew7.5

SKY Lounge (Schengen)


Vienna - VIE


Lisbon - LIS



Vienna Airport: Clean and not too long walkways.
Sky Lounge (Schengen): Quite full and food offering was limited, otherwise good and comfortable.
TAP Portugal:
Cabin: Rather dated and not too clean.
Cabin Crew: Did their job, nothing more.
Entertainment: TV only displayed flight map, magazine not too interesting.
Meal/Catering: Good.
Lisbon Airport: Rather long walk, my longest wait for my baggage since years.

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