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Airline LOT Polish
Flight LO438
Class Economy
Seat 21D
Aircraft Embraer E-195
Flight time 03:05
Take-off 07 Mar 22, 11:25
Arrival at 07 Mar 22, 14:30
LO   #48 out of 81 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 232 reviews
Published on 8th April 2022


Hello everyone and welcome to a new Flight Report! Sadly the reason of my flight was no other than a trip to the Polish/Ukranian border due to the circumstances everyone knows. From here, a peace message, and hoping the war ends as soon as possible. 

Anyway, two days beforemy boss offered me a trip to Poland, and despite knowing it was gonna be a hard work, I accepted without doubting. It was quite shocking for me, as I've never been there before but I was available to go there for a few days in order to participate in a humanitarian observation delegation. 

Despite travelling to Przemysl, a famous place these weeks, my flights were arriving and feparting to/from Warsaw, as we had some work in the capital. So, from Barcelona you can easily travel with Ryanair, Wizzair or LOT. The last one, despite being more expensive, had the best timetable, so I choosed them to fly. Even that, from Barcelona you can also reach Warsaw making a stopover in most of mayor airports of Europe, so getting to Poland is not difficult at all.   

Flight LO438

On monday morning I took the Aerobus from Pl Espanya in Barcelona. A short 15 minutes trip left me at the door of the Terminal 1, which was quite full of people. It's nice to see the recovering of the aviation industry all around the world. 
Check in was extremely fast, despite I just wanted the boarding card. There was no queque at the LOT check in counters. I already had the seat a day before, but there was no problem as the flight wasn't going to be full. 

 Just after the check in, I proceeded to the Airside. 

There's our flight, in the middle of the other departures.  

photo img_20220307_100135

I spotted a few "heavies". Looks like American Airlines is again using their 777 for BCN routes. They are already flying to New York, Philadelphia and Miami. In june they'll resume their flight to Chicago.

photo img_20220307_100318

United 764 getting ready for it's flight to Newark

photo img_20220307_100603

Shortly after, I went to my gate, B44. My plane was just arriving. We're flying on a Embraer 195 today, not with the common 737, which is usually used on this route. 

photo img_20220307_101702

And the Emirates 772 taxiing to the runway. This EK makes a stopover in Barcelona just before continuing to México City. 

photo img_20220307_103802

Soon we were called for boarding. There weren't many passengers on today's flight, so it took quite fast. 

photo img_20220307_104520

Warsaw, there we go

photo img_20220307_105258-79200

I took my seat, 21D. It was curious to see a magazine on the plane after more than 2 years. It was also curious to see the cabin crew not very worried about wearing the mask correctly. They were just ok, polite, and all of them were wearing ukranian flag stickers in their uniforms. Some passengers were not even wearing it, but I don't know if that's normal in these airlines. 

photo img_20220307_105622photo img-20220307-wa00044283

Anyway, very fast we were ready to go. We waited for a few minutes, while the captaint welcomed us on board and gave us a few information about the flight. Flight time would take 2h and 45 minutes today. A few moments later we were pushing back and taxiing to the runway.

photo img_20220307_112836

Aegean and Turkish in the background.

photo img_20220307_112853

And a few more heavies. The Air Europa is covering the route to Madrid. The other one… well, it's quite obvious :P

photo img_20220307_113006

On runway

photo img_20220307_113149

There we go. Bye bye Barcelona, see you in a few days! 

photo img_20220307_113215

Right turn, heading to the sea

photo img_20220307_113246

Reaching our cruising altitude.

photo img_20220307_113637

After 30 minutes in the air, cabin crew started their work. LOT is offering a small snack as well as water and coffee or tea. The snack consisted in a choice of an apple or spinach roll. I took the second one. It didn't look very good but I must recognize it tasted great. They also offer a BOB service, which is included on it's magazine, with sodas, hot meals and some snacks. I didn't use that.  

photo img_20220307_120035

After the roll the crew passed through the cabin with a chocolate bar. I must recognize the meal service was not that bad and it's good to see a complementary snack (even it was a simple one) on european routes nowadays. 

photo img_20220307_121221

By the time we were reaching Nice. 

photo img_20220307_120835photo img_20220307_122715

And a few minutes later we crossed the Alps mountains. We were lucky because the weather was excellent, so we had some nice views. Here there are a few pics

photo img_20220307_125337photo img_20220307_130112photo img_20220307_130608

The cabin crew came with a few more rolls. I ended eating 2 more. Very good service at all. I guess the reason was because the flight wasn't full at all.  

photo img_20220307_115601

Our route took us to France, Italy, Austria, the Czech Republic and Poland. Views from the Austrian landscape. 

photo img_20220307_133159

Once we entered in Poland it got overcasted. 

photo img_20220307_133930

And later on we started our descent towards Warsaw. 

photo img_20220307_135609

Slowing down…

photo img_20220307_140946

On approach. 

photo img_20220307_141349

And on finals towards Warsaw-Chopin. 

photo img_20220307_141541photo img_20220307_141547

On short finals.

photo img_20220307_141627

And we landed after 2 hours and 50 minutes in the air. Welcome to Warsaw! 

photo img_20220307_141708

We took a short taxi to our gate, which was a stand. 

photo img_20220307_141910

And parked. 

photo img_20220307_142603

And that's my last picture. We took a bus to the Terminal, where a worker was requesting Vaccination certificates or the antigen test. Anyway, they weren't looking at them carefully, so it didn't take long. I took my bag and I waited for the rest of the delegation, which was coming from Paris. 
While waiting, I took a walk throught the Terminal in Warsaw and I saw quite a big number of ukranian families waiting to be placed in a flight. Quite a sad thing to see, but a reality we must face on during these difficult months. 

Thank you very much for reading! 


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It was my first experience with LOT. The load factor was not so high, so the flight was comfortable and despite being a smaller aircraft, the seat pitch was very good. The snack service was a nice touch and rare to see on european flights nowadays.
The cabin crew, despite not being the happiest one, made their job.
Overall, I had a good experience.



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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6105 Comments

    Sadly the reason of my flight was no other than a trip to the Polish/Ukranian border due to the circumstances everyone knows.

    Wow, what awful times we live in. Whatever work you are doing there, I can't imagine it's easy being in the middle of such a crisis. I also hope this war ends soon. Too much human tragedy right here in Europe.

    Regarding LOT, I really think they have a good concept for on-board service with a free snack but the option to order something more consistent from the buy-on-board menu.

    Thank you for sharing this report under the circumstances and wish you the best with your work on the UA border.

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