Review of Turkish Airlines flight Bogota Panamá City in Economy

Airline Turkish Airlines
Flight TK800
Class Economy
Seat 9J
Aircraft Airbus A330-200
Flight time 01:45
Take-off 25 Aug 17, 09:15
Arrival at 25 Aug 17, 11:00
TK   #13 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 779 reviews
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Published on 7th September 2017
Well, after almost two months travelling around Colombia it was time to get back home. I really enjoyed these days downthere and probably next year I will repeat.

So, my flights back home today were 3. First, TK800 from Bogotá to Panamá. After a stop in Panama I will be flying again on TK800 on a 13 hours flight to Istanbul and from there, after a "short" connection of nearly 4 hours, I'll be flying to Barcelona on TK 1855.

The day started very early, at 5:00 when my alarm clock woke me up. I had a fast shower and after packing my last things, me and a friend, who was flying to Santa Marta, took a taxi to the airport at 5:45.

First lights of the day from the hostel door while waiting the taxi
photo 21371280_10212526297105966_5576371818174778733_n

It didn't take much time to get to El Dorado airport as it was friday morning and roads were quite empty at that time. So, at 6:15 I was at the check in counters of Turkish Airlines. Hopefully I arrived with some time, because it was full of people and it took quite long to Check my bag. Lots of people were wearing 4 or 5 bags today so it was everything very slow.
After the check in it was time to pass the security and passport controls which were much faster. So I arrived at my gate just before the flight arrives on it's long flight from Istanbul.

From the gate

photo 21369397_10212526299666030_156934041958080940_n

Oh, here it comes. TC-JNE today, much better than TC-JNC!

photo 21317460_10212526300466050_3242527722266863833_nphoto 21314720_10212526298626004_4597939471982585643_n

I just passed the time reading and soon boarding started, but nobody said anything about that. Flight wasn't full on this first sector (BOG-PTY) because most of the people coming from Istanbul ended here, in Colombia. Few people was boarding today so the flight was maybe 50% full on this first flight. Later it will be full.
Okay, TC-JNE is an old plane also, but it's cabin has been recently improved and is much better than the one in the TC-JNC. PTV much more complete, USB charger, seats much better… That's a good cabin for a long flgiht like that.

Here there are some pics

AS the flight wasn't full and I had no one next to me I seated next to the window. Shortly after pushback started but it was quite long because we had to across all the airport.

Hey, there's the LAN's 787 coming from Santiago, I think

photo 21317662_10212526292785858_8065123562663648533_n

Flaps down

photo 21371271_10212526297385973_5844383617465662190_n

So we taxied to runway 13R. As I said, it took quite long and finally we took off at 9:45, half an hour later.

Bye bye Colombia

photo 21272172_10212526295865935_5388713887311535272_n

After taking off we turned to the right and headed to the north-west heading to Panama. We had some nice views from the suburbs before clouds covered the city.

photo 21430640_10212526300626054_1241317601218536018_nphoto 21371359_10212526292505851_3042506710739265875_nphoto 21369292_10212526296505951_8178357425419380238_n

Very soon seat belt signs were turned off and cabin crew started with the service. On this short haul you had the choose of a Small cheese sandwich or chocolate muffin. I also had an orange juice, so it was my breakfast. Wasn't bad. They also passed throught the cabin giving immigration forms of Panama for those who were finishing here.

photo 21430364_10212526298425999_8983675231544375387_n

After a few minutes we were descending again to Panama. Weather here is much different as in Bogota, so we had very nice views from the stormclouds and also from the little islands which I have to visit one day. ( I was thinking that while overflying them).

Seat belt was turned ON again and soon we landed in Panama after an hour and 10 minutes, as the captain expected.

Final approach

photo 21317840_10212526298946012_319062282722349005_nphoto 21369086_10212526298065990_3048778080349475225_nphoto 21369140_10212526295025914_3154512579763915125_n


photo 21369373_10212526294385898_9200249200720901373_n

We taxied to the gate and passengers travelling to Istanbul were requested to stay on Board. Workers from Panama cleaned the plane and prepare it for the long flight back to Istanbul.
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Turkish Airlines

Cabin crew6.5

Bogota - BOG


Panamá City - PTY



First of the two flights operating TK800 today. Short haul with a very nice service.

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