Review of Air France flight Biarritz Paris in Economy

Airline Air France
Flight AF7481
Class Economy
Seat 10B
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 29 Jul 17, 07:15
Arrival at 29 Jul 17, 08:45
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Published on 29th July 2017
Hello and welcome to my short report of an Air France flight from Biarritz to Paris (ORY). After two nice and rather warm weeks in Biarritz with a lot of bathing in the (fairly warm) Atlantic, I now had to return to Vienna. This is the third segment in a series of 4 flights from Vienna to Biarritz and back.


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Biarritz Airport

I arrived at Biarritz Airport by car at 5:45. The Airport is accessible either by bus or by car. Short-term parking is fairly cheap, the first 20 minutes are free of charge.
photo img_20170729_054113_1
When I entered the terminal, everything was still closed.
photo img_20170729_054217photo img_20170729_054238photo img_20170729_054352
At 6 o'clock, two check-in counters as well as one shop opened, so I checked in my baggage.
photo img_20170729_055028photo img_20170729_060821
My flight on the FIDS.
photo img_20170729_054438photo img_20170729_093030
After passing security, where i was chosen for a short random check, I went directly to gate 5. Even though the terminal is rather small there were a lot of seeting spaces available.

The Flight:

Aircraft: A319-100
Age: about 17 years
Registration: F-GRHI
Airline: Air France
Flight Number: AF7481
Seat: 10B
Load: about 70%

At 6:45, boarding started on time. I was among the first to board the aircraft.
photo img_20170729_064643photo img_20170729_064648photo img_20170729_064711
photo img_20170729_081529photo img_20170729_081454
My seat, 10B. This seat is a middle seat in an emergency exit row, which I had pre-booked during the online check-in process for 10€.
photo img_20170729_064800photo img_20170729_064839photo img_20170729_065005
Of course, large legroom (I am 1.65m/5.4feet).
photo img_20170729_064849photo img_20170729_065115
photo img_20170729_064857photo img_20170729_064903
At 7:00, boarding was completed, and, following the push-back, a manual safety demonstration was performed by the crew.

Bye-bye Biarritz.
photo img_20170729_065224
Overhead panel.
photo img_20170729_065403
After taking off at 7:19, the seatbelt-sign was turned of at 7:35 and the crew started with the meal service.
photo img_20170729_081707
Available to drink was a limited offer of beverages, consisting of a choice of either coffee, tea, orange juice or water. I chose black tea. Parallel to drinks a mini cake with muesli and apricot was served.
photo img_20170729_074128photo img_20170729_074151
After the meal I visited the rear lavatory.

At 7:58, descend was started and we landed smoothly at 8:24, 11 minutes before schedule.
photo img_20170729_081937
We arrived at our parking position in Orly Ouest at 8:32 and I disembarked the aircraft.
photo img_20170729_084407photo img_20170729_083428photo img_20170729_083532

Paris Orly Airport

My baggage arrived at band 4. After claiming it I proceeded to the "le bus direct" line 3, which brought me to Charles de Gaulle Terminal 2F, were my connecting flight to Vienna departed.
photo img_20170729_084514photo img_20170729_084050photo img_20170729_090440

This series is continued in my next report. Than you for reading!
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Air France

Cabin crew8.0

Biarritz - BIQ


Paris - ORY



Biarritz Airport: Because of the early flight, only one shop was open and the Wi-Fi did not work. However, there was a lot of seating space and the general experience was good.
Air France:
Cabin: Clean and comfortable.
Cabin Crew: Friendly.
Entertainment: No TV, but a magazine.
Meal/Catering: Not a lot but good.
Paris (ORY): Short walkways and good connection.

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  • Comment 405788 by
    PapaSierraGolf91 BRONZE 178 Comments
    I think they're direct flights from CDG to BIA.
    Le Bus Direct by Paris Aeroport is expensive, oblige AF passengers to take their luggage at CDG and to ckeck them in again at ORY, not so good for AF.
    • Comment 405836 by
      Airbus AUTHOR 12 Comments
      Yes, PapaSierraGolf91, you are right. There are direct flights from CDG to ORY. Actually, for the trip to Biarritz I had booked a direct flight. However, due to the strike of Hop! pilots, my flight was cancelled two days prior to departure and I was rebooked on another flight departing from Orly. Therefore, the time between my connection was also very long. Thank you for reading.
  • Comment 405795 by
    Scott05 571 Comments
    Hello! That's quite funny, I work at BIQ airport and I believe I was the one boarding your flight yesterday.
    Indeed the terminal is a very quiet at this part of the day, a sharp contrast with peak time hours in the afternoon.
    • Comment 405837 by
      Airbus AUTHOR 12 Comments
      Yes, Scott05, that might be possible, even though I cannot remember who was the one responsible for boarding. Thank you for boarding my flight and thank you for reading! :)

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