Review of easyJet flight Vienna Nápoli in Economy

Airline easyJet
Flight EZY4852
Class Economy
Seat 14F
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 01:45
Take-off 26 Oct 17, 14:30
Arrival at 26 Oct 17, 16:15
U2   #8 out of 12 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 706 reviews
By 531
Published on 29th October 2017


Hello and welcome to my report of an EasyJet flight from Vienna to Naples. This is the outbound flight of my eleven day-long journey to Italy. The routing for this journey is simple and only includes two flights to and from the destination with EasyJet. As for why I chose EasyJet the reason is obvious: They offered the cheapest non-stop flights. The following is my itinerary:

26.10.2017 / VIE-NAP / EasyJet / EZY4852 / A319 / Economy ~ You are here

5.11.2017 / NAP-VIE / EasyJet / EZY4851 / A320 / Economy ~ Click here

For this flight, I took the suburban train line S7 from the city center of Vienna (“Wien Mitte“) to the airport. On week days, this train operates at least every half an hour between “Wolkersdorf“ and “Wolfsthal“ via Vienna and its airport. The ticket costs 3,90€, which is much cheaper than the CAT (City Airport Train), costing 11€ for an adult. However, the S7 takes 23 minutes, while the CAT only takes 16 due to its non-stop service, including city check-in for some airlines. As I generally arrive at the airport early, though, this time difference is no problem for me and, as I flew with EasyJet, I could not have used the city check-in, anyway.

S7 arriving at Wien Mitte Landstraße.
photo img_20171026_122330
Inside the train. Although not all seats were occupied I decided to remain standing for this short journey.

At 12:44, the train arrived at the airport. Then, I walked directly to gate 1, where today's flight would be departing.
photo img_20171026_124904

Vienna International Airport

Check-in at counters 151-154. As I was very early, few passengers stood in line and I checked-in my bag, for which I had paid extra prior to the flight, quickly.
photo img_20171026_132626photo img_20171026_132722photo img_20171026_132842
Then I immediately continued towards the lounge.
photo img_20171026_125606photo img_20171026_125623photo img_20171026_132944
Elevator to the lounge, one floor up.
photo img_20171026_125857
Welcome desk of the Jet-Lounge, which is accessible for all passengers with a valid credit card or at a fee.
photo img_20171026_133017
The lounge.
photo img_20171026_133421photo img_20171026_133334
As it was quite packed I proceeded to a more private area, accessible only to card complete customers.

Buffet area. The offerings include a wide variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as different snacks, salads, soups and a warm main dish. Today, the warm dish was chicken with pepper sauce.

After a good meal it was soon time to leave the lounge again and I went to the security screening. Luckily, there was almost no one in line again, so this only took me a few minutes.
photo img_20171026_134924photo img_20171026_144452
Then, I walked directly to the gate and, while I did so, I passed by a number of shops.

My gate for today's flight, C40. A large seating area was available.

My flight on the FIDS.
photo img_20171026_145338photo img_20171026_135949
As boarding had not started yet, I tried to do some spotting. Generally, VIE is ok for spotting, but some windows have an obstructed view.

EasyJet A319-100, my aircraft for today's flight.
photo img_20171026_135735photo img_20171026_135731
Qatar Airways 787-800
photo img_20171026_135240
Vueling A320-200 (with Emirates A380-800 in background)
photo img_20171026_135154photo img_20171026_140102
Asiana Cargo 747-400
photo img_20171026_140202
Air China A330-300
photo img_20171026_140054

The Flight

Airline: EasyJet
Aircraft: A319-100
Age: about 9 years (2008)
Registration: G-EZDB
Flight Number: EZY4852
Seat: 14F
Load: about 95%

At 14:00, boarding began right on time.
photo img_20171026_145657
In the jetbridge, all passengers rows 12 and above were asked to enter the aircraft via the apron to speed up the boarding process. I was quite happy about this, as it made some nice views of the aircraft possible.
photo img_20171026_140636photo img_20171026_140622
KLM 737-700
photo img_20171026_140626photo img_20171026_140655
The gorgeous wingtip fence.
photo img_20171026_140707
The vertical stabiliser.
photo img_20171026_140726
Fuselage shot.
photo img_20171026_140733
Walking to my seat from the back took a while.
photo img_20171026_145818
Row 14.
photo img_20171026_155703photo img_20171026_155705
My seat, 14F.
photo img_20171026_155442photo img_20171028_080416
Legroom. Still enough for me but far less than on other carriers (I could not fit my bag under the seat, which I normally always do).
photo img_20171026_141641
Overhead panel.
photo img_20171026_142740
Nice view out of the window from my seat, with both terminal building and tower.

Boarding continues with automated announcements welcoming the passengers on board and telling them what to do (not).
photo img_20171026_145913photo img_20171026_150050
At 14:17, boarding was completed and both captain and purser made their welcome announcement. A manual safety demonstration followed.
photo img_20171026_142451photo img_20171026_150559
Shortly afterwards, we were pushed back.
photo img_20171026_142658
Cabin during taxi.
photo img_20171026_150628
Today we would use runway 29 for take-off.
photo img_20171026_143253
Aligning with the runway.
photo img_20171026_143356
As there was no aircraft in front of us, the engines starred roaring immediately and we took off at 14:34, almost on time.

Cabin during climb.
photo img_20171026_143716photo img_20171026_143719
Some mountains in the distance.
photo img_20171026_143823photo img_20171026_143902
Seat pocket content.
photo img_20171028_220010
Safety card.
photo img_20171026_150952photo img_20171026_151000
BOB menu.

Duty-free selection.
photo img_20171028_215636
In-flight magazine.
photo img_20171028_215656photo img_20171026_152124photo img_20171026_152214
At 14:38, the seatbelt-signs were turned off.
photo img_20171026_152722
My not-so-clean table.
photo img_20171026_150822
photo img_20171028_220738
At 14:55, the surprisingly friendly cabin crew started selling snacks and drinks. Later, duty-free items followed an announcement about the best offers. On this flight, due to the length, I did not buy anything, though the prices seemed rather high.
photo img_20171026_150342
photo img_20171026_152403
The seats definitely showed their age.
photo img_20171028_221711
Nearing Naples.
photo img_20171026_152953photo img_20171026_153004photo img_20171026_153045
At 15:35, we started our descent towards Naples and the seatbelt-signs were turned on.
photo img_20171026_170329
Again some nice views during descent.

At 15:49, we touched down, 26 minutes BEFORE schedule.

Taxi was short and we arrived at our parking position at 15:52.

photo img_20171026_170504photo img_20171026_170604
Final view of the seat.
photo img_20171026_155649photo img_20171026_170720
Some more shots of the aircraft.
photo img_20171026_155740photo img_20171026_170816photo img_20171026_170915
Neighboring Alitalia A319-100.
photo img_20171026_155823

Naples Airport

Entering the terminal.

Final view of the aircraft.
photo img_20171026_160028
Walking towards luggage claim.

Luggage claim area.
photo img_20171026_160219photo img_20171026_160632photo img_20171026_171438
The luggage from today's flight arrived at belt 7.
photo img_20171026_171335photo img_20171029_071743
While waiting, I decided to use the toilets. I was surprised to discover that the toilets were modern and clean.
photo img_20171026_160800photo img_20171026_160807
Then, after claiming my bag I left the airport by taxi.
photo img_20171026_161434photo img_20171029_072333

That's it for now. Do not hesitate to leave a comment. Thank you for reading!
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Cabin crew8.0
Buy-on-board menu6.5

JET Lounge


Vienna - VIE


Nápoli - NAP



Vienna Airport: Clean and efficient.
Jet Lounge: Good in terms of food offering but crowded.
EasyJet: Touch-down 26 minutes ahead of schedule, a rarity on short-haul flights.
Cabin: Seats appeared very used, not much legroom due to high-density layout.
Cabin Crew: Surprisingly friendly and efficient.
Entertainment: Just the in-flight magazine, which I found not that interesting.
Meal/Catering: BOB with rather high prices; I can't rate the quality, though.
Naples Airport: Some parts modernised, services not that good.



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    Rl 777 806 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this FR with us!

    I like the fact that you included your train ride in the report, it makes the FR more personal and enjoyable IMO :).

    Excellent aerial shots throughout the ride.

    Nice pictures with great details along the report.

    I hope you are having a pleasant stay in Italy.

    Have a good one, see you later!

    • Comment 418322 by
      Airbus AUTHOR 12 Comments

      Thank you for your comment, RI 777. I always try to write detailed reports and include many pictures, so I am glad you like this report. I had a very pleasant time in Italy and it was even possible to swim in the ocean. Unfortunately, my return flight was at night, so there are not as many pictures as normal.
      Thank you for reading my report!

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